News Fuse UK News App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: Hassan Hosam
  • Updated: Oct, 06 2009
  • Version: 1.4
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Languages: English

Seller: Hassan Hosam

✓ Tapping the status bar will now scroll-to-top

✓ Added CNN to page 3

✓ New setting: Ability to enable/disable auto screen dimming

✓ Updated User Interface

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The #1 top paid news app in the States and Italy has finally arrived to the UK.

News Fuse makes reading news on your iPhone or iPod Touch a pleasure. Every single article is perfectly and nicely formatted for your screen. Audio/video playback support, non-intrusive touch controls, in-app email, ability to change defaults, and fullscreen viewing make News Fuse the ultimate news reader.

Currently available news outlets in News Fuse UK:
✓ Guardian
✓ Telegraph
✓ The Newcastle Evening Chronicle
✓ Oxford Mail
✓ Manchester Evening News
✓ The Liverpool Daily Post
✓ The Birmingham Post
✓ The Bolton News
✓ The Sun
✓ The Independent
✓ BBC News
✓ Metro
✓ Times
✓ Daily Mirror
✓ News of The World
✓ Financial Times
✓ Associated Press
✓ The Wallstreet Journal
✓ Reuters
✓ Newsweek
✓ Time
✓ USA Today
✓ Yahoo! News

Why is News Fuse Different

✭ Reclaim Back Your Screen Space
While other news readers in the App Store have static navigation controls that are always occupying valuable screen real estate, News Fuse sports non-intrusive touch controls that are only there when you need them. Slightly shake your iPhone or iPod and all the touch controls slide out of view. Shake again and they slide back in.

✭ All-in-One
News Fuse features 18 of the most commonly read news outlets in the United Kingdom all in one place, including The Guardian and The Sun. Say goodbye to multiple icons on your home screen, searching through bookmarks, or trying to type in that one iPhone-optimized news web address. Now with a single touch, you will already be reading the news of your choice.

✭ Speed
News Fuse is fast. Every single news source currently supported is specifically tailored for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app itself has a very small memory footprint which makes loading articles blazing fast.

✭ Slick User Interface
Even though News Fuse strives for minimalism in its interface design, each control element and how it appears on the screen have been carefully thought out of. Unlike other news apps, the sources in News Fuse are presented visually with their logos instead of just text. This makes it easier to identify and select the news you would like to read. Once you select a source, the pane automatically slides out of view giving you instant access to the news you want to read. A status indicator smoothly slides in from the top indicating that your selection is now loading.

✭ Your Favorite
Setting the default news source that opens when you launch News Fuse has never been easier. Simply touch-and-hold your finger over your favorite news source icon in the sources pane. When set, a little star will appear next to the icon indicating that this source is now the new default.

+++++++ 1-Minute HowTo Guide +++++++
When the application first launches you will get a translucent toolbar at the bottom of the screen with three buttons. Back, Sources, and Forward.

Back and forward behave just like you would expect from any modern web browser, helping you navigate back and forth through web pages.

The sources button shows or hides the news outlets pane.

At any given time, slightly shaking your iPhone or iPod Touch would hide whatever controls were currently shown on the screen. Shake again to show them back up.

To set your default news source, touch-and-hold your finger over the icon of the news outlet of your choice in the sources list.

We hope you enjoy using News Fuse as much as we do. If you have any suggestions or feature requests please don't hesitate to contact us at


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