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  • Publisher: EZ Apps, Inc.
  • Updated: Aug, 03 2009
  • Version: 2.0
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Languages: English

Seller: EZ Apps, Inc.

**Now with 61 news sources - The most in the app store**

- updated source icons: they are now larger and have the site name for easier selection

- updated icon and splash screen

- adjusted sensitivity when device is shaken to set default site (it is now a little less sensitive)

- added 13 new sites! - AZ Republic, Lipman Times, Forbes, MN Star, Indy Star, KSL, Salt Lake Tribune, Star Magazine, People, CNN Money, Score Mobile, US Weekly & Yahoo! OMG

**Please be sure to leave/update your review as we want to make News Junkie the most comprehensive news app out there** We want to hear from you!

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WHAT DOES THIS APP DO?: News Junkie provides you with super quick access to 61 news sites in one unique app so you can access news quickly & spend more time reading it! Just slide from site to site reading the news. You will have your own news browser with cool features! You can customize it too! News Junkie is packed with all the news you can handle!

REAL QUICK: A couple users have stated we put ads in this app - we HAVE not. We bring in all the best news sites into one app & some of these websites have ads on them, just like in a desktop browser. So, no - won't don't profit from any ads & can't do anything about sites having ads. Thanks!

WHICH NEW SITES ARE INCLUDED: > ABC News > Arizona Republic > Associated Press > Baltimore Sun > BBC > Bloomberg > > Business Week > CBS News > Chicago Tribune > CNBC > CNET > CNN > CNN Money > Daily News (LA) > Dallas Morning News > Denver Post > DIGG > E! Online > The Economist > ESPN > Financial Times > Forbes > Fox News > Gizmodo > Google News > Houston Chronicle ( > The Huffington Post > Indy Star > KSL > Lipman Times > Los Angeles Times > Miami Herald > Minnesota Star > The Morning Call > MSNBC > My San > Newsday > New York Post > New York Times > Newsweek > NPR Mobile > Orlando Sentinel > People> Perez > Real Clear Politics > Reuters > Salt Lake Tribune > San Francisco Chronicle > Score Mobile > Seattle Times > Star Magazine > Time Magazine > USA Today > U.S. News & World Report > US Weekly > Wall Street Journal > Washington Post > Yahoo! News > Yahoo! OMG

FEATURES: ✪ Slide-able icons to navigate quickly ✪ Add/Delete sites ✪ Formatted Mobile Sites ✪ Small Memory Print ✪ Fast Start-Up ✪ Full Screen Viewing in Landscape Mode ✪ Sites Listed Alphabetically ✪ Audio/Video Playback In App ✪ 61 news sites included! Yes, we said 61!

FEEDBACK: Please leave a review so we can find out what will make this app better, or go to for our feedback form. We love to hear from you! We want to always make it better!




Twitter: @ezappzinc

Thank you for your interest in our apps. We appreciate your business. It makes our day. Everyday.

~ EZ Apps, Inc.

Customer Reviews

  • Ok App

    by Joe's pool hall

    Putting your own site as the homepage doesn't work. You have no control to change the order of the sites. Also, why would you not be able to put your added sites on the main page? Needs options to set it up like the individual user wants and not be forced to use it as is.

  • Good app but...

    by Trinigurl98

    Please remove the darn news icons on the bottom of the screen. It's just freaking annoying!

  • Hide News Icons Please!

    by bobconaboy

    I love the many news sources but for instance when you are on EOnline the button at the bottom of the page to get "more" stories is covered by the news icons, and you can't click it, plus there is such limited reading room. Also please add TMZ. Then it will be perfect.

  • Awesome app

    by lastelias

    All the news you could want at your fingertips. Love it. Would love to see a favorite and bookmark features in upcoming releases.

  • I like it, but...

    by Deep Lee

    Please let me hide the menus, half of the screen is used up! Oh and the icon is lame.

  • What's the best thing about this app?

    by The Swiftman

    If you don't find a feed you want you can add it!

  • A great NEWS Source

    by CigarTOP

    I love this app. I would make two suggestions. The amazingly available Sliding News Sources Tap Disappear/Tap Appear when you tap on the screen so that you have more real estate devoted to reading the chosen publication/article. Finally, this terrific app has a pretty humble icon. Can we get a better icon in the next update? Please?

  • ahh

    by King of Random

    perfect.....just wish it is i need the news......when my mom wants to know wat happens,she yells for me.....and she wants it the second she IT QUICKER

  • Great news app

    by Numbbttrfly18

    A great news app that has all the great news sources in one place!!

  • Great app

    by hendrixs is god

    This app is a great news app i like the setup and having all the news sites in one place it would be nice to be able to set up push notificationsbfor certain sites but might not be posible, overall i really like this app.

  • Simple to use

    by HAMsmoke

    You want news, you got news. And the UI is very intuitive. Take a look at this before you settle on something else.

  • !!

    by Supermac059


  • Great App! Nicely Made!

    by jtb1999

    news junkie reminded me alot of my news fuse, but cleaner and easier to navigate. More than ample selection and cleanly done. Ability to add your own link to a site not there is nice as well. Great app if your're a news junkie!

  • "Coming Soon"

    by FBOL

    Love the app with two exceptions: 1. I've been waiting for full screen in portrait mode for six months! That gives new meaning to "coming soon. " 2. The icon still needs some work. Needs to include a newspaper or something that visualizes the purpose of the app.

  • The Best of Them All--Even has 24/7 Obama News

    by GuitarTuner6543

    This is the best of the news sites. It has all the major players--ABC, CNN--and the major web players--HuffPo (Arianna Huffington's site), Lipman Times (the daily site for all Obama news), etc. as well as regional papers. 61 sites

  • Needs an option to share via Twitter

    by Samiusmc84

    This app has great potential. It's great but can improve. First the shake function for setting the default home page should allow the user to disable it. Also, it runs a little slow. Finally, the app would be perfect if included a feature that allows the user to share an article by posting it in Twitter, Facebook or via email. I hope it's in the next release.

  • Lots of potential! News consolidation v useful, but GUI and implementation has problems

    by pugetmarco

    An iPhone App which allows one to consolidate dozens of news sources! A great concept. My phone has an entire page devoted to news sources, and the ability to remove several of these and replace these news Apps with News Junkie is a very attractive proposition. But News Junkie needs some work. 1. The "shake" function to set the home page cannot be enabled or disabled. The slightest movement, like resting on the seat of my car while driving, sets off the shake, which means the app is perpetually asking me to set the home page! This is enough of an annoyance that I will be removing this app until the feature is fixed. 2. Most users (including this one) will not want all 47 news sources cluttering the bottom of the app. However the "delete" icon function is clunky at best: many of the icons are unrecognizable until one opens up ths news source, one at a time. And after each deletion event, the icons scroll automatically to the leftmost. Cludgy. Bottom line: an iPhone App with tons of potential. A few improvements will earn this app 4* to 5* in no time.

  • Best app of its type

    by WashingtonMD

    This is my favorite app. The app is great because it allows me to delete papers/magazines I don't want but exceeds others by having - by far - the largest selection. I've deleted others that purport to do the same thing because if their poor selection and because you have to go to multiple screens to see the selections. I really like interface at the bottom that allows scrolling to your selection. And the ability to add news sources that are individualized is also a great feature.

  • Five Star with Proper Icon

    by Matt M Judge

    Love Steve Parker's apps. Customization is great. Just change the frickin' icon.


    by jasonrak

    I've downloaded a number of these news site aggregators and this one is one of the best ones. However you REALLY NEED to change the icon - the NJ is ugly and reminds of, god forbid, New Jersey!!!! Please make icon more appealing for the iPhone :)

  • Pop up ads ruined best news app

    by Dog007

    Version 2.0 ruined great app! Pop up ads on every separate story. From 5* to 1* with last update. 5 thumbs down developers!

  • UI is a mess

    by Jonkiley

    Between menu buttons and ads you're lucky if you have half the screen left. Way too cluttered. Don't use it anymore - deleted it. Buyer beware.

  • Ok but....

    by Jennysue1226

    Needs major update!! It's been years!!

  • EZ Apps button a major pain

    by Chipsin

    This would be a pretty good app if not for the placement of the i right above the back key that when inadvertently tapped takes you out of the app to an annoying page from EZ Apps. Then you have to start all over to get back to where you were. Extremely annoying and frustrating. I'm done with this.

  • Awesome

    by patticake1601

    Was a great app until I purchased a new iPod touch and now shake to set default doesn't work.

  • Move the info button!

    by redmatter114

    Just about every time I hit the back button I end up pressing the info button at the top. Wish they would move it. I use this app everyday. Might have to try something else now.

  • update awol

    by DJAYME7

    shake to set default start page does not work, keep shopping for a better app!

  • Not good

    by Wow151

    Can't set home page, intro screen every time is a total beating. No email response from makers. It's worth about .20¢

  • DON'T BUY!!!!!!

    by Lkemmler

    Pop-up adds are a pain in the @ss and get in the way... Even if you purchase the app as I did. E-mails to the developer go in answered. 1star until the adds are removed!

  • Disable home page popup

    by AppleDCP30

    Good app, but is there a way to disable the "would you like to add as homepage?" I select one (did not want to) yet the popup still occurs while trying to read the news. Disable popup please!!

  • Had hope but it's a dud

    by Trescool

    (1) Menu at bottom makes using any of a websites bottom buttons unusable. (2) Everytime phone is tilted the app asks if u want to make this news feed your homepage. (3) Too much clutter in screen which should be able to be pushed aside.

  • Has potential

    by oeustice

    The basic concept is great! However, the app suffers from some key problems. 1. The shake for home needs enable/disable. 2. The favorites management needs serious work. I love having access to all these news sources, but I need an intuitive way to quickly access the ones I use regularly. 3. Sharing. MMS, Facebook, Email, etc. Hope to see updates soon!

  • Good Upgrade

    by MediaScot

    I thought I was being ripped off buying an upgraded EZ News, but the all-added features and selection of sources are an improvement. One minor old-guy quibble - I'd like an option to keep the instruction screen somewhere on the app once you pick a home page. Please?

  • Excellent app!

    by egadgetboy

    The only thing I see missing is a way to go full screen when viewing in vertical, and a way to keep it from flipping to horizontal if you're laying in bed, for example. I do like that you can read in landscape mode though... The fact that you can't merge sources into one, giant news feed is my only other interest. But this may be a copyright issue, as these sources are all independent of each other...

  • Ohh, this is HOT!

    by Moosefly

    Whoa, this app's a real charm, comprehensive, easy to use and fast loading stories. Interface is clean and slick. Notes for improvement: a way to delete your own bookmarks, an instructions page of sorts, search function for other mobile-friendly sites/sources (in-app browser is fine for regular sites), option to skip splash-screen (I know I'm using NJ, thanks).

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