Pushpin for Pinboard News App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: NB, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Seller: Lionheart Software LLC

* Significantly speed up bookmark loading and syncing.
* Make a bunch of minor look-and-feel improvements.
* Fix an issue where syncs would fail in certain situations.
* Fix an issue where various community feeds would not appear.
* Fix x-callback-url issues with Chrome and Safari.

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Pushpin is a beautiful, blazing fast, and feature packed Pinboard client for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Designed for both power users and newbies alike, Pushpin lets you browse, search, add, edit, and delete bookmarks seamlessly with a gorgeous interface. Combined with its flexible URL scheme, full support for Pinboard feeds, and integration with read later support like Instapaper, Pushpin is the best choice for using Pinboard on iOS.

# Testimonials #

"I wished hard enough and it came true: the clean, clear, and stable Pinboard iOS app of my dreams was written and released by someone much smarter than me and you should give them your money" - Jim Jazwiecki (@jimbecile)

"[T]he only option out there for a full-featured Pinboard experience" - Shawn Blanc (@shawnblanc)

"This is exactly what I want in a Pinboard app" - Alex Payne (@al3x)

# Features #

* Search bookmarks at ridiculous speeds across titles, descriptions, URLs, and tags.
* View bookmarks by unread, starred, private, untagged, public, or specific tags. You can even filter by multiple tags!
* Share links on Twitter, Facebook, or Messages.
* Send your links to Pocket, Instapaper, or Readability.
* View tag suggestions and autocompletions when adding or updating bookmarks.
* Browse Network, Popular, Wikipedia, Fandom, and Japanese feeds.
* View and save feeds for specific users, tags, or any combination of the two.
* Browse tags along with the number of times they've each been used.
* Add bookmarks by switching to Pushpin with a URL on your clipboard.
* Comes with a full-featured in-app browser with support for popular mobilizers.
* Extensive URL scheme support for adding bookmarks on the fly, opening URLs with the in-app browser, or viewing feeds for users or tags. Visit http://bit.ly/PushpinURL for more information on Pushpin's URL scheme.


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