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- Bug fixes for iOS 7 users
- Bug fixes to resolve subscription issues
- Bug fixes to improve auto-downloads
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New York's #1 newspaper delivered in amazing digital quality, featuring top news and photo galleries updating 24/7. Read the paper in classic print format, or long-hold on any article to access the text version. Tap or pinch to zoom for easy reading.

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Daily News award-winning writers, columnists and opinion formers bring you news from the world's greatest city and from the world beyond. Read the very best live coverage of national and local news, New York exclusives, politics and the latest in gossip and entertainment. No one covers the Yankees, Mets, Giants, and Jets like Daily News.

Download the editions for offline reading. Swipe quickly and easily between newspaper pages and top news articles. Share stories with friends on Facebook or through email.

Receive 1 month free with your 6-month subscription, available for $13.99. Subscriptions will auto-renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. By using this application you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!

    by :) :))

    Love it!

  • Good app,except it uses to much Memeory!!

    by Brandonjoco

    Works great!! Loved the new update for iPad! But this app for my iPhone 5 stinks,1 reason because doesn't fit screen. Needs iOS 7update for iPhone!! I have my daily news app empty with no downloads. So why is this app still using 700MB,almost a gig on an empty app?!?

  • Love it!

    by sej9798

    I look forward to reading each edition every day. The quality is amazing on my Ipad. I don't even live in New York but enjoy the Daily News. Thanks for updating the app!!

  • What happened to today's paper?

    by Dr. Mike777

    Great App, but today's download never appeared? What's the problem? I paid for the subscription, so I expect it every day!!!

  • New app improved...

    by SHABS703



    by DB4IP

    They finally corrected the font problem!!! This is HUGE!!! This now makes the digital edition of the paper actually readable without having to zoom in. Now they just need to somehow make the digital edition searchable or at least allow you to jump to a section of the paper more quickly than just manually turning pages.

  • Bad update

    by Macsog87

    The new update is terrible. If I close the application, I have to reload the paper. It is like it never downloaded the first time. I liked the old App much better. It did what it was supposed to.

  • Horrible app

    by Mmmjuvms

    I've never felt the need to review an app before, but this is ridiculous. I thought maybe because I am on vacation, the app is having difficulty recognizing where I am, but now as I read the reviews by just about everyone else, I realize I am not alone and this has nothing to do with location. You seriously need to fix this app - all that happens when I open the app is I get the black screen and the rotating circle. I leave it on for as long as the iPad stays alert, and when it starts to fade, I wake it up. Guess what - still nothing! I switch to another app, come back 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 minutes later - still NOTHING! Fix this app or I am canceling and switching to the Post!

  • Took my 13.99 since January - Cannot download

    by cleo3511

    I was a long-time subscriber; however, since i renewed my subscription in January, paid $13;99; I have not been able to open the paper on my Ipad (despite the paper is on Newstand) Apple said it is not their problem and the Daily News referred me to Apple. Sent an Email to Daily News, got no reply. Since so may people are experiencing the same problem. I am going to complain the the BBB.

  • No paper for paid subscription valid to June 2014

    by Stamper700

    Four contacts with News customer service lead nowhere. I am out approximately 25.00$. Nobody wants to get involved. News send me to Apple. Apple sends me to the News. It is a jump ball and I am tired of playing. I enjoy the News, but people in charge, I can do without it. That you put my money in your pocket and walked away burns my cookies. O stars would have been more appropriate rating.

  • Horrible app and worse customer service

    by ebd4662

    This app worked somewhat ok during trial (closed without reason several times) but as soon as it auto renewed for $13.99, it stopped working. It wouldn't give me access to subscription I paid for.....even after repeated attempts to renew the app subscription. Deleted the app and reinstalled.....no help either. Apple has the money but doesn't control the subscription and the NYDN also got their money and could care less. I was on hold for 15 mins and THEN told they were closed. Trying the NY Post app which I like better, (easier to nav) we will see how their subscription process works. Pretty sure I will cancel the DN.

  • Each update gets worse

    by Kolchek

    The app is so slow to load each addition. I like to read the paper with breakfast but I am done by the time it finishes loading. Terrible job, get new developers. Uses so much space!!! Currently 1.4gb. Wish there was a way to limit that.

  • Frustrating App

    by A Native New Yorker

    I've tried this app on 3 occasions. You know the saying, "3 strikes and your out"! The subscription automatically renews unless you cancel. Then, after they take your money, you get a pop-up that says your subscription expired, and you can't download any more papers. When you call the customer service, they say it's an iTunes problem. Apple says it's a Daily News problem. Also, the app automatically downloads new editions whenever you're connected to wi-fi. You can't turn off this feature. Makes the iPad run slower, and eats up huge amounts of storage. Go buy the paper, and skip this app!

  • Horrible

    by The Jeff2

    Takes forever to download, if the download is ever available.

  • Subscription

    by Alzee00

    Waste of money.

  • Bad news on iPhone

    by Kahnrob

    Yes they reproduce every page if the Daily News. Probably works ok on iPad but unpleasant on iPhone. And zero navigational aids. Can't even jump to Sports section. Have to swipe through every page before it Sheesh.

  • Thievery

    by Nero Fiddles

    It doesn't work with IOS 7. By this time it MUST be obvious to Apple & the Daily News but all I've gotten is a runaround saying it's the other company's problem! It's thievery plain & simple. I paid for 6 months, only received 1 & neither company is concerned enough to address the problem. It's like Democrats & Republicans!

  • Horrible

    by Rippedoffbt Apple ap store.

    I never write a review but this one is so horrible I have not been able to download the daily news for more than a week. Since the new app. It just continues to recycle and recycle. I have contacted customer support and nothing. If there was a minus rating I would give it They should reimburse us all. How unprofessional to have this problem for such a long time. You are a disgrace. Fix it now. Horrible

  • Fix issues, satisfy paying customers... Horrible App

    by PrettyCouture28

    This app just gets worst by the day!! If you're thinking about purchasing it please reconsider!! I'm ALWAYS having a hard time downloading the paper. I've spoken to customer service and Apple and no one seems to know how to fix it!! I check everyday to see if I can read the paper because I enjoy it but the old fashion way of just buying the regular newspaper is much easier!! If everyone is complaining about how horrible the app is then something really needs to be done to make it better and satisfy customers!!!! I GIVE IT ZERO STARS!!!

  • This App is the WORST POS

    by Murray The Cop

    I still have several months left on my subscription which I purchased via iTunes. I have not been able to access it via the so called "Digital"app or "Replica". Their "tech support" is a massive joke. All i have been doing is going in circles with them and that have an attitude on top of that. My advice is to steer clear. The NY Post app works flawlessly. These people cannot get it together. I want the remainder of my subscription fee returned!

  • Subscription paid

    by Bdibart

    This app is terrible. Can't use it half the time. Fix it or don't offer it. I doubt anyone from the NYDN even reads these reviews. A lot of dissatisfied customers. Get the Post or Newsday.

  • Wow, this is terrible

    by sking1032

    I don't usually write reviews, but this is so bad I need to warn the next person. Not only did the developer fail to write an app that allowed you to: - figure out how to stream content while the full paper downloaded in the background - view some pages while the app was downloading - allow you to download while you went to another app to kill some time (e.g. NY times or NY Post) But the worst part is customer service is no service. After two months of paying for the frustration of having to wait for content to download, then have to manually scroll through an entire paper of content to get to the back Sports page, which is what I care about, then hit the X button every time I went to "page view" they were NO HELP. they told me I had to contact iTunes to cancel this. They made it easy to sign up, but impossible to cancel. I am almost ready to read the NY Post…..that's pretty bad

  • Love the Daily News, HATE the app

    by Ken1222

    I agree with all the negative comments and actually spoke to customer service as well as email. Below is their response, which basically tells me to f--k off. "Dear subscriber: I spoke with you yesterday. Once again, the size of the paper cannot be changed. It is readable, and that which is not can be enlarged if needed. You can try the text version of the paper, it has normal font size. We are aware of the (negative) reviews. Thank you for your feedback." I advise all to try the NY Post app. It is more expensive, but at least its readable.

  • Functionality is terrible, never loads

    by FDNYWife

    Unresponsive. Bad for the readers and the editors. Fix it please!

  • This app is awful

    by Tonyjambo

    It is close to impossible to get this app to consistently have my newspaper available each morning. Some mornings it's there automatically (but not recently) other mornings I download it before leaving the house - the download completes but next time I open the app on the train it tries to resume a d won't let me read the paper. When trying to download sung a 3 g connection the app usually just fails to download an edition at all - this means its unusable on the move. Resolution problems seem mostly resolved - although text I. The cartoons is still pretty poor. This app also eats up space on your device , there are no settings on how many editions to keep etc so you have to manually delete them 1 by 1 , a real pain when each supplement is also its own edition. It's really strange to me how bad this app is for something that should be so simple. Will not renew my subscription and will go back to killing trees.

  • New update

    by GRMJim

    The new "update" is among the worst digital updates I can recall. The print is illegible now unless you enlarge the screen, however, sometimes when enlarging, it just boots you out of the app. It also does not always download the whole paper, leaving random blank pages throughout. All in all, I will be canceling my subscription if this is not fixed by the end of the month.

  • Blurry text

    by Ken30NYC

    The last update made the text blurry when zoomed out. I have a retina display yet this app looks terrible compared to others. Please fix.

  • Worse Than IPhone Ap

    by AgostinoA

    I liked the Daily News ap I have on my iPhone, but this iPad version is terrible. Many problems are evident, but among the worst is the apparent inability to access articles by topic. And they charge a subscription fee for this version. I plan to cancel as soon as I can figure out how to do that.

  • Gets worse

    by supernoel77

    I download the paper then all of a sudden when I am reading I get bumped out. Try to get back in to the app and it tells me to download the paper again! As if I never did! Terrible!. And if I try to go back to a recent edition it as if I never downloaded that . Amazing job guys. Keep up the bad work

  • Rich

    by Richrye

    Just keeps getting worse. No support at.

  • Don't waste your money

    by EduardoWood

    This app barely worked in the past, but after the recent update, it does not work at all. Contacting customer service is not possible, all messages are ignored. The only feature that has been perfected is billing the customer the minute the subscription expires. Hang with the gang at your local McDonalds, you will get the same news if you eavesdrop on conversations.

  • Is it my glasses?

    by Ericroy

    This was a great edition and easy to read but the new update is blurry. Pinching does not help. Please fix.

  • Poor Quality

    by John Wallop

    I love the Daily News hate the app. It works about a third of the time. I just downloaded the latest fix and now I can't even get it. I will cancel my online subscription because most of the time I can't even download the current paper.i have several on line subscriptions and I never have this issue.

  • Terrible update

    by jasonrak

    Your recent update made it basically unreadable. The type is blurry unless zooming in on the page which I should not have to do every time i want to read something. You took the retina out of the app. This must be fixed IMMEDIATELY or your newspaper app has been rendered useless

  • Even Worse After Update

    by Disco Lee

    This was a sufficiently terrible app that I canceled my subscription effective September. Now, after today's update, I get a blank screen when trying to open. Unbelievable.

  • Horrible app

    by Numberedaccount

    Can't get it to download new edition.

  • Doesn't Open

    by mcsaveri

    Continually loads without opening. Useless.

  • Disaster

    by NativeNYer248

    Old app worked fine. This new version is a mess. Downloads the Sunday paper in different segments.(thats when it decides to work after multiple restarts) File sizes are enormous. Functionality is extremely poor. Please fix this or restore old version!

  • Waste of money

    by Karla NC

    I like the daily news. I downloaded the app, paid a subscription, and it freezes all the time. Even with he latest upgrades to the site, you can't get thru an entire paper without the app freezing. Get it together Daily News. This is the wave of the future.

  • Piece of crap

    by Madslance

    Every day this app freezes and glitches with no update or correction. What a joke

  • Worst app

    by Nalravxen

    This has to be the worst upgrade ever. Since may until now I have been unable to download 15 editions. I will not renew. Tried everything suggested by developer. Just awful.

  • Lol!!

    by Fernanpe

    What a joke.

  • A cupcake!!

    by Kimmii~Mo

    Recent update is terrible! App will open on my iPad but screen freezes and needs to be rebooted at least 4 -5 times while I'm reading. Sooo frustrating!! Bring back the old version. Never had this problem. Takes too much time and effort to read the paper electronically!! Where do I cancel the remainder of my subscription?

  • Inconsistent

    by Campy63

    I have been using NY daily news apps for over 18 months now and was glad to see that they came out with a new digital version. The old version would have connectivity issues all of the time and would exit the "paper" when scrolling. Well, this version is worse! I am constantly reloading the application from the App store since I can not get the daily downloads to work or it completely locks up for no apparent reason at all. One day it works and the next day it does not. The support group told me to load Mac version 6.1.3 to correct the issue and this has not worked either. Time to look at something else.

  • Downgrade if you can

    by Jeantet

    This "upgrade" is a way they've sneaked a paying only version of their software onto your iDevice. The old version, while limited, did a great job. This new version is advertised as allowing you to cache the content for offline reading. Yay! But what they don't say is that you can't get *any* content without paying. Don't get me wrong, it's their right to charge for the content, but be honest about the upgrade introducing a pay for content model. So for now, I'll have to hit the web site, and I will grab the old version of the app from a time machine backup.

  • Blurry text...and slow to load

    by Royal_Scam

    Horrible update to replace an already horrible app. You can't zoom in and read clear text anymore! It works on the first page you try to zoom in on, then never again unless and until you fully quit and restart the app. Useless. I've been a Daily News reader forever. This app might change that.

  • Daily news

    by Raskalnj

    This is the worst app I have purchased. App still doesn't work about half the time. Support emailed a useless suggestion about delete editions that wouldn't load. Huh? Can't delete until they load, right? When edition does, load the app is great but... Waste of time and $

  • WTH

    by Sqansari

    The news stand app wont subscribe from the app version. It asks for my password every time I try to open a newspaper. Soooo frustrating.


    by Three 191

    I am trying to cancel my subscription !! Can't do it on iPad can't believe they can't help!!!!

  • Issue

    by BxSigal

    App is not at all what is cracked up to be still having the same issue everyday and have to delete and reinstall in order to download the current edition of the NY Daily News. Still waiting on this problem to be fixed.

  • Horrific!

    by Treesdwaq

    I just tried to subscribe and wasted a ridiculous amount of time downloading the current issue and then trying to open it. I could have drove to the local newsstand and back in less time. In fact the issue still won't open. What a waste of time! Thanks for nothing NY Daily News. I will be unsubscribing in a hurry.

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