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Seller: Audacity Software Pte. Ltd.

-No more waiting between shots, even in Preview mode.
-Now allows unlimited number of continuous shots in full resolution.
-Geotagging of photos.
-Streamlined settings.
-Slick new interface.
-Tap to manual focus, double-tap to autofocus.
-Burst mode now supports full resolution.
-Mode indicator.
-Flash modes & front camera controls (iPhone 4 only).

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Camera Flash & Zoom is a full featured and highly configurable camera app that has everything you need for taking pictures on your iPhone.

Feature highlight:

1. Digital Flash
This app uses a combination of advanced filters to add realistic lighting to your photos. No problem of washed out pictures here, in many cases the result will look better than original. You can preview and compare between 3 different brightness levels and the original picture before saving.
This feature is useful even for devices with in-built flash because digital flash saves battery life while enhancing the quality of the photos.

2. 5x Digital Zoom
Take close-up photos of up to 5x magnification. You can either swipe the screen to zoom, or alternatively use the slider or the zoom buttons.

3. Geotagging
You now have the option to include GPS location information inside the photos you take.

4. Preview Before Saving
Preview Mode allows you to check out the picture you've just taken before saving to the camera roll, if you don't like simply discard.

5. Quick and Burst Modes
When using Quick Mode, you can take an unlimited number of shots continuously in full resolution with no waiting time between shots.
You can also use the Burst Mode to take a series of full resolution pictures automatically in quick succession, with the number of shots to take being customizable.

6. Camera Timer
The timer is perfect for taking self-portraits or those group photos. The loud beeping countdown gives everyone time to pose. You can set from 3 to 30 seconds delay.
Works great with the iPhone Universal Dock too!

7. Night Camera / Stabilizer
It's a common problem that night photos come out blurry due to low light conditions. Even a slight movement can cause the picture to be blurred. Now you can finally take night pictures that are sharp and clear. This app makes use of the iPhone's accelerometer to detect when the camera is stable before taking that shot automatically.

8. Guiding Grid & Number of Pictures Taken
Having a 3x3 guiding grid allows you to easily apply the rule of thirds and identify areas of interest in your pictures.
Also, the total number of pictures taken is displayed at the top for easy reference.

9. Stealth Mode
Take pictures without anyone knowing. You see a photo painting instead of the live preview. Zoom still works in this mode, a gray bar at the top indicates the current zoom factor. Furthermore, you can set the picture to partially transparent.

10. Big Button
Tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture.

11. Print Timestamp and Location
Optional display of date, time, and latitude and longitutde of where the picture was taken.

13. Photo Effects
This app comes with 2 bonus filters: B&W and Sepia which are directly applied to the photos you take.

14. Manual & Auto Focus
Tap on the screen to focus on a particular region, or double tap to autofocus.

15. Flash control & Camera switch (iPhone 4)
Toggle between hardware flash modes: Flash On, Flash Off, Flash Auto, and Torch Mode. Another buttons allows you to toggle between front and back camera.

*** NOTE ***
Also note that some of the features listed above are turned off by default (such as big button and grid). You will need to change the settings before using them.

Customer Reviews

  • This app is my go-to basic camera.

    by Jonny0007

    I have a fancier camera app that I use sometimes. However, after trying the free version of this app for a while, this is now the camera I turn to if I just need to take a quick, simple photo. It's also an app I can pass to a friend to use and they won't get confused by the controls. One option that I use frequently on this phone is the multi-shot burst. I also use the stabilization function quite a bit. This camera is well thought out, is a big improvement on the Apple camera, and features just the essentials -- all presented within a seamless, uncluttered interface. Check out the free version of this app, if you want to give this quality camera a test drive.

  • Exactly what I was looking for!

    by Tokkman

    I have several great camera apps that specialize in various uses but I wanted a simple app that would automatically add a predetermined amount of flash to each picture and then place it into the iPhone picture folder without me having to edit it first. This app will do that and much more! It has some nice features like the optional viewer grid to align the subject, and Big Button which allows you to tap anywhere on the screen to snap the pic. The only option not yet available is for setting picture quality. Each picture taken is around 2 meg which is fine for what I need this for. Best of all is that there is a free version of this app so, like me, you can try before you buy. Thanks developers!!

  • Flash Problem

    by Purplepowergirl

    I have an Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen. & can't get the flash to work. Otherwise , a nifty little App.

  • Does well at just what I want

    by Objective User

    It has the three key features I've been looking for: 1) Zoom - works great! A feature I greatly appreciate. 2) Bursts (quick series of photos in one shot) - works great! I like that it counts how many photos are in the burst while they're being taken. 3) Anti-shake - works AWESOME! I have very shaky hands, so I've been looking everywhere for an anti-shake feature. The grid display is a great aid. I like to take a burst with each photo from a slightly different angle. Then I create stereoscopic (3d) pictures of the burst using StereoMaker (a primitive but very useful app). This is a good app. I'm giving it only 4 stars because I haven't exhausted all the app's features, which leaves unsure if it deserves 5 stars. I'll update my rating after I've tried out all the features.

  • Great App

    by The Samuraiphone

    Replaced two of my favorite camera apps (flash and zoom). Good features like zooming just by swiping the screen and touch anywhere to snap photo (although they don't work well together, when you swipe to zoom, the app automatically snaps a pic). I really like the algorithim it uses for adding light to pics. Does a much better and more even job of simulating light in low light conditions. Good anti shake too. I do hope the developers issue an update that fixes the touch anywhere/swipe to zoom issue I noticed.

  • Pretty clear picture!

    by Jakekerks

    It's pretty clear but could be a little Better

  • Me

    by Reggiejl

    Save your money!! This app doesn't even load..

  • aFul

    by sporticas20

    It didn't work

  • it is trash

    by unsatified costomer

    this program is no working as you say, first the size of the picture is reduced more than half, second the resolution is bad is like a toy camara the quality is the worsest.

  • Camera Flash & Zoom 1.0.0

    by alwaysmprest

    You have to adjust all the settings BEFORE taking a picture (not able to manipulate a photo from library), so you must predict what the result will look like before you use the app. Features available in other apps, with better access to adjustments. Currently a beta version. Doesn't crash, but who cares?

  • Save Your Money

    by Recon

    Test photos were grainy and of poorer quality than the original photo application. Whereas the original app lets you see when the camera is moving too much for a good shot this app simply won't allow you to take the shot, increasing the chance of missing your shot. There were no reviews when I bought the app.

  • zoom doesn't work properly

    by ejjhegs

    zooming in and taking a picture doesn't work right. the image you see before taking the pic is not the one saved.

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