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Seller: Geoffrey Rainville

We've been listening to your feedback and are happy to provide the following user-requested updates:

* New search listing to easily find the most popular feeds by state, country or world-wide
* Significantly improved help file
* Compatibility with M3U and PLS files in personal feeds
* Improved compatibility with future iOS releases
* Minor visual tweaks and bug fixes

If you enjoy using Action Scanner, please take the time to rate or review each new release - it matters!

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Keep up to date on all of the action with Police, Fire, Rescue, Ambulance, Amateur Radio, News and more all in the palm of your hand! Now you can hear it all right as it happens around you or from around the globe.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on an old-fashoned police scanner that will only receive local frequencies, when Action Scanner can tune you in to over 3,600 feeds in 19 countries worldwide?

With so many feeds to choose from, it would be crazy to expect you to pick just one. That's why we've designed Action Scanner PRO to automatically scan up to 6 feeds simultaneously and seek out the action in real time. No other IOS scanner application can offer that!

Our top-of-the-line scanner offers the features that you want most:

* Scan up to SIX stations at once - An Action Scanner Exclusive!
* Scan in the background - Action Scanner continues to run while you use other apps or turn your screen off to conserve your battery
* Find the most popular scanner feeds by state, county or world-wide
* Organize your favorite feeds into banks and switch between them instantly
* Find the active feed at a glance on the integrated map
* Configure the sleep timer and listen to the action as you fall asleep
* Beautiful user interface optimized for the Retina display
* Extensive coverage of Police, Fire, Emergency Services, Aircraft, Railroad, Amateur Radio Repeaters and more!

Please note that like all of the scanner apps in the App Store our feeds are provided over the Internet by individual volunteers, and we can't add or guarantee the availability of feeds for any particular area. We are confident that you will find plenty of information and entertainment regardless. If your locality isn't listed, consider becoming a feed provider - information is available at This application and those like it in the App Store do not allow you to receive police radio frequencies directly on your device.

Action Scanner is the official iPhone app of Edmonton Fire Radio.

Customer Reviews

  • Action Scanner Pro is as good as I could ask for!

    by Capthump

    There are some local channels that, when I first started using this app, there was coverage for the local areas police and fire departments. That being the Hemet CA Fire department, Police dept. and local Cal Fire channels. The Sheriffs department in Riverside County just implemented a new encrypted and digital, $178,000,000 radio system. Now no one can listen at all. I just wish some volunteer would step up and cover these and a few more like CHP and Forest Service, as well as the aforementioned channels. It would be greatly appreciated by many of us. And Action Scanner I realize you have little influence over what channels get covered or don't

  • Awsome


    Getting better! Keep the updates coming! ;-) I love this app.

  • Loved app at first....

    by Michele OBrien

    I loved the app and the ability to listen to local stations but then after a day it no longer streams them and I can only get all but my area

  • Great!

    by Oldfreq

    This is the best scanner app out there. The only changes I would make are a easier to see frequency list and a volume control on the main screen. It's great to have several freq's to monitor at the same time. It lets me monitor world events without having to miss local happenings. Good Job!

  • Great App

    by Olivia Buttercup

    I really love this app. By far the best that is out there for scanners. Easy to use with a simple clean interface. No issues with the install along with a quick and easy setup.

  • Great app!

    by Phoenix1295

    This is a great scanner app! The only 2 items I would suggest for improvement are 1) Provide a guide inform the user what the graphic buttons do (currently trial and error), and 2) Add the ability to lock-out individual channels within banks like you can on a radio scanner. These are minor items, but would make the app friendlier. The "guide" regarding buttons, channel lock-out, etc., could be put on your web site, doesn't have to be in the app. Thanks!

  • Crap

    by Noni7796

    I want my money back. Does not cover local areas. My county is not even listed!

  • Really Again?

    by Temecula Rob

    I was really hoping this new version would either expand (make larger) the frequencies listing or give us the option of being able to close the police codes or make the map smaller thus expanding the left side so we could view the frequencies without having to put on reading glasses. The most important thing is viewable frequencies, not a map that takes up half the screen! I paid extra for this app and got less. For now I will stick with the iPhone app which is viewable from all angles.

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