InfoWeapon News App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English


Fixes iPad bug introduced in 2.1

iOS 6
√ iPhone 5 Optimized
√ Facebook Sharing

√ iPad Bug Fix
√ "Read More" Button Fix
√ White Background for Reading clear Webpages

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6 Ratings
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53 Ratings


Featured in Apple's "WHAT'S HOT" list!
NEWS category for both iPhone and iPad

Sick of media Blackouts about issues like Gulf Oil Gusher, shady politicians and other important life altering topics? Assimilate and Spread the truth by reading, emailing and posting alternative news sources with just a few touches!

Be pro-active and use the InfoWeapon to educate and stimulate discussions with your friends, relatives and co-workers to what's really going on in the world.

Join the "Global Awakening!"




*LISTEN to Alex Jones Radio show in background!
*Use the following services to share information with just a touch!

√ Email
√ Post to Facebook
√ Post to Twitter



Featured in Apple's "WHAT'S HOT" list!
NEWS category for both iPhone and iPad

Customer Reviews

  • GREAT!!!

    by Hun3ryGhost

    I've never bothered leaving a review on any app before, and I've had this one a long time and always loved it; but now it's been expanded to include so many more news sources and resources. It really is a full "infoweapon" for anyone looking for alternative media. RT, Lew Rockwell, Infowars, Ben Swann, Drudge, We Are Change, Global Research, and more. Buy it.

  • A+ app, worth every penny and more!

    by distantdark

    Very well done app. The Drudge steam alone is worth getting this app. But to listen to Alex Jones and check out the news...WOW

  • Love this app!

    by Richie_Swellz

    I run a Facebook page about alternative news and the global conspiracy and this is a great tool to help not just find stories but to easily post them and share them on FB, Twitter, and Email

  • Version 2.1 crashes * FIXED

    by Larry Gatlin

    Version 2.1.1 fixed problem! Fantastic App, Fantastic support! I love this app, but never had problems with crashes until this last update. App crashes as soon as I click a story. I deleted the app, reinstalled, same problem. Finally I deleted the app and used iTunes to put back previous version which again works as expected. I give the app 5 stars because it is my favorite and most used app ever, I'm sure the problem will be addressed quickly.

  • Update fail

    by Jnf619

    This app had always worked flawlessly until an update was released on November 12. Now when I click on a headline to read it, the app just closes. Please fix! Such a great app that I use every day and now I have to use the mainstream media!!!! Noooooo

  • Update is great...but

    by The glitteratii

    The "read more" button on the article frequently is not there so only the title of article can be seen - looking forward to a fix!

  • Update is nice!!! (but it seems to crash)

    by jgean_88

    3 stars for the cool interface, but that's it due to the frequent crashing... I think the crashing is occurring due to the uploading/refreshing every time you try to switch to a different article... Note: mostly crashes during Drudge Report...

  • Great!

    by kayjay18

    Love it! One of my essential apps. Presents the REAL truth, unlike Mainstream Media, who are all about deceit and oppression.

  • Outstanding!

    by SuzieQ6508

    I loved this Infoweapon before the latest update, and now it's even better! It now has Natural News as well as The New American, Global Research and a working Campaign For Liberty and a Ron Paul 2012 sites! Infoweapon has been my "go to" app for all the alternative news that isn't reported by the mainstream media. People ask me how I am able to find information so fast, and I tell them that I'd love to say I'm such a great researcher, but really all of the credit goes to Infoweapon! It's so easy to forward the articles and videos. If I had a choice of only ONE app, it would definitely be INFOWEAPON! The price has been reduced, so now it's only a couple bucks and it puts all of the great alternative info right at your fingertips, without having to go to 9 different sites! It's an outstanding app!

  • The new release buggy

    by Imcal101

    The new release gets stuck while refreshing. This never happened before?

  • Fix the new update please

    by Bh1170

    Since the new update came out there is a problem with the app staying stuck in "loading refreshing data" mode.

  • Fantastic app, amazing information

    by cb250308

    I love this app! I use it everyday!!

  • Infoweapon app

    by Fedup59

    My favorite app! Awesome... Easy access and great for staying in tune with what's really going on! Thanks Bill!

  • Info Weapon

    by Lbrtylvr

    This app is great

  • Good news, buggy functionality

    by Need to share from the app

    News is great, Bugs in latest version include - inability to rotate screen within info app for some sections of the app. This would be ultra convenient. - emailing articles from app sends the email but crashed the application, you must close down and kill the app and restart and spend time going into the list of articles again. This is annoying and takes too much time. Even copying the article from safari crashed the app. - sending articles directly to face book just posts the URL, does not link the picture of the article and link directly to the article website. I also don't like the fact that this app has to post a picture of guns all over my Facebook. Pics of machine guns and pistols turns people off and is a radical distraction from the intent of the articles. This app needs some work and review..

  • Not bad, but...

    by 1234MusicMan

    This app is reasonably well done; however Alex Jones has his own app (search Alex Jones) that does the same thing, in many ways better, and it's free. No offense to the creator, but I'm sorry I wasted the money.

  • Good app

    by Faceplan7

    I feel as if some of the categories are outdated but I swear this app is easily my most used. I don't use the old touch often but I generally just read infowars and listen to Alex jones. This is perfect for that and more. I'd say buy if If you want some more abstract theories and new viewpoints or already subscribe to those theories and enjoy constant re education. America is a failing state. Thank god for people like Alex!

  • Well worth it!

    by Woodchuck513

    If you think the news you hear or watch is not tainted by big business and big brother, then your living a lie. Get your news from many sources, and come up with your own conclusions. This app can help.

  • Best app I have ... Period!

    by Chemtrail Inhaler

    Always working, fast and a must be for anyone awake or awakening. The ability to email and post to Facebook is second to none. I'd pay $20 for this gem and it's one of only two reasons I stick with an iPhone and don't get a droid.

  • One way to get real truth

    by Waylon Cashis

    Great app!!! have an open mind & wake up

  • Information is great, 1 star for 1 annoyance.

    by Ihop23947

    Alex fix the fact that whenever you tweet a story it puts that stupid gun and target symbol into your album on twitter! I now open it in my browser and tweet from there.

  • Not much functionality

    by Tbphoto88

    Just links you to the website. I could save a like to my home screen for free. Feel a little ripped off.... DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!

  • Disappointed.

    by YevetteM

    I bought this app so I could tweet the articles, but tweet function is not working for me. The Alex jones app does not have functionality for tweeting either which is why I paid for this app. Hope it gets fixed soon. Feel a little ripped off.

  • Update killed it and no way to go back to old version

    by Jiggysmb

    I am not on os5 but auto update killed the app with the latest revision. No response from support and no way to go back to old version...

  • Was Good...

    by The DJ K

    Worked great until last update, now it crashes every time when I try to load the app :(

  • Only worth .99

    by OzarkMac

    I have free news apps with 10 times the quality. Needs a more professional user interface as it opens up like a shooter video game app. If the developer wants this news taken seriously they will ditch the gamer frontend. Also, Alex Jones and cronies are not the only libertarian journalists out there. RBN have good info as well. App also forces entire articles on PP and IW rather than let you click on the headlines. There are kids that could code this app better. Again, it's only worth .99 if that.

  • Great app, but...

    by Thewatchman42

    The opening video thing is so clunky. I have to wait while it does its thing before I can even pick my news source. Remove the video and it's a five star app.

  • Excellent resource

    by Frudoc

    If you are interested in these news sources, then you will be able to appreciate this app. Styling is not bad, but the real beauty here is the consolidation of sources.

  • Amazing

    by Valmorgan

    Get this app it is exceptional! This is the absolute cutting edge of an ancient battle, arm yourself with the finest tool for the fray.

  • Well done! selection and quality!

    by Mr spellcheck

    Works great and connects with key sites.

  • Very nice

    by pirate6955

    Authors should write a better description. This thing rocks. Actually one of the best I used for drudge report. Both Alex jones sites and more. Facebook posting but no Twitter. Fast. No crashing. Worth buying.

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