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Added more Cisco feeds and will start using Twitter RSS as well. I still owe you guys a newer build that will let you sort the feeds. Coming in 2010!

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iAdviseMe is a application that will allow you to get the latest up-to-date software security advisories right to your iPhone. This application will provide you important IT security alerts and advisories that will help keep you current on a majority of enterprise information technology hardware and software vulnerabilities. iAdviseMe’s information is updated by the manufacturers themselves, as well as vulnerability experts such as us-cert.gov, cert.org, Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, VMware, Apple, Blackberry, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Juniper, Virus and many more. You can be sure the information you are getting is always precise and current. Features include alerts with summaries containing direct links to the original site for more detailed information, as well as support for the 3G iPhone’s accelerometer so you can rotate your iPhone and iAdviseMe will rotate along with it. We will always be adding more manufacturers to make iAdviseMe’s content rich and relevant. Feel free to email us with suggestions to add or remove content that you think is relevant to you and other IT Professionals.

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In some cases the built in Safari does not open the feed. Please close and reopen the app and try again. This could also be due to 8+ Safari sessions already open.

Customer Reviews

  • Decemt little app

    by cmart2008

    I agree with earlier comment that Juniper would be really useful. Problem with some feeds where the same set of updates if repeated over and over (could be the source I guess). Some of the info is just blogs, so it can be less useful if you're just looking for security info.

  • Finally a good tool for the IT community

    by rabetvon

    Finally a good tool for the IT community, nice application and good thinking, this is perfect for IT Admins, Network Engineers and Security folks. Best part was being able to flip the application any way and it still works. I love using it in Landscape to be able to read the information on the built in Safari much more viewing area and I dont have to open it in the main Safari and I can keep reading. Thanks for writing me back when I sent you feedback. Im looking forward to your addition of MAC OS X in your next version and others to come!

  • IT Director

    by TheBigChu

    Great app! It's nice to have all my bulletins in one place instead of having to look at a bunch of individual emails or webpages. Suggestions: add Juniper. Make some more customizable options as to which ones I see and don't see

  • Cool app for IT people who want to be on top of all the vulnerabilities out there!

    by dmackdaddy

    Cool app, nice way to get all of my IT advisory news in one spot. One recommendation for the next version is that you add a few more manufactures. I will email you and let you know which other ones I can think of - but this is a great start. Thanks!

  • Cool New App for IT Pros

    by Dilsdale

    Pretty sweet new App...All of my advisories in one place...Easy to stay up to date...Works better in Landscape View.

  • Thanks for adding Blackberry News!

    by agregory23

    The updates keep coming, thx for adding value as your app matures!

  • A must have for any IT personnel.

    by Just-another-user

    Beautifully organized with the most up-to-date information from the various feeds so you can stay up to the minute with security threats and even the latest word on what's going on out there in the IT world. Small suggestion however, I would like to second the option to include Juniper Networks as they are also a worldwide leader in the networking industry. Beyond that, keep up the great work!

  • Nifty little RSS reader for Tech buffs

    by rodsterAce

    I really like how I can easily browse through the latest buzz in all the various tech areas. I can stay informed where ever I go. The UI is clean and simple to use. The icon kinda needs work, I thought RSS goes only one way ;) and the colors are ick. It would be nice to read the full article in the app rather than go to the website. It would be nice to also have some sharing and bookmarking features for articles. Some badge alert that there are new articles would be cool too! Good start!

  • Poor

    by DallasRican

    Cisco Security feeds is broken. App is poorly written.

  • BS

    by noorijani


  • Where is the Blackberry link?

    by Miggwilson

    I would like to see a Blackberry info link - it was shown on the info about iAdvise but is not on the dl version?

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