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Seller: E.W. Scripps Company

We made headlines bigger and easier to read.

We added a 'forgot password link' on the login screen for subscribers.

We added a link to a login help page under settings.

Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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Experience the Knoxville News Sentinel – reimagined for the iPhone. Enriched by innovative technology and interactive elements, the Knoxville News Sentinel brings you the local news coverage you have come to expect and the reading experience you have been looking for. With content created specifically for the iPhone platform, expect the in-depth analysis and reporting that you trust from your local newspaper, combined with the immediacy and vivid visuals of the digital experience. Thought provoking coverage and a uniquely local perspective combine to create the content you need, on the platform of today.

Exclusive content:
•Latest breaking news
•Exclusive local news, business, features and sports coverage from the greater Knoxville area, including Knox, Anderson, Roane, Loudon, Blount, Sevier, Jefferson, Grainger and Union counties
•Special reports from the largest, most experienced newsroom in the region
•In-depth coverage of more than 25 news beats by veteran East Tennessee reporters
•Daily breaking and in-depth local business coverage, with opinion and analysis from our business columnists
•In-depth coverage of local government and politics in East Tennessee
•Latest courts and crime news and developments
•Local sports coverage, including:
oHigh school sports reporting from, with coverage on more than 60 area schools
oUniversity of Tennessee Vols and Lady Vols athletics
oTennessee Smokies
oKnoxville Ice Bears
•Lifestyle and entertainment news, including highlights from Knoxville’s music scene and notable local attractions for both residents and visitors
•Features coverage, including Cooking, Gardens, Faith and Health
•Articles from your favorite columnists, such as:
oSam Venable
oJohn Adams
oTom Humphrey
oFrank Munger
oMike Strange
•News videos and photo galleries
•Editorials and letters to the editor

Exclusive app features:
•Breaking news information and content, updated as stories develop
•Updated text stories, video and photos from the Knoxville News Sentinel and
•Most popular and currently trending stories
•Share important stories with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email, directly from the app

Customer Reviews

  • Only half what it should be for paid subscribers.

    by KRCinKNOX

    This app needs the ability to add comments. You should also be able to see if comments already exist on a story before clicking on the link and waiting on the page to load, only to find it is blank.

  • Pretty good

    by 112OAKS

    I live in Knoxville and fly frequently all over the country, so I'm happy to have headlines from home

  • New dashboard

    by DJ MFizzy

    I like the new dashboard when you swipe to the left, it gives you easy to access the different sections. Much easier to navigate than other local news apps that I have.

  • Great app.. Once you get activated

    by headhancho

    This app is great to see all of the paper without the "paper." You do have to be a subscriber to see most articles, but many papers have done the same. If you are a subscriber, you must "activate" your subscription for the app. I was unable to activate from my iPhone & had to go the computer to do it. That was not very convenient, but its working now.

  • It's FREE !

    by IDhork

    I don't have to ride a donkey to town to buy a newspaper ! 5 stars

  • Almost Perfect...

    by World War Two Nut

    This is a great app, for people on the go, to keep up with news in Knoxville, Tennessee. It works great with OS 5. But please, in the next update, give us the ability to post comments from our mobile device.

  • No UT Coverage

    by RLF7

    Why is there no coverage of UT sports?

  • Informative app for Knoxville TN

    by KnoxFun

    Easy to use, updated information and events around town, worth the price, it's FREE...

  • Great app

    by Dust79

    Love the app,it now crashes with ios4

  • Pay for my news?

    by Pixieluv82

    Hello 2014.... Before I delete the app, just want to say there is nothing special about getting my news from you. I can get my news from a variety of other sources. Just lost another reader. Smh....

  • Terrible

    by Brouhu

    Two thumbs down!

  • Ripoff!!!

    by Batesfan.

    Do not download this app!! They want to charge you 11.99 a month for news you can get elsewhere. Scam!!!

  • What a Joke

    by Bkite77

    I can't even give lower than one star..? You are going to lose way more than you gain on this one Knox News...delete...

  • Worthless

    by Nicole Olodey

    Not even worth the time to download

  • Greedy

    by Egg1914

    12 bucks a month is what this app charges so you can just see all the articles. Shameful. Not worth it and deleted.

  • Not worth a download

    by sandmmarie

    This is not even worth a download. Doesn't have all of the paper like animals,livestock etc.

  • Requires subscription

    by SadReader2000

    In an age where almost no news services require a subscription anymore, knoxnews has decided to take a page from 2000 and start requiring one. Total fail.

  • Greedy!!!

    by claysand13

    As many stories they have done about the greed from pilot flying J it's a shame they want you to subscribe do there app. They charge for advertising on the app. How much profit does this company want...I deleted it.

  • Ripoff!!!!

    by Trashytrucker

    Used to be great app. Now in order to read articles you must pay $11.99 a month. What a joke. Don't waste your time. I deleted app. If I want to pay for news, I'll buy a newspaper where I can read "all" the articles.

  • Can't leave comments

    by Sammac001

    Would be nice if I could leave comments - can only read them.


    by aurahxxxx

    The KNS has totally revamped its app, and it's awful. They don't have most of the stories from the newspaper available. There's not even a separate section for local news - any section you click has a mix of local and national wire copy. Also, that copy is often several days old. Forget downloading this app, just go to the mobile website instead. Much more useful, and you can actually read all the news, not just the three of four stories they decide are important.

  • Practically unuseable

    by Ortolans

    I wanted an app that was a fair approximation of the News-Sentinel so I could keep up with Knoxville events while traveling; this app is structured really poorly, nonexistent search function, so much left out. I finally just deleted it off my phone. Pitiful...

  • Obituaries?

    by LarryUpstairs

    This app is middling at best . Often loads with no content, just a blank screen. If there are obituaries posted, I can't find them. Same for GoVols24/7... A search for that on the app store produces the Knoxnews app as the result. However no GoVols24/7 new can be found.

  • Updated app still won't allow comments

    by 2for2tru

    Seriously, there is no reason users shouldn't be able to leave comments on the articles. I'm obviously not the only one who's mentioned this. C'mon, KNS. This ain't rocket science.

  • "Now" section never has articles in it

    by llKetron

    After multiple updates this has still not been resolved. Also I'm still unable to comment straight from the app. Both of these things are in desperate need of attention.

  • Horrid does not even begin to describe

    by Ecto Hunter

    You click on one story and another one opens. Can't post comments from the app. This app is about half useless

  • Good in theory bad execution

    by x865x CROSS

    I'd like to be able to read Knox news stories but the app never works and still hasn't been optimized for the iPhone 5. Step your game up Knox news

  • Update doesn't work

    by Kgirrl

    Update released 9/7/12 will not download from Apple. Ok up until then, would like to see more material though.

  • Weak

    by d-jac

    Content is weak. Not nearly as good as the mobile site.

  • Keeps getting worse

    by Martha A

    Since the last update the font size for the stories jumps back and forth from small to medium as you try to read them, losing your place every time. Still no access through the app to obituaries. It is now so hard to read I don't use it much.

  • Extremely underwhelming.

    by Pdivo

    Not ready for prime time. When I see underdeveloped apps like this, I can't help but wonder about the quality of the organization that published it.

  • Needs Facebook link

    by ...update....

    Would be better if u could post articles on to Facebook from your phone

  • Needs fixing!!

    by texacojoe

    The front page is blank, please can you guys fix it. Also, would be nice to make comments, but can't be done in the app. Otherwise, app is decent.

  • Won't work

    by Faithwalkingmom

    It worked great till the last update and now it come up. Just a blank white screen.

  • Crash

    by Ryquinn1973

    Update for ios 4.0

  • Crashes

    by Y2ks2k

    Worked well until OS4

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