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Seller: Arqball

++ If you make a video that is >6 sec, our app will automatically trim it when you post to Vine.
+ Expanded duration options for timer.
+ Higher-res Facebook shares.

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Vinyet helps you create better social videos.

For the first time, capture, enhance, and post your videos DIRECTLY to Vine or Instagram.

*** Compatible only with iPhone 4S and newer (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 3, and iPad Mini). ***



Vinyet's filters are inspired by the film industry's most notable styles and directors. Our processing engine utilizes color adjustments, blurring, and sharpening to bring studio quality post-production to your phone. More filter banks to come.


Set a delay and capture length to create impressive stop motion effects without having to worry about perfectly tapping your screen.


Vinyet allows you to import and work with any video you already have on your phone. You can share those videos directly or include them in a new creation.


View your videos filtered in real time as you shoot.


Post the videos you create to Vine, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Save them to your camera roll or send them via email or SMS. Even save and send animated GIFs.


Visualize each section of video you capture as a segment along with timing guidelines for Vine and Instagram. Capture a bad segment? Undo it.


Ghost mode overlays the last frame of your previous segment to help you align objects when capturing your next segment.

Thanks for choosing Vinyet to make your social videos. If you have any suggestions or feedback write or find us @arqball.

Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful video editor

    by Brian colangelo

    This app has a bunch of special effects that you cannot get with the stock camera app and has a very easy user interface

  • Perfect except one thing: Tagging ppl

    by Zj1012

    The only thing it doesn't recognize is tags in the subject of your vine! This hurts us a new viners and is an added hassle!

  • Good app

    by Nofacesjustcases

    Good app, it's new so it will take time to update things, I'm pressed so far. I would suggest an update to the tags and hashtags section if possible.

  • It is amazing but...

    by SupDupYoVoTow

    I want to be able to tag people in my custom made videos before i post them on vine. It's kind of irritating but everything else is really good 9/10

  • Great care for the customers!

    by TreyFlipzz

    Thank you very much for listening! It's a phenomenal app. Look at #musicvideovines on vine to see how I utilize vinyet. It would be absolutely perfect with an audible timer tone, and the possibility to set a timer with 0.0 seconds of delay.

  • So nice

    by Jamie11885

    This app is really nice. There are so many apps put there for photos but not so much for videos. There are a ton of options for filters and I love that you can upload directly to vine and Facebook.

  • amazing!

    by Heelchampmandy

    i love this app! it lets you take recorindgs, cut and paste with the gallery adn then you can lay a filter over the whole thing. this app is great so glad i got it!

  • Good app

    by Marlborof18

    This app is quite entertaining to play with. Its features are well thought and designed. I really love the idea of creating this app. It really helps edit videos to even much better attractive. The graphics looks nice as well. However, more features should be added to make the app much handier.

  • Needs an allow to move slides

    by Jen si

    I love all the features but when I do stopmotion sometimes I want to deletes some slides I had mistakes on and move some too, we need the same editing as the one on Vine.

  • Allow us to tag viners

    by Fender306

    Enough said...

  • Love this app BUT..


    This app is awesome but please allow to tag for vine

  • Love it!!

    by dantheta2man

    This app would get five stars if we where able to tag people in the videos.

  • Great app

    by _ChrissAyee

    This app amazing! The first app I've found that will actually let me post to vine! The only problem is not being able to tag people. Other than that this app is perfect!

  • great

    by Robertappreview

    The app has a great look to it. I like the options of the app. Overall no issues with the app.

  • No complaints

    by Zak

    This app is super easy to use and despite other commenters' reviews it works perfectly fine for me. Hopefully in future updates there will be more editing options.

  • It's great but I have a suggestion

    by YOOOOO1234qwerty

    The app needs to have an option on when you want the timer loop to stop. For example, once the video reaches 6 seconds on the time lapse, it stops recording. Right now it just keeps recording nonstop when it's on. If this is done, people will be able to leave their phone recording without worry nor the battery getting wasted or even during sleep, work, etc.

  • It works with iphone4 just fine

    by Pnutty666

    I have just an iPhone 4, not the 4s and it worked for me just fine. It's a great app.

  • Top 5 Apps of the Year!

    by SikoraSikora

    This app is fully loaded with features! I love the self recording feature where you can set a timer delay before it starts filming you and of course the ability to upload and create Vine videos from your camera roll and even add music! There are so many features it's well worth the price for this secret gem of an app! We highly recommend it. Things we'd like to see in the next update. 1. Ability to save a session and return to it later, like in Vine. 2. Everyone seems to want username tagging, that would be good. Great design, simple interface, feature loaded, so excited I finally found an easy way to upload previously filmed videos to Vine! Please fix: my uploaded Vine had a black frame in the beginning that is not there on the original video

  • Best app ever!

    by ThatDudeWhoStoleYourCar

    This is way better then any apps out in iTunes :D.

  • Best app

    by Luckynewb20130


  • !!!

    by Yeahbieber

    phone shuts off when I try uploading to vine

  • iOS 7 prob

    by is B.o.B.

    They have to make it iOS 6.5 or lower come on please do it

  • Upset.

    by Mrs Tracy337

    I loved the thought of it but kept crashing and last time it made my phone shut off and it had to reset it and now my screen is flickering. I'm very upset. I don't know what happened but now my phone is messed up.

  • It won't show up on my vine

    by Jesticevine

    It works for ig but not vine please fix and slomo would be nice


    by Siarra Ragin

    This app keeps freezing and crashing I want my money back I though it would work and it didn't

  • No

    by Lofla

    I won't let me post to vine BC of my email but I don't have it linked to twitter. I'm very displeased.

  • Slow motion?

    by SjiallclxkxoOpaockxlska

    I record it with a 5s in slow motion mode in my camera roll, but when I move it to vinyet, it removes the slow motion effect?? Please fix or help

  • great app

    by D. Medani

    worth the $0.99

  • Only downfall

    by Kaylicooki

    Plz make it to support some older devices like the iphone 4.. I think it should be able to support the iPad mini also.

  • Stopped uploading!

    by Kelly =P

    Was uploading and randomly stopped one day. It says it uploads but nothing shows up on my account. 2 stars until fixed. Also wish you could tag people

  • Ok

    by Acaciasnec89

    Nice app, it works great. I wish it could be possible to tag people.

  • Please Let Us Tag

    by Create a nickname u jerk!!!

    Let us tag other viners or instagramers and maybe it will be better

  • Fantastic

    by RaphSwift

    Saves a lot of time when uploading so social media. There's lots of features and the filters are fantastic, they can really enhance your videos. I also like being able to record with the filters on as well rather than editing them later. It's simple to use and helps you capture some great moments.

  • Please add tagging

    by Kor5bin

    If you could tag it would be 1000x better

  • Quotation Glitch

    by BenJamminAsh

    I find that whenever there are quotes in a post, it refuses to upload. Once I take them out, it's perfectly fine. Otherwise, it's a wonderful app. P.S. Tagging would be a bonus!

  • Needs tagging ability

    by michelletu1031

    Add tagging for Vine & Instagram please!!

  • Uploading problem

    by Josh131022

    The app is still giving me an error message when I try to upload!:(.. Please fix this! I absolutely love the idea of the app, I just can't use it!

  • Excellent

    by rpphade

    Wonderful app for creating, enhancing & sharing social videos. It offers tons of features like ghost mode, awesome filters, stop motion mode & many other. It works perfectly. Love to use it.


    by Sid Guy

    im so happy they have this app it works perfectly i just put a video from my camera roll and it posts it!

  • ugh

    by pinky577

    it crashes a lot but its good overall

  • Tagging

    by worldali03

    Please allow us to tag people.

  • Love it.

    by Sammyj21

    Love this app. Great graphics.

  • Not uploading

    by Nemisis Crome

    I tried uploading and it didn't work even though I don't use my twitter account for this

  • Good idea

    by PatchsNose

    Only thing i could complain about is not being able to tag people.

  • Tagging!!

    by FrusteratedViner

    Please allow us go tag other viners when uploading using vinyet!


    by Izzy is cool

    This app is amazing and I have been trying to find something like this for forever. Works great and if it ever doesn't upload just retype your password. Deserves more than 5 stars!

  • Good but

    by Eww carrots no

    Sometimes it won't let me post the video it will say try again and I try again but it won't work I even restart my iPod but it doesn't do anything so can you guys fix that or something

  • love love love

    by eileen boonkokua

    being able to post from my camera roll to vine is awesome along with adding a filter w vinyet (:

  • Wow

    by tandra.higdon

    I have been using the app for a while now and I'm really impressed so far. Love the filters so much. Easy to apply and the finished product look really good.

  • PERFECT - fixed too

    by Sirijo(:

    If it says "vine upload failed" RETYPE your email & password in, then upload. It hasn't failed once I did that. I was nervous at first, but that works. Thank me later. Great app

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