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We made headlines bigger and easier to read.
We added a 'forgot password link' on the login screen for subscribers
We added a link to a login help page under settings
Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

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Experience the Evansville Courier & Press – reimagined for the iPhone. Enriched by innovative technology and interactive elements, the Courier & Press brings you the local news coverage you have come to expect and the reading experience you have been looking for. With content created specifically for the iPhone platform, expect the in-depth analysis and reporting that you trust from your local newspaper, combined with the immediacy and vivid visuals of the digital experience. Thought provoking coverage and a uniquely local perspective combine to create the content you need, on the platform of today.

Exclusive content:
•Breaking news alerts directly from the newsroom
•Latest top stories from Southwestern Indiana, Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois
•Weather information
•Daily coverage of government, crime, education and more
•Favorite columnists from the Courier & Press
•School closings
•Area sports coverage, including:
oHigh school sports
oIndiana University
oUniversity of Kentucky
oUniversity of Southern Indiana
oUniversity of Evansville
•Local entertainment news
•Coverage of upcoming local events
•Editorials and letters to the editor

Exclusive app features:
•Breaking news information and content, updated as stories develop
•Updated text stories, video and photos from the newsrooms of the Courier & Press, The Gleaner and
•Most popular and currently trending stories
•Share important stories with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email, directly from the app

Customer Reviews

  • My favorite

    by 112OAKS

    In a big fan, love the Courier & Press

  • Evansville at its finest

    by NevilleDevil

    We are the fattest town in America and #1 in meth use.... Make sense of that... Gotta love Evansvills

  • Comments, Sharing

    by Zachberry

    Would like the ability to comment on the stories from the app.

  • C&P loyal reader BUT........

    by Jillsp

    Is it a refusal from c&p to not allow posting or just a case of ignoring their loyal readers' requests? Read the end of story comments from larger papers and you'll see hardly any comments get erased due to offense. Why? Because everybody has an opinion, obnoxious or not, someone out there will always be offended and it should be left up to the offended to grow some thicker skin, instead of C&P censoring readers.

  • :(

    by MotherOfOne08

    I want to comment on the stories! One current story that has touched the lives of everyone. Fix soon please!

  • Can't Catch the Text

    by BigCountry-

    Since the last update, most of the time when the ad banner changes, it changes the size of the text. This makes articles totally unreadable because the text jumps every 15-20 seconds. What's worse is there is no way to leave feedback inside the app. Someone needs to hire a professional app developer and fix this!

  • Need more info

    by Helpabusyman

    I am a 7 day a week subscriber to the paper, but often would like to just use the app. I think the app should have a few more sections, including some sports scores(details not important) and obituaries. It would be a huge convenience to be able to take a glance at these things to start the day.

  • Thanks for fixing with update!

    by Rooney33147

    Now can we get the ability to comment on stories?

  • Great!!!

    by Mattd105

    Great Evansville news on a great app. What more could you want?

  • Excellent App :-)

    by BeckyKentucky

    I am in Owensboro and rely on Evansville for my local news. Thank goodness the new channels and now the C&P have apps ! Thank You ! Well Done !!!!

  • Love it!

    by OnTheRiver

    Love it!

  • Runs great

    by niblum10

    Great update! Loads faster and runs smoother.

  • Great!

    by Bann2466

    Now works with iPhone 4.0 software. Thanks.

  • Pretty good but needs some updates

    by Jr049h

    Decent app but no option to share articles via email, facebook, etc. Also would be nice to have a link to the Gleaner. Definitely like update that allowed comments to be viewed. Will there be an update where comments can be made?

  • Great app!!!

    by Joe0912

    Great app but need to fix so it will run on Os4.

  • Good but with flaws

    by Christanhayden

    Doesn't work with ios4. Will work on old is just not new one.

  • Finally!

    by Klifton

    Evansville news on the iPhone... Sweet!

  • Pay for subscription???

    by Trashytrucker

    Marquis79 works for some newspaper, he left the same review for the Knoxville News Sentinel when they started charging and everyone started complaining, check it out, that's hilarious!!! Must be employee!!! Thinks it's great to pay subscription fee to read a handful of old articles. He must get commission from subscriptions.

  • Paywall

    by spaceh0gg

    This deserves ZERO STARS. Hiding articles behind a paywall is nothing more than a ridiculous money grab. Never mind that newspapers make a fortune in advertising revenue (check out their advertising rates). Also, you'll pay for a subscription in order to see the online content, and you'll still be bombarded with online advertisements. Sorry C&P and The Gleaner, I'll get my news elsewhere. Shameful greed is all this is.

  • Subscription price is outrageous

    by MD Rob

    A few local stories and rehashed AP stories aren't worth what they are asking. The best part is often the comment section, but I doubt anybody will stick around at this price.

  • Subscription

    by AbbRS

    I use to like this app and was the first I would turn to for news. Now the c&p wants to charge to read some of the articles. I deleted the app and will turn to other sources for news. I feel it's inappropriate to bait app users with news and updates and then decide to start charging for it down the road.

  • Subscription required

    by John Record

    You can only see headlines with out one

  • uninstalled!

    by phoneplay

    I refuse to pay for crappy typo riddled articles. ad supported sure, subscription based...bad move

  • Paper

    by Plantladu

    I like the way the old app was.

  • Updated app

    by Williamslpn

    The news part is fine. I am upset about the obituaries. I look everyday for hendersons obits but most are left out. And they leave them on for a week or two. I am not impressed at all. Why do they have to always change a good thing?

  • Hate the update

    by Nothappy123684

    What happened to the section filter. I do nit like the update. I do subscribe to the paper but until the update I read it on my iPhone most of the time.

  • Commenting on articles

    by defrasier

    You can't comment on articles? I don't like this at all. You can read them, but can't comment? No good at all.

  • Broke

    by Eric Mitz

    Does not work.

  • Used to be good

    by Mom22greatkids

    I used to use this app daily to check local news. But now it doesn't hardly work at all. I deleted it and reinstalled it and it worked for a day or so then quit again. Now I've deleted it for good.

  • Update messed it up!!!

    by Tina919

    Loved this app till the update. Now my first page will not load. Have erased and redownloaded several times. Will work the first time then nothing again!!!

  • No good

    by Bburg00

    You have to constantly delete and re download the app to get it to work since the last update

  • Crash

    by JW0000001

    4.0 = crash

  • What happened

    by Jay1117

    Would have given 4 but not working with OS4

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