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- Watch every event LIVE at the Sochi Olympics: more than 1,000 hours, including all 15 sports, and the awarding of all 98 medal events. Plus, watch exclusive event rewinds and short-form on-demand highlights.

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Watch every event during the 2014 Winter Olympics LIVE for FREE with NBC Sports Live Extra, and set push notifications for event start times. Download now on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and stream the thousands of live sporting events that air on NBC, NBCSN and Golf Channel, including NHL Regular-Season and Stanley Cup Playoff games, PGA TOUR, U.S. Open (golf), Notre Dame Football, French Open (tennis), Premier League (soccer), Major League Soccer, Formula One, IndyCar, Triple Crown horse racing and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

* Video on Demand: access video clips, preview upcoming events, and check out highlights from past events
* Online coverage schedule: browse the online schedule and set event reminders
* Live Events: watch marquee NBC Sports events LIVE!
* Full Event Replays: relive all the great moments with full event replays
* Push Notifications: receive reminder alerts for upcoming events

The vast majority of live streaming content on NBC Sports Live Extra will only be available to authenticated cable, satellite and telco customers via TV Everywhere. Further instructions are provided in the app settings section.

NBC Sports video is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. The application requires a 3G, 4G or WiFi data connection. Watching video over a 3G or 4G connection may affect your wireless data plan. iPads that support Retina display can experience HD quality video at up to 1080p. The video quality will adapt based on your data connection.

Customer Reviews

  • idk what's bad

    by Nite747

    I really like it it's live only requires a cable provider so if u have xfinity it'll work.this is great

  • Workaround for fast forwarding

    by Trevarty

    I just figured out that it is possible to fast forward the full event replays IF you airplay to Apple TV and use the remote to ff. Hope this helps.

  • New update helps

    by vlgonzales

    This app has improved since the last time I used it. I have fios and it works amazing for me now.

  • AirPlay support & Stability an issue

    by Cucas20

    This is a great app, for any Premier League fan, and will be very useful for when the Olympics are going on. I use this app all the time but I just recently updated it and I have lost my AirPlay support. Loved streaming it to the TV so I could watch it on the big screen. Also, with this latest update, the app seems to be more unstable than before, as well as the games freezing up and having to restart the stream repeatedly. Lastly, it makes me log in multiple times (ranging anywhere from twice to 8+ times) before it will allow me to watch anything. C’mon NBC, you have a good thing going, get your act together and fix it, properly. EDIT: Today I got in contact with the Live Extra customer support via twitter, and they were able to resolve the AirPlay issue. In order to AirPlay from the Live Extra app you must air play through the control panel (or as they phrased it, the pop up menu from the bottom of the phone). Once there you should be able to AirPlay to your Apple TV; pretty much the exact same way you would access screen mirroring. That being said, it is extremely glitchy, and it has taken me multiple attempts to get it to work, but it does work. It still needs improvement with stability, badly.

  • Three Words: No. AirPlay. Support.

    by Ytrozs

    Or is that four? Grabbed this so I could watch some of the Olympic coverage that won’t make it to air at a time when I can watch. But, no AirPlay. I guess video mirroring will have to suffice? Very frustrating, since, apparently, AirPlay was supported in a previous version. If you enjoy watching on your iPad by yourself, then enjoy, but don’t try to share the experience with a roomful of friends.

  • high quality

    by Twinklevanweekweek

    the app itself is quite good. excellent quality and the streaming is clear. it loses a star for having a replay tab and absolutely no full event replays that i can find ever. fox and espn3 both show event replays....get with the program! this is the internet! we watch when we want!

  • Great App

    by Boebinator

    Works well: easy to stream soccer matches and other sports on NBC. A must have for all premier league fans.

  • Great app for EPL, NHL and more!

    by LJ Rader

    A must have for any sports fan. My go-to every Saturday and Sunday morning


    by BigDog101010

    This is good because it gives a different perspective than the other apps.

  • Great when it actually works

    by RobP7

    This is a great app when fully functioning. It seems to freeze and stop providing the feed every 5-10 minutes and I have to keep reloading. Great quality when it works but freezes way too much, don't worry though the advertisements always work just fine.

  • Forget it

    by Grumpy Squirrel

    Ridiculously over complicated app that often tells you nothing. Difficult to find info, hard to read, etc. one of the worst apps I've ever downloaded. Use your DishTV app, not this.

  • Sluggish and Poorly Made

    by Tctony

    Tons of ads and very sluggish playback with tons of buffering. No native airplay option - meaning if the screen turns off the video stops. Even worse, if that happens you must start the stream over again - meaning you must watch the 5 minutes of ads again. Poorly made streaming app.

  • Eh

    by Nmeadors1

    It was good at first then I watched a video and it only gave me a 30 min trial and now it wants my directv username and password! Not cool.

  • Horrible. But as usual, no one cares

    by vnvm

    Because NBC has the exclusive rights to the games, we have to deal with this garbage and have no alternatives. The events you want to see are nowhere to be found, the listings are confusing, the highlights you do get are adulterated with horrendous graphics and distracting commentary, and live events are frequently broken up with commercials. Commercials are about the only thing that play on this app without fail or issue with quality...the content itself is frequently miserable in playback. That's downright aggravating!

  • Doesn't work

    by dramapro

    On iPhone 4S

  • Enough Ads!

    by ahurtt

    I understand that NBC needs to pay bills but do we have to watch ads literally every minute or so?! Every time there's a tiny break in hockey action they squeeze in another ad. I play for a cable subscription to use the app. You're already getting my money. Enough already!

  • Commercial laden garbage

    by Biobat

    If the lack of live coverage wasn't bad enough, having a streaming (steaming?!) app that cuts out of live events every 2 minutes to show another BMW commercial is icing on the cake. And it's doing nothing to endear me to NBC sports.

  • Piece of Garbage

    by OhioSean

    I only gave it one star because zero isn't an option. One of the worst apps I've ever used. It gave me 5 minutes of access, which consisted of 4 minutes of commercials and 1 minute of commentary; I didn't even get to watch any of the sports. I hate everything about NBC.

  • Piece of Garbage

    by OhioSean

    I only gave it one star because zero isn't an option. One of the worst apps I've ever used. It gave me 5 minutes of access, which consisted of 4 minutes of commercials and 1 minute of commentary; I didn't even get to watch any of the sports. I hate everything about NBC.

  • Not what I expected

    by JEstarellas

    Every time it want to watch a figure skating performance LIVE it will not play. Instead I get the footage of the maintenance crew cleaning up the ice rink. Smh!

  • Worthless

    by Shufflebrain

    Buggy. Stops playing after a minute. LOTS of ads that don't ever go away. Greed. No Airplay.

  • dumb now

    by Soccer_02

    i could watch any premiere league game before and now with the olympics update, it won't let me.

  • Pretty bad

    by babdula

    It seems that what is available is not updated often. You click to play, get 2 or 3 commercials and that's it. You try again and the same thing. If it's all the access you can get for the Olympics too bad for you.

  • Terrible

    by Scottash92

    This is what happens when company's don't have competition. NBC has been given superior rights to cover the Olympics in Sochi. As an American citizen, I should be able to see my people compete without having to pay some television provider.

  • Money grubbers

    by Tanith411

    Wanted to watch a full video, was told I didn't have that channel, but I could call my provider and upgrade. Screw that. I am a student with little income. I would love to watch more of these games, but don't have the money for $100+ cable bills.

  • It's a shame

    by BL on iPhone

    Can't believe NBC delivered such poorly designed app for this global event. When watching the live on TV, if there's a disruption, or I switched to a different app then come back, the video stopped (which is normal), but the voice is still there. Tap the live stream then it starts the video. But what, now you have the current voice and the voice from the previous stream overlapped! You have to shut down the app to fix this. Does NBC have better developers who know how to test an app?

  • Adware crapp

    by Disappointed2012Fan

    The ad-bloat will absolutely load. Ads will continue to interrupt and omit moments throughout the event, that is if the event video will even load. After you've endured the initial ads, event video MAY load. Event video MAY be clear to enough to distinguish people from trees. It MAY not freeze while watching. Needs to focus on the user experience more than than the ads.

  • Garbage

    by TimeWarnerSucksAss

    Won’t work with Time Warner - at all! And now NBC’s parent is buying Time Warner……great! ZERO STARS IF I COULD!

  • Get with the times

    by Shahs mms

    Video crashes every time I get a notification, make a working app.

  • The ads

    by RickyEstrada

    Way to many ads, poorly constructed app.

  • Thoroughly disgusted

    by Kwrelbats

    Still does not work on first gen iPad. Lost ability to watch BPL. Doesn't anybody from the developers company read the feedback

  • Fix the ads

    by wolfbrother17

    I understand the need for some ad revenue, but how can you possibly think showing an ad IN THE MIDDLE OF A POWER PLAY in hockey is a good idea! I missed 10-12 seconds of game action every time it happened. I also hate getting 2 minutes of ads every time I try to fast forward a replay event. I just gave up and decided not to watch instead.

  • Awful

    by gkwally

    I would give it a negative 2 stars if I could! Nothing will play when I tap the play buttons & it won't allow me to enter my cable provider under the settings menu. This app is useless to me!

  • Terrible... Every episode froze after about a minute

    by jkw000

    Then had to restart and watch another 30 sec advertisement. Only to have it freeze again. This app did not serve its purpose whatsoever.

  • Poor ad implementation ruins the experience

    by Bassplayer27

    With the Olympics half a world away, it's nice that this app gives access to live events. That accounts for the 2 stars I give this app. This app loses the rest of its stars for poor user experience. It takes a long time to load, followed by ads. Every event you click on starts with ads, with ads randomly interspersed. Every time you change your location in a recorded event - more ads. Exit the app for a minute to do something else and when you return the app must reload and show you more ads. I know ads are an evil necessity, but c'mon NBC, this is ridiculous.

  • Ads trigger during program

    by hockeyguynyc

    Ads keeping showing up during the program, in the middle of the action. Get this fixed so ads only show up during commercial breaks!

  • Stupid

    by Howienator

    Have to pay after 30 minutes...don't waste your time

  • Ugh is all I have to say

    by Andie Georgia

    While I enjoy being able to watch live and full replays of sports I wouldn't normally get to see eg curling, I hate this app. The constant commercials are irritating and having to constantly refind my spot after I stop to do something else makes a 2 hour event into a 4 hour event. Not impressed NBC. Not impressed.

  • Video won't work

    by Dean Hogan

    You would be better off downloading a radio app and listening to it then trying to watch the video on here.

  • Gets the commercials right.

    by Gpuckguy

    Rest of the video is screwed up.

  • Could be so much better!

    by rlw2020

    Incredible amount of content from MLS & EPL soccer, Olympics and more .. But no AppleTV airplay, often missing content or no replay, loads of commercials and it requires pointless updates everytime I want to use it... Fix these issues and you would have a 5-star app

  • Come on, NBC. Is this a joke?


    What the majority here are saying is legit. Way too many ads (often times in the middle of event action) and the app crashes quite a bit. I've experienced the app losing the video but audio commentary continuing and then having that delayed behind the live audio which means restarting the app and sitting through ads again. Only upside is the stream quality is robust when it works. Having to sit through the same ads over and over again though is the definition of insanity. Can't they clean this up a bit?!

  • Can't even sign in

    by jdlaw09

    On an iPhone 5s, on wifi, and cannot sign in. I get so far as to select a provider, select Directv, and it takes me to the sign in screen. When I tap to begin signing in, however, the app starts "thinking" and never stops. Epic failure of usable service here.

  • Great idea, flawed execution

    by d M

    Here's to hoping that yet another poor review -- unstable, ad-heavy, crash-prone -- will agitate NBC to improve what could be a wonderful app for those of us who love the Olympics but are bored stiff by the events they cover on prime time television, e.g., figure skating.

  • Does nothing

    by Michaelh54

    I thought this would be a good way to watch, from Thailand where I am currently living, the USA team in their Olympic quest, particularly in hockey, but when I try to load the video from any sport, the feed disconnects before the video loads, so I can't watch anything. Disappointing to say the least :-(

  • Annoying and misleading

    by bklyntoboston

    I would give it zero but I don't know if that is possible. Crashes while opening, live stream freezes (missed goals in hockey game) and requires cable subscription. I get that part and I have one, but I didn't bring the info in the bus because I didn't know I needed it.

  • Terrible

    by LazyOfficeWorker

    NBC you struck out big time with this one. It freezes after 5-10 seconds and I have to reboot to get it to come back for another 5 seconds for it to freeZe AGAIN! Big fat ZERO!

  • Impossible to watch competition

    by tom prem

    Ads,Ads,Ads... I wanted to watch mens speed skating prelims.. I had to sit through an endless amount of ads and finally got to the competition. If your finger accidentally touches the screen it sends off an alarm and all of the ads start again.. If you want to go back to where you left off you are forced to sit thru the ad of every corporation in the world.. So the bottom line is the right to view the olympics, which consists of people like u and me who have worked so hard for their moment to compete and be seen, is owned by corporations who dont allow you to watch..the apps is horrible

  • Waste of time

    by Will Khitey

    Way to really crap the bed with this one. Can't watch any of the hockey games and ANY TIME that YOUR app crashes or you have to go back to the main page you have to watch the ads to get back in. Complete waste of time and hope that Id be able to watch the hockey games.

  • Keeps crashing

    by D'loco critic

    What a crappy app. Even if you don't want to stream live games, just the highlights, well too bad. That doesn't work either. Terrible.

  • Awful app!!!!

    by Njnico

    Trying to watch game replays for the EPL and every time I click on the game I want it sends you too the App Store page for the app I'm already in?????? Every time !!! Useless

  • Saturated with 15 second sponsor ads

    by muszelvr

    Saturated with multiple 15 second ads after every heat. Embedded with medal count updates for the USA team which just gave me the results for the event I was in the middle of watching on replay. Incredibly dumb.

  • Awful

    by Arnie Pye

    Don't download, will only lead to frustration on an 4S

  • Good idea bad app

    by Gex420

    So the app barely loads even when you put your tv info in. If you do get a picture the sound will be delayed or the screen freezes and you have sound. With all the money nbc has you'd think they could've made an app that works.

  • If you like ad's

    by Joecos

    This is the app for you if you like to watch ad's. even at a critical time in an event. So this is the 3rd Olympics with apps and they just can't get it right.

  • Not good

    by JMCJMC

    Slow Hard to navigate Insane amount of commercials

  • I wish it was more than smoke and mirrors.

    by DaveGR

    I love the idea of this app. There is a tremendous amount of content. The video quality is excellent. However, the crashes and those ads makes watching anything a frustrating experience. At least save where I left off when watching a replay, so that when it exits (which it does often), I don't have to start over. By the time they fix this, the Olympics will be over. Live coverage is a little better.

  • Doesn't work!!!

    by Mad about this ap

    Ever since the update, when I open the app I just get a blank, gray screen with the header at the top and an ad on the bottom. It doesn't give me anything to choose from, won't let me sign in and doesn't have any working functions. Please fix!

  • Don't touch my pasteboard

    by evilowa

    This app clears the pasteboard when it becomes active. It doesn't warn, it just does its thing with rudeness. Coupled with the removal of AirPlay, this app took a very large turn for the worse. Apart from that, it kind of works, but: NBCSport LiveExtra is just not nice to use.

  • Update does not work

    by dbravo53

    After the forced update there is no live streaming just a grey screen like many users have mentioned. Please please provide a new update that actually works.

  • Keep hoping it will get better, still disappointed

    by TeenyTX

    I watch hockey, and a lot of times I try to watch in my workshop where I don't have DirecTV installed. So I was thrilled this year when Directv became an option in this app. At least I was..... This app performs like Netflix did on cellular mobile when it first came out years ago. The Difference? Netflix works great today. I have to restart the app about 8 times per game on average. The video just freezes... play pause etc do nothing. Sometimes i have to actually KILL the app to get video again... Which means the ad plays again (that always works well). Love the concept, but this app needs a lot if work

  • Bugs

    by JadedTurtle

    Why are these “performance improvements” making the app more buggy? Can't watch a game without the app crashing.

  • Needs Time Warner Cable

    by Skier 123

    I hope they get time warner cable in time for the Olympics. I really want to watch away from home. PLEASE GET TIME WARNER!!!!

  • Video feeds are horrible

    by brimaldo22

    This app needs a ton of work to become usable.

  • usually give this a 5 star

    by Jordan Larrabee

    It's a great app until not no problems but it says my xfinity no longer supports it which is a lie because I'm watching on the xfintiy website now I just can't watch the match I want please fix.

  • This app is horrible

    by Shawn Hibbitt II

    Works less than 50% of the time. As a fan of Chelsea, all I want is to be able to watch their games. But, because NBC got the Premier league contract this almost never happens. Fox Sports is miles ahead in quality coverage, and this network is crap. I consistently get a message that says "coverage will begin shortly" in the game never starts

  • Poor app

    by Alex000001&283773

    Games don't start at correct times. I'm trying to watch a game that started 20 minutes ago and it says your event will begin shortly! Very poor app!

  • Horrible app

    by BrandonSeattle

    Simply terrible.

  • Garbage!

    by Spock 19

    No TWC

  • Horrendous

    by Pizzakid13

    Total crap. Games don't work. Nothing more than a vehicle for crap beer commercials.

  • TWC

    by Lieren Barkenhagen

    Needs TWC support

  • Video stream keeps freezing

    by Michael Kocheran

    The video freezes about every 10 minutes and you have to close the video and go back and open the stream. Very poor NBC.

  • Live sport just give a grey screen

    by OJ_L

    I was so happy when my cable provider came o. The list. Finally I can watch ManU live.... NOT!! Chasing any of the live games gives a gray screen with a standard Apple loading/waiting wheel that keeps running forever. I gave up after 10 minutes. All other live TV apps works well! but this one is worthless.

  • Love NBCSN content; App is virtually unusable

    by Mac B from Tennessee

    I probably use this app for more video than any other one except Netflix. Unfortunately this app is getting worse over time. It has no reached an unusable state. It can no longer seem to remember my AT&T U-Verse login between sessions even if it is just a brief break (it logged me out after 20 minutes today). Since my Uverse password is very important to me, it is complex and kept in last pass. before when this app wouldn’t retain my login, I would copy and paste it and re login. Since the last update opening this app clears out my clipboard making logging in even more cumbersome that it was before. Heaven forbid the app crashes or you need to step out for just a second during a big game because you'll have to sit through a commercial before you can join the in progress event. On top of that there is a constant ad banner that can't be dismissed to accompany your viewing experience. I’d recommend voicing dissatisfaction with the service to your cable company. NBCSN controls the content so it’s not like we can ditch them and go somewhere else.

  • Double pay to watch ads. No airplay.

    by Number_99

    Apparently paying NBC with your time watching ads isn't enough to see the content. You also have to pay the cable company to watch the ads ... Even if the content isn't being streamed over cable cause you aren't at home. Oh and you can only watch the ads on your ipad ... Not allowed to show them on the Big Screen via airplay.

  • Where did my game go

    by Ros_mar

    This app typically works well but tonight when my game went to a commercial break I didn't get the game back. This is really disappointing especially because the in app commercials are working perfectly.... Just not my game :/

  • Stinks

    by OFD547

    Sure good at playing ads but streaming crashes all the time!

  • Not very pleased

    by mrsrishel11

    Not only was it blurry on my iPad I could not watch it on my laptop... I was trying to watch a hockey game that I am less than an hour away and it kept telling me it was not for my viewing area. I do not recommend this app to anyone.

  • BOOO- until then


    UHHHH what about Time Warner Cable?? Apparently I can't watch anything live until you add TWC

  • Nbcsports app

    by Dr Rocs

    Very low quality. Probowl supposed to be live, am 1.5 hours past start time and it is saying 'live at 7pm EST'. Not on! Deleting app, don't waste time pn this.

  • Version issue

    by hey you there<33

    Why wouldn't the developers still allow it to run on iOS 5.1.1. Is this NBC's way of telling me to go buy a new tablet?

  • Unreliable at best.

    by mcbthboy

    The picture of the games

  • A

    by Bengoose

    Was a good app till I downloaded the update. Now all I get is a grey screen instead of any live event. Pretty frustrating. FIX IT!!

  • Sill needs work. Fix the feeds. Commercials play just fine, but content does not.

    by Gabriel Yopack

    Seriously!?!? How is it possible that the commercials play just fine but the programs are messed up and pixelated? THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN WITH WATCHESPN OR FOXSPORTSGO. You've added more sports. About time. Now it's time to fix the feeds. I can sit through the 15-30 second commercial, that's fine. But when the live feed starts, no matter how good my connection is, the feed gets all garbled and pixelated, the video lags, or even freezes. The commercial plays just fine, no pixelation or freezes. So why can't the live feed come through without a problem? You seriously need to fix this issue. Add AirPlay, and create an app for the AppleTV. There is a reason why ESPN is so popular. Look at their apps(iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV), and update yours with the same kinds of functionality. This app has great potential, but it's most certainly going to waste right now.

  • I'm still angry about the Olympics!

    by bryan121

    Have to buy cable. Useless. I'm sure nbc will ruin 2014 too

  • Can't upgrade

    by Cassius12345

    With new update it won't let me use with my I-pad. Tells me to upgrade but I can't upgrade my first gen. I-pad anymore. Liked the old version. Hopefully they will let 1st generation I-pad users have access before the Olympics.

  • Needs work

    by Gdog12121212

    It is really glitchy and Dosent even load half of the time

  • "Performance improvements", haha

    by Thomas M. Casey III

    Cool idea, but always freezes even though I have a really fast internet connection. Also, it often gets caught in infinite advertisement loops. I find it funny that each update says bug fixes and performance improvements but nothing changes

  • Horrible

    by Carloscarballo0113

    Another app charging us to view things unbelievable

  • Garbage

    by Raze.

    Last version worked pretty well, and was stable. This newest release was not only enforced, but is also absolute garbage: 1) Longer ads (30 seconds) 2) Routinely have to restart games because they freeze (therefore replaying the 30-second ad; isn't that convenient?) 3) Distracting banner ad at the bottom of the screen (please remove); I don't want to have to double-tap and limit my view just because you are trying to shoehorn ads into soccer (you already have them interrupting the score as time graphic on your t.v. coverage). I'd recommend actually testing your app in future before forcing through an update.

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