Gossip Junkie News App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: EZ Apps, Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 04 2009
  • Version: 5.3
  • Size: 2.68 MB

Languages: English

Seller: EZ Apps, Inc.

- fixed a bug that was causing a few crashes for some of our users on iOS 3.x

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Our response to reviews about ads. See under "Note" below please.

*Now with Push Notifications!* Get late, breaking gossip news instantly!*

WHAT DOES THIS APP DO?: Gossip Junkie takes all the best celebrity gossip sites & blogs from across the web and puts them into one unique app so you can access them quickly & spend more time reading gossip! Have your own gossip browser with cool features!

APP WEBSITE: gossipjunkieapp.com - Go there for support & more information. We also have a 1 minute action video! Click on our web site link below to open

WHAT ABOUT GJ ON iPAD?: We have "Gossip Junkie HD" available in the app store for iPad

WHICH SITES & BLOGS ARE INCLUDED: ✪ But You're Like Really Pretty ✪ Celebuzz ✪ Celebrity Gossip ✪ Coco Perez ✪ Daily Fill ✪ dListed ✪ E! Online ✪ Evil Beet Gossip ✪ Lainey Gossip ✪ Media Takeout ✪ OK! Magazine ✪ MSN Wonderwall ✪ New York Post Page SIX ✪ People ✪ Perez Hilton ✪ Radar Online ✪ Star Magazine ✪ Superficial ✪ The Hollywood Gossip ✪ TMZ ✪ US Mobile ✪ X17 Mobile ✪ Yahoo! OMG

FEATURES: ✪ Push Notifications! Get alerted quickly when big celebrity gossip news happens! ✪ Share any gossip news via Facebook, Twitter or Email ✪ Slide-able icons to navigate quickly ✪ Add/Delete sites ✪ Set a default site ✪ Full screen support ✪ 23 gossip/sites & blogs included

NOTE: Please be advised that occasionally some of the sites within Gossip Junkie may contain ads, just like on any web browser. This is controlled by the site operators and is not caused or affiliated with EZ Apps, Inc. We have no way to block any ads you may see. If you would like to delete any sites from the app, please use the edit button. Thanks, EZ Apps, Inc.

FEEDBACK: Please leave a review so we can find out what will make this app better, or go to gossipjunkieapp.com for our feedback form. We want to always make it better!


Web: www.ezappsinc.com

Email: support@ezappsinc.com

Twitter: @ezappzinc

Thank you for your interest in our apps. We appreciate your business. It makes our day. Everyday.

~ EZ Apps, Inc.

Customer Reviews

  • Please fix!

    by dAnA iReNe*

    Even though I love this app, and have had it for over a year, the ad's never bothered me. The issue that I've been having for months now is reading a story and all of a sudden it just takes me off of what I was reading and takes me to my App Store to buy a game. I hardly use it anymore because of that issue and it was by far my favorite app on my phone. Please fix so I can use my gossip junkie again

  • Great!!!

    by JenniBenni1983

    Love this app!! Tons of Gossip!!

  • All the gossip in 1 app!

    by MoviusFam

    My favorite. Easy to use, up to date gossip, all in one spot. Thanks!! Great!!

  • Just okay

    by Miss Vonda

    There are better apps out there

  • Ok

    by Al's#1gal

    To many pop up ads should of been free

  • One stop for all the good gossip

    by Drea O

    Love this app all my fav gossip sites all in one app And it's easy to add one of your own to customize it just the way you want


    by The Parade

    This app has great functionality, fast and easy to use. Fun sites are linked up. Not necessary to have any other apps for individual sites cluttering up your phone, it's all here. Thanks!

  • Ads

    by Mrazberry

    I know you can't control most ads, but there should not be forced video ads. Also, when switching back and forth from another app, not having to start all over again would be nice.

  • Wonderful Concept

    by Jeplag

    The app could be designed a little better but it's functional and I can read all the gossip I can handle without exiting a million times.

  • Lots of fun

    by Lorac2234

    I love this app. Easy to navigate and Lots of good news!

  • love it!

    by chicachic

    It's the Huffington Post of celebrity gossip. No more navigating around for the latest Hollywood dish - it's all here.

  • Absolutely love it!

    by Cc973

    This app is fantastic for getting all the celeb news you could possibly want. There are so many different sites to choose from so you can be assured to not miss a thing! Awesome

  • Love it

    by Amanda Creighton

    Juiciest gossip from every source!

  • I

    by Kataaron

    This app is such an awesome app to get If you love the latest gossip! It has every site imaginable to keep up-to-date with the latest gossip!

  • Don't pay for it !!

    by Angry customer689643

    Hate alll the ad's it disrupts everything on te screen! So annoying with I didn't waste my money on this !!!!

  • love itt

    by babeyjd11


  • Love it!!!

    by Docmarcy

    Great app. All your dirty little secret apps all in one place! Let's here pit for Gossip Junkie!!!!!

  • All the gossip in one place!

    by FidApp

    I love having access to all the different gossip through one app!

  • This app has not gotten better

    by BRSB

    I really liked this app when I first got it. Now there are WAY to many ads and it takes you to the App Store to buy stupid games. Not worth the $4.99 I paid for it

  • Please update!

    by Harlip

    My GAWD! Fix this site soon! Certain sites haven't updated in weeks. Also, when I'm reading a story it takes me to some site to buy a game. I used to love this site. Now I think I will uninstall. What a waste of money. Junk!

  • Don't waste your money!!!

    by BrownEyes308

    Such a waste. I wish I could get my money back for this. You get bombarded with ads as videos that you are forced to watch. I think there are more cons than pros with this app. I miss the Perez Hilton app!! :( Now in the middle of reading and not even touching the screen it randomly takes me to the App Store to purchase a game!

  • Ads On a Pay App?!

    by Faith Conner

    If you pay for an app you should not have to deal with ads!

  • Fix this plz

    by javjavs

    Why does it keep sending me to the games app. This is getting annoying

  • I hate the advertisement

    by Mrs. Villeggiante

    I want my money back!!!! This app is horrible!!!!

  • Disappointed

    by Hahshn

    I really like the idea of this app and all the major tabloids available in one app but I'm really disappointed in the quality this app delivers, especially after I PAID for it. There's always ads, everything loads rather slowly, it's not very user friendly, and it's not made specifically for the iPhone 5. It doesn't have retina display qualities to it either. I'm just really disappointed. I wish I could get my money back but I can't. It's sad to say but I don't recommend this app for anyone. Not unless an update is released that completely revamps the app giving it a fresh new look with user friendly features and support for the iPhone 5.

  • Confusing layout

    by jkkamchan

    Not my fave.

  • Used to love, now hate.

    by Sgb1018

    I just can't use this app anymore. There are ads before and after every article you view. It's just gotten to crazy. I've had this app for a long time, but I'm totally done with it.

  • This app is the worst.

    by Mgigigirl

    I regret the day I decided to purchase this app!

  • Too many questions

    by Me214833

    EVERY time you open this app it asks you a series of questions: which page do you want to go to? Home? Or Last? Would you like more bandwidth? It takes forever to get through these popup questions just to go through more pop up ads. So annoying.

  • Don't waste your money

    by Kalei Pipczynski

    This app isn't worth the money, constant adds and hardy ever updated on what's going on. Should have been free.

  • Bad set up

    by Tros83334

    Not a good set up. To hard to get from site to site! Deaf not worth the money

  • Annoying

    by Acuhealth

    I would't mind have to click thru an advertisement now and then, and thats how it used to be, but recently with this app I feel assaulted by the ads. And you can't close them, there are so many times that I cant read the article because of the incessant pop-ups. I've given up and deleted the app.

  • Seriously paid money for this?

    by GJ202

    I do use this app a lot because there is no good Perez Hilton apps out there BUT I got totally gipped. This app is loaded with pop up ads. You literally touch the screen to scroll and you are attacked by ads that won't let you click out. GJ app def needs to get an update or unfortunately word will spread fast about how annoying the app is. Also I will never buy hillshire farms anything ever again their pop up ads are so annoying.

  • Hate the advertisements!!!!!!

    by Brattykari9

    Omg! It's one after another, it never stops. It's only one some of the sites more than others. Like Perez omgosh don't even bother. You spend more time closing ads than you do on the actual site. The only thing I like about the app is it has all the websites I like in one.

  • I paid for this?

    by Carshlyn

    Why so many ads when it's a paid app? Then you can't even click out of them and it crashes! What a waste of cash.

  • CRAP!

    by C4l2LY

    This app is a piece if you know what. if you close the app you can't easily navigate around what you were previously looking at when you decide to open it again. The back bottom doesn't work and the app crashes all the time. I've had it for a year now and there has never been a single update. GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER GOSSIP JUNKIE AND STOP BEING A COMPLETE RIP OFF!

  • Used to LOVE this app, but it crashes every time I click on a link

    by Mellea77

    Used to LOVE this app, but in the past few weeks it crashes every time I click on a link.

  • gossipjunkie

    by prrtyldy

    it's ok app...not bad when your bored and u want something to read...they should make it a free app

  • The ads are Terrible

    by Deena1

    Too many ads!!!!!

  • Waste of time and money

    by Reingirl

    Full of adds and commercials. Isn't that why u pay money so u don't have to Deal with that. Every time I try to read an article it forces me to a commercial and the article gets all messed up.

  • AWFUL doesn't do anything I want my $$ back

    by Macappgen

    Worst app

  • Give me my $ back!

    by cdaves88

    Worst app ever!

  • Don't waste ur money

    by Bldmd

    Pages/sources do not load! Terrible waste of money.

  • Gossip Junkie

    by X0X00

    AWFUL. I paid for this app and barely get a chance to finish a story before I'm bombarded with ads. Should be a free!

  • Too many adds!

    by Loves it 212

    I got this app because I love reading about celebs, but it is completely impossible when so many adds come up, and what's worse is that I paid for the app! Usually when you pay for an app there aren't adds, but I guess I was wrong, please do something to fix how bad this app is!!

  • Please test releases!

    by rcardno

    Last update a disaster!

  • Little disappointed

    by Luvd-it

    I ordered (& paid ) for this app about 2 weeks ago & have yet to enjoy it.. Everytime I have tried to open it I get a message that it is " still under construction " so i can't honestly say if I like it.....but I can say that I don't like that I payed for something that cannot enjoy.....

  • One out of ten

    by Hogwarts is my home

    This app is full of Ads that come out of nowhere and disrupt your reading!! It's annoying, and rather just go to the website and read Perez online.

  • Enough with the ads!!!!!

    by tms9055

    I know the app warns about the ads they claim to not be responsible for, but when you PAY for something, there should be a way to block them! Honestly, you can't read anything without being inundated with #*!*#! ads! My web browser can swat these irritating things, so why can't the app?!

  • It is great but...

    by ChiquiAngel

    Please update I can not sync my twitter or Facebook thanks

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