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  • Category: News
  • Publisher: Savy Soda
  • Updated: Apr, 07 2012
  • Version: 2.6
  • Size: 2.89 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Savy Soda Pty Ltd

-= v2.6 =-
- Improved loading speed of feed browser

-= v2.5 =-
- Added support to open feeds directly from safari in iOS 6

-= v2.4 =-
- Minor bugfixes

-= v2.3 =-
- iOS6 support
- improved loading indication

-= v2.2 =-
- Stability improvements

-= v2.1 =-
- iPhone 5 full screen support
- improved loading speed
- fixed minor bugs

-= v2.0 =-
- New search page. slide right to activate.
- Minor UI adjustments.
- Slightly improved speed
- Minor bugfixes

-= v1.9 =-
- New trending articles view in friends page
- Improved support for russian, chinese, arabic RSS encodings.
- Fixed a issue with adding 3 or more custom feeds.
- Reduced sound keys.
- Minor fixes.

-= v1.8 =-
- Fixed a crash issue on specific devices
- New localizations
- Improved Facebook integration

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Read all your favourite news, magazines LIVE on one App!

This is a news reader for the astute, the free thinkers. For those of us who don't want to be told what to read and won't settle for one point of view. Unadulterated, up to the second live news. Choose from thousands of sources ranging in topic and locale that suits your interest. Information arranged beautifully in one screen for daily viewing pleasure. No accounts of any type required.

☆ Super fast loading of up to the second live direct feeds
☆ No accounts (google, yahoo, etc) of any type required
☆ Discover new sources, share interesting articles

News App is a new, revolutionary RSS Reader exclusive to IOS. News allows you to easily read ALL your favourite newspapers, magazines, blogs, RSS feeds in a SINGLE screen! All feeds are LIVE, INSTANT, and FREE.

News App will collate news feeds from your selected sources and compile them into one easy to read list. Articles are presented quickly and beautifully. Some people say it feels like reading a real newspaper!

We've got news from around the world for you to choose from including CNN, BBC, CNBC, NYTimes, USAToday. There's magazines from Bloomberg and Reuters to Top Gear and Mashable.

You can tag your favourite feeds and be alerted via push notification when news alerts are updated.

You can even share interesting articles you like to Twitter or Facebook with one tap! Email to your friends or interest groups instantly. You can even discuss news with your friends or the general public.

You don't need a google account, or any type of pre existing RSS account to use this RSS reader. The user interface is super easy, there's only one button to press to add your favourite newspapers and magazines!

Unlike apps such as Flipboard or Pulse that try to make you read from certain publishers; we give you the choice to subscribe to any publisher that offers an RSS Feed. We don't try and guess what articles your interested in. You get to choose it yourself within a few taps and then your away reading only your selected feeds!

Stop loading up multiple web sites and apps manually. Save many minutes a day, and save unnecessary stress by using this one great App to read ALL your news!

See: for details!

Customer Reviews

  • Not Enough US National News

    by McSear

    Too much content that is not mainland US news. I found better choices in the App Store after a lot of looking.

  • Nice app, but buggy!

    by NotMuchSleep

    I really like this app. Simple and easy to use. However, it's also buggy. I don't think this app is optimized for ios 7. Since updated my iPhone and ipad I am having a lot of problems with it. It keeps removing my custom feeds and randomly add other news feeds I never select. It seems to prefer to add news feeds from Australia, even though I am in US. Please fix problems and update. I would hate to look for another app. Took me so long to find this one.

  • Great News App

    by mpdms28215

    Best news app I have found. I love that you can have news from around the world. My husband loves the German news as that is where he is originally from. It helps him retain the German language which he struggles with from using English for so many years. When he calls his relatives in Germany he can talk about news from their country and in their publications. For news junkies I highly recommend this app as you can have news from so many different sources. It's great that you can tailor it to your interests.

  • Great app

    by Lindajs24

    Can't live without it. Love it

  • No nonsense news

    by WafflesMan

    Great way to collect a wide range of news and info. But, if you lose cell service, even temporarily, there's an annoying popup for each feed that tells you you aren't connected.

  • Great news

    by Panju newbie

    Excellent news sources and coverage. Crashes occasionally but still one of my favorite apps.

  • Excellent

    by Farzmi

    What a great app! All the news sources i want. didn't even though you could get something like this.!

  • Greatness

    by Herrefer

    Keeps me updated on the latest news!

  • News

    by Delizaed

    Works great!

  • WOW:)

    by RabindraBholanauth

    Absolutely Incomparable and second to None:)

  • Good reader.

    by 64timothyloren

    Still learning to use.

  • Loses custom feeds

    by workingphotog

    Love the interface but hate the way that it loses my custom feeds at least 3 times a week. If this app were more stable, it would easily be a 5.

  • News

    by T. Jr.

    Great app to customize the news you want!

  • Done and done

    by The next

    The first and last news app you need. Does it all. End of story.

  • Great App

    by redsonya1976

    Best RSS app for ipad.

  • Works Great!! Very Pleased

    by NFDRescue1

    Does everything I need!!

  • Great app

    by Wealth flows to me easily

    It's an awesome app, would like to see a little more filtering capabilities.

  • Good

    by Dibop

    This is a pretty nice news app with one caveat. If you have several different news feeds, it occasionally loses the buttons to select one feed or the other. One of the things that I like about it is that you don't need Google reader which is going to be ending soon.

  • Excellent app

    by ISLugo23

    The best news source. Won't need any other app.

  • Great all in one news app!!!

    by AdobeFan

    If you looking for one source for all your news, this is it!!!!

  • Waste of 90 cents

    by Mike08827

    Accidentally hit the Facebook icon now app is locked on Facebook login page and unusable

  • too many flaws...

    by SRingoR

    this aggregator could be excellent, but it isn't. It will not keep any manually added custom feeds, meaning that you can't use it to follow websites that aren't a built in option. It also keeps following the Australian news, no matter how many times I de-select it. Additionally, there is no way to mark an article as "read" so that it is no longer displayed, and it often marks articles that I have already read as "new" or "unread". It seems that there is SOMETIMES an option to save articles, but that is usually not the case. These are terrible flaws. Although I only paid 99 cents for it, I'm a little bit sad that I wasted that money.

  • News - Just okay

    by RealCustomer74

    Would be a great app if it didn't keep removing my custom feeds and adding news selections I've never chosen on its own! Frustrating! Deleted it after multiple downloads and opportunities.

  • Lots of sources

    by Belladkca

    I love this app and all the sources from around the world.

  • News

    by Schoonerman48

    Great news resource

  • Fantastic resource

    by nstein

    Loving the app after using it a few days

  • A Must!

    by Kaliber50

    Have all the news i need with this app.

  • Love this app

    by Ncms85713

    No more paying for multiple newspaper subscriptions. No more searching the web for news. Every newspaper, all news...politics, fashion, world, entertainment, business, finance, etc., its all in this app. I love it.

  • One and only!!!

    by hallway

    This is the only news app youll ever need. Tons of feeds.

  • I love it!

    by Lvddrint

    Great tool to access to many news sources.

  • Disappointed

    by Not better1 23

    Does not show more than one custom feed, even though several are set up. Emailed developer for response. Please fix problems.

  • News

    by Claude Huggins

    Great quick fast access to any story that I am interested in

  • Great!

    by Supermaye

    All the news I need in one place

  • Great app design

    by Matt13286

    Only problem is that the app keeps resetting to default feeds and deleting the custom feeds I created

  • Great news app

    by Mrdvdlee

    Everything I need

  • Super

    by SourpSourp

    Super duper.

  • Works

    by Wvspeedy10

    Very easy to use and does what it said it would do

  • Great app

    by Reg05

    Simple way to catch up on news. No crashes.

  • So far so good

    by speciman_A

    No crashes, simple interface.

  • Love this site!

    by 2xcv

    I like the ability to chose the categories and sources I want to see. Tis is one of my frequent go to apps.

  • Almost Perfect

    by gh0stwrld

    Some feeds are dead. Others are not optimized for iPhone viewing. That's more an issue with publishers. Other than that, this is pretty much the only news app I can find that has so many national and international publication feeds available.

  • Great news app

    by splash1950

    My go to app for news.

  • Dd

    by Styles713

    Very nice keeps me updated

  • Excellent EASY

    by Hsbnkt

    Good one

  • Pretty good, almost great

    by Myaushka

    I needed something to open RSS feeds from mobile Safari while my favorite app, Reeder, adjusts to the Google Reader situation. This one is the best I've found so far, after trying a few others. It displays the full article well, and doesn't put too much chrome around it. It is also nice to be able to add new feeds right in the app. Thank you! On other side, for me, News lacks a few user interface features and the polish of Reeder, so I'll probably switch back if Reeder becomes a standalone RSS reader. The paid version of News has no ads, so it's well worth the 99c. Who wants ads in their feed, especially if the original site has none?

  • Good RSS app!

    by joeholl1979

    There are a few things I wish this app could do, but over all it's my favorite RSS reader!

  • Brilliant!

    by iCalvin1

    This is the absolute best way to get the best of news, politics, sports, entertainment headlines and stories from across the country and around the world. Plus the RSS feed reader is easy to use and quite accessible.

  • Great for all News!

    by Flyingorlando

    Love this app! Keeps me updated in a very nice manner. Easy to set up and use, good screen layout!

  • Great app

    by Desear

    Easy to use. Lots of news choices.

  • Great App!!

    by Journious

    Great app for top news of your choice. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of news from some sources like "Barron's" only gives you headliners without paying for subscription. I understand they need to make money but its a waste to add them unless you pay.

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