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Crash fix.

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The News for PS4 app brings fans all of the latest Playstation 4 news, along with downloadable iPhone and iPad wallpapers, fantastic PS4 videos and much more! This app is a must have if you're a Playstation fan!

• Constantly Updated PS4 Videos
• PS4 Photos Updated Daily
• Download And Email PS4 Photos To Friends!
• Includes The Latest news for PS4, Updated Daily
• And More!

This is an unofficial guide for The PS4. This guide is not connected to the console creator(s). All images, text and video content are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this guide falls within the 'Fair Use' guidelines. If you believe that there has been a violation of your proprietary rights please email details to This guide is intended only for the continued enjoyment and exploration of The Playstation 4.

Customer Reviews

  • Please fix bug or patch/ but great app

    by Andrew Ovando

    Is a very great app for watching and getting the latest news for PlayStation four games and reviews and software but I've had a recent problem with the app it hasn't given me any news the videos and pictures work but the news doesn't it's at the blue screen and please fix the app or give me my money back thank you

  • Fixed half way

    by Gigzaw

    The app is great it will keep you up to date on the ps4. They patched it and the vids won't work but u can read all you want a out ps4 great app. Maybe they will update vids to work soon :()

  • Crash is not fix!

    by Gary Brandow

    I still cant play the videos on there... So can you please ( HELP) tell me what I can do?

  • Videos not playing

    by Shadow52196

    The videos won't play on my iPhone 4S.

  • Good app but.......

    by Heather Wilkowski

    This was a great app until it started crashing every time I tried to look at a topic please update

  • Please fix

    by Bigbird8288

    Great app gives info about everything about ps4 just now I open it and try to read article and crashes hopefully fix soon please :)

  • Almost

    by Aseabol9061

    This app was great till about a week ago now i can open an article and the app will close also the articles should be arranged by newest published and would love a search feature but it doesn't really matter cause when the ps4 hit this app will prolly be irrelevant

  • Crashes

    by EricS1989

    Love the app but every time I click on an article to read it, it closes the app. Please fix

  • Not working.

    by Hogfan 76

    Was greatest ps4 news app around now quit working please fix soon.

  • Was my favorite news app!!

    by Michelle Hill

    Had the app for about two months! And just recently it started crashing every time I selected a news feed. I will give it five stars just because I loved the app! But I would really appreciate it if you'd fix it! SOON!

  • App crashes

    by Jbcjr1228

    Was my favorite app until now only crashes when I log on need to be fixed ASAP !

  • Crashing

    by Car engineer!!

    The app has been crashing lately for me. Can you please fix this? I can only open the app, but when i press on anything else in the app it crashes. I have an iPad Mini updated

  • Problems

    by Anameishere

    Great app before but now crashes every time I try to look at a topic.

  • Great app

    by Carlton smith iv

    I can find every bit of news on this thing but recently every time i click an artical it crashes. I am giving it a 5 because it earned it in my mind and will hopefully fix the problem soon

  • Gets me all the info I need.

    by CocoCrispy1337

    Wow this app is absolutely amazing, gets me all the information I need to know about the PS4. It's had videos, pictures, news articles about the PS4 that all all accurate or at least the ones I have seen. This app has comparison between Xbox one and PS4 keeps you well up to date with console wars. worth your money. Trust me get this app

  • Great

    by Shuufdhiufbjjojfdtg

    Go ps4 and a great app to keep you informed on the console wars!

  • This app is actually helpful thnx

    by That Cool Kidd

    Keep it up

  • Great

    by XhsoaooanKlaksg

    It's better than all the other apps, definitely a must get

  • Just the Blue background

    by Dupree002

    This was my number 1 app for the PS4 news. I don't know what happen. Could you fix it so I can stay on top of the information about the PS4. This app is how I got my PS4 when they was sold out.

  • Good when it works

    by salseroking123

    Blank screen about 90 percent of the time. Chooses to work sporadically. When it does work great articles

  • Dude

    by Kwbncl42o

    Why are you not putting my comments up?

  • Huh ??

    by EarmanNYC

    Don't waste your .99, links for videos don't work. All it is are pictures, perhaps it's bc it's a new app and will get better in time but read reviews first..

  • Fix! iPhone 5

    by FlorValenZuela

    I can't see any videos?????? Blank white screen???????? iPhone 5!!!!!

  • Crashing recently

    by Qwertyui84

    App used to be really good, now crashing for more than a week when you click on any article, please fix!

  • Looks good but

    by Totito18

    Keeps crashing... Can't look at anything!

  • Useless broken app

    by KelticWolf

    No longer works, it crashes everytime!! Deleted!! Glad I didn't waste money on this!

  • Good for a while

    by XThePerfectionistx

    The app was great all until just a couple days ago every time I try to open an article the app crashes :(

  • Was great but now

    by Jester2500

    It crashes the app every time I click on a news story please fix I need my news!!!

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