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Photographers from around the globe converged on remote areas devastated by the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami. Among them, prestigious Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award-winning Magnum nominee Dominic Nahr, this year's Pictures of the Year International (POYi) award winner Adam Dean and many other world-renowned photojournalists have graciously agreed to share their visions of the massive disaster and recovery efforts―along with their heartfelt spoken messages to the victims―via this online application. This app includes a total of 120 images by 14 photographers.

* Kodansha will donate all proceeds from this project to Japanese Red Cross Society.

Dominic Nahr (Switzerland)
As the youngest nominee of Magnum Photos, Nahr documents humanitarian and social catastrophes in Africa and Middle East. His work frequently appears in numerous publications including Newsweek, TIME, Stern and Le Monde Magazine.

Adam Dean (UK)
Dean is a freelance photographer based in Beijing, China, represented by Panos Pictures. Clients include many of the leading world news publications including TIME, Newsweek, Rolling Stone Magazine and The Sunday Times Magazine.

Shiho Fukada (Japan)
After having worked for four years in New York, Fukada moved to Beijing where she is currently based. Her work appears regularly in TIME, Newsweek, and Stern.

James Whitlow Delano (USA)
Delano has been living in Japan for 17 years. He regularly works for Le Monde Magazine and GEO, and delivers images from China and Japan.

Paula Bronstein (USA)
Bronstein has been based in Asia since 1998. She joined Getty Images as a staff photographer in 2002, covering conflicts around the world including Israel, Kashmir and Afghanistan, as well as the devastating South Asian Tsunami.

Other contributing photographers:
Jean Chung, Keith Bedford, David Guttenfelder, Jake Price, Pieter Ten Hoopen, Guillem Valle, Ryo Kameyama, Giulio Di Sturco, Ko Sasaki

(C) 2011 KODANSHA Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing work.

    by D-M-R

    Not only is it for a great cause, but it is also, basically, an incredibly clean and well produced digital photo book. This is just a perfect product. Get it.

  • Life

    by Npshaw

    I was profoundly moved.

  • I am sad

    by Vulcanipad

    Calling this a colossal tragedy would be an understatement. Thank you for sharing these momentous photographs of which some shall remain etched in my mind forever. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Cool

    by Juicy8146

    This is.photo 80 was just!!!!!!!cool photos tho!

  • Great photos

    by dialac1

    At 99cents, this is unbeatable. Plus buying this app helps a good cause so please suggest it to your friends 

  • not enough people are getting this app!!!

    by TAS1161

    Hello I 1st want to say thank you to the people that have made this APP! I only wish I could more people to get it!! I'm trying to!!! SO PLEASE PLEASE !!!! GET THIS APP!!!

  • Beautiful.

    by deadly_shinobi

    These pictures are wonderful, and the money from the app goes to Japan.

  • Recommended

    by Bmadiego

    I was really moved. This photo collection tells the human story like nothing I've seen on the news. It's remarkably good.

  • Nice

    by nunaggie

    Wonderful app.

  • Buy It

    by A. Yason

    Powerful images, very worthy cause.

  • Buy this app to help a little

    by Susannneee

    So sad ...

  • Please buy this app just to donate.

    by Jackgw8

    No one in the world deserves this. Every dollar helps, it really helps people that have nothing!

  • Made me cry...

    by Mikiko Kitamura

    It is absolutely good app. It made me cry. I recommend this app. I found it very moving. I looked for my friends. I miss my country. 是非多くの方に見ていただきたいです。

  • Just to say I care

    by Seatac33

    I won't be able to look at the photos in this app, for I know it would crush me to see the heartbreaking destruction and the pain and bewilderment in the eyes of the people affected by this horrible tragedy. I purchased this app expressly to encourage others to buy it as well, and to say thanks to Kodansha Ltd and to all of the photographers for their generous and caring contribution towards helping the people of Japan. This is truly a wonderful thing you have done, and may blessings return to you a hundredfold. May the people of Japan find comfort in knowing that there are people from all walks of life and from all over the entire world who are upholding them in caring thoughts and heartfelt prayers.

  • Amazing

    by MusashiG

    Thank to the creators of this app and the photographers.

  • Amazing

    by LCroft13

    Very moving pictures Thanks to all of the photographers

  • Moving

    by Kazuma Kazeyama

    If you pay for an app, get this.

  • Brilliant!

    by gk43


  • Exceptional

    by Michael_Steinberg

    Fine photographs of an almost incomprehensible disaster--what photojournalism can be at its best. Navigation a bit clunky, and captions are at the end of each photog's work. It could take better advantage of the iPad but it's still powerful and absorbing as an app.

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