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• FTP server now replies correctly if a directory already exists.

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Wirelessly transfer images to your iPad from your Eye-Fi, Transcend Wi-Fi, Toshiba FlashAir, PQI Air, or ez Share card, GoPro HERO3, PTP/IP enabled device (such as the Nikon WU or Canon EOS 6D / 70D) or a Canon, Nikon or other filetransmitter that supports uploading to an FTP server over your wireless network.
When a JPEG arrives, ShutterSnitch analyzes shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focal length, and light level and warns you if anything differs from the rules you've set up.

You now have up to 9.7" preview screen that you can browse, pinch, zoom, and evaluate seconds after snapping your picture.

In a studio environment it's now easy to share shoots with crew and models. More fun, less tech!

Please note: A large part of the magic of the wireless delivery lies in the setup of the devices outside of the ShutterSnitch app. Be prepared to spend more than just a couple of minutes on this initial setup. Due to the finicky nature of network setups, it can take anything from minutes to hours to get up and running. Feel free to visit the support forum for help!


• Ready for all iPads, iPhone 3GS and up, and iPod touch 3rd gen. and up.
• Retina display support.
• Slideshow function.
• Arrange your shoots in albums.
• Lock private albums.
• Resize and/or watermark photos before sharing them via e-mail, FTP, Flickr, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Facebook, or Dropbox.
• Large scale histograms (RGB,R,G,B).
• Visible and/or audible warnings.
• Map integration. Geo-tag JPEG photos automatically or manually.
• Highlight warnings.
• Add a caption and byline to the photos by tapping and holding the currently displayed full image.
• Custom username, password, and port for the built-in FTP and WebDAV servers.
• Receive files directly from one or more Eye-Fi cards.
• Receive photos from your GoPro HERO3, Transcend Wi-Fi, Toshiba FlashAir, PQI Air, or ez Share card/adapter as you shoot them or import files from the card manually.
• Supports receiving and importing photos via PTP/IP. For example from Nikon WU transmitters and Canon EOS 6D / 70D.
• Supports receiving photos from Panasonic cameras that work with their LUMIX LINK app.
• Supports Sony A7 and NEX cameras.
• AirDrop export.
• Bonjour support for easy discovery in your Bonjour enabled applications. This also works the other way - when you want to export images to an FTP server, this is automatically detected (if the server is Bonjour enabled). This makes it incredibly easy to transfer images between your iPad and you iPhone for example.

ShutterSnitch can also be used as a regular image browser if you simply transfer the pictures from your computer through an FTP client.

Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Background refresh?

    by pzeos

    Option to enable background refresh?

  • Perfect way to view your shots immediately on the iPad

    by Shepherd77

    Need to see your shots on a bigger screen on location, have an art director check details on the models or product? This is the perfect app! I wanted to let stylists view our shoots in real time so they could make minor changes to hair, makeup, or wardrobe with out my being tethered or stopping the shoot so they could view the LCD. ShutterSnitch accomplishes this quickly! I'm not overly tech savvy so it took me a while to get it set up, but if I can do it, anyone can. If you use the WT-5, there isn't a setup guide for it on the forum yet, but if you follow the setup guide for the WT-4, you'll find what you need to get up and running.

  • Has become one of my most important apps

    by TheMagicNumber

    This app has a lot of flexibility when paired with the EyeFi and Transcend wifi cards. It allowed me to go laptop less for the first time on a trip. Prosumers and pro photogs...don't hesitate to get this app.

  • Perfect for my 6D

    by difol

    I try on my camera EOS Canon 6D it's work perfectly. Now I can import my photo full size and include EXIF Data. Awesome.

  • Extraordinarily useful

    by JohnnySC306

    Gets 5 stars if they get rid of the annoying black bars that cover the top and bottom of your photos.

  • Better Than The Official Eye-Fi App!

    by Reader Addict

    I've searched high and low for an App that would work with my Doxie Go Scanner. After fiddling with the Official Eye-Fi App for hours, I gave up on trying to get it to work on my iPad 2. Although the official App worked fine with my Macbook Pro, and my Galaxy Note, it was nothing less than agonizing trying to get it to connect wirelessly to the iPad. I was hesitant at first about paying $20 for an Unofficial App that might or might not have worked with my Eye-Fi X2 Card, but this App is well worth it and can be customized to work with many types wifi capable memory cards and mobile scanners.

  • Shuttersnitch

    by Undermarks

    This app has been the best tool for my photography career, i literally would have no job without it. You going to start to see a trend coming out of Los Angeles of event photogs wearing their ipad on their chest. While im sure i did not think of it i started it. If you see nobody do this, they got it from me(Tim Rich) or from somebody who saw me doing this. Me yes me. All made possible using shuttersnitch. Be like me buy this program, it is the most flawless, does what it claims and more software ive ever used.

  • Inconvenient but Functional Geotagging

    by Cameron Sumpter™

    I bought this app for the sole purpose of geotagging my photos with data from its companion app from the same developer, GeoSnitch. The process is a bit tedious (converting photos from RAW to JPEG, using FTP to import them into the app, importing the KMZ file from GeoSnitch, applying the tags, exporting them to Dropbox in a ZIP, and then using a command-line tool to create XMP sidecar files for each photo to associate with my original NEFs for Lightroom), but few better alternatives seem to exist. I can't vouch for the app's other (primary) functionality [yet], but am under the impression that it works quite well from other reviews.

  • I use it DAILY!

    by Rivas Media Photography

    I'm a full-time professional photographer and I use this app all the time. It's reliable, fast and perfect for my cards! When I shoot sporting or special events and need to send 4 or 5 live or post game images to our college or paper I transmit to the phone or iPad and in minutes they can be edited and sent to a Dropbox link. For weddings or corporate shoots, I can have images cued up in a slideshow during a reception or after a shoot and people LOVE IT! It's been one of those things I couldn't do without. Also, I've sent issues to the developer in the last and he's gotten back to me the same day with custom fixes until next update comes out which is above and beyond what I expect of them! Get this app and you'll love it too! Thanks Shuttersnitch!

  • Great App

    by TJFilm

    This is a really useful application I depend on for many of my shoots. I am a working professional and use Shuttersnitch for clients to do a preliminary edit.

  • Great tool for any photo situation

    by Dwrldzmine

    This app keeps getting better and better. I do miss the backpack mode but the improved work flows make up for it.

  • Fantastic App!

    by Photogeek133

    I recently started doing a lot more headshots and this app has been invaluable! I bought an Eye-Fi card for my 5DmkIII and I have the RAW files write to the CF card and the S1 JPEG (~5mp) write to the Eye-Fi card. I love being able to cull down the images with the client right there and then after I import the images into Lightroom I use a plug-in called Snitch Sync to sync all the star ratings directly into Lr so it streamlines my workflow. I love how the developers are constantly adding features and squashing bugs. Purchase without hesitation!

  • Great app

    by sax_tony

    Fantastic app

  • Awesome application for a Professional Photographer!!

    by HeXeD23

    I must say i was skeptical at first but i tried it and from the day i bought my eyefi card used it with my DSLR with this application perfect harmony!!

  • Indispensable tool!

    by stevemaller

    I rely on ShutterSnitch in my work as a corporate headshot photographer. My clients think it's the coolest thing, and it saves me an enormous amount of time and trouble. I appreciate that it's not trying to be just does one thing for me, and does it properly and reliably. For the cost of a decent lunch, it's given me a tremendous competitive advantage!

  • A "Swiss Army Knife" for Eye-Fi

    by Terry0729

    If you use an Eye-Fi card in your camera, this is the app you need despite it's relatively higher price. It is definitely more reliable at ingesting images (including raw) images than the Eye-Fi app. The Eye-Fi app delivers images to the standard Photos app by default and has a limted selection of places to deliver them (either email or a linked computer). ShutterSnitch allows for a wide list including Flickr, DropBox, or a user-specified FTP server. Using the last option, images may be delivered to a portable hard-drive connected to iUSBPort. While ShutterSnitch by default delivers images to its own "collections", they may be deleted, moved to the Photos app, or other locations. Images moved to the Photos app are then accessible by editing applications such as Snapseed or PiRawnha.

  • Glitchy but has potential

    by Papasula

    I just received a Toshiba FlashAir card via a rebate for my Olympus E-PL5 and heard that SS was one app that works with it for my ipad. It works great except that every 4th or so image will not completely import and a part (sometimes the majority) of the image is gray. Sometimes the image does not show up at all but the spotlight place marker appears under a blank image (this time all black). 5 stars is yours if this is fixed. Love the concept and want my experience to mirror that of others who rave about it. Running iOS 6.1.2 on an ipad mini. UPDATE: adding a star for the incredibly fast and attentive support I have received from the forums. I will rate 5 stars once the fix comes through! UPDATE: reformatting my FlashAir card with Toshiba's Mac utility did the trick. This software is amazing and the support outstanding. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  • Incredible software, consistently improved

    by HT Photos

    This software has become a staple of our photography. Combined with our eye-fi card and an inexpensive router we wow our clients with near instant previews and feedback. In a pinch we use our phone as a router to bridge the iPad and the eye fi card. Author consistently improves and upgrades the software. Just recently WebDAV was added as well as other wireless technologies beyond eye fi. We use a custom script on our laptop that syncs to the FTP client built into this app. We then use the laptop to handle emailing the proofs and keep the iPad for reviewing the photo only. We found this was the best workflow to keep up with a real-time production line.

  • Import's File Number

    by Magic shooter

    It's a very nice app and I highly recommend it, but it will be nice if the file number doesn't change when you import files.

  • Eye-Fi's BFF!

    by St_Nicholas

    I used it for event photography this Christmas, pictures with Santa, and it was a marvel for our workflow. We took over 14,000 pics with nary a problem. Guests were very impressed with the tech, too, seeing their images pop up wirelessly on the iPad and then forwarded on to their phone with watermarked logo. Great stuff.

  • Overprice card reader.

    by mikeyd7272

    I bought this app because of all the photojournalist that said how great it was. But is nothing more than a overprice card reader that hooks up to your camera. Don't waste your money on it is nothing but junk.

  • Kludgy mess - doesn't work with EyeFi

    by anim57

    I cannot get this app to work reliably with my EyeFi card. I've spent hours trying to get this to work - watched all the videos, researched all the forums, no dice. If you're expecting a polished app for twenty bucks - forget it. I want my money back.

  • Hate it, hate it

    by sunsun5

    Don't spend $19.99 on this app! It's unreliable, unpredictable; works when it wants to work and most of the time doesn't work at all. I have spent countless hours trying to synch my wireless memory card with this app; it worked once and that was it. There is no true instructions only an in-depth forum that is worthless. I want my money back, but can't even find a way to communicate with the creators of this.

  • Great App.

    by 1_Music_LVR

    I found this app very easy to use and with a little help from the setup guide, was able to set up connection from my eye-fi card as well as my own wireless camera. This app is great. It's fast and very professional looking. I would recommend it. Great job ShutterSnitch!

  • Addition of pro features

    by AndrewCCM

    While there is very limited metadata editing functionality, a full set of IPTC and ability to import templates would make this infinitely more productive for us that use them in the field. The ability to easily caption and maybe even have code replacement (like photo mechanic) would be a great addition. However, I understand that those could be part of secondary app after exporting "tagged" images. Something that would be WONDERFUL would be the ability to only pull in Tagged images (LOCKED) One of the most useful features in photomechanic is the ability to only import those that you have marked in camera. I realize the design and capabilities of the wifi cards have much to do with the lack of functionality. Perhaps if there was a way to "reject" images while they were being transferred unless the "locked" flag was set? Just thinking out loud. Thanks!

  • Great support for a wide variety of wireless devices

    by Matt Emmi

    This is a great app with a supportive developer (Just post in the forums for a quick response). Updates have added new devices (like the canon 6D) and useful features. Far better workflow than the awful eyefi native app or Caron's native app for getting images into your device. This app has helped me get my desired workflow of all images on any camera into my photostream as a universal conduit. This app is the only way to make this happen across different communication devices (internal wifi/eyefi/etc). The camera mfg's are just barely figuring this wireless transfer business all out. Theres a lot of rough edges (like the eos wirless interface or eyefi card setup software). issues will crop up, however, Most of the user frustrations are external to the app.

  • How do I request a refund?

    by Larry Callahan

    This may be a good program but won't do the things I need it to. After a couple of hours fighting it I give up. The key things I need it to do the standard eye-fi does but I was lead to believe this would do a better job. Instead it won't do them at all. So, is there a way I can uninstall it and request a refund?


    by PrimeImages

    It's a good thing ShutterSnitch works with Nikon D600 and its WU-1b wi-fi transmitter. Works a lot better than Nikon's free WMAU app. I'm glad I'm dumping that useless Eye-Fi card. The perfect trio : Nikon D600 + Nikon WU-1b transmitter + ShutterSnitch = No more being tied-up to a notebook/desktop! Highly recommended for professional photography.

  • What Happened?

    by Aopisa

    This app used to be good, but the last two updates have really screwed it up. The pictures are loaded in the wrong order. Some just take forever to load and then don't show up on the app. Now the terrible Eye-fi app is actually better than this. The Eye-fi app loads pictures in a matter of seconds, but clogs up the camera album and the Photo stream album on my iPad. ShutterSnitch used to be a great full-featured app, but now it is very unreliable and unpredictable. Please fix it.

  • 6D perfect app

    by TheBillCat

    Works great with my 6D! Thx!

  • Useful but please add pic rotation for portraits

    by Karaione

    I really like this app for easily reviewing my photos an for instantly syncing to my iPhone. It allows my to then send them to friends. Very useful during special occasions and holidays. I then later edit the raw files for a nicer look. UPDATE: it is possible to rotate to portrait mode once signed is as a "superuser". Five stars now. Please make the app let us know when it has a positive connection with the card so we know that it is ready to receive.

  • Great app!

    by dellison

    I use it all the time when I'm doing studio shoots. It is perfect to give instant feedback to the model on what is going on. With AirPlay I also mirror the display so people can see the images on a large screen. I also finally tried out the direct mode so when away from the network I can still send the images to my iPad. (That's a feature of the Eye-Fi card and it works pretty good and simple).

  • Backpack mode removed??


    Why remove backpack mode? Not updating because of this..

  • It just works

    by Andy Z

    Before buying I went into the Support area. I saw tech support assisting and troubleshooting and I saw success stories of connecting a WFT on a Canon camera to an iPad (In my case WFT-E2A, 1D Mark II and "new iPad (3)) and I bought it. I printed one set of instructions from the forum and followed them. It worked. It worked when I restarted it after a few hours off, then again the next morning. It just works. Very cool!

  • Crashes consistently

    by Dave Elliot

    Even after a hard reboot of my IPad, this program shuts down with regularity anytime you want to transfer a photo and sometimes when you're doing nothing at all!

  • New Facebook feature is great

    by The Supreme Dalek

    I am really glad that backpack mode is back, but the greatest thing about this new version is the ability to post photos to multiple Facebook pages! I am an administrator for several organizations that ask me to shoot photos of their events, create Facebook albums on the fly, and upload the photos "live" as the event happens. Until now this has been very hard to do from an iPad -- I'd need to juggle a combination of several apps, none of which worked very dependably. With the new Facebook features in ShutterSnitch, though, this job is not only possible -- it's actually simple! The interface makes it easy to tell what account you're targeting (very important if you're an admin for multiple pages), shows clearly what albums are available, and gives you an easy way to create a new album if necessary. I'm really looking forward to using this for the upcoming event-photography season... it's going to make my work a lot less difficult.

  • Crashing

    by adam75south

    App is crashing on start since the update.

  • Awesome App

    by shooterntx

    This is an amazing and easy to use and setup app if you are interested in being able to view and backup your images as you shoot them. With this app which is a million times better than the eyefi software, I can see my I,ages in my iPad or iPhone immediately after I shoot them and then FTP or send them to my Zenfolio or Smugmugg acct to share right away. And the best part is, it works. It hasn't failed me yet.

  • Great app I used to use ...until this update...DO NOT UPDATE!

    by Forberium

    Why..why you remove backpack mode? It was the main(!) mode I used for taking pictures.. I'll not update my iPad nor I recommend updating to anyone who is dependent or just used to this feature!

  • Needs better documentation

    by RickHorowitz

    To say this app stinks to high heaven would be to give it too high a compliment. The instructions are virtually non-existent. They tell you it could take "hours" to get things working because "networks are finicky." That's b.s. The reason it can take hours is the lack of decent manuals. It takes hours to figure out what needs to be configured, and where.

  • impossible to just get it to find the card

    by kdphoto

    Really bad tech support,no clue why it won't work on my iPad have followed there very limited directions on their useless website but still can't get it to work.

  • Great App!

    by photgboy

    Perfect for image selection and FTP sync operations. I love it and have only had it for 5 minutes; haven't even tested the Eye-FI capability on it yet. A must buy for all professional photographers!

  • Highly recommended!

    by Kiptasia

    I'm an architecture commercial photographer and I don't go to a shoot without my iPad and Shuttersnitch. Once you have it setup and understand how it works, it is reliable and accurate. I no longer need a laptop to judge exposure, composition, color and focusing. I only send small jpeg to Shuttersnitch and shoot raw to the camera memory card. Great tool to show images to the client and to move it around the the photo crew to review pictures. I've been using it since version 1 and each update gets better and better. I have no hesitation to recommend it to professional photographers that are most on the time on location.

  • Great!

    by Danielaronson

    Great app. Had some issues but just reinstalled and it's up and running again! So many features! An additional feature I would like is to add the watermark while printing. So many uses for this app. Worth every penny.

  • Rocks!

    by Leighton OConnor

    This app rocks! It blows Eye-fi's ap out of the water. I'll never use it again. Well worth the $15 bucks!

  • Awesommeee!!!

    by Salix187

    Thank you for making this app. Apple should of thought of this app instead of there dumb tether card reader. It's a great app but it is a PAIN to setup and get working. But I did get it working with wt-1 an Nikon d2xs. When you finally get the setup to run it works flawless on both the iPhone and iPad. Wish they had a desktop version.

  • This app rocks!

    by Bjoshuanoah

    I love this app. The only thing I could think of that could make this better is in the share section. In addition to adding one photo at a time, I'd like an "add all" option. especially if I've already narrowed down my selections to the rated photos. Oh, I'm using this with Eye Fi pro x2 8gb, and my Canon 1D iiN

  • Very Awesome!

    by Rpacio

    I can't wait to see what's in store for the next update! Keep up the great work!

  • Nikon D2Hs

    by Nikon WT-1A

    I got this working with a Nikon D2Hs and WT-1A, with using a router in infrastructure mode with just the camera and iPad2 using ad-hoc mode network generated from the WT-1A. Awesome app.

  • Confirmed working with the Nikon D4 and WT-5

    by SiliconProphet

    Wonderful little app for wireless tethering. Works as advertised, and then some.

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