Euro Radio News App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Marco Papa

OS 7 and retina display compatible.

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All Versions:
72 Ratings


Listen to over 2000 European radio stations!

Now with Twitter, Facebook support: tell your friends what radio station you're listening to, "live", without stopping your audio to invoke an external Twitter, Facebook client!

Dynamic directory provides for adding new directories and stations from our servers with no need for an application update.

Select your station by country or add your own favorite stream. You can also pick from your favorites or your recently played stations. You can even share with your friends iTunes and Radio links to a station stream using your iPhone or iPod Touch Mail application. And you can also post your favorite stations directly to Twitter, or Facebook.

Version 4.0:
Full multi-tasking with background audio: Radio keeps playing after you tap the home button. You can go surf the web or use Facebook or Twitter or send and E-mail and the music won't stop.

Double-tap the home button to bring up the multi-tasking UI and slide over the remote controls to pause/resume playing. In addition, you can lock the device, bring up the remote controls on the lock screen and pause/resume playing. It will also show the "playing audio" icon besides the power icon, when audio is playing. And it responds to pause/resume from external microphones as well.

These features are available only on multitasking capable devices with iOS4.

Version 4.2:
* Added support for high-resolution application icons (for iPhone 4)
* Added links to Facebook and Twitter support pages on Help screen
* Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by Clean Slate Farm

    Just what I've been looking for!

  • Great App!

    by emaginationster

    Now I could listen to so many euro stations easily. I love it!

  • I Love it !!

    by Radioholic

    Thank you guys for yet another amazing product!

  • Cool, convenient, simple and effective.

    by blaiddwyn

    I move around a lot... and I love radio. Now I can easily listen to all those great stations encountered in my travels. Looked like a good idea, took a chance - very pleased. Armchair wanderers too can explore Europe through the magic of radio. This one's a keeper.

  • Perfect

    by Mastera69

    The perfect radio app

  • Great Selection

    by Avn Div

    I enjoy listening to several German stations and this program allows me to do it with great quality.

  • Amazing selection!

    by Spanakopita

    I love this app! The selection of stations is amazing. I feel as though I'm on vacation when I listen. Just to set expectations though, if you're on the move stations can drop off. Not sure if this can be avoided?

  • Most excellent

    by sobroquet

    My shortwave radio gathers dust. I haven't had one crash or any station be unavailable. A very neat package.

  • Background Play: Awesome

    by jimboMdean

    Finally I do other stuff when using background play. Pretty mush all the stations seem to work. A must have.

  • My Favorite App!

    by LarryGA

    I'm a big fan of classical music so I love being able to tune in to classical music stations all across Europe. I find the feeds to be very reliable and free of skips for the most part and the sound quality is excellent. I probably use this app more than any other that I've added.

  • Great for French Radio

    by Snyder_workS

    I love this app! I am a new French speaker and the selection of French radio stations is the best I have found on the mobile platform so far.

  • IT SKIPS!!!

    by Rosybella1

    It has a good list of stations. But for most of the italian stations I listen to it skips very often and sometimes it stops playing by itself!! If they could fix these problems this would probably be one of my favorite apps! :) Please work on this Thanks

  • Euro Radio is great!

    by historytellsall

    This is a great resource for listening to live radio all over Europe. It is the best I have found. I only wish the streaming was a little stronger/more consistent.

  • Perfect

    by Ki11er8unny

    Perfect for streaming my favorite stations in Hungary. Love it, works great.

  • Love this APP!

    by Moude

    Live music' news, and talk from every country in Europe! It's fantastic.

  • Awesome app

    by Katiebulgaria

    Def worth it :)

  • Garbage

    by nagyg

    Tried a couple of stations from Austria: they all stop playing after a few minutes :(

  • Romania

    by AlexandruDoda

    I'm not very happy with this app because my favorite radio station are not there and the ones they are are not working and the app crashes when I try to listen to radio Guerilla! it's not working plus many more stations! Worth 0.99 not even close to 1.99 !!!

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