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Sobering, surprising, surreal. All terms that accurately describe the many statistics associated with the events of September 11, 2001. This application examines the terrorist attacks of that day through a series of numbers, some subtle, some stark, that quantify the enormity of the loss. Not forgetting is not enough - it's also important to grasp the measure of what transpired.

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Customer Reviews

  • To randier randier

    by Carter63

    How dare u you say less New Yorkers that's less people left in the world u Muslim

  • To randier randier

    by Upearje

    I read a review from the aforementioned. He exclaims fewer New Yorkers, good riddance. How dare you. Rest assured as you sleep and pray to your false god, many more of your people die do to your false jihad. In God we Trust.

  • Shame on all of you

    by Maureenl67

    This should not be a negative forum it's an app to inform people of what transpired that day. You disrespect the families of those lost by posting such preposterous bs on a public forum. Why download the app at all if you feel so negatively about that day?

  • Great app

    by chuck11

    They need to make more apps like this

  • So sad.

    by James Gruber

    It's so sad. So many innocent people died in the attacks. I can't beleive some of these numbers.

  • Good concept

    by iReviewTheApps4u

    Just fix the numbers, 1000 million = 1 billion so instead of saying 1,400 million just make it 1.4 billion and u can still use it as a slide... Just earlier.

  • God Bless America!

    by scrubsmallvillleluvr

    Great app! I learned a lot of sad facts about 9/11. What a terrible day... :( R.I.P. Heroes of the passengers on the planes and everyone else. R.I.P.

  • Go to

    by Fake messiah


  • Useful

    by Jjstudent

    Such a tragedy, never forget rip. Very informative app I'm just unsure about how accurate the information is, I was aware that they burned for 99 days after? Either way the app is really useful, you can learn a lot.

  • Wonderful

    by JW 

    Very informative and sobering

  • posted on 9/11/11

    by Chika-taicho

    this app is a good thing to have to rember the 9/11 attacks.

  • 9/11N (9/11 NUMBERS)

    by Pete pedersen


  • Great app! No complaints!

    by TLC FAn4eva

    This is really helpful in my endeavor to write down significant information about 9/11. These numbers are VERY helpful also as in I am trying to be as specific as possible.

  • Great app

    by 324jrgtl28

    I love this app & read threw it from time to time. Is there any updated numbers since time has gone on?

  • value

    by nagrom 2.0

    when it comes to reviewing an app with info about 911 there can't be statements like, "I'm incredibly sorry for the lives lost but I think what really happened was blank..." what's really worth looking at is those who died, were injured and those that lost beloved family and friends in the tragedy human life should be the subject matter that's most valued, not political opinion

  • Very good app.

    by Incrisis

    It is truly informative and helps me realize how much was lost. I loved it. I was really moved Regarding politics: Does it matter whether it was a conspiracy? Lives were lost. This app is supposed to tell about that. You should be commenting on the app. Not the government.

  • Experts

    by Tom DeFreak

    It's amazing how, after 9/11/01, so many people suddenly transformed into experts in the field of concrete and steel! It must be magic!

  • Amazing!

    by Awesome Izzy2

    I love the app! It was really helpful. And for the people who rated only one star just think that the government planned it, GET A LIFE losers!


    by Here's jhony

    This is a message for those saying 9/11 was done by the government.SHUT Up. Do you have nothing better to do than make up dumb stories. Im terribly sorry for the famalies of those who lost there lives

  • "Traitors", not "Terrorists"

    by Gerard Darkmatter

    The official story of 9/11 would be laughable if not for the horror of the human cost and the outrage at the treason beneath it all. In time enough people will assemble the facts of that day and weigh these against the myth, they'll compare the packaged explanations to what they know to be real and true in the rest of their lives, and they will see what the official story is missing: common sense, corroboration, consistency, the laws of physics and chemistry, and presentable evidence. It took me several years to say "Wait a minute-- this doesn't make sense." I initially chose to believe what our government told us, both because I wanted to, and because the alternative would be far more disturbing. Eventually I faced what a part of me knew all along-- we were told a tale about the events of the day. I don't know why, and I won't speculate at this point. If you are reading this and it sounds preposterous to you, please don't believe me-- do your own research. Follow wherever it takes you, and stay objective. Do your own thinking, make your own decision. The official story is impossible. The official story is the "conspiracy theory."

  • Allaaaah!

    by Randier randier

    2,977 less New Yorkers, good riddance!

  • If I could give it zero stars....

    by Gregor!!!

    Lame. One word sums this up. Go to wearechange.org. Call me a loon I don't care, when you're being marched into the FEMA camps and dealing with life in a world of martial law think about your precious fox news and my "crazy" ideas. 9/11 was an inside job and I'm sorry for the folks that lost loved ones in our Government's false flag attack.

  • Won't Sync

    by Exaspera

    I tried to download this to my iPhone 4s, but it won't sync. :-(

  • Insult to those who died

    by HRoark01

    Putting up a number of harassed Muslims from CAIR an organization that has been found to support terrorist organizations is an insult to those murdered by Islamist terrorists.

  • All political vices aside...

    by DxS-Phreak

    We will never forget those who died that day. What harrowing numbers. The families will always be in our hearts and prayers. God bless all who were involved with the rescue effort.

  • Never forget!

    by AmericanAirlinesAA

    WTC7 was a controlled demolition. Also WTC1 and WTC2. My friend said to me one of the workers said that wtc1 and wtc2 was a controlled demolition. Obama and George W. Bush have a lot of explaining to do. George W. Bush has a lot of blood on his hands.

  • Bush haters

    by bne9423

    All people that wrote that the government planned 911 hate bush and make me sick On the other hand this app is very good

  • Planned, staged, domestic.

    by Grandclosing

    This was a false flag attack. This nation's government attacked its own nation in disguise as a terrorist group in order to wage war in the middle east. Many individualts and groups benefited from these attacks. The terrorism is a lie. Don't let all those people die shrouded in lies! The evidence is out there and overwhelming. 

  • Global elite

    by Junglistjim

    Planned this false flag attack to generate support and develop patriotism for the already long planned war in afganistan. Every single person who was killed or injured in this domestically designed attack has suffered to line the pockets of the worlds leaders aka the Bilderberg group. Please educate yourselves people, things are going to get very bad.

  • Nwo

    by Ydnfgbixndgcu

    The US government destroyed the twin towers and then blamed alqueda so the US has an excuse to gain control of that area ..... The US tried to do the same thing to Cuba .... WAKE UP PPL don't wath TV they're just brainwashing you........good ole "Nazi America"

  • NWO

    by Melistylez585

    Yes this was a tragedy and my heart goes out to the families of the inured and the deceased. BUT there are FEMA CAMPS equivalent to concentration camps that are set up inside our USA. If you can't see that Obama is a puppet and that the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission along with other elite in power are slowly but surely disarming the citezens if the US and brainwashing ppl to believe we should allow a Carbon Tax then I really hope you are the first to go! You can't always trust the man on TV. Grow some balls and face the facts, because when it comes down to it, we are ALL at risk for losing our freedom and that includes all of you non-believers! Why was JFK assassinated? BC HE SIGNED A BILL TO MINIMIZE THE ROLE OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE and/or rid of it for good, and after it was signed, his brains were blown out of his skull. There are evil powers at work! EDUCATE YOURSELVES!

  • Proof 9/11 was a inside job

    by hyphyboy428

    Like "Wewatchunow" said "the found rings and watches" (and allegedly a hijackers passport) "but they (allegedly) could not find the black boxes??" mega weird!! And u should update this app and put a "restart" or something so that u don't have to scroll page by page to get back to the beginning

  • Sad :( !!! Read below if ur a patriot

    by Fushbuck

    To all the people who still don't think this horrendous event has something fishy in it, please look up wtc7 and explain to me how the cement of that building got pulverized. And those who think our government would never do such thing lookup "Gulf of Tonkin" incident which they admit is a lie and we went to war for it against Vietnam based on this lie. What makes you think some war profiteers wouldn't want something like this to happen? Also remember a lot of times the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Meaning the workers there might be doing something they don't know.

  • Wow

    by 9431335

    Ok look everybody every passenger rushed the hijackers on every plane but one. The plane that hit the Pentagon was aiming for the middle but the passengers made it hit west side.

  • Never forget

    by Chattsteam

    People that believe that The American government had anything to do with this are just flat out STUPID! Look at the video, clearly shows the type of planes used. Sure we missed on some intel but those things happen. Get a life

  • WOW

    by NYC-->MIA

    It's weird that they found all those things... Right down to the rings and watches, but not one black box!? Where's the truth

  • 911/777 Both Government sponsored terrorist events!! Wake UP!!!


    To all the foolish people who comment that this should be about the app and political comment left out....get a life! Coup de tat the takeover of our country by the NWO and Nazi loving Bush family and now Obama or Osama Amerika is Babylon wake up the country is gone repent!

  • Inside job

    by Stieve

    The USA was attacked by the USA Government!

  • Wow!

    by PogueMom


  • Wow

    by Dan contreras il

    So many body parts found

  • I like it!

    by coreywithanE

    This is a good app! It puts the attack into perspective for me very well. The only thing is that some of the facts either don't make sense, or are worded oddly. "1,400 million dollars donated to 9/11 charity" does that mean onebillion fourhundred million? Or one million fourhundred thousand?

  • Sad

    by Matt1234566)()($

    Really sad that this had to happen.... This really tells you how much people and/or things got affected by this... WE REMEMBER 9/11

  • Let's never forget

    by lc1174


  • This feels to continue misleading people. Zero stars.

    by ireview


  • A little closer to truth

    by If you are afraid to die, you are afraid to live

    I'm giving, freely giving away 3 stars. No more no less. The reason I am doing this is because the makers of this app have it all half right, and because gifts should not be given grudgingly. My feelings about this issue scream within me like the souls of the victims of this gennocidal tragedy. I feel as though I am the one responsible for all of this, but then again, so are you. When I say you I refer to every citizen that call themselves an American. Every person that passes by the homeless man with haste fearing that they might be forced to deal with cruel reality. When in fact their cruelty creates his reality. When I say you I refer to to those who sit in lofty places deciding how the common man will think, this year. Fore last year he thought for himself. As I point my finger, I know full well there are three pointing back at me. The fourth is my thum. My opposable thumb, because, with every statement there is opposition. Whether or not my statement seems reasonable to those that pass the common man by, I could care less. I should hope though, that those that sit in lofty places will not misinterpret my fragile words with tempered meaning. As for the homeless man, I think we should know by now that he knows better than anyone, what I'm getting at. Inside job?, you don't know the half of it. "New world order!", the preacher screams. It fills my heart, and tears at my dreams. If you want truth, if you believe in peace... you'll listen to these words. Truth from a television screen is an intended lie. Truth told to your cousin by your Father, who goes by the name Sam, is a lie that is meant to make profit from the weak of spirit. Peace that is advertised, and then marketed to the masses comes from your father, who goes by the name of Sam. We can't blame Sam for our problems, Even if the souls of the victims of this tragedy beg us to do so. The reason is that we have allowed Sam to become what he is. It is our responsibility to save him from ourselves. By doing this we can murder the demons that control Sam, and spread a message that 9/11 was an elaborate high paying performance that resulted in knowledge of cruelty, and knowledge of kindness, freely offered by the spreading of truth on this sorry, beautiful planet.


    by Remoh Cuz

    I've just read each screen in this app & was reminded of the non-political, real people, suffering by so many. This app has not one hint of politics. It offers stats related to the tragedy without mention of who's responsible or how the USA responded politically. Examples: Time of impact (not by whom or why), # people killed, degrees F inside the building, etc. Just the facts. Very sobering.

  • by hiksperson

    This app is worth five dollars to learn how devasting the September 11 attacks were and that they will be a day in history that will live forever. This is one of the best free and informal apps on the app store. You really just have to download this. And gregor you are pathetic. You aren't really sorry are you? You're pathetic. I don't think you even READ each and everyone of these numbers.

  • THANK YOU!!!

    by sweetbabyrae

    I went through every numerical detail of this app. with my 9 year old daughter and explained to her what happened on the worst attack on our country of this decade. She had alot of questions and I wanted her to know everything. Most of all I want her to know...WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!! God bless America! Peace!

  • "Rebuild The Twin Towers"

    by 2Say


  • So sad

    by UltimateTabbyCat

    I get really sad looking at these numbers, and I know it's nothing exciting but it's a reminder of how 9/11 impacted our country. I think it's worth it to get and read the stuff you didn't know about [escpecially if you don't really remember, I was in 2nd grade when it happened]

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