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Seller: E.W. Scripps Company

We made headlines bigger and easier to read.
We added a 'forgot password link' on the login screen for subscribers
We added a link to a login help page under settings
Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

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Experience The Commercial Appeal – the most in-depth and up to date news coverage now conveniently available on your iPhone. Enriched by innovative technology and interactive elements, The Commercial Appeal is putting your world in your hands by bringing you the local news coverage you desire. Enjoy breaking news along with daily publications on issues surrounding education, government, business, entertainment, sports and more. With content created specifically for the iPhone, expect the in-depth analysis and reporting that you trust from your local newspaper, combined with the immediacy and brilliant visuals of the digital experience. Thought provoking coverage and a uniquely local perspective combine to place the stories you want, in your hands.

Exclusive content:
•Breaking news information
•Comprehensive coverage serving the Greater Memphis area, including Germantown, Collierville, Bartlett, Cordova, Millington, DeSoto County, Tipton County, Fayette County and Crittenden County
•Local business and industry news
•Articles from your favorite columnists, including:
oGeoff Calkins – Sports
oWendi Thomas – Metro News
oJennifer Biggs – Food & Spirits
oJohn Beifuss – Movie Reviews
•Local and area sports coverage, including:
oMemphis Grizzlies
oUniversity of Memphis Tigers
oSEC athletics, including Ole Miss, Mississippi State, University of Tennessee and University of Arkansas
•Community coverage, such as Mid-South Memories, Prep Sports, Faith Matters and Go Memphis/Entertainment
•Editorials and letters to the editor

Exclusive app features:
•Breaking news and information, updated as stories develop
•Updated stories, video and photos from The Commercial Appeal
•Most popular and currently trending stories
•Share important stories with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email, directly from the app

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by The_Indian_Shiv

    They need to change the layout a little bit to get a more iOS 7 feel. Other than that it's amazing!

  • Great app

    by 112OAKS

    Quick, smooth and the best news operation in Memphis.

  • Best app for Memphis news

    by MikeInMemphis77

    Nice design. Easy to use. Timely news updates. Plus, push alerts are a real bonus and help me stay in the loop.

  • Needs work

    by Jffmriii

    What happen to that awesome garage sales app?

  • Needs work

    by Jffmriii

    What happen to that awesome garage sales app?

  • Much improved iPhone app

    by MS38163

    The revised iPhone app is much improved; no more unreadable blue text on black background. Still a little lite on content compared to the hard copy paper; all hard copy content should be available on the app (or downloadable as option) It's digital content; there's room!!!!!

  • New update is great!

    by im_josh_b

    I have to admit, the previous version was terrible, but it seems like CA did a complete revamp. Much more intuitive UI, and support for the iPhone 5's screen was much needed. I definitely recommend to anyone who did not like the previous app to give this new version a try.

  • We have to pay for content and look at ads???

    by apollo1377

    I agree with other reviewers here about paying for content. This is not NY TIMES. The update is better.

  • Crashes

    by camelback343

    So far it looks really nice but when I click the daily button the app closes. Just wondering why people complain that they can't get this for free? The CA may disappear if we don't support it somehow and why do you always want everything for free?

  • Bug in Registration

    by Hurguy

    I registered as already having a subscription to the newspaper. The email I got in reply has me on a beta trial plan as a new subscriber stating my trial ends in Oct - this is incorrect since I subscribe to the newspaper.

  • 1st!!!!

    by Dj Spec

    The CA has done a great job with this App! One word: Winning!

  • Perhaps the worst app in the App Store

    by msdawg911

    Logs out for no reason, refreshing issues, text formatting issues. Not to mention that without home delivery, it costs $4.99/month for exclusive stories.

  • Unfriendly

    by UPReader

    After each upgrade, the CA Mobile app forgets that you are a registered user. App should launch when you click on a CA article on the web.

  • You took it away?

    by MartiMomx2

    The app was working great, but as of the last update,I now have to deal with popup ads as I scroll through articles. Since I'm already a print subscriber, I shouldn't have to do this. Remove the ads or make them less intrusive. Also, most days the news isn't updated in the morning, it takes several hours for the news to show up, it's midday by then. Unacceptable in this digital age.

  • No landscape support and ads!

    by NEMMRRC

    Why include ads with this app when one must have a paid subscription to read the content? Remove the ads already! No support for reading in landscape mode on iPhone. This is just sad.

  • Pay for this...really?

    by TexasUSofA

    Not going to happen! Not worth it! For any amount! I'm including a penny.

  • Pay for the CA?

    by New version is awful

    No way! Why?

  • Was great.....

    by Anonymous Memphian

    Read CA app every day, but deleted tonight when all of a sudden every article called for a login. No thanks, CA.


    by jrose

    U want me to pay to read the articles from my phone??? Really??? I'm certain you could do like most others and charge for the ad space and make plenty of money!!! Deleted app 3 min after downloading it!!

  • What? Not free?

    by appalachian american

    My local paper's app is. Pay you to read the news on my phone? Not a chance.

  • $9.99 a month?!?

    by Benji Bronks Balls

    If CA would offer the app and stories for free like their website, they would have more readers and in turn could charge more for ad space. No intelligent reader will pay $9.99 a month for something they can already get for free. Hope CA figures this out sooner than later.

  • Pay for this?? Why?

    by M126P695

    So inconvenient that they would make you pay to read the news. It's probably the only app that make you do that. I deleted it right after I installed this app cause I have several other news apps where I could read the news for free.

  • Pay?...for this?

    by ?&@!


  • Not going to pay

    by Daniel McGreger

    I enjoy reading CA articles for only one reason. The comments at the end of each article. Not going to pay for worthless writing and slanted stories.

  • Decent but login keeps failing

    by Gotigersgo10

    Can login on my computer but won't work from my phone. This is a joke right?

  • Not truly free

    by richnfudge

    Requires registration after download. Guess I'll just read the articles on my PC.

  • Runs you around in circles

    by EpitomeofEverything

    Bought 24 hrs to check an article. Search didn't show any articles on C'ville a suburb when they do exist. It keeps putting me on payment options page and I can't leave it. Upgrade or register are only 2 options. Spent one hour and could barely read anything!

  • Not paying

    by Blue-eyed girl with an iPhone

    Agree with everyone that says why pay? Not worth the money and cheaper on the street! I'll get my news from another free site!

  • Crash and Burn

    by Dmenace118

    Crashs everytime on "Daily". Why do I want to look at ads on top of the paper? Im removing.

  • CA

    by Cbellet

    Subscriber for 30 years previously emailed many articles cannot get on with new app even after confirming with CA.

  • Seriously CA you think someone will pay?

    by Chaddaddy

    This is an example of the small minded leadership at CA. When USA Today is free, ESPN is free, NY times is free, google news is free. Who in their right mind would pay for the CA app or tolerate them providing a free app that only gives headlines and you must pay to read the stories. Terrible.

  • F- DO NOT DL!!! (Sales Gemick)

    by Memphis Narc

    Where is the "no stars" option?!? 9.99 per month. Hahaha Yea right! If I wanted to buy a news paper of buy one from one of the crackheads at the intersection. it's more like a tabloid than a news paper anyway. Should be named the "Commercial Opinion." Suggestion: Download local news station apps if you just want to see what the headlines are. At least they are free. Lol

  • Crashes and failed logins

    by Spmem

    I can work around the crashes, but I'm tired of trying to contact the CA because my login doesn't work (hint: they don't answer emails at all, you have to call). A model that doesn't allow access when you paid for it isn't work keeping.

  • NoWayHosea

    by nbrown196482

    Worst piece of crap APP!

  • No way...

    by shorti829

    That I am paying for ca. If I was ok with paying for it I wouldn't be trying to view it on my phone. Just wanted a quick story so I thought I would try out this app. It will be deleted just as soon as I am done here. I mean who do they think they are. Even the good newspapers across the country give you digital access for free.

  • "Free" is not free

    by Revmormor

    CA - what a horrid app...and what a horrid thing to do to those of us to rely on certain sections of the CA online everyday! Do you REALLY want to charge $9.99 a month for an online paper? I can look at Wash Post, NY Times...dozens of statewide papers on News Feed...all for free. I'm stunned, bummed and pretty angry.

  • No content

    by etsyartisto

    This isn't really a free app--you normally have some sort of content with a free app but this app is just a prompt to subscribe to pay services--it has NO content. Also--it leads you to believe that if you create an account you will be able to view content but you can't. It is really just a way of getting your email and telephone #.

  • Crashes

    by Kandy1998

    Since IOS 5, app crashes every time I touch "deals". Please update.

  • Not worth $10/ month

    by mr.onebuck

    There is no way the CA is worth $10 a month to view stories digitally. I will take the web version if I want to see a story.

  • Sorry, you lost me on this one.

    by TinCanTeli

    Apparently not free anymore. Must take out a subscription to paper is what it looks like to me. Sorry CA, I don't read your ads anymore either. Buuu bye

  • Poor

    by KiKi Yo

    Although I have been a subscriber for years and the registration recognized me as a subscriber, I am only being offered a beta trial for test two weeks because of a system glitch. Please correct.

  • Error, error, try again

    by Jezz74

    After spending 10 minutes registering, the site said there was an error and it said try again. Did that, another error, so it said re-register. I don't think so. That's ten minutes I won't get back. Not surprised. ......commercial appeal.

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