iMovie Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Publisher: Apple
  • Updated: Jun, 24 2010
  • Version: 2.0
  • Size: 605.48 MB

Languages: Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Seller: Apple Inc.

• All-new, streamlined design 
• Share clips, movies, and trailers to iMovie Theater and watch them anywhere
• Full-screen Video browser with quick clip sharing
• Adjustments Bar for easy access to audio and video controls
• 16 new title styles
• Three new transitions — Slide, Wipe, and Fade through black or white
• Two new trailers — Indie and Family
• Slow motion
• Cutaway, picture-in-picture, and split-screen effects
• Add just the audio portion of video clips to a movie
• Detach audio from video in the timeline
• Duplicate audio or video clips
• Trim, split, and reposition music and sound effects
• Adjustable audio fade-in and fade-out
• High-frame-rate video recording
• Share via Mail and Messages
• Use AirDrop to send video clips and iMovie projects
• Import media via iTunes File Sharing
• 64-bit support

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1297 Ratings
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iMovie puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips, with a beautifully streamlined interface and Multi-Touch gestures that let you enjoy your videos like never before. Browse your video library, quickly share favorite moments, and create beautiful HD movies and Hollywood-style trailers. And with iCloud, you can enjoy them in iMovie Theater on all your devices.

Quickly browse and share video
• Enjoy your video library in the full-screen Video browser
• Easily share a clip or a portion of a clip
• Use simple playback controls to review clips in slow motion or fast forward
• Mark favorite moments to easily find them later

Make Hollywood-style trailers
• Choose from 14 trailer templates with stunning graphics and original scores by some of the world's top film composers
• Customize movie studio logos, cast names, and credits in the Outline
• Select the best videos and photos for your trailer with the help of animated drop zones in the Storyboard
• Add content from your library or record new footage right into your trailer

Create beautiful HD movies
• Choose from eight unique themes with matching titles, transitions, and music
• Add videos and photos from your library or shoot directly into your timeline
• Enhance your movie with slow motion, fast forward, picture-in-picture, and split-screen effects*
• Create a soundtrack using built-in music and sound effects, songs from your iTunes library, and even your own narration
• Fine-tune your soundtrack with powerful audio controls including trim, split, duplicate, and fade

Watch anywhere with iMovie Theater
• Fill iMovie Theater with beautiful posters as you share clips, movies, and trailers
• Tap any poster to watch full screen
• Access iMovie Theater on all your devices with iCloud
• Enjoy on your HDTV with iMovie Theater on Apple TV

Share on the web, at home, and with friends
• Share via Mail and Messages
• Publish directly from iMovie to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport
• Use AirPlay to wirelessly stream videos to your HDTV with Apple TV
• Send video clips and editable iMovie projects to friends with AirDrop

AirPlay is compatible with the second-generation Apple TV or later.
AirDrop is available on iPhone 5 and later, iPad (4th generation) and later, iPad mini and later, and iPod touch (5th generation) and requires an iCloud account.

* 2x fast forward is available on iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display.

Customer Reviews

  • How!?

    by Harrystyles'wife

    I have no idea how to work this thing and I paid 5 dollars for it

  • :(

    by Steph360

    I have had this before on my iPod 4g and I loved it! But now I tried to get it on my iPad mini and it just won't download! I have tried SEVERAL times. I'm so disappointed. And yes, I do have enough storage to download it

  • Satisfied but...

    by Fantastic and Creative

    I would like to have gun special effects in a future update. Like a sound effect for semi auto or one for automatic. Also when I want to put music starting at the middle of a movie, it throws it right to the beginning

  • ‼️get ready to make a movie

    by kag11111111

    This app is the best app to make a movie totally get it soon

  • The only app I use for editing

    by B. Prince

    It's a great app with great features- period. There's no other app for video editing like it. I highly recommend this app. When I try to upload to iCloud theater, it tells me that I can't because I need a newer version of iMovie. Well, that's inconsistent since I have the latest version of iMovie. When this is fixed then ill give 5 stars.


    by G revmn sfg

    I JuST GOT IT and I already LOVE IT, it is worth 5 $ trust me!!!! I thought it was going to be bad because of all the bad reviews but I was wrong!!! I love it I could say it a billion times!!! Best app ever 10 STAR RATING!!!

  • Is it my iPad?

    by Peace kate

    Whenever I make a movie when I click on the camera to video it all of a sudden exits out when I try to switch the camera to face my face but when I record it right away it exits!! IT MAKE ME SO MAD!!!!!! But it might be my iPad mini cause my home button doesn't work.

  • DanceGirl115

    by DanceGirl115

    This app is soooo worth getting. You can make your own trailers and projects and add music, sound affects, and so much more. This app is so worth the 5 dollars and I DEFINITELY recommend getting this app,

  • Needs more

    by Pow to the mer of Awesome!!!

    It's a great app but it needs improvements that will make it better. First, it needs a green screen. Second, on the theme it needs themes that are seasons or Holidays. Third, it could use some special effects. Good luck and I mostly want green screen on the iPhones, after you add the green screen in the update I will give you 5 stars. :-)


    by carterquinn100

    I have used every single trailer more than once and I'm getting bored of the same ones! You really need to add more trailer themes!!!!!

  • Great I've used a lot at school and home!

    by :/ :( :) :$ :!

    I use it a lot with Instagram and get likes I think that it could use some more things but overall it's a great app.


    by blobgirl!

    Its a pretty good app to do simple editing but... it tales FOR EVER to export!!! I tried exporting my project And left it there for 30 minutes.... IT DIDNT EVEN BEGIN TO EXPORT !! If you can Fix the exporting bug it would be great! That way My video can be in My CAMERA ROLL! PLEASE Fix! other wise its PERFECT

  • Please add ON/OFF feature for Ken Burns effect

    by Sarge62436

    Love the app, but please add ON/OFF capability for the Ken Burns effect. Manually positioning the start/stop point of each photo gets tedious. Thanks!

  • Hate it

    by Brynn garza

    So stupid u can't even make a movie

  • Great! However...

    by Angela's bff

    This app is a great idea. The only issue I have is the space capacity.

  • Has some flaws.

    by Creepehunterscrew996

    This app is great. Making trailers and movies, who doesn't love it?!?! But one thing is it crashes. A lot. Please fix this because I'm making a movie and when I record with camera it crashes to home screen. What's up with this. And please and special effects for movies and trailers? Just adds that cinema feel to it.

  • URGH. Needs bug fixes

    by Ariana Altman

    Yes I totally after with It Can Do Better. I had the same problem; over the summer I made a movie on my iPad, took a week, over time u deleted some of the files. This totally ruined my movie. I WISH IMOVIE HAD A BIG CLEAR WARNING THAT ANY PHOTOS/VIDEOS DELETED FROM YOUR DEVICE WILL ALSO BE DELETED FROM YOUR PROJECT!!! And not just in the really super ten page on warning. Also, IT WILL NOT OPEN ON MY IPHONE 4 WITH IOS7. Literally, I've tried everything.

  • Fast motion and other

    by Ghtyg33

    For a movie I want to use fast motion not just slow motion. Also I was making a movie and it said I have to make storage on this app so PLEASE make an update so you can make like up to a 3 hr movie That would help a lot

  • Dat Crash Tho

    by ICurser

    I love the app but the crashing is crazy! I can't tell you how many times I've crashed! Please fix this! Oh and when making a preview, when you turn the sound on, it is too quiet. Even if you scream it's almost impossible to hear!

  • Great but too much space

    by Pixie106000

    This app is amazing but I would enjoy for you to let the users delete the videos in the video part of the app to clear a bit of space. Other then that the app is amazing!

  • Vary slow!!!

    by Fsr master

    I was downloading and it's taking a long time and I'm thinking of deleting it but I really want to play it and make a movie so I can show to my friend's and family. What should I do!?

  • Not like it use to be!

    by ipod.darrin

    Use to you could make a trailer then transfer it to as a project so you could add special FX! Now the new update disables that from happening can't add your music and basically project and trailer is the exact only project has shorter film time. Very disappointed :(

  • To long to download


    To long to download

  • Y ios7?

    by Nlynch320

    Y does this app need ios7? Y can't it be like ios6 or whatever my iPod can't download this and I payed 5$ for the app I've used the app before it it's really cool but I just waisted 5$ so if possible can u update it for like ios6 or something

  • Add more

    by HannahClaire124

    You need to add slow motion and fast motion as well as more sound effects like "censor beep" and more please

  • not so good

    by Pvz7777777

    Here is a list of things I need added to rate five stars: 1) integration with iMovie for Mac 2) greenscreen, and picture in picture 3) fix the bug where it doesn't allow export for videos with deleted content 4) more transitions 5) more credits 6) fast video 7) export to video library 8) full integration with Action Movie Fx and Gun Movie Fx

  • OK

    by Lovehannah1111

    Good but... I'm having a little trouble with the sound effects.

  • Awsome

    by Dannielle

    I LOVE imovie!!!!!

  • What?

    by Haylie_Luton_10

    Okay, so I got my iPhone5c...and it recommended these apple apps to me. So...I clicked download all. We'll I got the receipt thing in my mail on my phone, and it said 4.99! What? I didn't know it cost money!! My mom is mad now!!

  • Good

    by Acid1372


  • Where is it

    by Teresito ibarra

    I downloaded the app but it is not on my home screen. And when I try to open it from the store nothing happens

  • Superb Movie maker

    by Jerrial

    I've created several commercials and received great reviews from each that I've shared. The theme templates are great but, as with human nature...I want MORE PLEASE! Thanks iMovie.

  • HATE!

    by RSF19

    I worked 5 hours straight on a project with my AG dolls and I close the app and when I open it again it says " Missing Projects!" All my stuff is gone ! I wish I could give you 0 stars! This is so ridiculous FIX IT! NOW!

  • Ugh

    by Lexi345000

    Can't open the app!

  • Good but unfortunately...

    by Bvblevels

    This app is great however the main feature I bought it for was fast forward/speed up and after paying $5 for this app it turns out that I can't even speed it up. Thanks -__-

  • Hmmm

    by who_needs_a_username

    First of all, it took WAY too long to download, about 15-25 minutes. I used to have this app on my ipod4, and when i upgraded to ipod5, everything changed with this app. EVERYTHING! The trailers are cool, but i have only made about 1 trailer and 3 movies, and i wanted to make a new one, and it said there was no space. I deleted like 9 videos from my camera, and it still wouldn't work. Good app, but wayy to many problems and bugs.

  • This app is CRAP

    by 10 things I love about this show!

    Honestly, it is so difficult to accomplish anything on this app. I can barely eve SPLICE A CLIP. Sure I can make a movie trailer, but when it comes to cutting a clip, it has to stay 20 seconds long, and it barely edits. In addition, the titles and captions stay on during THE WHOLE CLIP. It won't fade out, it stays there until the whole clip ends. Windows can better. This whole app is scetchy.

  • need more trailer themes

    by Mariwig

    this is a great app but it needs more trailer themes

  • Very disappointed!

    by Rhett Krecic

    I made a 36 min movie and every time I export it, there is a problem in some parts where sound or picture or both is missing! I have exported the movie 3 times already! Please fix!

  • Great

    by Weeskay

    Great app! Minor issues.

  • by minniehipster

    It's an amazing app, but I would really love it if you could speed up your videos or add some holiday themed covers.

  • .

    by ccdgjvdwdbkuawrjpgqcjkrwr

    Only landscape videos. No full-sized portrait videos. "..."

  • Not worth the money.

    by Smileykylie:p

    I bought this app for a school history project expecting to use the news or CNN theme however I spent 3 hours trying to figure it out and no matter what I did it did not work. Do not spend the money.

  • Amazingly simple

    by Bobiimovez

    This app is great because it does well in keeping things simple but still being able to create amazing movies. There are not many other apps like it. I would like to see more work on adding in audio to specific places in the clip and also putting in the title slides with more variety.

  • Could be better

    by Yolo_Skelly

    Steve could fix this. You can't. Or you can. Maybe. Just fix the crashing, and give me back my frickin videos.

  • Awesome, but...

    by H2o_girl11

    I love the app but I want to add in special effects like lighting bolts, fire, water, water bubbles, sparkles, and other things. Also when I add in a song I want to be able to trim it. I want it to be like the Mac computer iMovie. Plz do this and I will rate it 5 stars!

  • Voice Memo access

    by Rockey.NY

    It's pretty decent. But some color correction would do the trick. Also, how about access to the voice memo. That's what most of use to record interviews and such for projects and stuff anyway! Thank you

  • Worked Fine Until...

    by DaltonSezHi

    This app was great until recently. I could make hilarious trailers, but now every time I try to turn the camera around when recording from the app, it crashes. No matter what. If this is fixed, 5 stars but I record with the camera flipped inward quite a bit.

  • What's going on with Exporting?

    by DanielVPhotography

    I've made one movie without a problem but now I can't export any movies I've made. When exporting it stays stuck on export but doesn't actually start the export process. I get no errors. I've deleted the app and I have space on my iPhone 5 but still no remedy. No online help either.

  • Great... But

    by Poopcomesfromyourbutt

    Please please please do more trailer templates! I'm tired of all the old ones, and some of them are just plain cheesy like the "super hero" and "teen" and "retro". Other than that, this app is amazing for making movies.

  • Great... But

    by Poopcomesfromyourbutt

    Please please please do more trailer templates! I'm tired of all the old ones, and some of them are just plain cheesy like the "super hero" and "teen" and "retro". Other than that, this app is amazing for making movies.

  • Disappointing.

    by S=^.^=O

    At first I got really excited about this app and had great expectations for it since it's originated by Apple. But, for my disappointment, I found out today... YOU. CANT. TRIM. AUDIO. Seriously?

  • Great

    by Agent walner

    It's an amazing app, you can record music video or a movie.


    by Kat3082

    This app is awesome if you don't have it, BUY IT!! It is really worth it :) I love making movies with this app it is awesome!!!


    by Jorden Bruce

    This app is seriously SO much fun! It makes hilarious movie trailers in no time.

  • Good but one problem...

    by Why ....

    So when I'm making videos it crashes and it so hard when you just made a great scene and then bam it's gone because it crashed.:( plz fix ! Ok I'm here like a month later and your still not doing anything! When I start a video,it crashes a lot ! also plz. Add more effects . I'm serious this is insane,might as well try another app !

  • Won't Download

    by Beatle loves trivia

    I've already had iMovie and I liked it, but it took up too much space and i decided to get it again. When I did, I had to stop it from downloading twice and it even appeared with the apps I've previously launched, as if I had it already. Plus, it takes a real long time to download. APPLE, please fix!!!

  • Good and bad

    by Bree6717

    My only complain is it takes way to long to download. Other wise it is a really great app

  • Ridiculous

    by SkrillexMom

    I have a new iPad Mini. Bunch of space just for this app. I purchased app 2 weeks ago but it will not download at all. I have been waiting and waiting. I have fast internet so I do not understand the problem. If this downloads soon, I will change to 5 stars. If not, I WILL be getting a 4.99 refund.

  • Okay

    by Invincible dude

    The software is okay. My only problem is that I cannot fast forward on my iPad Mini

  • so basic

    by JohnnyCake12333

    lacks so many things, like filters for example.

  • Great APP But......

    by N!ck Nam3

    Easy to use and edit but needs support for Instagram! I spent a lot of time creating a video for Instagram but was unable to upload it to my account because it wasn't "squared" . Please fix this ASAP!!!!!

  • If only it didn't take as much memory!

    by LidiaSparks

    iMovie is an amazing app. The only flaw to me is because it cost 3GB. I had to delete it from taking up space. But good apps require a lot of data, so that's it I guess

  • Great


    Man this is the best thing since sliced bread I love it easy to use so yea I like. Thumbs up from me

  • Fail

    by tmoore206

    Still cant rotate videos.. seems like that is a pretty basic function. Almost no editing tools here. Wish I could return it, and get a refund.

  • Help

    by TheChampion23

    I cant install imovie

  • Great and fun

    by Angelise009

    It is fun I made a horror film and it was great, and the trailers u can make are awesome.

  • Good, but 1 thing

    by GymnasticsGurl2820192

    I love iMovie, but every time I try to record something I barely get it done because when I click the record button sometimes it automatically exits out of the app and when I make a movie it takes FOREVER. I wish the company could fix the bug or make an update. And I think the price should of been lowered a little. $5 is a lot of money for a small app like this.

  • Great, but some bugs

    by Miku 02

    I love the update, it has new effects for your movies and lots of cool stuff, but there is some bugs. Sometimes when you in the middle of making a movie it just blinks black and go's to the home screen. Otherwise it's a great app, I would say the best app for making movies and trailers. But It needs a another update

  • Almost perfect

    by Zompakto

    I'd say it's outstanding & exactly what I need! But when I made a video it messes up the audio when I export.....otherwise perfect in-app

  • Needs more of the Mac Themes

    by AngryBennyHD

    iMovie for iOS needs more themes for the videos. Example :News and Sports from the Mac version. More graphics and sound effects. Needs green screen templates. Needs more UPDATES from the Mac version of iMovie... Hope to see this soon!!!

  • Crashes

    by Chloe Clo Clo

    I love this app it is so helpful although it has a lot of bugs and when I record something I will go to watch it and the video goes black but still plays across. And when I try to make and/or watch traitors it crashes back to my home screen so

  • Very Good App But..

    by Papi Gleesh

    This app is perfect for anyone who is trying to make videos for music, sports, arts, or anything. But i feel that it is lack something very important and that is filters and effects. The videos would have a better finished productions with a few extra add-ons. I hope you read this and take it into consideration.


    by LEmacyb


  • Five Stars

    by One Direction Palace


  • ugh

    by Isabella05312012

    this app takes forevvvvvveeeeeerrrr to download oooooohhhhh mmmmyyyyyy gooooodddddd I've been waiting for 3 hours geez

  • More sound effects

    by Jofrank Nunez

    Great app. But needs more music and sound effects!

  • POOP!!

    by Frogsun1213

    I tried making a trailer but when we were done filming it didn't show any of our footage! On the contrary it was easy to navigate and had easy to see tools.

  • It WAS cool

    by Puppy face226

    I got this app a while ago and it was so much fun and I loved to make videos with it but every time I make a second scene the first one gets deleted......

  • frustrating

    by NorthwestGirl

    perhaps I'm doing something wrong... but for videos shot in portrait mode, it crops the top and bottom of the video. The finished product is a tiny square in the middle of the screen. it works better for landscape videos..... but I like to make little clips in portrait mode, so this isn't useful for me at all.

  • Good with some drawbacks

    by Yosele

    Excellent, however, there are some bugs with the accuracy of placing audio files. Kind of leaves me compromising on where the song or sound comes in, which is a shame. Using iPod touch 5 Could benefit from some general bug fixing.

  • Vastly Improved Update!

    by iMonkey247

    I like the effects that were added, but there are still far more I would like to see included. For instance, I want to be able to do more with my photos in videos. I want more control over titles and effects. I want the green screen effect. Good, but still a long way to go. My iPad is my only accessibility to iMovie.

  • Good enough for making recreational videos, awful for any other types of video.

    by Jefne dcnjc dc dc dj cdjcdm

    This app has potential to be great, but for actually getting work done, it stinks. No color correct, no way to organize media, not a diverse sharing menu, and other things combined, this is a stripped down sort of software, great for your home movies. but for actually making real videos, imovie on the ipad is just not powerful enough to be ised as a professional tool. that said, with the 64 bit A7 processor, hopefully apple will ge anle to utilize that power and make imovie more functional and actually good for uses other than hom videos

  • Please make it better

    by Vp027738

    Please this app is not worth what we payed for please the old version was way better the one now is the lamest app I have!!! DO IT SOON!!!!

  • Love it

    by Izzy borduas

    OMG. I love I movie it's so cool I am a nerd so I can make nerdy movies.

  • Don't delete anything in the iMovie

    by Broski9

    I love the app. Performs amazingly!! But I am after wanting to share my movie, I was told that there wasn't enough space in the iPhone... So I deleted some videos... UNAWARE IT WOULD DELETE THEM FROM THE MOVIE!!!! forever! The iMovie is ruined, and many memories are lost. All I ask for some sort of warning, similar to the one from Instagram, not to delete before videos and pictures are lost forever. At least some sort of noticeable warning.

  • Really?

    by Des61309

    Payed $5 for this and it still won't download?!!!!

  • Sucks

    by joeyawesome3335557

    This app is crap it crashes takes forever to load when i click retake and all the videos come out squared when i import them to camera i could give this 0 stars if i could

  • Ehhh...

    by 3d36

    How can you split the picture on the screen?

  • Really?

    by MsBarbie_

    I Paid $5 & I Can't Do Fast Motion? & When I Take My Videos In Portrait Form They Get Cut Off . Add More Trailers . Fix It Please . Then You Can Have 5 Stars . Other Than That Everything Is Perfect .

  • by iTunin

    iMovie is good and easy to use it just needs filters in a new update

  • by Olori200

  • LOVE this app!!

    by Sophie ✊

    Me and my friends love to make the trailers! So much fun! It's worth the money, and although it crashes sometimes, just restart your phone and it's back! Great app!


    by P14nogal

    The title says it all. We can't even do one short scene! Grndmdjkdnbfjc!!!!!! Curse this crashing!!!!

  • Meh

    by Epicsuce

    It's ok I guess but how come every time I change slides it fades it's ANNOYING !! And that should be in the effects thing that u choose weather u want the fade or not , it's good and all but y u no put that int the update???

  • Horrible

    by Yolo2554

    I was really looking forward to using this app, but it's so difficult to make a movie! I haven't tried a trailer yet, but I'm sure it's a pain too! I have the old version on my iPod, and it works so much better! The I0S7 update really made this app horrible. I don't like it at all. It's so hard to work with. ITS NOT WORTH THE MONEY, DO NOT BUY!!

  • Great , but

    by 14710

    It's good but I keep losing videos

  • It's good but

    by Robert Galasso


  • Great job!!!

    by Cycy887

    Apple did fabulous on this update. Highly recommended!!

  • Awesome

    by Lego angry bird dued

    Amazing! Clip editing is great! Beautiful update! I just can't film the shot from the app. It crashes when I try to film. I have to film it in the camera app and import it so I have videos on my album wasting space

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