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Seller: E.W. Scripps Company

We made headlines bigger and easier to read.
We added a 'forgot password link' on the login screen for subscribers
We added a link to a login help page under settings
Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

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Experience the Record Searchlight – reimagined for the iPhone. Enriched by innovative technology and interactive elements, the Record Searchlight brings you the local news coverage you have come to expect and the reading experience you have been looking for. With content created specifically for the iPhone platform, expect the in-depth analysis and reporting that you trust from your local newspaper, combined with the immediacy and vivid visuals of the digital experience. Thought provoking coverage and a uniquely local perspective combine to create the content you need, on the platform of today.

Exclusive content:
•Comprehensive news coverage serving Redding, Anderson, Shasta and Tehama counties
•Local business and industry news
•High school, college and pro sports coverage, including reporting on the San Francisco Giants and the Sacramento Kings
•Articles from your favorite columnists
•Entertainment and lifestyle news, including the arts, dining and theater
•Information on community events, such as MarketFest
•Editorials and letters to the editor

Exclusive app features:
•Breaking news information and content, updated as stories develop
•Updated text stories, video and photos from the Record Searchlight and
•Most popular and currently trending stories
•Share important stories with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email, directly from the app

Customer Reviews

  • Comments

    by MasterChief91

    I can see what comment are written, but not write any myself.

  • So helpful & handy!

    by Pinkiepie2

    I like this app. It has been very helpful and resourceful. We had a power outage last year and having my cellphone charged i was able to check this app. And it gave all the details and as to when we would have electricity back. And this app updates u with local amber alerts and ect. I couldnt be happier with it!

  • App is slow

    by Founder 12345

    It's slow and u can't leave any comments which is dumb! Also I hate the way it's set up the first page isn't even important stuff just dumb opinion articles also every time you open a story you get a story that wasn't even near where you clicked! This app needs lots of help and it's just slow period.

  • Okay

    by Misarabella

    This app is okay. It would be much better if it was also made to work on the iPad.

  • Ok

    by Trucker Rich

    I can read the comments, but can't leave a comment... What's up with that

  • Great ap

    by Bbgroves

    Works great on my iPhone but wish there was more stories on it to view. It's free!

  • Convenient

    by Atdeg

    Seems to be working fine on 4.1. Nice way to get the paper.

  • Good App

    by Tokyojay

    This is a really good app, thanks for taking the time to make it

  • Facebook post

    by Ratty86

    I can not share/post stories on Facebook.

  • Too many notifications

    by steve_rn22

    The app is okay but my phone is always getting push notifications about some kind of breaking news, most of which aren't that noteworthy. Can you please do a little better job of filtering these please?

  • $9.99 are you crazy

    by Nonot9.99

    $9.99 a MONTH! Are you out of your mind? You obviously have lost grip with reality. How long before you lose your online advertising, due to low readership? The price is simply not affordable to the average person. Good luck and let me know when the funeral is!

  • Joke

    by Meeeē123456779

    What a joke, with the infinity places to get the news without a cost, RS is smoking something if they think anything they post is worthy of a price tag. Good luck, I'm deleting this app and using KRCR's.

  • Not paying

    by Ohyeah1!1

    Not paying for news. App getting deleted.


    by violetbead

    but now that EVERY story I want to READ has a SUBSCRIBE TO READ more than the first 2 lines... no thanks. If this isn't fixed I will DELETE the app. They won't deliver where I lived though I was given a box and the driver NEVER got back to me after 5 months of trying I gave up - was thrilled to have the app.... NOT ANYMORE

  • Push notifications

    by SubEclipse

    I like that you guys have discovered how to send push notifications, however, the articles you deem urgent enough to send out a push message are ridiculous. I urge you to consider reserving this feature for articles which are urgent enough that the reader needs immediate knowledge of its existence. If an actress dies, or an eagle has a bad day, those of us who care will find and read the articles without the need for an interruption in our lives from you. ****************** Update ****************** You're on meth if you think your digital service is worth $10/mo

  • $10/month?

    by DKS123456

    No, thank you. I will go back to recording the news. This paper gets most of its stories from listening to the scanner. Most stories are incomplete, inaccurate, and have major grammatical errors. Not worth the price.

  • It WAS useful.

    by Nickname Optional

    Then the parent company of the Record Searchlight slapped an over priced pay wall around most of the content. This is a local interest newspaper, not a major publication. It's no longer worth it.

  • Garbage!!!

    by NorCal88

    Doesn't work most of the time, locks up, can't see the pictures, can't comment. Basically you have to try and read an article before it freezes and closes automatically! Needs major work!!

  • Needs iPad version and a place where we can leave comments.

    by Steeler08

    Need to be able to leave comments. And a iPad version would be awesome too.

  • Average

    by Ellieae

    Not terrible. But bad. You click on a headline and it will open up a story that was five headlines down. Can't comment, but you ca. See other people's comments. Not all pictures show up. Thinking that stories are not updates as frequently as on actual website. Still a good source of local news, though.

  • Sub par

    by Dilbert Dickweed

    Crashes more then half the time. That's what free apps from small towns do I guess.

  • Ok...

    by MsAmber530

    This app is ok but has one huge flaw: No ability to share a story. Fix it RS, please.

  • Where are the rest of the stories?

    by disappearing middle class

    I appreciate our little papers App but this new version I downloaded 6/2011 only let's you read the "featured stories". Bummed you can't get to the other stories. I just online now and skip the app.

  • Crashes on iPad

    by Daktari T

    the first version was ok o iPhone but would not rotate to landscape view on my iPad. The 1.1 update doesn't work at all on my iPad. Not what you would call a successful update.

  • Crashes

    by iPad Paul

    New version doesn't work at all on my iPad: blank screen

  • Doesn't work

    by Cellar rat girl

    Was all excited after reading Silas Lyons this morning. Downloaded it and it won't open! Boohoo

  • Crashes

    by wxmike

    Must not work with IOS4 because it crashes every time I try to open it. Hopefully we'll see a fix for this soon.

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