Info Junkie News App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: EZ Apps, Inc.
  • Updated: Jul, 24 2009
  • Version: 3.0
  • Size: 2.47 MB

Languages: English

Seller: EZ Apps, Inc.

- Push Notifications! We will send you breaking news, weather, gossip, sports & tech alerts when big news happens!

- iOS 4.3+ support

- Retina display icon

- Misc source link fixes to ensure that each source works

- Other misc bug fixes so that Info Junkie is very stable

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122 Ratings
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*Now with Push Notifications! - Get breaking news alerts for news, tech, gossip and sports! The all in one information app!

Imagine 70+ news, gossip, sports & tech sites in one app! Info Junkie is it. Add/delete sites to make it your own! Full screen reading in landscape. NOTHING like it in the app store today!

√ Do you have several if not a dozen + iPhone news apps on your precious home screens? I am a news junkie myself and wanted to create a true all in one Information Browser. Info Junkie provides you direct access to 70+ information sources with more being added regularly. Switch between dozens of news, sports, tech and celebrity gossip sites with the touch of your finger! If there is a site you read that is not included with Info Junkie, just go ahead and add it to the app! Also, delete any source you don't read. Info Junkie is the first fully customizable news reader for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Spend less time finding the info you crave and more time reading it!

√ There are currently 70+ information sources available in Info Junkie:


✪ ABC News, Associated Press, , BBC, Bloomberg, Business Week, CBS News, Chicago Tribune, CNBC, CNN, CNN Money, Forbes, Fox News, LA Times, MSNBC, Newsweek, NPR, Reuters, Time, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Yahoo! News.


✪ Coco Perez, OK! Magazine, Star Magazine, US Weekly, Celebuzz, Daily Fill, dlisted, New York Post Page SIX, Gossip Girls, E! Online, Media Takeout, People Magazine, Perez Hilton, The Superficial, TMZ and X17 Online!


✪ CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN. ESPN Audio Podcasts, Sports Illustrated, NBA Mobile, NFL Mobile, NHL Mobile, and Live Scores.


✪ Boy Genius, CNET, CNN Technology, DIGG, Engadget,, Google Tech, Gizmodo, iPhone Alley, iPhone Freak, The iPhone Blog, iLounge, Lifehacker, Mac OS Ken, Mac Rumors, MacWorld, New York Times Technology, Popular Science, Reuters Tech, Techmeme, Touch Arcade, USA Today Tech, Yahoo! Tech, ZD Net and TUAW.


✪ View current conditions and forecasts for any city in the world!

√ "Info Junkie" Features:

→ Push Notifications! Get breaking news, weather, sports, tech and gossip alerts sent directly to your device!

→ Slide-able icons to quickly access the sites you want to read

→ Ability to delete any source you don't want, press the "delete" button and tap on the icons you don't want. Press the delete button again when you are done editing

→ Ability to set a default page for each category, just press the "Default" button and confirm your choice

→ FULL SCREEN support in Landscape

→ Ability to add your own sites within each category, just press the "+" button and enter the complete web address making sure to use a lowercase h in "http"

→ Pages loads fast on iPhone/iPod Touch via any connection

FYI: We do not place any ads in the app, any ads you see are a website just like in any web browser. Thanks!




Twitter: @ezappzinc

Thank you for your interest in our iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad & Mac Apps!

~ EZ Apps, Inc.

Customer Reviews

  • News reader

    by Jsf2222

    I use the app daily however, the update for the iPhone five is overdue. Ads take up quite a bit of room on my screen. I paid for this app therefore should be void of ads.

  • Good, could be better

    by Lizrude

    I like this app a lot. Love having all the news sources in one app. It's easy to use. What I dislike is, when I get a text or for some reason have to exit the app I lose the place I was at. And sometimes I'm reading an article that I've followed several links to get to and don't remember how I did it. That's pretty irritating. Also, constantly having the 'set as default' come up and having to exit it 25 times is annoying. I know they can't so anything about the ads, but I am about ready to use a different app.

  • Okay but google news is better IMO

    by MMAlilDRAGO

    Not easy enough to share on social networks

  • Awesome

    by Tiradon_one

    Great way to stay in touch with all sources...

  • Okay, but.....

    by jet1956

    Great idea, but not much has changed since first launched. Needs to determine what bind app it is and then build on that strength.

  • Good app

    by Hope-1

    This is a good app go infromation.

  • Good idea, but needs work

    by ajguyot

    The idea of this app is great, and admittedly, it does it fairly well, but it's not great. Not even good really. The app is excellent in landscape mode for giving a clear and easy reading area, but this mode really needs a back button. As it is the only way to go back after reading a page is to switch to portrait to get access to the back button. Now for portrait mode, which is really where most of the apps actual features come into play: I'm not even going to bring up the fact that every time you delete a source the app crashes. It's jarring and obnoxious and needs to be fixed but this is just a big so I didn't lower my rating any more because of it. The UI is terrible. It's too filled with junk. There is a small viewing area in the middle surrounded by two blocks on top and bottom. The blocks take up a huge amount of screen real estate. So much so that it is ridiculous because they really don't have much purpose. If the developers update this so that there is a button to hide the blocks on either side and give us the whole screen to read from in portrait mode then I will ignore the other small annoyances and give it a five star rating.

  • Pretty cool

    by Koga Brown

    Good news app but not better than news 360.

  • Great APP.

    by E V Jr

    I have a lesser known city paper programmed into it, and find it easy to keep up with the local and state news that would not make the national news. I give it a thumbs up.

  • Love this...

    by aimjoe

    I love the info all in one place, whatever your preference is for a news source (or sports, or entertainment, or weather, or tech....) you WILL find it in this one app. The only downfall is getting kicked out when deleting a source, but eventually that won't matter once you have removed the sources you don't care for.

  • ItsaWinner

    by JimboSWE

    I am reviewing this as an early user. I gave it aq 4 because I have not had time to go deep and do enough yet. is easy to use, works effectively every time and has a wide range of alternatives to choose from. In many ways it is like 5 (or more) apps in one. It is a good buy for those who want to hop around good news, weather, business and other sites from a central location in a quick and easy way.

  • Works great

    by Tupi7912

    I give it five stars. Works as advertised and you can set a default page for each news category (news, sports etc) and you have the ability to add more pages. Well organized, and works fine - worth it.

  • A 4.0 grade for this app

    by HowdyDoody

    Works great!!

  • Great time saver !

    by thomas burkhardt


  • Really good app.

    by wotwasithinking

    Keeps desk top organized. Crashes once in awhile. Worth it- ignore ads.

  • Fixed

    by Mkbcota

    Best news app around.

  • News

    by Switchaphone

    It's great, been looking for a news app with info.

  • Cool app. Has some stability issues

    by Chaostheory13

    When deleting sources app often crashes. Would like to see more control over local news. That said, it's the best news app i've found, I use it every day

  • Love this ap!

    by jcool$

    Great to have everything in one place!

  • Great

    by Kristen Raabis

    Great place for quick access to a ton of mobile news, sports and gossip sites

  • No

    by JetAway

    Freezes. Click a news source and nothing happens. You're not sure if it's loading or just not working. You'll wish you'd skipped this one.

  • Big problems

    by JGTX56

    I donwloaded this app based on other reviews. Every time I tried to delete a source I got bounced out.

  • Crash

    by Nick Powers

    Every time I delete a news source the app crashes. Annoying!!! I want my money back!


    by mardon5

    Should we bid Info Junky a farewell ? This app is all but dead on our iPad 2. What could the mater be, HELP!

  • Love love love

    by Mommyseno


  • Love this app

    by Tditz

    Great news app!

  • Great app, adds not a problem anymore

    by Fightnsulli9901

    My previous complaint about this app , the excessive ads, appears to have been fixed. Great app, by far the best consolidated news app on the market!

  • Great info app!!

    by Dixiecon

    Easy to use, all the info in one spot, great!!

  • Nice app for consolidated news

    by ShepRocks

    I was looking for one app to organize my news. This one is easy to use and allows you to customize what sources you want to see. Look no further.

  • Excellent but for the ads!

    by iPhone Queen77

    One place to find all the news fm different sources! I like it!

  • News in one

    by Strangeevy

    I get more news on this app than all the rest. I love The Drudge Report to start my day!

  • I use this app all the time

    by Jackson Belle

    Very convenient..but I don't like the ad banners.

  • Cool

    by Sterlzs


  • Cool Apps

    by Patzo

    I use it like everyday

  • Easy

    by Sassyboots75

    I review several news sources and topics at the end of each day with this handy app.

  • Like

    by HFTEAM

    Cool app

  • Time Saver

    by Deborah Olsen

    It's very handy to have all the different news outlets in one place.

  • R E F U N D

    by Verticalandstillstanding

    This APP is worth four stars after it refunds your money and the five stars rating after your account is credited!! Totally not worth the price......:(

  • Not worth $2

    by Dmfggd

    It only provides links to news apps that are free. Save your money and just download the free news apps

  • Need to have it

    by All4Uagn

    It's an app that I use every morning and every night, it lets me view many different media sources which gives a choice to analyze the same news topics with bias opinions in order for me to better formulate my own opinion. I recommend highly to the open minded reader.

  • Top App 2011 "Apple"

    by Timungus

    Rated 1 in 2011

  • News for the news hound!

    by Sumo258

    If you want news and news and news this is the app for you. You won't ever run out of news! Good app.

  • My fave app ever!!!

    by Sarafaith

    I am a librarian and to have all my fave web sites all in one place is very pleasing. User friendly - easy to navigate

  • Great Buy

    by Pashes

    Luv it

  • Great one stop app

    by CJ444459

    Love the alerts. Keeps me up to date.

  • Info Junkie is great!

    by apple_crusader

    Great way to surf all my favorite news outlets!

  • Garbage app!

    by Alex Brecher

    What a waste of money. I was hoping for news salvation but instead found a crappy app that we should be paid to use. DELETE

  • Great idea

    by Yosemite Sam 4 U

    Great app very useful indeed

  • Great App

    by video scrapbooker

    One stop shop for news. Allowed me to delete several other apps.

  • Great agg app

    by Snow in Dallas

    Lots of variety in genre and titles, but would like to have more space available to view pages. Half of the screen is rather frustrating.

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