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Fixed sharing so it is now compatible with iOS7 on an iPhone5s. Sharing is now reached via the "share" arrow in the lower left corner in a story.

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Subscription to the the Dallas Morning News iPhone app is now free!

We recommend that the latest version of iOS6 is installed on the user device, but a minimum of iOS5 is needed for the app to work properly

This major enhancement to The Dallas Morning News app for iPhone brings our smart reporting, trusted columnists, compelling visuals and second-to-none coverage of Dallas-Fort Worth to you with updates throughout the day. The addition of hyperlinks that open in an in-app browser means you'll now have access to continuously updated content, such as our Cowboys, Rangers, news and crime blogs.

The Dallas Morning News app for iPhone is an up-to-the-minute source of breaking news, local and business news, lifestyles and entertainment headlines, plus sports coverage of the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, Stars, colleges and high schools.

Terms can be found at dallasnews.com/terms

Customer Reviews

  • Good stuff

    by Digidad94

    Outside of residing under newsstand, this app works great.

  • Like it

    by einnuyuk

    More in detail than the other local news apps i.e. (Fox4)

  • Great

    by Judgemick

    Love this app awesome Buy it

  • Quick and easy navigation

    by Raider Bo

    Banner headlines allow for easy scrolling and alerts keep you updated

  • Reinstall for optimum use

    by Happy2453688065

    I deleted the app. Then reinstalled it. It automatically put itself in the newsstand folder. Much better now.

  • Works fine

    by Digidad94

    I do have an iPhone 5, so this may come with that as a caveat, but this works great on my phone. Not sure what's up with the other reviewers phones but fears seem unfounded.

  • Downloads over cellular data

    by mikesssss

    Warning: Even though Newstand apps are supposed to only do background downloads over WiFi, this app is clearly doing background downloads over cellular. Users with capped data plans beware.

  • Works well on IPhone 4

    by Henway1

    This app works great on my IPhone. The app doesn't have any trouble loading. I have iOS 5.1.1. The only real difference that I notice, is that the DMN app icon is now located in the "Newstand" box on the IPhone. Looks like the icon cannot be moved out of the Newstand box. A minor issue, but I liked my DMN icon where it used to be, not the Newstand. No problems with opening or using the app though. No trouble with installation.

  • Opens fine for me

    by iphone4sDallas

    I don't have any problems with opening the app or crashes. It works great for me. I am running iOS5.

  • Lots of news

    by Update your iOS

    This app has expanded news sections with twice as many headlines as before. If you can't get it to open, try updating your iOS; mine works every time.

  • Works Great For Me

    by shutterfx

    I needed an app for local news and the DMN app seemed the choice, but after reading the reviews, I had serious doubts whether I should download it. Since it was free, decided to go ahead anyway as I could delete if it gave me any problems, but found it was exactly what I was looking for, graphics was great, no loading problems, no problems at all, worked flawlessly! Glad I decided to download and can recommend it highly. Have an iPhone 4s.

  • Good App.

    by DallasTX03

    Worth downloading for Dallas news

  • V3.1.5 - email link

    by Tom8531

    What happened to the email link? It's missing now, both on the phone and the iPad.

  • Not worth subscribing, complete garbage

    by Josh van Hulst

    Please being back the old third party app who originally made the Dallas News app. I'd take a look how WFFA channel 8-Dallas has their app, so much better and not paying to get a news. Please get off this subscription model

  • Waste of Money

    by slacklin

    Bought a paid subscription to this and it never worked. Might as well just have thrown money in the trash.

  • More crashing problem with subscription

    by Gary Karlin

    Kicks out of program and crashes. iTunes does not restore purchase. Awful program. It is better to order through the Dallas morning news directly with a digital subscription.

  • App is horrible

    by Greendolphin

    Dmn has hired idiots to run the digital dept. All the apps they are rolling out are created by kindergarten students. Does DMN ever take the time to test the apps or just a bunch of greedy idiots.

  • Awful don't bother

    by Texasred11111111

    Most of the articles are from the previous day or older.

  • Terrible

    by hamsterfre@k

    Crash crash and guess what? More crash. Crashes when ever I try to read an article. Not worth your time. I have latest iOS.

  • Not worth your download data

    by stanmoffat

    No good - does nothing!

  • Crash crash and more crash

    by Gdaddy dad

    I can't rate the app because it kept crashing. I have latest iOS.

  • 0 stars

    by LMYGarcia

    Horrible app! App won't even open!

  • App

    by Sezenemzach

    This app keeps on crashing.

  • Still crashes

    by Doodle Poodle

    App crashes after opening app every time. The DMN staff need to get on it. Their advertisers will not be happy and neither is this subscriber. Soon to be a non-subscriber.

  • Instantly crashes on opening

    by Nickatnite65

    Can't say how it works, it crashes instantly when I try to open app. Have deleted and reinstalled twice. NOT Worth It.

  • Print Subscriber...helps none!!

    by Lydiamelissajane

    I subscribe to print edition ($$$$$$$) and can't access this app! Repeatedly have to log in for EVERY article AND most of the time my valid password is rejected. DMN Internet edition has the same problem. Belo, no wonder you have problems...the Internet is not a new phenomenon!! And, it's not going away:):)

  • DMN

    by LoneStar Spherics

    Crash City News has been deleted

  • No Help Help

    by Frustrated914

    Immediate crash. Contacted techies via web site. Got a polite but worthless response which suggested they were totally in the dark about this major problem. Will go back to them and suggest they check out these reviews.

  • Ah come on!!!!

    by Just Tired Too

    Worthless app. This app has gone from very bad to absolute worst. Won't install or update. Why can't you fix this????

  • Totally useless! Won't open.

    by GBaczTX

    Totally useless! Won't open.


    by YahHey2

    If this worthless app doesn't stop crashing immediately on start-up--then it's got to go. Shame on you.

  • Not good

    by Kiss mine

    They just want your money. It stinks.

  • New update crashes!!!!! CRAP

    by Hookem98

    Let's see. Yet another update on this thing and it STILL won't open. Seriously?

  • Is anybody at DMN paying attention?!?!??!?!!!?!!?!?

    by KetAggie

    The ap won't open on iPhones!! How many reviews saying the same thing do you need before you fix the problem!!!

  • Terrible app worse paper

    by Mama Blaster

    I am a soon to be former subscriber to the digital edition of TDMN. I downloaded the app a year ago, and with every "upgrade" the functionality and content gets WORSE! Definitely not worth it, even though the app is free. GET SAME OR BETTER CONTENT FOR FREE FROM WFAA

  • Dallas morning news

    by MAUH61

    App works on my iPad but nothing loads on my iPhone. I subscribe to the Dallas morning news so should have access. Please fix.

  • Says installed but Ap not there

    by Aggie122

    Ap disappeared and when I TRU to reinstall it says it's installed.

  • App doesn't work

    by PayPayParker

    This app has disappeared on both my iPhone and iPad. Says installed but can't reinstall.

  • Update fail

    by -cris

    I have currently updated this app and now it doesnt even open!

  • Newsstand… Seriously???

    by calif dude

    I can't believe you voluntarily chose to put the DMN app within the Newsstand in IOS5. As much as I have criticized the app in the past - it is getting somewhat better - but now to add another - and extremely annoying - layer (which appears to add no functionality itself) is a disappointment. Work on the app functionality and ditch the newsstand PLEASE...

  • Crashed app

    by Amarillo Flash

    Downloaded update, crashed app. Waiting for a fix.

  • From bad to worse

    by bigbunk03

    For a paper that tries to say the are better than the NYT and WSJ (they think they can charge more $)...well, let's just say you aren't even in the same ballpark DMN. Get better news free from the WFAA app.

  • Not much here worth reading.

    by Westifer64

    Sad. From a company which brought the quecat you would expect more. Or maybe not. Where is the digital version for the iPhone?

  • Text is hard to read

    by rc~tx

    The DMN used to pride itself on the quality of its graphics in the traditional printed newspaper. That bygone spirit has not translated into quality graphics among the DMN's online products. Their website is difficult to navigate, and this iPhone app features text that is difficult and uncomfortable to read. The text is way too small.

  • Useless

    by K5JP

    This app is a joke. It's an extension of how bad the newspaper has become. If they want to understand why circulation is down look right here for starters.

  • Totally useless...

    by John Jellicoe

    Has not updated in months. A complete waste of time. Try the NewYork Times or Anything besides this App...

  • Subscribers can't use either

    by TechRepairGuy

    I paid for a digital subscription to the DMN four months ago and have never been able to access subscriber content on the app. I can read stories with the iPhone by using Safari to go to their full web site and I can also access content with my MacBook. The app always claims that the email/password combination is incorrect. Customer service never returns messages left by email or voice. Beware.

  • Mega Fail

    by AvidNewsReader2

    For one reason or another, this app rarely works. Today it's telling me I'm not connected to the Internet. Whatever.

  • Poor quality

    by kraftyimaginations

    I am a subscriber and I still can't see subscriber content. I would think there would be a setting somewhere in the app to setup my userid and password, but if there is a place I can't locate it. Very frustrating ap...especially when you are a paid subscriber

  • Really poor quality

    by Ebblis

    This is not a well designed or thought through app. Dallas News can do better than this! I do not recommend.

  • Don't waste your time.

    by Maaaria

    After you create an account to read the news, it will continue to ask you to sign in even after signing in.

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