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Languages: English

Seller: E.W. Scripps Company

- Improved performance
- Easy to use Facebook and Twitter sharing tools
- New font for increased readability
- Higher resolution for photos and video
- Swipe between stories and sections
- New side navigation that put more news front and center on the home screen
- Photos and video in stories
- Save stories to read later

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23 Ratings
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51 Ratings


It was time for an upgrade. Our new app brings you the latest trusted news and information from Cleveland to Akron and throughout all of northeast Ohio.

The app has been completely redesigned for speed and usability. In addition to a number of new features, we hope you find the format allows easier reading and crisp photos and video for a more dynamic experience.

WEWS NewsChannel5 and are On Your Side with breaking news and weather updates from northeast Ohio.

Please review the app and let us know what you think.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by yeahbabyy

    Great app to provide Cleveland news

  • Great Upgrade

    by Mteece

    Hands down the best app for Cleveland news. It's easy to find stories and has great pictures.

  • I love my app

    by Kim56311

    This is the only news app I use in Cleveland.

  • Great

    by Kiegs

    Great video and use ability!

  • Best local news app!

    by Joyce44115

    So easy to use- check it several times a day. Great weather info and videos.

  • Great!

    by MissyClover2020

    The upgrade is vastly improved. I love the ease of this app and the new functionality. It is easily the best local news app in the market.

  • Best local news App

    by Squirrelly Monkey

    Love the update. This app gets me through my day

  • Fantastic news experience

    by DougRog

    Great news coverage and up-to-date information for northeast Ohio. Showcases pictures and video well. Easy to find stories and search news with navigation menu. Can swipe to switch between stories effortlessly. Comprehensive forecast, current conditions and live radar. Sleek design and easy to read fonts. Fantastic live streaming. Simple to send in pictures or video using the “Report News” feature. Overall, the app creates a pleasant news experience.

  • Luv this app!

    by twinsmom67

    Easy to navigate and looks great!

  • Editor

    by Rg3rbc1972

    Great content, cool live stream.

  • WEWS App

    by bap-Z06

    Great update

  • Outstanding

    by ElsagBailey

    Hands down, probably the best News App out there. Fast, efficient and simple to navigate. Good job people....

  • Great app

    by Hitchfan1234

    Love the new newsnet5 app. Much easier to navigate. Lots of great info.

  • GREAT upgrade

    by App aficianado

    Great job on this upgrade! So easy to find anything you could be looking for. Local news and weather radar are listed by county for the entire viewing area. The app has the most detailed and complete menu I can imagine. Will be using frequently through the day.

  • Great App!

    by Eric Ristow

    This app is very user friends and easy to navigate!

  • Fast

    by Bs1189

    I love swiping between stories. Great pictures and video.

  • Yes

    by Julie19701

    Thanks for new app. Great features. Love live stream.

  • Great updates and user experience

    by Brian Almond

    Great flow for a mobile ap. Ease of use and ability to use one handed controls. Like the menu option as well. Really did a good job on this one!

  • Amazing

    by Cleveland Macchio Man

    Not sure how I lived without it. This my friends is a game changer!!

  • Awesome app!

    by Katie0339

    This is the best news app in Cleveland! It's so easy to use!

  • What the huh??

    by Neecie03

    Won't work -freezes up on iPhone every time - cannot even get my weather

  • Great app

    by Joey12464

    Great app, fast and easy for local news

  • Love my newsnet5 app

    by CAS181965

    I love my newsnet5 app. So many stories and live streams. Way to go with the upgrade. So fast too.

  • Love it!!

    by LiNAbAbEy012707

    Love this app!!!

  • Dawgs on the run

    by Mr. 27

    I only downloaded this app for Dawgs on the run. DOES NOT WORK!

  • Too many commercials advertisements!

    by Sean1234sallds

    This used to be a go to app for my local news. I have found another source for news now that every time I click a story to read I'm forced to watch a 30 second ad that can only be stopped by hitting the home key and exiting the app. Once you reopen the app the video ad starts up again! Waste of my data and time.

  • Ads take over

    by Starz1978

    Used to like, however I am now deleting. You can't even read an article because ads keep popping up over and over. Pointless.

  • Fishing??

    by Falconman66

    Is there a fishing review available on the app as there is on the actual website? If so where?

  • Horrible

    by Mommy*5

    Loved this app, but today, every time I try to read a news story I keep getting pop ups for a stupid car.. That I didn't even click on!!! As a matter of fact I kept my hands off of my phone and it still kept taking me from the story!!!!!!!!! Ridiculous!!! Literally I tried for 5 minutes to read one story and it redirected me at least 15 times. I will be deleting this app!! 3,8,19 have never given me this much trouble!!!!!!!

  • Ads

    by Fill3r

    The drop down full screen ads make this ap useless. Click close and the ad pops up again, endlessly.

  • Deleting after this post

    by Chuck 4545

    Why now all of a sudden does every news story need to be prefaced with commercial? That is so annoying , I'm actually deleting this app after I write this.

  • Annoying App

    by jevansjr

    I like News Net 5, but I want to get the News on my time. Although this app does have settings to disable notifications, the latest versions completely ignore the "Receive Notifications" off settings. This makes the app extremely annoying as you receive notifications about 6-12 times daily, because the weather forecast for a cool and sunny day is breaking news in NEO.

  • Don't work

    by B.futchi

    It won't load at all I have tried for hours! The older version is better I shouldn't have upgraded it.

  • John k

    by Johnrkam

    I get a news Notification from Newsnet5. It instructs to go to the app to read the story now. Every time it's not there until much later!

  • Best Cleveland news app

    by globalgoblin

    I've tried all the Cleveland news apps and this one is the best. Keeps you abreast well with what's going on locally and nationally. And actually streams LIVE video for major breaking news events. A must have for Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

  • Crashes

    by Kelltic92

    This app constantly freezes. Had to delete.

  • Needs updating for iPhone 5

    by Bgiese

    This app is long overdue for an update.

  • News Net 5 App Rocks

    by Tig657

    This weather app is exactly what I've been looking for. Add to this all the other news, etc., it's a perfect app. Good job web developers!

  • Liz

    by Big Tay Fan

    I like this app because I am now able to check to see if I have school and see what the weather is.

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