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As seen in Apple's Best Apps of 2012. Featured by ABC-News, Aol, Yappler, Mobile Entertainment, App Advice and appPicker.

Most people can use the iPad straight out of the box, but miss out on many hidden features and secret shortcuts. To unlock all that potential and become an iOS power user, you need Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets.

This FREE Lite Edition provides you with four complete chapters, giving you a taste of the content you’ll get in the full app. But with the latest update you’ll also receive regular new material – tips, how-tos, news stories and even app reviews – all for free. It’s our way of saying thanks for using our app.

So download the Lite app now and get all these great benefits…

Learn shortcuts, discover hidden features, type faster, browse quicker, secure your data, maximize your battery life, and more…

FREE content delivered to your iPad every week!

Snappy tips that get straight to the point, all accompanied by images for clarity.

Share your favorite tips via Email, Twitter and Facebook.

Retina display graphics make the text and images crystal clear.

Save time, work more efficiently and enjoy your iPad more!

The app also works on an iPhone, so you can read on an iPhone while you try the tips out on your iPad

With over 2 million downloads, we already have a lot of happy users – here’s what people are saying about Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets...

5/5 “This app could have easily come from Apple. It's simple, logical, and beautifully designed.” - USA
5/5 “This app has given me a whole new iPad. So many things I wasn't aware of. Thank you guys.” - Australia
5/5 “Unleashed the iPad's full potential. To have this amount of useful tips was invaluable. Highly recommended!” - USA
5/5 “I used every tip! Very useful!!” – USA
5/5 "If you bought a book that contained this amount of information, it would cost ten to twenty dollars. There are a lot of hidden features that make using an iOS device easier when you know where they are. This app provides a better way to find them. Each secret is concisely described on a single non-scrolling page with a short simple title. Many also include a graphic showing highlights of the feature. Worth every penny and more." - USA

So why not start mastering your iPad today. Download Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets and become an iOS guru!

Customer Reviews

  • Yes, it is light

    by GraceOM

    If you have not used an apple phone or pad before you will find this useful.

  • Not working right on iOS 7.1

    by yochannan

    Couldn't go further than the app forcing me to download and install you tube & g+. On third try though, I figured out how ( by clicking a small x icon in the corner) to bypass that part and was on my way.

  • Candy Crush

    by Kaysb

    It's addicting!

  • Cool

    by Brother 45

    I love it

  • title

    by Jay2cute1


  • Useful tidbits

    by paula osenni

    Found some really useful tips in this!

  • Good info

    by vaughnhc

    Some of the stuff I already knew but some tricks are very informative.

  • iPad Secrets

    by Rafael Ayax Moscote

    Best, very helpful. I recommended this app to my friends. They all loved it!

  • iPad tips

    by Pepp2er

    This app is great!!!!! Sooooo helpful. Just tip after tip . Really answered a lot of questions I had right off of the bat.

  • Great app

    by Cool Cassi 2012

    This is really great I rec it to all new users!

  • Tips

    by Pillow princess65

    Loved it!

  • Useless crap

    by Larroca01

    More advertising than tricks or tips, I had it for less than 5 minutes installed. Maybe the Pro version worth it, but this one is just CRAP.

  • me

    by Emilioparwngari

    imma just saynits good but ill se ;)

  • Yes

    by Katie33902

    Cool get it

  • Good

    by Qwrruinbgg

    Works great on my iPad mini

  • Question

    by Stupidegame

    Does these secrets work on. A mini iPad

  • It's great!

    by Lucy42337

    It's a great app! I've learned so much from this one app and I can't wait for new tips!

  • Awesome

    by Creat nickn

    I learned so many tricks with this app

  • Tips

    by Papaperm

    I'm not very computer literate, tips that were given help sort cut several steps I did the long way. Very helpful. Hopefully I can get more tips to help me. Trying to use word on my iPad not sure yet how to do it

  • Very informative!

    by Christopher Mims

    This is a very informative app! I am learning a lot of useful tips!

  • Meh

    by Mistyfan

    I learned one thing. Not worth downloding.

  • Terrible

    by Bloojecko

    Only useful is you're 90+ years old, and have no basic understanding of how to use your iPad. Not to mention its stuffed with full screen pop up ads, I literally would have paid not to use this app. I suspect all the 5 star reviews are fake.

  • iPad secrets lite? Where's the light switch?

    by Aj12345678-/:

    Advertising was obnoxious. I don't think of myself as a strong source for iPad trickery, but I found only one thing here that I hadn't learned early on. If you have NO iPad experience this would be helpful, (IF you have a height tolerance for spam type marketing). I took time to write this mostly because of the adds.

  • What crap!

    by Kitzkamp

    Once you open this program it's as if you been phished. Other apps start opening that I didn't even download. And you can't get beyond the first page of Tips & Tricks. Immediately deleted the program.

  • High jack Alert

    by Skiterbolt

    If you download this you will waste your time because it has been high jacked by an Internet game

  • Ads

    by Kakcuw

    Too many dang ads

  • Waste of time

    by iBlueskyfox

    Full of ads and with information that is fairly wide known. Don't bother...

  • YUK

    by Darmah59

    Stupid ads, stupid ads and more stupid ads. Lasted a whole 30 seconds before I deleted. Should have read the other reviews. Don't waste your time on this one

  • Worthless.

    by noMOREgoodNAMES

    Lots of ads...a pure "bait and switch". Don't waste your time.

  • Terrible, waste of time.

    by dog155

    I expected to find at least ONE cool new tip, but this is basically a user manual for people who don't know how to use an apple device at all... Like, for example, "cool tip! This is your mute button!" But in conclusion, don't waste your time on an app like this, I just expected so much more from a top 100. Very disappointed.

  • Useless

    by Tiich

    This is more like an advertising space than an app. Does not contain anything you don't know...

  • Uset

    by Babyboomer46

    tried, but could not use due to the interference of ads. Why bother loading a lite version if you cannot use it?

  • Nothing to offer - adds annoying

    by Cheese Wheel

    The first three chapters offer no secrets, All the information is on apples site. The worst thing of all are the adds! The are every where and difficult to bypass. Don't waste your time.

  • Crap

    by Tjm again

    Overwhelming adds for other apps - cant even use lite version to see if its worth the money. Don't waste you time on the lite version - good luck on the paid version. You probably already know 95% of what this offers.

  • Not the best

    by AnimalLover101

    Again, this app is not the best, most of the tricks I already knew. But a couple helped my iPad.

  • It's Ok

    by PieLuver2468

    This is app has some really nice tips for those who have never experienced an apple touch screen product. But for those like who do know some cool tips would think this app is ok. I really like the Emoji keyboard I discovered along with some other tips. But this app should be recommended to those who haven't experienced using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Peace!!

  • Ok

    by ILOVEAPPS123456789

    This app is ok. I knew almost all of the things they showed. Not very helpful. Maybe this is just because it is the lite version.

  • Great

    by Joseph Arruda

    No problems using a wireless hp printer. Sat in my recliner and printed Email and graphics. Worth the money.

  • Does not work

    by Banana mom

    This app does not open or update. Clearly doesn't work on iPad 1.

  • No great surprises here

    by Smoogywiggy

    I find the title misleading and expected more. This is a very condensed version of a different app. It's written very simply, so much so, it is a bit annoying, especially the title pages. Serves as a good example of why pc people hate apple people. Much of the info I had already figured out by playing with the device. But thanks for trying.

  • ok

    by abrabob

    Not bad

  • Stupid app

    by Unclmarv

    Crappiest app ever why did you make this I already knew every dang word you are a piece of corny Corny corny corncob cake now don't get this app!!!!!!!!!

  • Tips and tricks

    by Susie from fla

    This free book gave a lot of,info in an easy to read format Just enough to digest. For now I like the way u could forward it. On email Someone needs to explain the perks of the iPad ,I found the piano Key board by myself, not part of garage band, I'm 65"and still learning....

  • Tips & tricks

    by Fishingpond

    This was well worth the download. I took the free version. Learned a lot, and was very happy.

  • Tips

    by D2181

    Clear and concise. Very helpful.

  • Great App

    by Soltura5

    Personally, I love this app. It has given me many useful tips. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to better use their iPad.

  • Intelligent I Excellenti

    by Simbathree

    I have found this app extremely informative, well written, and user friendly. I even email myself tips so I can refer back to them. It is beautifully designed and organized. Those writing apps should pay attention to IPad Secrets . Great format and great graphics. Job well done! Thank you

  • Good

    by Lovethemusicandwords

    Good app. There is something in here you do not know and it is free. Cannot go wrong there.

  • Too short

    by Shadow-.-

    It's a good app although I already knew all of the stuff but it's too short I finished it as soon as I got its on 50 Pgs and 10 of them are ads for the full guide if u r ignorant in the ways of the phone then get it but I suggest that once ur done u delete it because it's a waste of space

  • superb

    by jwroc

    very quick reading....found out how to make screenshots ! well illustrated

  • Helpful "...

    by Da breadman

    Very helpful tutorial on I pad secrets . Just pretty basic info but I learned a few tricks and found this helpful .

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