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The latest is always the greatest!
You can now get push notifications that open up the article directly! No more trying to find that article in the app.
We've also added a Notification Center which is where all pushed stories are in case you missed them.
We also redesigned the front page to have the extended forecast right on the front screen.
There are also some design improvements that just make the app better.

Send us suggestions and feedback as we want to make it the best news app for you!

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Stay connected with and all things Boston in this updated app.

• Follow top stories and breaking news — local, national, sports, politics, entertainment, business and more

• Get more video and browse more photos — or share your own photos or video with us

• Access the latest weather and traffic reports

• Sign up for push alerts for the latest headlines or share the news with your friends via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter

Customer Reviews

  • Notifications don't link to stories

    by Joann23456

    For a news app, this is all right. However, there is one feature that just drives me nuts. Periodically, the app will send out a notification for breaking news. When I click on the notification, it should take me to the story about that particular subject. Instead, it just takes me to the main page, and I have to search for the story. And often I can't find it.

  • Gets the job done

    by Ktr101

    The app is good at letting you know what is up, but I find the sports updates to be quite annoying, especially since you have to open the app in order to reset the notifications on the home screen.

  • Still needs work

    by SteffiB

    The "this just in" section is particularly buggy and difficult to scroll, easy to get bounced out by an ad and then have to start all over. Too many duplicate stories. I expect more from you, Globe.

  • Works great

    by barlym

    After so many early complaints, it works pretty good now. Fonts are a bit small.

  • Great App - unsure about other reviews

    by nmhemming

    I was originally turned off by the host of poor reviews, but I have to say, I've had a different experience. It's intuitive, easy to navigate, and provides links to all the relevant articles. A great way to read the Globe's high quality content. My only complaint: this app is visually crowded, and feels a little overwhelming. Other than that, highly recommended.

  • --

    by J2e21

    Best local news site in Boston.

  • Better, but not much better than web

    by NewtronBob

    I have to admit the layout in the latest version is a good attempt at innovation. The tile interface is perhaps a bit too Win8, but it tries to present top categories in a compact and original fashion. Unfortunately the app still suffers from some drawbacks including: * Slow, painfully slow, even the new "must faster" version is much too slow. It's "start the app and go get a cup of coffee while it loads" slow. I suppose it's all the animations and graphics, but it takes 10 seconds (on my iPhone 4) just to get to the main screen, and at least 6 seconds to switch between categories. The mobile interface on the web site is much faster. I prefer reading the news when it's new, and I'm not really in it for the entertaining graphics. * Navigation between tabs in a category is, well, odd and a bit confusing. At the top of the screen you have a navigation bar to go back to the main screen, and under that you have tabs (like for news, there are tabs for local, national, world). The tabs have images at the top, but they're under the navigation bar so you can't really see them. And when you scroll through tabs, the navigation bar disappears for a few seconds -- UI controls should never disappear. So if you scroll and decide you're not interested in any more tabs, you need to wait 3 seconds for the navigation bar to reveal itself again so you can return to the main page. I would recommend having a solid navigation bar, and below that just have a regular set of tabs without images, and make the selected tab stand out better. * Moving between articles is accomplished by a sliding gesture; it's fairly intuitive but sometimes takes a couple of seconds to recognize the gesture; a little frustrating to swipe, wait, wait, and then see the page slide. But what I find disappointing is that swiping doesn't cross tab boundaries. So if you're looking at the "top stories" tab under "news", and there are only four stories, you have to exit the last story to return to the tabbed view in order to select the next tab to view it local stories. While I can understand not crossing category boundaries on a swipe (I wouldn't want to swipe from sports to a&e), but the tabs are so fine-grained that it makes more sense to be able to cycle through all news stories by swiping. And make the swiping more responsive. * I'd like to be able to organize the main tiles to my liking. I'd like to have business on top next to news, not buried between traffic and a&e. * I'd like to see more photos and slide shows. The non-mobile web site has plenty. * Probably the only reason I still go to (instead of the national news web sites) besides local sports coverage is for The Ink Tank, a roundup of editorial cartoons. I would love to see that on the app. * How about an iPad optimized version? So in summary, the latest design tries to take the app from "just a mobile browser" into the realm of offering something different. But it's slow, awkward and doesn't offer enough of a difference. It's certainly not the worst news app (some of the major news outlets have worse). I hope they can take this to the next level, make it faster, easy to use, and more user configurable, and produce a real head turning app.

  • Better, but

    by calliope1975

    Better interface than before. Unfortunately many of the stories are OLD. This would be fine if the stories actually contained updates:(

  • Vast improvement!

    by MHLEV

    Finally works like a real news app. Hope it keeps improving.

  • Great!

    by RichBoston

    Thanks for fixing! Looks great, works great!

  • Best News App Out There!

    by Bigroco

    I love this app! The latest update has made it my favorite app. Very cool new features.

  • Great Update

    by TheGunrock

    The November 2012 update is the best make over I have seen for any app. Great job making a very boring app into one of the best news apps available.

  • Finally got it right!

    by dmarch01

    New design is fantastic. It's about time. Nice job.

  • It's about time!

    by GridironGold

    Finally an app that doesn't crash and is even pleasurable to use.

  • Fingers crossed

    by Lulubean13

    Oh please please let this upgrade be the answer to my frustrations! 3 tentative stars

  • Great App

    by warrior0013

    Blows the previous version out of the water! Great app!

  • Great app

    by ItsMeDave

    I love this app! Very easy to use and runs smoothly. The ads can be annoying but it's what helps keep the site and app free! Dom and Damian did a great job!

  • Great App!!

    by iphonegeek0345

    Love this app keeps getting better and better!!

  • This new layout rocks!

    by 4thand20

    Awesome app! Love the photos and rich look. I like getting the radio stream in the app! Puts two app in one for me. Not an iPad version though ;-(

  • Latest Update a Failure

    by Cheesepuffsndhsujje

    I was psyched when I read the description of the latest update. When I click on a notification, it would go right to the article. It still doesn't. Not only that; when I click the notification "bell button", it ALWAYS says, "notifications up to date" with no articles/headlines listed. All the update provided was a useless "bell button" that does nothing!

  • Loads ads, not much else

    by Caerus12

    Still plagued with issues, this version finds a way to load the ads, but more often than not the stories do not populate and the rest of the page is blank.

  • Update

    by The tin knocker

    I just updated the app and now it doesn't open

  • Awful app. Bad design and crashes ALL the time.

    by lmf456

    It's crap.

  • Doesn't work anymore

    by DK1013

    There have been intermittent problems over the years but this is the worst ever. It won't load any content now. Ready to delete

  • C...R...A...P

    by Joeshmoe1


  • Where is the iPad version???

    by Halls3

    This content is much better served on a bigger screen.

  • Very annoying App

    by capekodder

    This app does not really give you anything more than you can get with a safari page view. Often there is a bright red circle with a number so you think it's a new important story, after opening the app you just go to the main page - who needs that? Don't bother with this app

  • Multiple problems

    by Momek531

    This app is pretty bad. First of all, under The News Top Stories section, the stories are almost always sports stories. Shouldn't these stories be in the Sports section?! How about some news! Stories are often repeated under several sections and 3-day old stories are left on the site. Surely there are enough stories to keep the listings fresh. Finally, a technical issue. I often get a notification (the red circle with the number 1 in it on the app icon on my phone), but when I open the app, there's no way to know what the notification was for - a weather alert perhaps, breaking news, who knows!

  • Update the news!

    by Rpmiphone

    The app is the last one to update news. It's absolutely awful.

  • Frustrating app

    by Jrcar85

    Crashes or won't open half the time.

  • Never works

    by Homeboy307

    This app consistently won't load the past two weeks. When it did work, the content wasn't regularly updated.

  • Garbage app

    by kjbuild

    And then u expect people to pay for content...nonsense.

  • Crashes

    by eterwill

    App crashes constantly if it opens at all. If I get to start reading an article it crashes before I reach the end. Useless. Needs a bug/crash fix desperately.

  • Articles are now just the first few paragraphs

    by jwardell

    The globe decided to castrate all articles in this app, with a link after each paragraph linking to the full site where you must buy an overpriced subscription. Furthermore, due to loading a new ad every few seconds and repeatedly turning on your GPS this app will burn 1% of your phone battery each minute you have it open! NYTimes company should use their NYTimes app for a desperate redesign of this horrible app.

  • Upgrade needed!

    by Sandy02351

    What happened to this app?! It has been my go to app for a long time but it's completely useless now. Content doesnt load, news doesnt update, format is lame. Please fix all the issues!

  • Crashing

    by Chance McCutcheon

    Says unable to load content. Boo.

  • Poor app

    by joandjoe

    News is not current. Sometimes it is 2 days old. What is the point? It appears to have gotten worse. Why don't they prove it??

  • Okay, but avoid the alerts

    by Mycalls

    Ap is okay and relatively easy to navigate, but ap alerts never open to story they reference and are often not truly alert worthy, unless you are really into hearing about the latest sports trades.

  • Needs some help

    by Tdurant123 is such a great site and this is such a lame app. You need to hire a ui person to get it up to this decade...please.

  • Pauses music playback

    by Lrmanfre


  • The Globe needs an iPad app

    by JPMGFV

    I have been a loyal Boston Globe reader for 35 years - mostly the paper edition. The Globe provides the best news in Boston, particularly its sports coverage which no one does better. However, this app is wholly inadequate and provides only a fraction of the content it should. I understand that we can pay for the e-Globe but the Boston Herald provides all its content for free. The Herald also has a dedicated Sports app that is organized by each team. I hate to say it, but I now rarely read the Globe and instead have turned to the Herald. I never thought I would ever switch but the Boston Herald apps are giving me my Boston news and sports...

  • Worthless

    by Oontz

    App is completely worthless at this point. Crashes constantly. Ultra slow. Fails to load articles on a constant basis, forcing you to restart the app. Constantly refreshes articles making it impossible to read them. Loads blank tabs most of the time. App is 97% worthless. Don't bother downloading unless you want a headache.

  • App pauses music playback

    by oldschoolbigwill

    Good source for news. App annoyingly pauses music whenever you open it.

  • Dislike

    by CP dog

    I didn't realize the Globe was now a tabloid. If I want to read the Boston Herald app-that's what I'll do. Really horrible when compared with either the Wash Post or NyTimes.

  • Unwanted notifications

    by Mr_Brown

    I like the layout of the new update, but it sends me push notifications all the time when I have them turned off. I've deleted and reinstalled and still have the problem.

  • Horrible app!

    by Readingteacher99

    I despise the all new app. It is not well organized nor is it user friendly and it crashes constantly, a problem I never had with the old app. Please bring back the old version! You can see from the ratings overall that many others are also extremely dissatisfied. Time for me to get a new news source until the old app returns.

  • Horrible

    by Rib Odamz

    Possibly the worst App on my phone

  • A Step Back

    by Developingstorm

    Pointless animations, horrible fonts, no news on the main screen, this is cargo-cult design at its worst. I preferred the crashes.

  • Ripping off Boston Herald's look

    by NYY2012

    Wow, a blatant rip off... and your rivals do such a better job with it. Their app is laid out better and doesn't crash. Shameless.

  • Downgrade

    by Meriod

    You basically went out and bought the identical app that the Boston Herald uses. Aren't you supposed tone competing? Such a downgrade.

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