News Addicted News App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: sunflowerapps
  • Updated: Jun, 30 2010
  • Version: 4.5
  • Size: 14.84 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Hindi, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese

Seller: Binh Thai

- Update newspapers' sections and add more newspapers
- Update new better user interface design.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
4 Ratings
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48 Ratings


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- Newspapers:
Al Jazeera, AOL News, AP, Chicago Suntimes, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Center for Public Integrity, Congressional Quarterly, Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, Fortune, Globe and Mail, Global Post, The Hill, Mother Jones, MSNBC, New York Daily News, New York Observer, PBS Newshour, People, Politico, ProPublica, Radar, Reuters, Salon, San Francisco Chronicle, Slate, TMZ, USAToday, Washington Times, Yahoo! News, Youth Radio

- Top 100 TECHNORATI ranking blogs in the world:
The HuffingtonPost, GizModo, Mashable, Techcrunch, Engadget, Gawker, Boing Boing, The Daily Beast, Hot Air Top Picks, Read Write Web, Kotaku, Boy Genius Report, The Daily Dish, Think Progress, Life Hacker, Jezebel, Ezra Klein, Mediaite, CNNPolitical Tickers, Politics Daily, Deadline, RedState, etc....

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MacWorld, Daring Fireball, TUAW, TheAppleBlog, TiPb, CultOfMac, App Advice, AppCraver, Apple iPhone Blog, Apple iPhone School, AppShopper, AppVee, everythingiCafe, FingerGamming, iLounge, iPhone & iPad News, iPhone App Reviews,, iPhone Buzz,, iPhonefreak,, iPhoneGizmo, Planet iPhones, Slide To Play, Top iPhone News, Touch Arcade, Web apps,, Appolicious Articles, No DPad, The APPera.

Some characteristics:
+ Large selection of newspapers
+ Read each newspaper by sections: World, Local, Politics, Sport, Business, Technology, Science, Health, Arts, Travel, etc…
+ Slide to the left or right to view articles
+ One tap to share your article to Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper, Read It Later, GoogleReader, Pinboard, Tumblr, Delicious. Or you can copy, email, open the article in Safari.
+ In-app browser to view the original article
+ Excellent graphics
+ One tap to sync all the newspapers/blogs to your iPhone/iPod Touch. Now you can read all the newspapers' articles without having internet connection
+ Reorder your newspapers/sections
+ Automatically sync newspapers at launch (can be configured using the
+ Accessibility using VoiceOver verified

Some reviews from our users for our apps so far:
+ "A must have app in its category"
+ "Fast, clean, reliable, work like charm"
+ "Swipe to change content is wonderful, I keep reading most prestigious newspapers in an innovative and unique way every day"
+ "I can easily share news articles to almost everything that the official apps can't do. One of my favorite apps, I use it everyday"

Read more in our blog post about what's new and how to use the new features:
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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing App

    by Pianoman6470

    If you are a news junky this is a great app. Easy to navigate, news summarys. One of the best.

  • Mr.

    by FrozenMinnesotan

    The AP Link keeps dropping out. Otherwise would be a 5 star rating.

  • Ad at bottom drives me nuts!

    by Uptacamp

    The constant movement at the bottom of the screen aimed at grabbing one's attention is very irritating. I would pay to get rid of it. Otherwise, I believe this app has great potential. I would love to see viewer options relating to font size as well.

  • Wonderful collection

    by wawright62

    A great source of news gleamed from newspapers around the USA. Find a story, get the brief outline, tap the outline and it brings up the newspaper and full article!

  • Good

    by h9uth4

    News addicted This app is very good, but it has not been updated since early last year. Please update the app to add more features and customization, etc.

  • Outstanding

    by JerBob1

    Use it everyday

  • News Addicted

    by BB24U

    Great App, all the News I need in one App

  • Great news app

    by Enigma117



    by wrldtrvlr1

    Simply the best news app out there and I have tried them all. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION !

  • Excellent ! Easy to read!

    by PJH 815 815

    One stop shop I can read what I like fast ! Love that! Never crashes ! Recommended big time!

  • Newsbrat

    by mason8777

    Love this app, Some news only found here.

  • Awesome.

    by EddieInCA

    If you are a news junkie, you need this app. If you're not a news junkie, you should get this app so that you'll know what's going on in the world.

  • Amazing

    by momo_ga

    I love this app.

  • Great app

    by SKZ0206

    Love the variety of web sites

  • Best news app out there!

    by Leksi

    It's simple and you get exactly what you expect... News from almost every source you could ask for! My only suggestion would to be able to customize the appearance, I HATE the font... But that's something I can look past, but still, I'll give it 5 stars with more customizability.

  • Great App!!

    by Guapodog

    Get it

  • Fixes For News Junkies!

    by TexBottleBlonde

    Great selection of news outlets. Everything you could ask for to quickly scan your favorite sources and try a few new ones as well. Thanks.

  • My Take

    by TR from Cincy

    Probably the most comprehensive app I've ever encountered. A MUST for the curious.

  • Loving it!

    by avid reader1

    Update: OMG! Now that the crashing problem has been corrected this app is Sweet! Previous rating: Will not open news sources. One star.

  • Good app

    by Fran Massa

    The app launches at the speed of light and has a lot of good sources, I have discovered a lot of them by simply visiting the hottest blogs available in the home screen. Some icons of the newspapers have not displayed correctly though, but for me it's worth paying $1.99.

  • Where's Fox and Drudge?

    by Ronszak

    This app is worthless, no truth in news reporting!

  • From 5 stars to 1

    by crasshipster

    Paid app with ads?!? Outrageous!

  • Mike

    by Rock net

    This would be a great app if it wasn't for the advertizing. If you pay for a app, there should not be advertizing .. I would give this app 5 stars if it got rid of advertizing..

  • Not Useful

    by Wiinnii€

    Though this app is about news, it doesn't give you the full news, but something like a summary or only a "highlight" of it. Therefore, this app has no value or purpose at all. Do not waste your time, look for better apps.

  • What a waste of my time!

    by Chooch440

    Good thing this app was free, because it is worth exactly what I paid for it - NOTHING! So long app- you are going to be deleted.

  • Stopped working

    by News_me_up

    Worked well until two weeks ago when content stopped loading for ALL news sources. Ads load, news doesn't. I'm not "ad addicted" so the app is now a waste of space.

  • Waste of Space

    by S2guy

    Can't help but believe that most of the gushy reviews were written by employees and relatives. There's an eerie similarity to them. Very limited number of articles from any one source. Often fails to load text. HUGELY ad-intensive. HUGELY. Page downloads from news sources are also jammed with graphics intensive ads. Due to graphics on the downloads, speed is s-l-o-w. Most news sources are second tier. Most news articles in them are brief, lacking substantive background, often AP rewrites. Sorry, but this is mainly a waste of time. Added 01-May-11 Now... Crashes often too! Bonus points for that. ......and now it appears to be dead. Content fails to load. Ads do. Content doesn't.

  • News Addicted

    by LAHeat875

    Well it worked for one time and now it continually crashed upon tapping it! Too bad, it looked good. Junk app.

  • Initially Great - Now Crashing

    by jack-of-all-thumbs

    For the first few months, all was well - a great app. Now it crashes almost every time I use it; updating didn't help.

  • Confused

    by Kacj

    Cannot open news sources!

  • No Good!

    by lrslls

    This is not for the iPhone.

  • Crashes

    by EZ212

    Nuff said!!!!!

  • Not ready for prime time!

    by Jorthos

    Lots of news links but news is not formatted for iPhone. No graphics, period, which makes it unappealing to view. I bought this by mistake because I thought it was an app called "News Addict" which apparently is no longer available, which a friend had on his iPhone. The icons of the old "News Addict" were actual covers from the news sources and the links came up with graphics and were formatted appropriately for iPhone. Wait for an upgrade before you purchase! Ver2. Still terrible!!!

  • Great app, nice new icons

    by AppleFan316

    Has nice new icons. This app is awesome... it puts all the news I want in one place. Great App....I can't wait to see what is going to be next.

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