The Daily Mom - News and More News App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: Pipersand, LLC
  • Updated: Dec, 03 2013
  • Version: 1.1.3
  • Size: 18.55 MB

Languages: English, French, Russian, Chinese

Seller: Pipersand, LLC

News you’ll love, graphics you’ll swoon over, and inspiration galore. Oh -- and we made some minor bug fixes, too. You’ll like it. Promise.

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Cool Mom Tech calls The Daily Mom an app “aimed at moms as whole people, instead of just focusing on raising children and sharing mommy war stories. About time.”

Fueled by reliable content from reputable sources, the App makes it fast and easy to stay up to speed with the day’s news and lifestyle trends. The first news app tailored for women, The Daily Mom is widely known as the best way to streamline screen time because of its efficient design and worthy-of-your-time stories.

Sources including NBC, CNN, Apartment Therapy, and Mint — plus popular blogs and parenting sites — stream into the app on an hourly basis and are sorted into 12 helpful categories:

What are users saying?

“At last, an app that gives me MORE minutes in the day! Delivers everything I need to one place. Saves me time, keeps me current, even if I only have 5 minutes to catch up."

“Intuitive layout, fun design, solid content. My daily read in the carpool line.”

Customer Reviews

  • Daily Mom

    by Egaer

    LOVE this app!! So helpful & user friendly! I use it every day for news, lunch box jokes, weather & tips!

  • Love

    by Tara Schultz

    Great app

  • Still fun

    by KMO645

    Great for quick updates!

  • Great ios connection

    by coolmom418

    Love it, hrs of play time

  • Still a great app!

    by BusyMom1522

    I was sitting in dance rehearsal today for my daughter and it was so nice to bring up this app and stay smart. Definitely a must have for busy moms.

  • Great

    by tsb1222

    What an amazing way to read the news that is relevant to my season of life!

  • Good variety

    by Jlucyshyn

    I enjoy the variety. Plus my kids think I'm funny now because I have a corny joke to tell them each day.

  • Perfect for the carpool line

    by Linzmco

    Especially love the daily lunchbox jokes and tidbits! Super fun functionality and really solid content providers.

  • Good

    by Sarahsdr22

    Blogs are very Christmas heavy, frustrating as our family does not celebrate the holiday. I guess it's the time of year - but now the holiday is over do I'd love to see other blogs. But the other tabs are great - news, media, style, etc... Lots of good stuff in here.

  • Mom

    by Momofthreepeeps

    Love it! Great info beautifully packaged!

  • Great app with an awesome interface

    by BJL1984

    Love the scroll wheel - makes navigation super easy!

  • Great App!!

    by Ashfp

    What a great idea for an app! Super easy to navigate and a great way for busy moms to stay up to date and get new ideas!

  • Very much worth it!

    by mamato4kiddos

    Love the idea behind this…haven’t seen anything like this but am so thankful I found it !

  • Awesome App!

    by Gator5202000

    This is a great app for any mom! It's easy and quick to use!

  • Busy girls lifesaver

    by <3MaDi-MoO<34eva

    Awesome app!!

  • The Daily Mom - Brava!

    by RBOrlando

    This great app puts everything you want to read in one place! Brilliant!!!'

  • Snappy App!

    by ShabanClan

    What a snappy little app this is ... anything that helps me keep up with current events AND celebrity trash is right up my alley.

  • Thank you!

    by Andreanicolek

    What an awesome app!!!

  • Mrs

    by Eeeeeekkkk

    What a great app for busy women! Fabulous format!

  • Perfect for busy moms!

    by orlandomomof2

    Just. A quick tap and so much information and easy to access! love it-very useful for me working with 2 kiddos!!!

  • Very Useful!

    by Pow jams read

    Great information for moms, all in one place!

  • Crazy Busy Mom!

    by DHejtmanek

    Very helpful tool for any mom! Love the interactive wheel with so much useful information all in one place. Design is fantastic, easy to navigate and love the look!

  • thank you

    by thankfullmom

    love this app! so helpful, all in one place, must have for every mom

  • Love it!

    by Mssmileyjma21

    This is such a great idea! There is a much needed market for this! I love the recipe section especially.

  • Great app!

    by mbkrk

    All the info you need and want in one place!!!

  • The daily mom

    by behappy12345

    Such a great app! I like it because of the wheel and the awesome information! Easy to get news,facts,and great jokes!

  • Seriously?!

    by SLC495

    One of my friends from playgroup told me about DM. Busy mommies, especially NYC mommies, check this out! Stay chic, stay in the know, and be super mom all at once? Yes, please. Get. This. App.

  • Great app!!

    by Gator gal 14

    Everything in one place! Easy to navigate and packed with useful and fun info. I love it!

  • Busy Mom

    by Jolie Davis

    This is AWESOME!!!!Love it!

  • Fab App!


    This is an amazing app to give you useful info in snipits! Easy to navigate!

  • Love the Mom focus!

    by Dmc32792

    I love that this app is focused on me as a mom. There are pieces of the app for fun for me (waiting in carpool line!) and also things that are helpful with planning the day - like the quick glance weather. I'm really looking forward to telling the jokes to my daughter and nephew.

  • A must app for moms!

    by Lklsm419

    This is a fantastic app for moms of all ages!

  • Great for moms that enjoy sharing on social platforms

    by AngieFox

    Fun game wheel design. Intuitive layout. Would love a few more spaces on wheel to customize a click through to say; Pinterest, Facebook, kids school website, or other frequently visited sites.

  • Fun and Informative

    by Misty Mom of 3

    This is a great way for mom's to stay in the know. You can spend a minute or two catching up on fun things like fashion and celebs or spend hours browsing momma articles or blogs, looking at recipes, etc. Great for every mom!!

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