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Listen to two different songs on your headphones with your friends or your girlfriend.

On the train, plane or bus???
You’re listening on your headphones and your girlfriend asks to listen too?
This app is the solution to your problems.
Give the other person an earphone, and you can both listen to your favourite tunes independently of one another with two innovative music players and fantastic graphics.
Be a step ahead with your iPhone or iPod Touch!!!

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Morris Spigner


  • Awesome

    by Hans Guy

    Just awesome, so useful in so many levels!

  • Almost A Must-Have App

    by Garsche

    I found this app by accident, and the idea of splitting the headphones was a brilliant idea. It does what it advertises, but there are three problems I have found which might be a good idea to fix. These problems are mainly when you aren't holding the device in your hand, but laying it on something like a table. Most noticeably, you cannot switch music from both sides at the same time. Also, The UI does not have opposite directions, but face both toward the same direction. There should be an option where you can set what design the UI will be. For example, if two people are able to use the device at the same time, they should have an alternate UI. If only one person is able to easily change the song, the standard UI will be enough. I consider the following bug in the app, but I am not sure if this is purposely included in the app. Even with the mono setting turned off, a person can faintly hear the other's music if the person's music is not playing or is very low. As for anything else to be changed in the app, the only improvement for this app which may work if added would be the ability to see and change where you are in the song. Overall, this app is great to use with people asking to listen to your music. I would suggest obtaining a splitter if you are a person who does not like to listen with one ear bud, but you would only be listening to one side of the song on both sides of your head. Also note that this may become a tangle if you are careless. The only reason this app loses one star from me is because of the faint sound you can hear from the other person.

  • Creative App

    by 213Eli

    Good app really gives music a new sound meaning.

  • This app really works!

    by MadWilfong07

    I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about this app, but was pleased to find that it actually works! For those of you who say that all this app does is just blend the two songs, make sure that your "mono" hearing is turned off by going to "settings," "general," "accessibility," then scroll down to turn the "mono" slider off.

  • This app is awesome

    by LastNightsShift

    When I saw this app I thought oh this is probably going to be really stupid and not work so I grabbed my head phones and was blown away. This is an amazing app if you have head phones.

  • More than 5 stars

    by Logan Cross

    If it was up to me to determine the top charts this app would be number 1

  • Wow this is good

    by mawire

    One of the best apps I have downloaded

  • 3 u need headphones

    by do god believe in us

    ^thats all

  • I'm not one to leave reviews but...

    by Riverrat2411

    This app is amazing. Didn't think it was possible to split music in headphones like that, but this app gets it done and even gives you the option to shuffle and repeat. Pretty darn cool. And the quality is good too!!

  • I Can't believe it

    by Chuck1299

    This's one of the best apps out there


    by iHezus

    No suelo escribir aquí, pero esta app se la merece

  • Usefull

    by Cyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    This app is amaising. Downloading it is not a waist if time

  • Useful

    by KronicleMusic

    I use this app everyday at school on my iPod, my friend next to me in almost every class enjoys their own music, but its all on my account. So, I let them listen to their music while listen to mine.

  • Really good app

    by Zabfalter

    It is a very good idea and works good except whenever the song changes automatically, the volume goes to max. The slider doesn't move but the volume still changes.

  • Great app, but needs a better design

    by Taxi1415

    So it'll be easier to use it

  • Works great

    by Justin1819162894

    Works great, if you're hearing both songs in both headphones, make sure to uncheck "mono audio" found in accessibility in settings.

  • Good

    by Chad-RS

    Nice job, cool app!

  • Cool

    by Pakheprayash

    I love it....:)

  • Finally

    by Kajiza

    Finally I found this app. TT(cry)

  • Broken?

    by Mr.Ggggrrrriiiinnchhhh

    Why does this app not work for my phone(it's a 3GS)? All it does is blend two songs together instead of playing them separately. Is it just my phone?

  • Works only for a few songs

    by Skilled-one

    Most of my songs won't play with the left ear player which makes this app useless.

  • Otimo

    by John costa

    Muito bom

  • Good

    by thanhynhanh

    I think it's very good. But it's simple and improve sound.

  • Bahi

    by Bahi05


  • Worth it

    by Repetitive repeat

    I was about to write a bad review.. Then I realized I had it on mono audio. Everything works perfect, interface is great.

  • Interesting App

    by Dobbins58

    Great idea and it works as promised but the sound is in mono. An idea to improve the app - provide the option to use a splitter and receive stereo sound for both listeners.

  • Good!!

    by 4M1N

    Try it!! U will like it..

  • Corrected

    by ahernandez95

    It turns out I was the one who didn't know how to use the app! Love it

  • Very good

    by alwalidlion

    Very good app.

  • Won't work

    by Isaac estacio

    I played the songs but they both play at the same time in both headphones

  • Great app

    by mrc2233

    Love this app. Works perfect


    by Dede_Love

    This app is the best idea for a app ever..

  • Very good

    by Ali.hakimsima

    Very good

  • Waste of Money

    by Mookdaruch

    This app does not function on any of my devices or with any headphones. The app fails to load any song in either ear and simply crashes. The most recent update brought nothing but advertisements that pop up every time the application launches or after every interaction. DO NOT BUY

  • Awesome

    by Dodah day

    It's a great start but it would be so much better with playlists and not auto-shuffle.

  • Great!!!

    by Thechirras

    This app is very useful!!!

  • Double Music

    by Dsetag

    Does not work..

  • Black Screen!

    by Frank "Scott" the Tank

    This app sounded cool so I downloaded it. The first time I opened the app it just displayed a black screen and nothing happened. I tried everything (rebooting, closing background apps) and still nothing happened. This is unacceptable and I want my money back.

  • Wow!

    by supertuan87

    Wow I didn't know you can listen to two songs at the same time this is sick!

  • It's cool but it has a major flaw.

    by Johndommm:p

    What I find to be the big flaw is that you can't hear everything that should be heard in one headphone. There should be an update of some sort that focuses all the music into the designated headphone, that way you and whomever you're sharing headphones with can fully enjoy their song.

  • Doesn't work

    by qumsee

    This app will not work on my iPhone 4S. Fix it ASAP.

  • Double music

    by Sha s

    I like it because u can Listen to Any music u WHON'T and the other Person can to. And it sow cool I like it.

  • Awesome

    by blazersdc1

    I'm not family or friend of the dev but I still say this app is awesome works perfect on iPod touch 4

  • Neat

    by Jnarkys

    Awesome for sharing music

  • Great app!!

    by Goodlife747

    This is one of the beat apps for music. It works like a dream!! It does Exactly what it says it does!!!! I love it!!!!! It dose have adds in the new update.

  • Wow not what I expected

    by IanFrmdaeast

    Really good when two people want to listen to different songs.

  • Awesome!

    by robertanchor

    I was a skeptical at first but so far this app works as its described. I'm hoping I can get music on full headphones with a splitter but that will come later. Great APP

  • Best app ever!!!!

    by Hay&Kay

    This is one of the best music app for you and your friends to use. Get it and try it for yourself.

  • Dope!

    by Vantalan5

    wish i had this in middle school when riding on the bus.... real cool

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