RTV6 Indianapolis News App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: E.W. Scripps Company

- Improved performance
- Easy to use Facebook and Twitter sharing tools
- New font for increased readability
- Higher resolution for photos and video
- Swipe between stories and sections
- New side navigation that put more news front and center on the home screen
- Photos and video in stories
- Save stories to read later

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68 Ratings


It was time for an upgrade. The RTV6 app brings you the latest trusted news and information for Indianapolis and central Indiana.

The app has been completely redesigned for speed and usability. In addition to a number of new features, we hope you find the format allows easier reading and crisp photos and video for a more dynamic experience.

RTV6 is central Indiana's leading provider of news and information on all platforms. We provide urgent, relevant news, weather and sports content on television, online, on mobile devices and through social media, so you can join our conversation wherever you are.

Please review the app and let us know what you think.

Customer Reviews

  • Huge improvements. Best news app in Indy!

    by sethkeever

    The new RTV6 app loads much faster and organizes stories in a way that makes the information easy to find. I especially like the ability to swipe to the next story. I can get all the news when I wake up with just a few swipes! Plus, the quality of the writing is better than most of the other stations.

  • iOS problems

    by Shaker Hts Hoosier

    This app is actually my favorite news app for Indy and I would be more than ready to rate it a 5 star. But now I see I will no longer be able to use it anymore because I don't have iOS 6. If I could afford a newer iPad I would buy one and update the iOS but I can't. I think to exclude anyone with an older version is unfair. Maybe I'm the only one who is experiencing this but I thought I should express how I feel.

  • Nice but...

    by Kikib2000

    The problem I am having is every notification is sent twice. It's very annoying to have my phone going off 2,4 or even 6 times a night.

  • Best App for Indy News & Updates

    by Kayhem2012

    Fantastic for news, weather and traffic. The updates and information available are all easy to navigate and do the job of several apps in one.

  • Best news app in Indy

    by Logie'sDad

    This is the best app for Indy news. Great weather and breaking news. Love the live video. Fast load and great design.

  • The Best

    by Chelser13

    The best news app in Indy for everything for you need to know! Love the new & improved app too!

  • Highly recommended

    by Dewdeaux

    Keeps me up to date with all I need to know.

  • Best Indy news app

    by Indyman173

    This is by far the best app for news in Central IN. The layout and design is great, performance is fast, and content is very informative. I especially love the live streaming video, weather forecast, and live cameras. I highly recommend this app.

  • Best app in Indy

    by 112OAKS

    This is hands down the best app for Indy news I've seen. Love how fast it is.

  • Looks great

    by Mal227

    This is a big upgrade. It loads much faster and is easier to read than before.

  • BEST News App in Indiana!

    by Angdawnwalker

    Updates have been awesome. This app far exceeds its competitors app. Best news and coverage in Indiana! I strongly recommend this app for local Indiana residence!

  • Okay app

    by JLL_Mom

    Good app minus all the excessive and pointless push notifications. Telling me where I can watch high school football games on an app or site doesn't constitute a push notification.

  • Outstanding!

    by popabook

    Current news articles, live streaming video and weather! Great news app!

  • Probably nice, but...

    by Pshortjr

    Can't download below OS6. Looks like RTV just lost a user. Oh well. The regular website is horrible on mobile anyway. Doesn't scroll well and too many adds

  • Too many pop ups

    by St18

    This app use to be decent, but now I can't even open it without it redirecting me to the App Store to download a game. I understand advertisements, however in the middle of trying to read the news I get automatically sent to the App Store. Frustrating!

  • Jelly game? Really

    by Unsound04

    Can't read one story without being sent to the App Store for some "jelly game" how does this app ever make through anyone's approval? It's time once and for all to delete this, never have been able to get news from it.

  • Has been...

    by Pacer-Guy

    This was a great news/WX app, now annoyingly the pop up adds appear while trying to view a story. Come on RTV, let me decide when I want to view an add!

  • Remove pop up ads

    by Indy-2012

    Very annoying, you need to be closing pop up ads to download game apps, I am deleting it

  • Ads are bad

    by Candbear7

    Deleting the app after every time I open a story the App Store opens.

  • Frustrating

    by Hkypunk73

    Breaking news links do not work. App now constantly opens my App Store to try to sell me crappy games, often several times per session. This is my first review ever, after many years of owning an iPhone. That's how annoying this App is.

  • Worst

    by Zachary Kidwell

    Thanks for the inconvenience wrtv

  • Really?!?!

    by Motocop84

    Not sure what's going on, but lately everytime I try to read stories I get automatically redirected to the App Store for some games!!! Please fix this!!!!!

  • Terrible, do not upload

    by Nick Vigliucci

    Does not work, ad pops up when you read a story. Terrible, insult to have this as a application.

  • Bad app

    by Mgmenden

    Hasn't worked since update. Don't download not worth the headache

  • Frustrating

    by Jon891011

    Every time I open a story, it tries to download an app I don't want which is annoying and makes it nearly impossible to read the story. Don't waste your time with this app unless they fix it

  • Ads randomly open

    by cher5000

    This used to be my "go to" app for Indy news until the ads started opening randomly, making it impossible to get through an article. Now it's too annoying to use. Ads shouldn't open when one isn't even touching the screen.

  • Ads locking up app

    by drew123410

    Used to be the place for my news. White screen of death every time because of web page ads poorly coded.

  • Not very reliable

    by Kira722

    News is never really up to date other than a few 'recent'. Breaking news is never there. Ever since iOS7 now it brings up the App Store when you click on certain parts of the screen.

  • Fix app please!

    by Bizzy565656

    Please fix this app. Use to be ok, but now takes you to the App Store while reading articles. VERY annoying. Will delete if not fixed soon.

  • Loved it, but deleting thanks to candy crush!!

    by Jrob308

    Every time I open a news story I am directed to the AppStore to the candy crush download page. Until now this was my favorite news app. Please fix this so I can try your app out again!

  • I don't want to install Candy Crush

    by KRHntsmn

    Used to be a good app until the recent update constantly continues to kick you over to the install of Candy Crush. I just want news! Enough of the pushy advertising!

  • Candy Crush?

    by Bonniebee2003

    No matter what story or weather I tap, I get redirected to the store and asked if I want to download Candy Crush...

  • Pop up adds

    by WLS~94.7RocksUSA

    Your new ad format stinks! Can't read anything without annoying ad and it won't go away more than a few seconds! Not going to get into the ratings game this way channel 6! I'm deleting you. Bye bye!!

  • Really?

    by zlatss

    My go-to app for local Indy news. Regardless where in the world I am, rtv6 is my first click. Until today. Now an annoying Chevy pop-up appears that is impossible to cancel. The teeny-tiny "x" in the upper right corner doesn't work. Invariably, when trying to cancel, it'll open Chevrolet's web page. Money over substance wins again.

  • Horrible

    by Bbgfhug

    Horrible app. Dropping this app because of pop up adds every few seconds when reading a article. I do not recommend . Would give zero rating if could. Now it won't let me submit review . Says nickname taken no matter what I put in. wthr your out of here .

  • WRTV's latest app update

    by Target mania

    Don't update the app. Pop up car ads appear and even when you "x" them out they come right back up. There's no getting to a news story. This used to be the best local news app.

  • Quit it with the Chevy ad already!!!

    by Tripleshine

    This app was okay before they started the stupid Chevy ad that constantly pops up...even after you X out of it. Gonna delete this app soon if its not fixed.

  • Oddo

    by 5738193

    DO NOT GET THIS APP!!! Couldn't read stories because it kept reloading ads that covered the screen

  • Ads

    by Blob1093

    Going to have to delete app, can't read a story without the ads popping up every 5 seconds...liked old format better

  • Add

    by Cindy and Elvis

    I am dropping this app because I can't read the news story without an add popping up closing the story.

  • What's up

    by 8girlnascar

    With the Chevy ad? I X out of it to finally get to the story & it pops back up. Annoying!!!!

  • New update.

    by Mizabee.

    Used to be an awesome app, installed the new update and now pop up ads come up when you're in the middle of reading a story! Even after you X-out, it pops back up just a few seconds later. So annoying!

  • No Breaking News

    by HCH753

    It is very frustrating when a breaking news story comes up and I tap it, but when the app opens up I am taken to the home page instead of the story for the link I just clicked on! Most times, I can not even find the story in the app! For as much as this app is advertised, you would think it would work better!

  • Does not work!

    by Hdbjxb

    With the new update I can only see weather and nothing else. What gives? I would give this zero stars if I could!

  • App

    by HarleyMomma11

    I use this app for updates on breaking news. Now if it would only take me to the news story that pops up it would be great.

  • Broken Breaking News?

    by LizaMomTo4

    Most features of this app work well. When I tap on the pop up notification for breaking need stories it pulls up the app, but the breaking news story isn't there.

  • Storm team 6

    by Buck7437

    What happened to the Storm Team 6 app?

  • Doesn't work!

    by Deerhntrbakr

    This app was great for awhile. But ever since they updated it you can't get anything to work. There is no information available when you open it. No map, no forecast, no anything. I guess it's time to go find a different app.

  • Crap

    by Niknikreed

    I can't even get the new update to open. And I thought wish tv app was bad!

  • Bad implementation

    by Starwynd

    First impressions are important and mine was a solid freeze of the app. Since then it has hanged and crashed with alarming frequency. From what I could see it only showed a handful of local stories, no breakdown of sections like the mobile website and previous app. Ad placement wasn't as annoying as the old app at least. This app needs serious work. I'll stick to the mobile website if I decide to check RTV6 News.

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