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Seller: Gray Digital Media

Minor bug fixes.
Stability enhancements.

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It’s the Central Texas news experience you’ve waited for! Catch news, sports, and weather anywhere with the KWTX app for iPhone.

Share content by email, text, Twitter or Facebook. Whether it’s severe weather or sports scores, the KWTX app for iPhone keeps you in-the-know while you’re on-the-go!

Requires iOS 5.0 or higher.

Customer Reviews

  • Kwtx

    by Fruitness

    The last update is causing the app to crash a lot u be reading anything then it's closed. I like the app but the crashes got to go.

  • Pollen count?

    by anorexic chicken

    Pollen count would be most helpful in the weather section. Good app, otherwise!

  • Was hoping for more

    by Mopartex

    New update I guess 10/18 or so... But y'all killed the interactive radar... No loop button any more... More ads and less radar... What used to be the best part of the app is now more or less worthless... Bring back the original one... This version is a waste of time...Was hoping the update would be faster... But seems even slower... Interactive radar looks like a lowered resolution... Overall I think I liked the last one more... But I am sure it will grow on me... And as a parting complaint... It's a NEW app... Not an update... Had to manually delete the old version ... Minor complaint I know but an avoidable hassle if it had been an update....

  • KWTX

    by Gray Nuts!

    KWTXNEWS keeps me up to date at all times. Keep up the fire Guys and Gals.

  • Can't save stories

    by Nixal

    I love to save the stories because I use them with my students. Now I can't.

  • So far so good...

    by SM33p

    Didn't like the last iPad update, so far this one is good!

  • Just get the channel 25 app

    by CumminsCowboy

    They hardly ever add new news. And when they do the stories are not accurate.

  • Aggravating

    by Lewiski

    Scrolls back to the top when clicking back to read another report. Also the adds that look like news stories is a sneaky way of advertising. It's irritating.

  • The king falls

    by Paul gregor

    Aside from the constant crashes, stop trying to sell me something. There are better local news apps out there, and your competitors have them. I like many prefer our news mobile. Don't penalize us but butchering us with flipping ads everywhere. If you are going to place ads everywhere, enable in story comments so we can participate in the story. I will give this app 2 weeks before I drop it for the new news leader in Central Texas.

  • I use to like this app


    I use to read the news from it everyday now I'm about to delete it because it's a waste of space. I have keep it for a while hoping they would fix the ridiculous updates almost everyone was worse than the last sorry 10 I'm going to your competition.

  • Minor changes indeed

    by Foxfire7844

    Added more ads in very inconvenient locations. Now when you try to scroll through a news story, you randomly click on an ad. Come on don't stop the story in the middle for ads when you broadcast the news on TV. Leave them at the end or give them their own category.

  • App Ads

    by 5146

    Do not like the App Ads that are appearing between news (any kind) stories.

  • Fix it

    by Chstiger

    Since IoS update, have to download this ap everytime...

  • Interactive map!

    by Bpope0558

    The interactive map isn't very interactive and too much advertising!!! Needs an update to fix it! Other than that I like the rest of the app

  • Update is worse yet

    by Daddiooooo

    With all the ads on the weather page, the radar screen is smaller. Can't put the weather map into motion. Sometimes ads run across the middle of the screen. Too bad it's getting worse than better. Please fix.

  • The other app was better

    by Ihateapps

    There is too many things going on in this app, they went from a simple, easy to understand, and easy to navigate app to this. If you want a local news app that is easier to navigate, get the KXXV app, or bring back the last app.

  • Not liking new app

    by Alrae17

    The new app takes WAY longer to load and I haven't found a detailed forecast like the old app used to have. Not happy with this new one. I suppose it has some neat features but it needs lots of fine tuning. And a written weather forecast- not just 'cloudy with a chance of rain'.

  • Kwtx

    by RCF4440

    Stupid app told me to update, then took me to google play. C'mon guys this is iOS!

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