Quick Save Pro - Screenshot save your snapchat photos and videos for free. Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: Aake Gregertsen

- Fixed crash bug when you had unviewed snaps from 'temasnapchat'

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Save your snapchats without the other person knowing!

This is the fully unlocked version, no hassles, no ads!

* Supports both photos and videos.
* Log in with your Snapchat account and download all unviewed messages so that you can keep them forever.
* Supports Snapchat Stories
* iOS 7 User Interface
* Save received photos and videos to your device so you can back them up and share them.
* The other user will never know you saved the message.
* Single tap to return to Snapchat.
* You can view your snaps even if you have 'cleared' them from Snapchat as long as they are cached by Quick Save.
* Delete the snaps you don't want.
* Simple to use.
* Forward received snaps to other friends.
* Send photos you have already have on your phone.
* Apply fun effects and stickers.

Customer Reviews

  • Where are my saved snaps!!

    by lisamargrets

    Love the new update BUT where are all my previous saves!! My app usage says Quicksave takes up 1,7 GB of my phone so the photos must still be here! Can I please get them back a lot of them are my only memories with friends and family over seas I would love to have.

  • Crash problem

    by BobbyHadji

    Please fix crash bug when refreshing feed.

  • Huge improvement

    by iamcameraguy

    The new version is a huge improvement over the previous version. And I must say, when I had problems I emailed the support team and I got immediate feedback and professional results. A+ on this!

  • Good and bad

    by *Rawr*And*Stuff*

    The new update itself is great. A nice step up from the old version. But, I'm a little upset that the update caused me to lose all my snaps but other then that I just need to start saving again.

  • App

    by Awesomehenry01

    It's a good app and everything but u guys need to add a alert thing or something bc it dosent pop up when I get a snapchat

  • Great features

    by get dat fosho

    Ended up deleting previous version but recently downloaded new app and I didn't even recognize it, I was so confused but it is even better now

  • It's getting better

    by Dru22188

    The new updates are nice. You can send photos saved from phone, forward snaps you receive, and send snaps from the app. I still think major improvements can be made. When viewing a snap, there should be more options available. There should be an available option to individually mark snaps as "opened". When sending snaps, your buddies should be organized similar to snapchat. Currently they're alphabetized by username, not their actual name, which is pretty confusing. This app should make the actual snapchat application obsolete, but I would guess were still a couple updates away from that. Update: might've been a glitch in the first video I received from someone, but they included some text in the video, but it DIDN'T show up in this application. It DID show up in snapchat.

  • Awesome

    by Camilo calderon

    I love that they added new features

  • Great

    by Wardraw863804

    New update fixed everything

  • Update

    by Kategirl78

    Great app just needs to update this error

  • Error logging in.

    by Jeff Wilkes

    It has worked great till yesterday when it said I need to connect to the internet to log in. Even with it connected it still won't log in.

  • Error

    by The Warner bros

    The same thing is happening to everyone on the app, please fix

  • Error

    by Agjgnggnun

    Please fix this

  • Log in bug

    by Iam_JDB21

    It says I have a error and to verify my internet and all of that is perfect please get this fixed because this is a great app

  • Log in error

    by Bigbear676

    App won't log me in this needs to be fixed quick good app otherwise.

  • Having bug

    by Joellen McIntyre

    I love this app but it won't connect to Internet a message keeps popping up!!!!

  • Can't log in):

    by kfkeirjfnriekdndkit

    I love this app but I can't log in. Same "internet connection" problem as the rest. Please fix then and you'll get an easy 5 stars. Don't make me go buy another app for $3 please!!!!

  • Problem

    by Naches15225

    Please fix this major bug. It will not allow me to login to my snapchat saying "Internet connection failed" even though I've done the same thing every time with my 3G and it should work fine. Please fix.

  • Can't log in

    by Coolerkid14

    Snapchat might have revoked the access

  • Log in

    by Ja-rod7

    Worked great until today it say I have to connect to the internet or wifi when I am please fix...

  • uugh

    by Love u!!!!

    lost all previous snapchats I had on the app..

  • Update blows

    by fhvchngdvhgcFvhdsd(:/:())&@@9$43784223

    After update i lost all pictures saved through the app. I am very upset for quality for an app

  • Where did my pics go??!?!?!?

    by Vodkaphil

    Login fixed but any snaps saved from more than a month got deleted! Not happy

  • No longer works

    by Sam Hagler

    Pointless for now

  • Doesn't work

    by mookie1288

    Keeps saying it needs internet connection whether I am on wifi or not..needs to be fixed

  • Big bug

    by DTJRZ

    Won't let me login because of "network errors" when my internet/wifi works fine

  • Log-In

    by TannerReid

    Please fix the log in so I can use the app since I paid for it.

  • I want my money back!!

    by Camreid

    It was working fine for a while and then all of a sudden it stopped working. Like another reviewer said, a prompt appears every time I try to log in saying I'm not connected to the internet and to check my network connection.

  • Not working

    by Pwakky111111

    Doesn't let me log in

  • Error?

    by Jesus Christ !

    Why stop to work this app? Are u stealing our snap pics? :000000 I hope no

  • Fix this!!!

    by Nothappyaboutthis12

    I just wasted my money on an app that won't even allow me to log in!

  • Need an update!

    by Anyonymous

    I just spent 1.99 on this app and can even log in you need an update to fix this issue!

  • Unable to log in

    by Gen.Roadkill

    I can't log in at all right now because I'm getting an Internet connection error. Please fix this ASAP! I'll change back to 5 stars once this is fine.

  • Log in problems

    by damaso3

    This app works exactly as advertised, no joke it's awesome but lately it won't let me log in, something about not being able to connect to the internet, please fix this quickly

  • Stopped working?

    by Savo187

    Did Snapchat stop this app from being able to log in? Fix it please.

  • Log in Bug

    by Spenc246

    Please fix this. It won't let me log in because I'm "not connected to the internet" when I am. Used to work great but not anymore. Please resolve this problem

  • Needs fixed

    by Fix login please soon

    I love the app. Ive used it for a couple of months. But the lat few days it says to make sure i am conected to wifi. I am allways connected. Please fix. I love useing this app soooooo much

  • Fix this app

    by king of cleveland

    It would be good if I could log in. I am connected to the internet!!

  • Good app but needs bug fixed.

    by 8bitdee

    Can't log in anymore saying I'm not connected to the internet.

  • Won't work!

    by Vladimerp

    Says it Won't connect to the Internet. I'm sure it's a cool ap but doesn't wanna work! If fixed I would give it 5 stars

  • Can't log in

    by Hjhggfxfxfxtvhbjaisg

    It won't let me log in

  • not working

    by atieeeeeeeeeeeeee

    fix the login please! i loved the app until this happened

  • Snapchat bug

    by THANOE

    Please fix bug that doesn't let sign in , keeps saying "error please verify you're connected to wifi" even though I am ...

  • Snap save

    by Little_boy_blue

    Fix the login problem. I bought the app and can't even use it!!!

  • Log-in issue

    by Warren678

    It say I need to be connected to the internet but I am and it won't let me log in

  • No connection?!

    by Ceasseee

    I need help. It says I need an internet connection with my data internet and wifi! Love this app!!!! Please fix ASAP

  • Being weird

    by Awesome!!184710472

    For some reason it won't let me open it anymore it says I need a wifi connection but I have that and it still saying that?

  • Login in problem

    by LilLa!!

    Wont login saying it needs internet connection even on wifi

  • Log in issue

    by mark Hernandez

    Can't sign in, says there's no internet connection but I'm on LTE.

  • Login problem

    by ChrisHansen17

    I can't login to the app although i have internet. It would be great if i could log in because the app is great. FIX THIS PLEASE!

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