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Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Gray Digital Media

Minor bug fixes.
Stability enhancements.

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The local news experience you’ve come to expect from WEAU has been updated! The latest Breaking News, Severe Weather, local news, sports and Skywarn 13 Weather is available wherever you go with the WEAU Mobile Local News application.

This updated app brings more features and functions so with a few simple touches, you can read and watch the latest WEAU news or share it with family and friends by e-mail, text message and even post to your Facebook news feed and Twitter.

Requires iOS 5.0 or higher.

Customer Reviews

  • It works, but ...

    by Anton Rang

    This is an improvement from just using the web site, but there’s more work to do. From the news list, if you read an story and then return to the list, you lose your position in the list — it’s back at the top. The weather link from the home page is nice, though it’s a bit disconcerting that tapping on the time/date icons brings up a modal dialog with more information. Oddly, however, the “local weather” link (vs. “current conditions” or the home page) just goes to the WEAU web site, and has a slightly different forecast than that shown in the home page link. The menu on the iPad is a mess — each entry is so large that you have to scroll through them, even though there are only 11 of them, and for 7 of the 11, you need to click twice (clicking on "Closings" results in a second menu with just "Closings" as a choice). This really needs a redesign; a standard iOS pop-over would be a far better way of doing it. The "Settings" button changes its function depending on the page you’re on, which isn’t obvious. (In the weather page, it brings up a location editor — which only accepts zip codes — but in a story page, it brings up settings.) The “Today’s events” screen shows only the first four events, and doesn’t allow them to be scrolled through — so you’ll miss a lot! The “Terms of Use” comes up in a tiny modal dialog, which makes them rather hard to read. (OK, not that anyone does.) So, better than the web site (except for “today’s events”), but hopefully it will be improved over time!

  • Crap, just keeps getting worse!

    by <=CAT=>

    Instead of them fixing the bugs in the the app, they think it might be helpful to insert more ads. Now there are ads mixed in with the headlines and in every article. They can't even fix the hold of the scroll position so every time you read an article you have to scroll all the way back down the list and find your spot again. We'll I guess they figured more ads is more important. As far as the articles, not only are they inaccurate but haven't they learned about proof reading or using a spell checker at least. Terrible!

  • Crappy app

    by Monkey14148942279

    App shuts down when you tap on the radar loop. Uninstalling shortly.....argh. Make the old app available until the junk new one is fixed


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