Picfx Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: David Boyes

Added support for burst mode photos
Updated progress indicators
Buttons have a larger touch area

For more information visit http://picfx.co or follow us on Twitter & Instagram @Picfx
Developers on Twitter & Instagram @benjamin_bradley & @davidboyes

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Picfx provides you with over 100 refined, layerable effects for your iPhone photography.

Picfx favorites include: PFX Film 5 / 10/ 15, Black & White, Lomo, Enhance, Valentine, Old School, Marshmallow, Sepia, Space & Hearts Bokeh.


With Picfx you can apply over 100 effects and frames to create a unique looking photo. Effects are grouped into sets including: PFX Film, Urban, Classics, Vintage, Cross Process, Premixed, Black & White, Scratches, Light, Textures, Space, Grunge & Frames.

-Tap for opacity & rotate
With a simple tap of the screen you can bring up the opacity and rotate controls. This lets you rotate any effect and adjust the opacity before you save or share your image.

-Add Another
You have added an effect to your image but want more? The add another feature does exactly as you would expect, you can layer up as many effects as you like to give the image more flavour.

-Horizontal effect slider
We have developed a large horizontal slider so you can preview your image with every effect. This means with the swipe of your finger you can easily see which effect best suits the result you are after.

Picfx has 13 great styles to change the mood of your image all accessible by the paintbrush icon. Whether you want something that looks icy cold or perhaps an image that has a real vintage feel to it, Picfx will have something to suit your style.

**Hidden Feature**
Bypass the crop screen by double tapping an image when selecting it from the Camera Roll.

- Intuitive navigation
- Import images from your camera roll
- Effects can be rotated
- Opacity slider to control effect and style strength
- Undo effects and frames after using "Add Another"
- Save images in high resolution to your camera roll
- Share images on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Email.
- Share the image to Instagram and other apps.
- Bypass the crop screen by double tapping your image when selecting it from the Camera Roll.

For more information visit http://picfx.co or follow us on Twitter & Instagram @Picfx
Developers on Twitter & Instagram @benjamin_bradley & @davidboyes

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Shinyranker

    This app is easy to use and is very effective. It really earns it's stars!

  • Amazing app!

    by Maryanne_Annabell.

    Worth buying ! ❤️

  • Love it!

    by Doodlebugabs

    Fun additives for picutres! Love the light options but wish there were even more to choose from!

  • Review

    by Angface2001

    Great app, no complaints!

  • Great App, Awful Crashing

    by Jogren92

    My FAVORITE photo editing app, but it is constantly crashing and not working. PLEASE FIX, so I can give the app 5 stars.

  • by Crazybrunette94

    Definitely my favorite editing app! I use it alllll the time and the Lighting feature is the best!!

  • Crashing problem

    by Rosefromafar

    It keeps crashing every time I try to save the picture. Please fix because I really love this app!

  • Fantastic app!

    by Renz!

    Great app with awesome filters!

  • L O V E

    by Forever_Fashion

    I love this app, i use it religously i just wish they had an update with new or more filters, ive had it for a while and there isnt much else to do.

  • <3

    by Wafa Al.

    This app is perfect!

  • Love the app not the crashing

    by Olivlove

    I love every thing about this app totally worth paying for just wish they would fix the crashing because if the app didn't have the crashing it I would give it a 5 star rating please fix!

  • Great App, but glitch heavy

    by Zachhaj

    One of my favorite photo editing apps of all time, unfortunately it often crashes and needs a reinstall before working for awhile and then repeating the same process. Needs another bug fix or platform compatibility check at least (running on iPhone 4S)

  • Love this app!!!

    by NicoleBosch

    Totally worth 99 cents!!

  • Perf

    by Directioner#100

    Best app of editing . I just love it

  • Crashes way too much


    Love this app and what it's capable of but it crashes way too much when you're in the middle of editing pictures.

  • Great app!

    by Mev.1216

    I love love love!

  • LOVE

    by ainzcakee


  • Best App to edit pictures

    by Germansal

    Best filters!!

  • favorite filter app!

    by Cornellbear

    I've had many apps for editing pics for IG (I'm a heavy duty IG foodie), and this one has managed to stay on my phone for the over a year. Thanks! <3

  • App always crashes

    by Lovelylovelovelove

    This was definitely my favorite picture editing app. I used to use it for my photography Instagram account but now I can't add any filters or save a picture without the app crashing. I hope it gets fixed soon!

  • no

    by grkleprechaun

    this app crashes every time I try to use it now so I've stopped using it and have resorted to other apps. annoyed because it does have great options, but I can't use them and I paid for it. don't bother.

  • Crashes :(

    by Joskii

    Every time I try to save something it crashes and doesn't save its really annoying me because I used to like this app and its filters but can't do any thing on it with its frequent crashes!

  • Crashes too often to be any use

    by Theycallmejamesdean

    Every time I try to combine filters, it crashes. Too frustrating to be useful.

  • Please fix the CRASHING

    by AustinVegas88

    I have iPhone 4S on 7.0.4... App crashes every time I try to save to camera roll or open in another app. Love the flexibility with sliders and good design otherwise. I won't be using or promoting this app until this is resolved. Thx

  • Favorite Edit App

    by Chansp23

    This is by far my favorite app for editing photos. Nothing has changed for the worse and every filter is fantastic!

  • Horrible

    by Taylormadeeee

    I bought this app and it worked great and then I updated it and now it crashes every time I try and use it! Very disappointing because it was a very good app

  • Perfect!

    by Chinomso

    A popular blogger I knew was using this app, so I decided to get it and I must say, I love it. I don't really use it for the filters, but the bokeh effect is elegantly amazing! I also love how when I'm done editing, it allows me to open it up instantly on other apps like iPhoto, etc. Very convenient!

  • Crash

    by Sally palomino

    Distorts my photo when I add a filter. When I save it comes as distorted.

  • Mad

    by Bibibentonyo

    This app used to be my favorite, but now it crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to use it. Please fix it soon because it has the best effects. Might try afterlight.

  • Instagram:NRN

    by صاحب السمو qtr


  • Please fix!!

    by Meredith15

    I used to love this app but no everytime I got to save a picture it crashes!!

  • Love it!

    by Natzzz de torreon

    I use it all the time. I strongly recommend it! The best app out there!

  • Great!

    by GuyWhoLikesMusic!

    One of my favorites!

  • Nice

    by Pure88


  • Tones for days

    by Braun Braun

    You can get the most righteous tones from this app. Definitely helped me become a suggested user on Instagram.

  • App crashes constantly

    by anvasquez

    Loved this app, but ever since the new update the app crashes every time I try to filter a picture. It's extremely annoying

  • One of the best

    by kzzi

    One of my favorite go-to editing apps!

  • What happened??

    by Unic0rn!

    I used to LOVE this app, and used it with nearly all my photos. But then it was updated and has been crashing ever since. Not functional whatsoever. So, so sad.

  • by SwagYolo✌

    I bought this app and it always CRASHES. it's great when it doesn't crash. PLEASE update this. can't even use it because it crashes all the dang time.

  • Fix ASAP!

    by Kellyannaaa

    With the new Instagram update all my pictures look disorientated & blurry. Please fix ASAP :(

  • Great FX, Lousy Realiability

    by Kevboe1

    The effects set included with this program is quite extensive. The effects are quite good, too. Unfortunately, the latest version of this program is very unreliable. I've already been through contacting support, as I paid for this program and expect it to work, and I'm having problems again. Most unfortunate. I hope the developers and quality-control can get their act together and get this program working again, as I do enjoy using it.

  • Never had a problem until latest update

    by MzP3r3z

    I love picfx don't get me wrong but lately all it's doing is crashing when I try to add another effect or save my picture. And as I read on I am not the only one. Please fix because picfx is my all time favorite of all the photo apps. Thank you. :)

  • Awesome app!

    by Tavius jr

    I've been using this app to add depth to my fashion illustrations! It rocks!

  • Love but..

    by Lokimmm

    Love this app but it does run slow and crash at times. However so worth the money!

  • Don't get it

    by liana_mulholland

    It's not worth your money if it crashes every time you try to save your photo, ridiculous.

  • Useless

    by Taizey

    This app is seriously a piece of garbage. I want my money back

  • Love

    by Tiedyed_00

    I can be so creative! And I'm not a creative person!

  • Force closes

    by Awesomeeeees

    This app is really good, the edits are amazing. But it always force closes on me it's so annoying!!

  • I love it!

    by anna1828r

    I use this app all the time! Lots of options and it's easy to use!

  • LOVE it

    by greenturtle04

    This was one of my first picture editing apps and I LOVE it. It has so many options, and they're awesome! They have the light you can add to pictures too! And you can pick how much of a filter you want which is great because sometimes a filter is too bright or strong for my taste! Get this app!!

  • What's the Point!!

    by Kendra773

    I bought this app for nothing. It constantly crashes I have iOS 7 and updated this app and it crashes before I can finish a photo. What a waste! I liked the original app format better. Do not update!!!

  • --

    by Saraaaa.al


  • Amazing

    by No0ony85

    Love it so much!!!

  • Crash. Crash. CRASH

    by idkjouwnv

    Even after the most recent update (Dec. 6) it still crashes. I use to use it ALL THE TIME. Now I can't...

  • it works great.

    by iLikeNialler

    well yeah

  • My favorite editing app


    I never purchase apps but this was totally worth it!

  • Awesome!

    by Nanci-M

    This is my favorite photo editing app. I love it!

  • Solid, but should be $0.99

    by Jesse CourteManche

    I use the app mainly for the light effects, borders and, occasionally, the filters. It's a solid app, but def overpriced.

  • Best Photo App

    by allyschad

    I love this app. Worth the money!

  • Picfx

    by Jfairi

    This app best used at all. Excellent, simple and easy.

  • Excellent

    by Jason Burke

    Love these guys.

  • My new favorite app!

    by Sasil

    Ever since the last update, I am obsessed!! Use this on almost every pic!

  • Amazing Effects

    by Lenny Carlsonn

    Love the effects in this app, you can layer them as well!

  • It's my go to app!

    by kimtche

    Easy to use and offers true enhancement to my photos. Highly, highly reccomend!

  • Crash

    by Peppermintju

    Ever since the new update it crashes. This is one of my favorite apps an hopefully it gets fixed soon!


    by Zachhaj

    Not sure what is happening with the new update but as the other recent reviews state it crashes every time I go to add a new filter now.

  • 5 Stars App

    by JorgeMW2

    My whole Gallery is made by this amazing effects. Check me out on IG -> JMxPR


    by KrissyLipp


  • I love it.

    by BOnKeRS <3

    Finally I get a good Pic App! Thaaanks!

  • please fix

    by etakxo

    crashes every time I try to add another filter.

  • Crashes every time I use it.

    by BriPride

    Have used this app forever! Everyday! But the new update did it for me. It crashes every time I use it now. Major bummer. Was Such a good app too

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