9NEWS News App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: Gannett
  • Updated: Dec, 18 2012
  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Size: 6.73 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Gannett

- You can now use this app to watch live streaming of scheduled broadcasts in high definition on your iPhone
- Several enhancements to improve video viewing experience
- App is now optimized for iPhone 5 screen

Customer Ratings

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47 Ratings
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267 Ratings


Get the latest local news and weather for Denver area with the 9NEWS iPhone app. **You can now use this app to watch live streaming of scheduled broadcasts in high definition on your iPhone.**

- Stay up-to-date with the local news for Denver Colorado area

- Current weather conditions, short term and extended forecasts, radar map, health indices, school closings and weather alerts will keep you informed of the conditions at your immediate location

- Never miss out on robust full screen video clips from your favorite local station

- Follow Broncos, Nuggets, Avalanche, other local, college and national teams in Sports section with up to the minute scores and special team reports

- Follow latest consumers and business news to keep interesting conversation going

- Set up your app to receive breaking news alerts on the go with an option to set a quiet time period

- Share news articles and video clips with your Facebook , Twitter or email contacts directly from the app

9NEWS is determined to provide the best local content possible in a way that serves the interests and the needs of our viewers and users

Customer Reviews

  • Needs editorial work

    by Meyoubelieve

    I like this app, I get the up-to-date news, and 9 News is my favorite Denver news station. However, they lose credibility daily because there are constantly misspellings, grammar mistakes, and typos. I also wish I could access news stories that I saw on my feed but wasn't able to read at that moment. It would be nice if it had a search function.

  • Great app!!

    by Ddhyjfdgjjfg

    I have had no problems with this app.

  • Works Well

    by Lise42

    App works well, can access all info. News & weather.

  • 9 news app

    by Ljseid

    Love it. This app works great for me!

  • Best local news and good app!

    by JacL77

    The app does its job and delivers local news, weather and alerts. What more could you want from a local news app? Also, the 9news team is fantastic!

  • It' been working!!

    by Cronflake

    Now your only job is to not change it.

  • Traffic?

    by Wolfy7825

    I love the app and look at it a lot through the day. However, I wish it had a real time traffic feature on it. What roads to avoid for accidents and construction and such.


    by Jeremy Moses

    The app is solid in and of itself. However, the app only has live streams available during scheduled newscasts. I STRONGLY encourage the developers to allow live streaming during breaking news events such as severe weather coverage. Viewers will turn elsewhere otherwise.

  • Very helpful!

    by Lizzz1623

    Always updates with videos and articals!

  • Problems

    by Hikerco

    Will someone please fix the top stories page!!!!!!! I love this app but this is a real pain. It's been like this for several days.

  • Top stories

    by Sulli.ks

    My app was working great then I got an update and now my top stories are not working. Everything else in the app is working just fine. I even tried to reinstall the app to see if it would fix the problem but no luck. I do really like the app so please fix so I can have the top stories back. Thanks.

  • Good

    by Chris7293

    Easy to use and great up to date coverage of local news!!

  • Great app!

    by Winhouwen

    I haven't had a problem with this app. It has performed well on my 4s.

  • Don't waste your time (I'm done wasting mine)

    by Turkey jerky isnt

    Tired of 9 news!!!! Your stupid commercials about your news casters. I'm watching 9news so why are 75 percent of your commercials for 9 news. You would think that you would advertise on different stations at different times to get more viewers. Not simply annoy and waste the time of people already watching. (It's really annoying!!!!!!!) also loved the app until all of the videos got long reappearing commercials. You have to watch commercials that are just as long as a news story.( over and over and over) to the point that when I hear them and can't even stand to wait for the video. Way to ruin the news!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill be seeking my news and weather else where till you all can pull your heads out of each others rear ends. Pretentious people!!!!!!! Your news casters stop acting like your doing us all a favor by doing your job. Stop wasting our time with your annoying commercials all around.

  • If I could give it zero stars, I would

    by Thomas Zamborelli


  • Not good

    by S1165

    Takes so long to load might as well buy a newspaper

  • Bad App

    by Chichinitza

    App used to work well but ever since the last update, it no longer performs well on 4S. Most stories are blank. I've deleted it. ABC-7 is a much better app. I may try 9 again in the future if they learn how to fix it.

  • Needs work

    by Bar2z

    This app doesn't make much sense to me, I constantly get notifications about news stories and when you click on those notifications the app opens not to the news story you clicked on but just the home screen. You then have to search through the whole app hoping you see the story you wanted to read.

  • Not for me

    by SPM5280

    I used to like 9NEWS, but wen through 3 stages. 1) their talking were annoying so I quit watching on TV. 2) the website changed to where almost everything is a video. 3) the app is second worst to the Denver Post app. I can't stand 9News in all media formats anymore. For my iPhone & iPad, I now only use the CHANNEL 7. They got it right as far as mobile content!! As far as the talking heads, I can't watch any of them anymore. Across the board, the fake laughs and stupid cadence is just too much for me anymore.

  • Run by morons

    by Gr8CaesarsGhost

    What morons run this app? I opened it to get news on the snow storm of 12/4/13 and found nothing of use. They did manage to have two stories in the top three that say "send us your photos by uploading below" but inside the app stories there is nowhere to upload. What a bunch of narcissists. I would curse more at them if I could. Morons.

  • Poor App yet again

    by Qtmelody

    Hard to believe that 9news has a top rated Internet site but can't seem to produce a decent app. Top stories don't work, it quits at random, overall this is a terrible app. If something doesn't improve soon I'm switching to one of the other Denver channels. Don't bother downloading the app, it's not worth it. The newest version is still terrible. Comparing it to other Denver news apps this is the worst. The top stories and local stories tabs are almost always the same, the app crashes, the video and photos within stories don't work. You have to quit the app and go back in for it to actually refresh and the list goes on. I love 9news but this app is horrible. Please come out with something that loves up to your reputation 9news!

  • Weather is always wrong

    by unimpresseduser

    It's cloudy and snowing and it shows sunshine and no precipitation.

  • Awful

    by Cutenurse3636

    This is barely a news app. It only has 5-6 news stories at a time. Ridiculous! Whoever runs this is really slacking! Try 7 news or cbs. They have dozens of news stories.

  • Fails to load top stories.

    by DlJetmech

    Was working fine but now just shows the photo associated with the story. No text will display. Fix this and probably jump to the five stars I had previously given it.

  • Rubbish.

    by Randy Washington

    This app is WAY harder to navigate than the old 9news app. All the buttons are way too small. The layout is confusing and scattered. It looks plain sloppy. Weather was the coolest feature on the old app and someone has gone and trashed it. Bad move 9news.

  • Holy Crash Batman!

    by CT-01

    This app is terrible. Every time I open it takes 5 minutes to load. Then when you open a story it freezes and crashes the whole thing. Tried to do the update... Got worse. TERRIBLE APP...

  • Where's the news?

    by Pez321

    I will get a notification that there is a breaking news story? Yet when I open the app, the story is not there. I just got a notification that a school is being evacuated, but there is nothing about this story on the app. I need to know the details please!!! Fix this.

  • Improvements Needed

    by Waeladi

    I have 2 issues that bother me. First, when I get a notification of a breaking news, I slide it to read more, all it does is it takes me to the app and opens Top Stories section. I can't find the story I am looking for. Second, the scroll sections to browse other sections is too narrow and I keep accidentally hitting the top part that switches me to weather. Please improve. Thanks.

  • Bad app

    by jtuccy

    Can't find anything I'm looking for and poor functionality. The old app was so much better. Why did you guys replace it?

  • Very Poor Expierence

    by Abejorje

    If you want to be frustrated and enjoy uninstalling apps, then this one is for you!

  • LAME


    There's only 8 stories in the entire "Local News" section. I expected it to load additional stories, but no. Good luck Searching for a story you heard about. I cannot locate the Search box anywhere in this app. C'mon 9News! With all the power of Gannett, can't you do better than this crap app?!?!

  • Terrible

    by kram160

    Gave this app another chance, but just deleted it - again - after using the 7News and KDVR apps. Both these apps are far superior, with more news, less ads, and cleaner design. In all honesty, I don't understand why the folks at 9News don't do anything to improve their app.

  • Top story

    by Mt001!

    Top story. 2 guinea pigs killed in home fire. REALLY!

  • 9 no news

    by Former watcher

    Any station that has Drew Socier shouldn't be counted on to have anything with good quality

  • Not so good anymore

    by G. Bricker

    There aren't really that many news stories on here, half are photo links that won't let you look at more than the cover photo and the local section is the same as the main news section

  • No live feed

    by Dr. Gonzosz

    There old app was better

  • Live video doesn't work

    by Rel1990

    Whenever I try to watch live video/newscasts on this app, it ends up losing the video but keeps the audio. Very disappointed.

  • Goodbye...

    by Neowolfwitch

    Very inconsistent performance. Also kept notifying me of a three week old story. Not worth the trouble. I'll just use their Web site.

  • I give up

    by Mariusz Lewandowski

    Given up on the 9news app, what a waste of time. I'm better off following the anchors on twitter and seeing stories there. Luckily 9news hasn't lost me as a viewer yet...

  • Not the whole story

    by njhass1789

    9news USED to be the best source of news. They seem to be losing it, and the app hardly has any newsworthy stories on it. Many if the stories have major grammatical errors, just can't take it serious. Long time 9news watcher, but have since switched.

  • Horrible

    by Mtn chad

    The default page does not work, what more really needs to be said? 9news reporting is on a rapid decline, and so is its app....

  • No top news

    by Maziesmom

    Disappointed in 9

  • No news

    by Colorado Matt

    This app is a waste of time. No news is listed more times than not. Going to use a different local news provider.

  • Top stories doesn't work

    by Kayeak

    Every since the last update, top stories doesn't work. Everything else seems ok. I've tried I installing and reinstalling and top stories still doesn't work.

  • Top stories issue continues

    by Coloradocreative

    The other reviewers hit the nail on the head. Top stories, the default page, fails to load content. Reinstalling helps sometimes, but that's a poor way to fix a bug. No response to support contacts

  • Top stories

    by Bld1243

    The top stories portion of this app stopped working a couple of days ago.

  • Lousy app

    by A&EWorkman

    9 news is losing their edge in news reporting and now their app refuses to work as well. Sorry 9 news you fail all around.

  • New app very disappointing

    by 4wheelermama

    I updated a few months back when the "new" app came out. My husband didn't update. His works all the time. Mine only works less than 50% of the time. I wish I could get the old app back. This one is very disappointing.

  • The worst

    by Rachel Duggan

    Freezes constantly and has for a long time. Deleting.

  • Terrible

    by suppressinglisa

    Never loads and won't update. Don't waste your time.

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