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3M Visual Attention Service (VAS) is a web-based scanning tool that digitally evaluates the visual effectiveness of graphic designs, advertising and other creative projects. Specifically, VAS indicates which design elements the average human eye will react to in the first 3-5 seconds – providing accurate, scientific feedback on how consumers will react to your ad, before they even see it.

VAS testing allows for fast, easy side-by-side design comparisons, with salient differences highlighted to help identify the layout with the most immediate impact. Results include “visual heatmaps” and predictive overviews of the designs. Because VAS is so cost-effective, it can be used to evaluate almost any type of creative execution, including print ads, websites, banner ads, in-store signage/on shelf, billboards and more.
Based on more than 30 years of vision research, the proven technology of VAS integrates seamlessly within the creative process to confirm and strengthen design decisions at any stage, and assist in resolving client/design concerns. Results are completed in seconds, and are inexpensive enough to use multiple times throughout the creative process.

Customer Reviews

  • Great reference tool

    by Mr sd

    Used this with 4 radically different web designs as a reference tool for evaluating those designs. Worked into our entire eval process. Totally recommend.

  • Read the fine print. It's not free

    by Jomama812

    Free to download - $14.99 for image scan

  • $119.99 for ten images

    by ThatVanGuy

    You have to create an account in order to use this, and the pricing is pretty crazy. The first five images are "free," but arent even analyzed completely. In order to see the full analysis, you have to pay $14.99 EACH. It's fine that they want to charge, but the pricing is crazy, and they should make it clear in the description.

  • Worthless!!!

    by Rpeder

    Numerous sign ins and email confirms all failed. Worthless this to expensive when its free.

  • Terrible! DO NOT INSTALL!!!

    by Chevy881

    Do not Install this!!!! It take soooo long to figure out! I just ended up giving up! So dumb? U have to make an account, go to ur email, click on a bunch of links, and even install a camera and stuff if urs isnt already installed! ::((

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