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Minor bug fixes.
Stability enhancements.

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The Southern Colorado news experience you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Catch the latest news, sports and weather wherever you go with the KKTV iOS App.

The KKTV iOS App takes the best features from the KKTV newscast and Web site and rolls them into a mobile experience that is a must on your iOS Device. It makes viewing and sharing the news easy. With a few simple steps, you can read and watch the latest news or share it with family and friends by e-mail, text message and even post to Twitter and Facebook.

Whether it’s severe weather, the newest sports scores or learning you’re a lottery winner by viewing the latest numbers, the KKTV iPhone App keeps you in-the-know while you’re on-the-go.

Requires iOS 5.0 or higher.

Customer Reviews

  • Better then other local news.

    by Alicia3076

    Better then other local news.

  • As if the normal broadcast wasn't enough…

    by Aunt Jemima's Syrup

    If you are not getting your fill of condescension, you can use this app to have even more news delivered to you as if you were a child. So as soon as you are beginning to feel intelligent and self-confident, turn on KKTV and they will fix it.

  • Update?

    by Maui Kid

    Wow....... This was no update. Same ol'problems as before. The app looks bad, opening screen still flickers because it's not sized correctly for iPhone 5. Etc, etc. Why can't any of the news companies put together a great app? Most are poorly designed. This gets one star until it improves.

  • More like only goes to ten news

    by LilPepeand pepe

    App blows. Can't leave or view comments, just a white screen. When I exit a story it goes back to the top of the main menu not where I left off.

  • Major fail!

    by JBJS

    Tried to download this new app and it won't finish loading. I cannot delete it or get it to finish loading.

  • Traffic?

    by Olds442w30

    Really bad. Can't find traffic maps and closures. Off to another stations ap.

  • Needs Work

    by Daughter of_ Zion

    The old app was great. This one is a mess! Please fix it!

  • IrieWarner

    by iriejulie

    I liked the previous version, except it loaded much slower than the other news apps. This new version is horrible. It was supposed to be easier and better but I think it's a pain in the butt! It requires clicking on a story link several times before the story actually opens. After finally getting to read the news story, it goes to the top of the news story list after clicking 'home'. This means scrolling the list over and over in order to read each story. Not worth the hassle. I just deleted it.

  • It's okay

    by Deadgrl5676

    I don't like how it doesn't hold my place where I've scrolled to, so if I read a story and go back to the list of stories I have to scroll through stuff I've already looked at or bypassed. At least I can read the stories so far with the new app

  • Terrible app

    by DrJoeC

    The old app for KKTV worked fine. This one takes forever to load. I will be using the app from your competitor, KOAA, which used to be my second choice. Whoever did this app for you should be fired. Now.

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