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  • Publisher: Urban Apps
  • Updated: Jan, 21 2012
  • Version: 1.6.5
  • Size: 14 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Urban Apps

[FIXED] Fixed a bug where custom source addition could ask for upgrade in some rare cases.
[FIXED] Minor bug fixes and optimizations

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Hourly News is a simple app that plays the most recent news updates from multiple sources automatically when opened.

As a podcast app, Hourly News lets to you listen to any/all of the most recent NPR , BBC, CBC, ABC, CBS, WSJ, ESPN, VOA, SRN, BMM, RTHK, DW, Marketplace and/or FOX news updates and more.

You can also add your own custom podcasts sources to Hourly News!

• Plays the most recent news summaries
• Automatically plays when opened
• Plays in background
• Responds to remote control buttons
• Automatically advances to the next news feed.
• Dead simple, easy to use
• Works every time
• Reorder, enable and disable news feeds
• Skip the podcast if already heard
• Sync your settings and sources over iCloud
• Add your own custom feeds

Download Speeds:
Like every app, download speeds are greatly affected by your connection (edge, 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi). Edge downloads might take a little longer, 3G and 4G are faster, LTE is even faster still and WiFi is blazing fast to download the news updates in Hourly News.

Questions, Comments or Support?
We are dedicated to bringing you the best support! Visit http://community.urbanapps.com or contact us via email at support@urbanapps.com

If there is another National or Worldwide source you would like to see added to Hourly News, please contact support. At this time, only sources which are broadcast in English and have a radio or internet podcast can be added.

Hourly News® is not affiliated with, or endorsed by any of the included sources. All rights are reserved by the respective owners.

Hourly News is a podcast app, giving you access to free publicly available news podcasts. These feeds are for personal use only and are subject to the terms and conditions provide by the news network providing the feed.

Customer Reviews

  • Good App, but several annoying things . . .

    by VannB

    I have been using this app for a couple of years now, and overall it is a good app, but with a few tweaks it could be a great app. 1) If I pause the app while listening for more than a few seconds, it forgets where it was in streaming from the various sources and goes back to the beginning. I understand the app is streaming, but if I pause other audio media on my iPod or other devices this does not happen, so I know it is possible. 2) Sound levels vary dramatically from source to source. I understand each source is independent, but I would think there would be a way to offer an option of averaging the sound levels so it is not so jolting going form lover volume sources to higher volume sources. 3) It would be great to automatically skip previously listened to streams. Some shows do not have updates during the day so if you listen in the morning and you are looking for an update in the evening, you get an exact repeat of the earlier show. An option to skip repeats automatically would be a nice feature to have. 4) Fox News has way too many embedded commercials, so much so that it distracts from the news it actually offers. If there is any way to limit the commercials from a source, that would be nice. Also Fox News is also one of the louder volume sources, so I had to remove it from my source list. The news sources are varied and gives me a lot of insight into world events which is great, and overall I like the app, but as I said at the beginning of this review, I think some tweaking will make this an outstanding app.

  • Great variety of perspectives

    by Ahillm01

    A fantastic way to compare the way different sources present the same news items.

  • Works

    by n5n5n5n5n

    Works. Simple. Good. Handy and easy to use b

  • Best news app! "Launch hourly news"

    by interim_descriptor

    This app is an essential part of my daily commute. I just tell Siri "launch hourly news", and without any further intervention, I'm listening. Great, respectful request to rate the app, also.

  • NPR News

    by NewsAaaHolic

    My main source of news these days.

  • News

    by Dr.Quad

    Wonderful app. Starts quickly and offers an abundance of feeds.

  • Perfect!

    by KBR-Memphis

    The REAL news, without the TV fluff...thank you!

  • Just what I was looking for

    by Transit time

    For someone always on the go who is looking for a quick and concise update on worldly news- this is perfect. I use it all the time and now I don't feel out of touch with what is going on in the world.

  • To the point

    by Allison BB

    Straight news, no fluff. It's a bit repetitive but that's just the nature of the app and how similar or different the stations are you choose.

  • Update broken

    by El paso gasso

    Bugs squashed; back to top form. )

  • Love it

    by nhy201

    Quick and easy to use. A great way to stay updated on the day's news while getting ready in the morning. I use it everyday.

  • Great world view!

    by kittyg04

    We "read the news" every morning on my iPad. This is how we top it off. This week, NPR hasn't been working, so can we fix that somehow?

  • Excellent App

    by NC5R

    The ideal way to get the news.

  • Great app

    by Addedome

    Good features nice customization but crashes and has network issues at times on cellular data.

  • Very Effective App

    by BlindMBA

    Great way to get a summary of world news from many sources. Key drawback is that a blind person using VoiceOver cannot use the hold-and-drag function rearrange icons representing those sources.

  • My favorite way to start the morning except,

    by C O P

    ..... that the volume is inconsistent. One station is too loud and the next one us too soft.

  • Just right

    by JerryVentura

    Not over designed, not complicated, it's just right.

  • To the Point

    by NPR Since Birth

    I've listened to NPR in the car since birth, and it's nice to have an app that allows me to listen to the headlines in the morning. Five stars because you shouldn't judge an app for wanting you to review it.

  • Great app

    by ciao id pi ciao

    I use it every morning.

  • great!

    by Joe#$$%

    Does what it's supposed to do - simply and very well!

  • Outstanding app!

    by Dune Bug

    Thank you, NPR.

  • Excellent App

    by Al_Logan

    I live in Italy and use this app daily to keep up with the news headlines.

  • Great app, but very buggy

    by bbvc2000

    I am not sure if I am the only one who is having this issue, but the app will switch mid-play to the next podcast. It is very annoying. Otherwise, great idea and great app.

  • Awesome

    by AppleNutTexas

    I Totally rely on this awesome news source!

  • Essential for news junkies

    by hessianmercenary

    I used to use the NPR app just for the 5 minute hourly updates, but that app is really designed to be a conduit for the local stations' streams. When NPR shipped an update that was crashing (since, and to their credit, quickly fixed), I looked for an alternative. So thrilled to find Hourly News. Clean, simple, elegant design based on ease of use -- all the way through to the (default, I think) to pull to have each hourly news digest automatically succeed the previous. The range of audio options is strong. This app is now the first I encounter when I'm downstairs with the coffee brewing, and it's a rare day that I don't play it at least one more time.

  • No Thanks

    by darknitemoon

    This is a good application. But when it repeatedly asks for reviews, and ignores the user tapping "No Thanks", this is what you get.

  • Simple and Useful

    by Zandoren

    UPDATE: Please find a way to block the ad at the beginning of the NPR segment, and I'll bump my rating back up to five stars. It does what it's supposed to do. It's only a buck. Buy it.

  • Excellent!

    by JP6232

    I use it every morning to keep up to date. Works very well.

  • Pretty Good

    by infomagick

    Fairly Useful. Will not stop nagging for a review.

  • Excellent!

    by MkBx

    A suggestion to make this even better is to have the option to choose more in-depth reports included

  • I use this app every day.

    by Jean165829

    The most efficient way to get the daily news.

  • My overall #1 fave app

    by John1307

    I use it multiple times per day. It's an excellent way to keep up on current events.

  • Great for a news junkie

    by Scruff20001

    Could use more sources outside the US. Ability to handle manually added asx files would be good, too.

  • Simple, reliable newscasts

    by icpdaishin

    Without a lot of bells and whistles (or smoke & mirrors), Hourly News delivers. Excellent!

  • Perfect

    by Mum49

    Love being able to listen to the latest news without having to turn the tv on and listen to commercial ,etc.

  • App Review

    by WMorrisPattonJr

    Excellent App. Keep up the good work.

  • Awesome News App!

    by LeeC13

    I love it! I use it every morning! Only suggestion is keep adding news sources - Science/Technology & another sports summary.

  • My daily shortcut

    by ari@SF

    I use this daily as a shortcut to listen to the news. It works really well.

  • Fantastic application.

    by Stainsdad

    I can get everything I need to know without network filtering.

  • Awesome

    by khareldn

    It's what I was looking for.

  • Good

    by adam.johnston

    One of those why didn't I think of that things.

  • Awesome app

    by Jackandwolf

    Have been using it for years. Awesome as always.

  • Good for what it is

    by DulcetTone

    I like a quick means of getting NPR headlines.

  • I use this app every day

    by Nightowl51

    This is a great app. I hope they add a 10 or 20 Seconds back button in the future.

  • News

    by Javadive

    Great app that provide the hourly news in easy one bottom push app. Great!!! They keep improving it. Highly recommended.

  • never syncs

    by j.r.j.

    iCloud syncing appears to be broken. It’s a decent app for quick news but if it doesn’t sync as stated, it’s just “OK."

  • Hear news every day

    by Catmark73

    I love checking news on the go with my IPhone. I've never had problems

  • Bugs Squashed, Works Great

    by RSL08

    Great app to keep me up on the news throughout the workday. Latest bug fix worked.

  • Won't Open after recent update

    by SHK109

    This app has been good for a long time, although I agree with other reviewers that Fox News shouldn't be permitted to self-advertise during their "reports". But since the most recent update, app won't even open at all. Perhaps it requires IOS7, but it doesn't say so in update page - and shouldn't download if doing so disables the app. DON'T UPDATE until fixed.

  • Hourly news

    by Postfan

    New version DOES NOT WORK

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