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Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: Intelligenti Ltd

Updates for iOS 7.
Content corrections.
Reports correct model when running on an iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

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As seen in Apple's Best Apps of 2012. Featured by ABC-News, Aol, Yappler, Mobile Entertainment, App Advice and appPicker.

Most people can use the iPhone straight out of the box, but miss out on many hidden features and secret shortcuts. To unlock all that potential and become an iOS power user, you need Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets.

This FREE Lite Edition provides you with four complete chapters, giving you a taste of the content you’ll get in the full app. But with the latest update you’ll also receive regular new material – tips, how-tos, news stories and even app reviews – all for free. It’s our way of saying thanks for using our app.

So download the Lite app now and get all these great benefits…

Learn shortcuts, discover hidden features, type faster, browse quicker, secure your data, maximize your battery life, and more…
FREE content delivered to our iPhone every week!
Snappy tips that get straight to the point, all accompanied by images for clarity.
Share your favorite tips via Email, Twitter and Facebook.
Retina display graphics make the text and images crystal clear.
Save time, work more efficiently and enjoy your iPhone more!

The app also works on an iPad, so you can read on an iPad while you try the tips out on your iPhone or iPod touch.

With over 10 million downloads, we already have a lot of happy users – here’s what people are saying about Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets..
5/5 “This app could have easily come from Apple. It's simple, logical, and beautifully designed. Very well done.”
5/5 “I used every tip! Very useful!!” – USA
5/5 “So many tips I had no idea my phone could do. Easy format to understand. Not super techy so you won't be overwhelmed.” – USA
5/5 “A real eye-opener! I thought I knew a lot, but i didn't! ;-)” – Sweden
5/5 “Nice , little app. Does what it says. Perfect for those who are new to iPhone or to existent users after OS upgrade. This app should be default iPhone app and shipped with every new iPhone :)” – UK

So why not start mastering your iPhone today. Download Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets and become an iOS guru!

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic preview.

    by Elizabeth Iyaman

    Thanks for this app. It's a nice sneak peek.

  • Review

    by LG3G

    Even tho I still have an old I phone it works for me. With your updates I'm up to io6. Can't go any farther till I get a new phone, but like I said it works for what I need it to do. The info has been very helpful to me and I thank you for it. Keep the updates coming and ill use the ones that are comparable with my phone

  • Worth it

    by BB69 Gibson

    You may know some of them, but not all of them. I learned a few new things with this app! Very Interesting, especially if your new to iPhones!

  • Reseña

    by henrydavid17

    Software de buena utilidad, éste debería de ser totalmente gratuito

  • Swag



  • Good

    by yochannan

    Good tips.

  • Must-have app

    by Myronc5

    Even if you think you know all there is to know about the iPhone; guaranteed you'll learn something. Plus the app keeps you informed on all apple news.

  • First One

    by DjLa'P

    First one to give a 5 star lol!

  • Love the app

    by Jaxgray22

    Gotta get this app. Great features, stellar UI, and can be used by just about anyone. We could all benefit from some tips

  • :D

    by Kkcortrecht

    I was amazed about the screen shot thing

  • Woohoo

    by Epischgdg

    This app is an app

  • Awesome as Always

    by julie585

    Used this app in previous versions and learned several useful tricks. I deleted this app thinking ok I read it, but with ios updates the tips and tricks are updated. Reinstalled only to help my mom and quickly realized there are always new tricks EVEN FOR EXPERIENCED IPHONE USERS!

  • Excellent!

    by Actually3

    This app has a lot of tips and tricks. You can become a pro in only a few minutes.

  • I don't know if I like it or not lol

    by Snooz u looz

    HAHAHAHAHA I'm just going it five stars for the fun of it!!! Lol

  • Thank

    by Tawzinwin


  • iPhone tips

    by Rene0871

    I really enjoy this app. I am new to the smart phone. Many things to learn, this app has helped me.

  • Keep Peace in the Family

    by Mikehcm

    With almost endless options this app is a lifesaver. Recently spouse accidentally, without realizing it locked her screen and was extremely upset making life miserable for family. Found solution in this app which we all learned from. If you have an iPhone you need this app.

  • Awesome

    by Ilikeoriginaltones

    Very helpful especially with using the keyboard!

  • What?

    by Savage Rabbit

    Very helpful!!

  • Awesome app!

    by Leo1heart

    This is a really great app. I am learning more and more every day about my iPhone. But, what I'm really looking forward to are the updates for future phones so I can stay ahead of the game. Good job guys!

  • Stupid people shouldn't breed

    by Digitaldeath187

  • Won't work

    by Meganmonkey2000

    It dose not load anything it makes me very mad please fix

  • Don't waste your time

    by Fcres709

    These are not secrets; more like common knowledge. Save space - don't download. I deleted the app. Worthless!

  • Lame

    by Romeely

    Common sense and lame. Whoever owns an iphone and doesn't know these simple gestures not trick is really stupid.

  • It's a waste of time and space

    by Ghatf10457

    Don't bother with it. The only thing on it that works is the ad bar.

  • Stupid

    by Sabrina41102

    These are basic things not secret hidden items on the iphone

  • Frustration

    by Unconcerned apple

    Has been stuck on my update screen for about two weeks showing installing but it is not.Very frustrated and disappointed!!!!!

  • Bad

    by The real Borat


  • Horrible

    by Sam12345615

    If you don't already know these "secrets" you shouldn't have a phone

  • Bad!

    by CassieJT16

    I give this a one star rating! why? because. it tells you everything that you know already. it's not helpful and neither is the pro one. if you want to get this app I recommend you don't! this is such a horrible app. i wasted 20 minutes looking at this to see what I don't know. and of course, I knew everything. if your gonna make an app to tell us iPhone secrets, tell us stuff we don't know. thank you.

  • Waste of time and space

    by MoeEvans

    This app was a waste of time if your trying to get people to buy the pro version give them something new that will make them want to buy it not what we know already

  • Stupidest app made

    by Fffffffkjidhsfgjvfueufcnchdf

    If you don't know all this stuff already you shouldn't have an iPhone

  • Waste of time

    by Yourgamesucksbutt

    Not worth downloading. Merely a vehicle in which they barrage you with advertisements.

  • Enh

    by Niniactress

    It just showed me things I already new!!! C'mon we need interesting things...

  • Tips and tricks secrets of the iPhone lite

    by selasting

    Great app for learning to use your IPhone

  • So much to learn

    by robomg

    Wow. This app helps you to use your iPhone better.

  • Good for a newbie

    by Jef4e

    If you have owned your iPhone for more than a month I doubt you would find any information here useful. App is good for a newbie but should be deleted after learning the few shortcuts it provides.

  • by

    Don't waste ur time

  • I'm trying it

    by KingRicky 13

    I think I like it

  • Great for quick iPhone news and tips

    by RIAD001

    Great for getting your news on the iPhone quickly, hearing about new apps, and learning about using features you may not be familiar with.

  • by ArchanaSundar

    Junk. Absolutly don't download.

  • Um um .......

    by Layshabieber

    I did the rating cuz i saw tht it had say no rating so i thought to be generous.

  • The new update won't install

    by 2whitechris

    As above^^

  • Very useful

    by RG3faninSC

    This app is really helpful. It taught me a few time saving tips that make me look really responsible and on top of things about responding quickly to calls. Check it out. It also has some interesting speculation about future iPhone coming soon.

  • Awesome

    by Love &peace

    Had all the info and it was useful its a def def get!!!!:)):):)

  • Good app

    by Stanr56

    I did learn some things about the iphone 4..

  • What I have learned

    by Hobeyone

    The only thing I have learned is upgrade to pro for .99. If I could give this app a 1/4 star I would.

  • Glad I read it!

    by HMD1121345

    I knew some of the info. This app told me,but when I did found something new from it, I was very excited!!!!

  • Great even being lite version!

    by EndlessSummer7

    This is a good app to have! It has useful info for beginner iOS users and interesting articles for the more experienced users and beginners a like. It also has continuous bonus chapters and app suggestions! Good job enjoying it very much! May try apple's magazine "Swipe"! Bought pro version found quite a few more valuable tips!! Also am now going to try swipe magazine! Will keep u posted!

  • Useless and annoying

    by No nickname left?

    When it asked me about push notifications, I said no, and it's been sending them to me anyways. The notifications won't go away either. I'm uninstalling immediately.

  • Wort tips ever

    by Peydonross

    It tells you stuff you already know.

  • Great App!

    by Lokey61267


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