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  • Category: News
  • Publisher: The Economist
  • Updated: Sep, 30 2011
  • Version: 2.4.2
  • Size: 3.88 MB

Languages: English

Seller: The Economist Newspaper Group Inc.

Dear Reader,

This update addresses an ongoing issue which caused the app to crash in certain scenarios for users on iPhone 4s when accessing the app with a cellular connection, introduced during the previous update.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for reading The Economist on iPhone.


The Digital Editions Team

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The best way to read The Economist on your iPhone.

The app is free to download and includes free access to the Editor's picks – a weekly selection of articles from each week’s edition of The Economist.

Digital and print subscribers to The Economist receive unrestricted access to each week’s full print edition on iPad and iPhone.

•Each week’s issue available from 9pm London time on Thursday
•Download each issue to your device to read without an internet connection
•Switch easily between reading and listening with The Economist in audio
•Store and access back issues
•Purchase single issues using In App Purchase
•Subscribe from within the app and register your details with us for full access to The Economist on iPhone and iPad and The Economist online

•Subscribe quarterly (12 issues) for USD $39.99 or annually (51 issues) for USD $129.99 or buy a single issue for USD $6.99. If available you will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by iTunes.
•Payment will be charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase
•No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period
•Subscriptions automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
•Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the price of the original subscription
•You can manage auto-renew of your subscription in your iTunes account settings, where it can be turned off if you wish
•Full terms of use can be found at

If you experience any problems, please contact customer service at

The Economist is a weekly international news and business publication, offering clear reporting, commentary and analysis on world current affairs, business, finance, science and technology, culture, society, media and the arts.

The Economist is also available on iPad, simply search in the App Store for “The Economist on iPad”.

Customer Reviews

  • Magazine is great; app not so much

    by EZE2

    I bought this to read during flights. For some reason after the last renewal I was not able to access the content even though I was billed. The passwords are not linked to the itunes account maybe? Now I am not seeing a simple way to unsubscribe from the next update. Feel a little like a trap...

  • Bug in deleting audio.

    by HappyPig

    Regarding “Delete all stored issues” under “Audio”, the check mark initially is set at “Keep 2 issues.” When I change that to “Delete all stored issues”, I get the confirm pop-up, hit ok, and then the app keeps the setting at “keep 2 issues.” Please fix.

  • Great Product

    by Red Mistro

    Love the audio features, and thanks for the contrast button! Next gen media at its best! Oh-and good content also.

  • Excellent app - especially audio

    by serge morrell

    Overall an excellent app and much easier to read re issue on a crowded subway than the paper version. However, it's impossible to switch between the audio article and regular article or to share an article while in audio mode.

  • It's very good so far.. but..

    by Acheeeeeee(@@)

    Please fix a bug with Facebook share. The app got crashed when I tried to login to Facebook account on the setting.

  • Doesn't work for iOS 7 on iPhone 5S

    by orbaiu

    Upon upgrading operating system app no longer recognizes my subscription. Continuously states my CRN number is invalid. I can only access the Editor's picks instead of the full issue. I have emailed their support but they won't respond to this issue. Horrible support from The Economist team. *Amended The team reached out and fixed the issue for me. It now works fine.

  • How to make the upgrade work

    by Blinddog58

    I had the older version installed on my phone and installed the update. With the update I could not login. So I deleted the app completely and re-downloaded it and logined without any problem. I like the new app but the upgrades process stinks.

  • Nice

    by Tonystylelike

    Extremely helpful

  • Awesome

    by anoe5000

    Huge fan of this app.

  • Love the Audio

    by Eh05!

    I'm a first-year law student who's trying to run most mornings and stay informed, and the audio feature gives me a way to multitask. Thanks for adding it in!

  • What?

    by Would be AeroBoy but taken

    What is the point of waiting until I select to download a new issue to then "notify" me that I have a new issue to download? It seems a bit moronic.

  • misses some features.

    by Slow Trot

    nice, but misses sharing, and I can't add any articles to my favs or special lists, or something,

  • Needs bookmarking, less crashes

    by Auror1827

    The Economist is unparalleled, its app should be as well. Audio version is a great feature, but I am baffled the very trivial and ubiquitous "bookmarking" is not available. Sharing through email or social media is also absent. The app also crashes regularly.

  • Best ever ....

    by Kilaeua

    The Economist is the best magazine ever for news, politics, and business. Simple, non partisan, to the point, and only the facts. The Economist does not make the news like every other media outlet - they report the news - truly polished journalism. I really like this app.

  • The Economist Magazine

    by Siberian Husky Lady

    My only major concern I have is if I haven't finished reading a weekly issue after a certain amount of time it is no longer available to be read. If I've bought the issues, all issues should continue to be accessible. If you bought a hard copy, it's yours to keep, and so should be the case with the electronic version. Please tell me that it is possible for me to still view my old magazines whenever I want to and how to find them. Please get back to me on this.

  • Great Job Economist!

    by HandyManDan

    Excellent App!! The new audio feature is great. Can now download partial issues over my data plan. This app is very elegant and intuitive. The app is an awesome reading experience of a great magazine. Keep up the good work.

  • Mr

    by Naif 1998

    It was an excellent App, however I no longer can post articles on Twitter

  • Great content, lousy delivery

    by Dave13211321

    Obviously the content is great, and I love that it can be read to me while I commute. The time and a half speed reading is also awesome. Now for the negatives: Never remembers where I left off in an article, or even what article I was on. Won't auto-download the audio for a new magazine once I connect to wifi. That'd be a nice feature. Crashes on a daily basis. Clean up some bugs and it'd be five star!

  • Can't delete old issues

    by MSOutlookUser

    The app stores all old issues downloaded, taking up multiple GB's on the phone. Deleting individual issues does not work (app freezes) and there is no function to 'keep only most recent issue'

  • Rubbish

    by Brendon D

    Does not work, will not recognize your subscription, crashes all the time. In 3 years of trying I have only once successfully downloaded an issue. Use the website instead. Do not subscribe if you are hoping to use this app.

  • ios7 doesn't work

    by Longtime CPod User

    A week later and tech support at the economist still cannot restore my iTunes purchase to give me access to the subscription purchased through iTunes.

  • Frustrated even more!!!

    by clt-209

    This app is so frustrating. Frequently it only downloads the audio partially and there seems to be no way to re-initiate the download. Further, the app frequently loses place -- it restarts the story or goes back to stories I have already listened to. I also hate, hate, HATE the long commercial interruptions for square space. In the print version one can just turn a page, but two full issues of the same lengthy commercial is such an annoyance that this sponsor is probably one I would NOT use on principal. OS7 has been out long enough that resolving the audio issues is well overdue for a premium publication.

  • Ripoff

    by madjidt

    Bought an issue, can't read it without an Economist login from god knows where. The whole Apple ecosystem is about buying something with your Apple ID and not messing with more passwords and registration crap.

  • Audio ads are bad form

    by JCL7878

    SquareSpace sponsors the audio now? Funny, as a paying subscriber to your news service, I figured I and fellow subscribers were sponsoring. No matter, although extremely annoying and bad form, I do look forward to having my annual subscription fees reimbursed as a new source of revenue has been uncovered to replace them. Please ditch this crass audio intrusion at once, and note I will actively avoid SquareSpace as a result, which is probably not the desired result for their ad funds.

  • How dare you advertise to subscribers

    by Freemarkit

    Updated 12/12/13 The ads before listening are ridiculous! You are marginalizing out long term relationship. Shame on you! Prior review -- I love the Economist and the app. Some article screens can be buggy. The top navigation will disappear and you won't be able to get back to the menu. Other than that, it's great!

  • Keeps crashing!!!

    by Nytlover

    Crashed three times this morning: once after emailing an article, twice just froze.

  • Junk

    by John Carpenter

    The audio player doesn't save my progress in an article when I return just a few minutes later. This has been a problem they've been unable to resolve for years now.

  • Getting Most Recent App

    by Jason Abro

    Aside from the functional and design limitations referenced by other reviews, when I go to download any issue it downloads the issue from the week before. This leaves me perpetually unable to download the newest issue. Has anyone else had this challenge?

  • App is average

    by Abhishekgm

    Articles are of course good. But the app has many issues. One thing that irritates a lot is every time you use the dictionary and come back to the article the app resets the reading position to top of the page. The articles do not download in background while multitasking. The audio down load is also not very consistent.


    by realdieu

    Although, I love The Economist, $139.00 for a digital-only version is ridiculous! For that price, I should get not print and digital formats.

  • Help! You blew up my subscription

    by Jarvis C

    When th app is working it's great. The latest version however has a major bug that prevents long time subscribers from accessing the magazine on the app, iPad and iPhone effected. I have also been locked out of all my old issues on the app. Assume you know about this Economist team. Please post a note as to when you expect to have the issue fixed! Thanks

  • Serious error with economist app

    by Robert rope

    I purchased a subscription for the economist on the Apple iPad. The economist app does not acknowledge the subscription from iTunes. The economist support team sends everyone to iTunes apt. This is incorrect. The economist must fix the app so that any sub. Is recognized. There is no contingency plan for this error except to cancel.

  • Needs work

    by Ategev

    A lot of it.

  • Poor Form

    by アメリカンボイ

    Been getting the same CRN login error for a month now, since I switched to iOS 7 on my 5. Can’t see 95% of the magazine, so the app is pretty much worthless. it was working before though!

  • Disappears with upgrade to iPhone 5s.

    by Bill_in_TX

    As a subscriber for more than 10 years, I'm willing to give the digital edition some forbearance since it's the content I value. However, judged on its merits, the app is historically, at best, mid-grade and the latest set of bugs takes it down a notch. To whit, the main gripes: - Automatic downloads have never worked for me despite the issue notification feature working. - The app has gone through multiple reorganizations. I don't like having it buried in the newsstand, but this isn't entirely Peterson's fault. The latest problem, though, is more severe. I upgraded to iOS7 on older hardware, and had access to the App. I shortly thereafter upgraded to an iPhone 5s, re-installed the app, and it has disappeared entirely. Once the development team issues an update, I'm sure it will be re-enabled. Until then, it is hard to rate the application highly when it is fundamentally unusable.

  • Where is the audio?!

    by Hao Wu

    This update is simply stupid. It keeps telling me I can listen to the audio directly from the article while there's no other button on the page that does anything than telling me the same thing! Very annoying!

  • #fail

    by bloodnok

    still quite pathetic. now it takes forever to startup and tends to crash far too often. expect better.

  • Does not work anymore

    by andrew Kelly

    App won't recognize my subscription or my CRN since iOS update. Very helpful help desk had no ideas why and told me to wait, really!!! Please fix stability issues.

  • Great for reading, terrible for sharing

    by TXCiclista

    Twitter and Facebook sharing appears to be broken, and with no way to "Open in Safari," it's terribly difficult to share.

  • Will not open

    by Ed burtner

    Disgraceful support and total lack of responsiveness to the multiple negative reviews. Hello, is there anybody out there...? Update 7oct2013 Still crashes. Takes minutes to open then locks and crashes- even on latest version. Agree with others on need to scrap and start over. I'm a long time subscriber and am considering calling it quits. How hard is it to sort this out? Please fix. Allow highlighting and jumping to safari for search. News is highly perishable, why not loosen up your locks and facilitate thought and search instead of the old school fortress mentality? My thumb is numb or I'd type more.

  • Please Make the App Better

    by oodank

    The app is some what functional, I'll give them credit for that. But, this app crashes way too much, its design is subpar, and usability is way below average. The mobile experience is horrible, there isn't a day I don't have an issue with this app. The audio files are way too quiet, I have turn the volume way up to hear anything.

  • STILL doesn't work on iPad

    by Ajscdd

    I don't know why the Economist's app development team never gets it right the first (or second, or third) time. After updating to their latest version (2.10.1), the iPad app works even worse than before! It has forgotten my login info, moves items around the screen randomly, and doesn't show the latest issue that came out this afternoon. I don't know what to do except not renew my subscription when the time comes. It's just embarrassing.

  • Have to clean install

    by Sleeping easy

    Kept crashing when I would attempt to login and activate. End result was days with just editor's picks. Due to the laughable nature of the support page, I had to go it alone and tried to completely un-install and re-install the app, twice. Worked on the second attempt after an upgrade to ios7. The login and authentication issues have been known for far too many versions to still require users to jump through hoops blindly.

  • Won't activate

    by TRN Apper

    iPhone 5, iOS 7 Got my magazine. Got the 8 digits from label. Won't activate: gives error. Support page is a bunch of text, no links. My activation on iPad (1) running iOS 5 works fine.

  • Consistently fails to keep track of last article

    by Stilltikin

    Never remembers the last article read or played. This is a phenomenal waste of my time to keep flipping through to find the last one. This is an incredibly simple feature to get right, I'll even write the code for you if you can't handle it.

  • App crashes

    by Reader101012334

    The Economist app crashes repeatedly since the latest updates. Requires closing out of the app and Newsstand multiple times to get the app to reopen. Please fix!

  • Redesign and recode from scratch

    by Nevensky777

    Did you ever ask yourselves "Well, how does this app look like? Is it fast and responsive?". I guess not, otherwise you would have rewritten this laggy, ugly looking, unresponsive app from scratch.

  • Sharing function needs to be redesigned

    by mujalifah

    Mostly like the app, but the sharing is disappointing without access to URL. Should be option to copy URL to article. Also, Twitter and Facebook sharing should be thru iOS native integration of these services. I don't want to give the economist access to my direct messages on twitter and the sign-up is buggy. Why can't I select and copy or share passages from an article? Surely this functionality combined with proper native twitter and Facebook integration would substantially increase traffic to the economist. Without control of the speed of narration for the audio edition, I don't find any use for it.

  • Love audio playback; but FREQUENT crashing

    by Jonathan M.C.

    Love this app, but must reduce to 1 star because latest updates resulted in frequent crashing while listening to audio. This happens on opening app from background while audio playing and network connection (WiFi or mobile/cell) is poor: I think app tries to check for new issue or login info, and freezes on bad network error, then iOS kills app after timeout. Previous review text: I use this every week and LOVE audio. I throw paper magazine into the bin unread! However, audio playback does not reliably restart at same point after pause and app put into background. It tends to jump back some time, even to start of previous article. Lastly, cannot download audio over 3G/4G network (I have infinite cell data plan).

  • Update fail is still a problem.

    by Tulipeater

    Update to my 09 29 2012 review. After numerous updates, stability remains a problem. I still dislike the added features: why crowd out the essential articles with group heading. Very annoying and very unsafe if I have to navigate while driving. See stability above. Also, it is dangerous to have to take the extra step of opening the newsstand to get to the economist. The platform was simpler and more stable when the Economist app was not in the newsstand. See stability above. I echo all of the prior 09 05 2012 comments regarding this update that does not work. Following the 09 06 fix I am updating my original comment to acknowledge that the fix works. Still agree the decision to put the icon under the newsstand (which I never access) is inefficient and annoying. Why do in two steps what should only take one? Only one star because after the update funtionality is impaired. Writing again on 09 29 2012 to reiterate functional impairment. Being in the newsstand remains a hassle. I notice that whenever I scroll away from the economist, my place isn't saved and I need to restore the current issue and start again. Also notice that after an issue download, the economist app will not play in the background when using other apps, unless I restart the iPhone. I recently renewed my subscription, but feel like I am getting less for the cost than before. Still don't have a clue as to what needed fixing. Writing again on 02 02 2013. Still don't see what needed fixing. Getting to the article I want to listen to still is annoying. If I close the app, I now need to go to the newsstand and then click the app then choose my edition then choose the audio edition, then "edit" my playlist the scroll to find and listen to the article. Why make it so hard to listen? Before the app just remembered where I was Maybe someone can figure out a bookmark feature. That would be safer than having me need to peck through the phone while driving. Still, having to deal with going in and out of the newsstand seems an unnecessary waste of time. It always makes me wish there was a way to add a shortcut back to the home screen. Another frustration. Other apps by the economist group do not appear in the newsstand and cannot be placed there how inconvenient it is to not be able to put the same things in the same place. I wish for many reasons that I could give this app a massive negative star.

  • Longtime subscriber

    by Npaty3000

    This is a shockingly bad update. It appears that the app won't fully launch without an Internet connection - thus negating the main reason for downloading the app (and downloading weekly issues) in the first place. Also crashes constantly. Truly terrible. Please take us back to the last versions!

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