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Newsradio KLBJ-AM is the only radio station in Austin, Texas delivering local news every 30 minutes 24/7. The comprehensive news coverage is complimented by a compelling lineup of local talk hosts and America’s premiere, nationally syndicated talk hosts. Mark, Ed and Sergeant Sam cover the hot local and national topics weekday mornings. Todd and Don take a humorous look at the big stories at 10am and 2p.m. America’s #1 talk host, Rush Limbaugh, anchors 11a.m. to 2p.m. No politician or celebrity is safe from the mocking of Jeff Ward weekdays 3pm-7pm. Evenings feature Glenn Beck, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis and Coast to Coast AM with George. Weekends offer a great lineup of KLBJ experts on a wide range of topics from gardening and home repair to investments and health. Follow us on Twitter @newsradioklbj for updates on breaking news, weather and traffic.

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Customer Reviews

  • pause from control panel doesn't work

    by iam_brad_the_dad

    This app is supposed to replace the TritonDigital / Streamtheworld app for KLBJ. Pause does not work from headset or iOS control panel. Major bug. Little complaint is now hard to grab volume slider when at full volume - gets Air Play menu instead

  • Ok, but asking for location

    by MissHoke

    Asking for location every time is a little annoying. Would like to see a sleep timer.

  • Great local station

    by Charmaine Unkinown

    Great app!

  • Mr.

    by Cummincents

    Have to have it. However my app has been taken over by the worst phone service provider SPRINT. When I open my klbj app I get a nag add for nextradio available from scum sprint if I want to turn the klbj up down on off look at the news , scum sprint nag add has to be X'ed. This is so aggravating I have not been using the klbj app as much as I used to. Scum Sprint. KLBJ app is great. I hope I can get some help to rid my phone of this SCUM SPRINT VIRUS

  • Great local content

    by gapngo

    Easy way to plug into your favorite local content.

  • Great Informative Station

    by Stokes0104

    We are new listeners and have enjoyed being informed on a local and national level. KLBJ is what we turn to for all our news needs.

  • Great App

    by Rcwaustin

    I listen to KLBJ 590 all day long and this app works great and helps me stay up to date.

  • Only radio I listen to...

    by Michael_Fish_

    but this app could use some work. Does not reflect the quality of the programming.

  • Great app!

    by Brent Liles

    I love KLBJ 590 and this is a great app

  • Good, but...

    by P Raoch

    590KLBJ has great fave radio station! BUT...the phone app has poor connectivity that seems to have worsened after last upgrade. If u listen for an hour, u will have to hit the play button at least 6-8 times---no bueno! AND...irritating to listen to the same re-run commercials and time-fillers. Nobody wants to hear rerun clips of Jeff or T&D (except maybe Jeff's mom or T&D's parole officers) and especially not over and over and over again.

  • Good

    by Marvin Gilley

    Nice to have a backup plan when away from the radio

  • App Unstable

    by Master Elec.

    Enjoy listening to the station, but the app is very unstable. The only time I can really use it is when I'm home using my network. In other places, it cuts out frequently and I end up listening to it on iheart radio.

  • Great radio

    by Shirlb711

    Love this station. Thanks to this app I listen all day while at work.

  • Love it

    by Girl Trouble

    Love it. I travel around the world and use this app to listen to KLBJ almost everyday

  • Works great

    by Ssssandy

    Listen all the time!!!

  • Craze

    by Austin ideal

    Good tool when I am away from radio. The sound will suddenly reduce or drop there a time limit? where I am dropped ?

  • Podcasts come and go.

    by samgraves2

    5 stars if podcasts are consistent for Jeff Ward.

  • Very informative

    by Nklife

    I enjoy listening to the morning show. I am able to hear differing opinions and commentary. Technically, it comes in and out at times.

  • C2C

    by Kanjijim

    Great show

  • This is my radio..

    by Thetone3333333

    My 30 year old radio ceased to work in the middle of a show. Downloaded this app and within a few minutes, I heard the remainder of the show. Four stars as the sound ceases periodically. Could be A TT or app, not sure

  • Used to love it

    by Unka???

    I enjoyed this station more than my local stations, but since the change I can't listen to it without changing my location settings. Deleted it.

  • Doesn't work

    by Snood1

    App doesn't work anymore. Says "cannot connect to station."

  • Fan of the station, not the new app

    by GeorgesGeorge

    The new app is a complete battery hog, fyi. Old app was simple, did not use a lot of juice. New one is simple, but will drain your device.

  • Has always been available. Not anymore.

    by Guephiltefich

    Has always been available. Not anymore. There is this recorded voice, in an unexpected english accent, informing that listening to KLBJ is not possible in my region!!! How come? Listening has always been available! Please, fix this error or, if the case, change this strange new policy.

  • Annoying popups

    by Shazgoose

    I use this app a lot. It does what it needs to do; let me listen to the live stream. What I don't need, is a popup that COVERS THE ENTIRE SCREEN every time I press the Play / Stop button! It didn't use to do this. I'm going to have to find an alternate app.

  • Sounds stops every 10min or so.....

    by onesnipe

    Love listening to Klbj during the day, however this feed drops out like every 10 minutes. This is very annoying. Like watching the last play of a football game and having the final 5 seconds of the run to the end zone cut off. This has been a problem with this app for years. Not sure why they will not address this issue when updating the app. Perhaps the developers might need to hand this project off to a more experienced team. If the problem with the feed gets fixed, this app would be 5 stars

  • Crashes with iPhone5s

    by Kathryn L B

    Love listening to klbj, but app crashes too often. So I sent a message to support on August 19 and still have an open status ticket that I can not Login to respond. Wish there was an update.

  • Starts and stops constantly

    by Ah4448

    App use to work great on my iPhone4 but constantly pauses on my new iPhone5. It's very annoying.

  • Unstable

    by seabee22

    Listening the both at home (wifi) and on the go has become less enjoyable over the past few months. Streaming is not always reliable. I hope the problem is corrected soon. I really like listening to my hometown station.

  • Station is Great, App is not

    by sdocpublishing

    The station is great with a variety of programming, the application constantly crashes and cuts out though.

  • Stops after 10 minutes

    by heavyhoof

    Using iPhone4S. App continually stops after ~10 minutes. I have to close and reopen it. As of late, the app stops much more often. I use the phone in a consistent spot for best reception. Now I use my AM radio so I don't miss the morning guys.

  • KLBJ

    by El Sherife Guapo

    Great listening. Jeff Ward is great and so are the 3 guys in the am.

  • Great News Channel

    by Baseballer 11

    This is my favorite news channel by far. I'm a huge talk radio consumer and this one has all my favorites.

  • Love this app

    by Babybees

    Love the ap. Great to be able to listen to Rush in the morning, and to coast to coast at night.

  • Great

    by Mom and Ricky's iTunes

    I listen every morning and throughout the day. It's great to stay up to date without having to carry a radio around with me.

  • Great station

    by Dude3567754

    This is my local station in Austin. When I am not near my radio or computer, I listen with my phone. The app works 99% of the time. There are occasional pauses while buffering.

  • I love this station!

    by Tjw555

    I travel quite a bit, and this app let's me keep up with what is going on in my favorite part of the world, Austin TX! I look forward to Sgt. Sam, Mark, Todd, Don, Jeff, Rush... the whole crew every day! Great station!

  • Love it! Always works

    by Knightsmom

    Love it! Always works

  • Very good

    by Hernan Mora

    Its contents go eith bible techings

  • Almost great

    by Chepolo76

    Good app!! Would be better if it didn't stop working from time to time. Doesn't happen that often but it does happen.

  • Chip

    by Dr chipper

    Love the channel. Hate the constant replays of past shows as ads

  • Nice app great station

    by the Frankoman

    My favorite app

  • Repeat advertising

    by Kzora

    I listen at work and I have to turn it off after an hour or so... The advertising is REPEATED PSA's. It's very annoying...just play music if you don't have the advertising for the streaming portion of your station!

  • Review KLBJ

    by Rvics

    Good app - works well

  • Love it

    by Maggie 303

    Much improved over what it was when I first started using this app. Love listening to coast to coast!

  • App needs work

    by Stephen5912

    LOVE the programming but the app needs help. Cuts out often, and resets as well. Loyal KLBJ listener though! Keep up the great programming. Alex Jones show weekdays PLEASE!

  • Morning and afternoon shows...

    by Big Daddy Rhino

    Listen to KLBJ whenever I can and love the app. Ed is the bomb. Sam is a... "I'll tell you what", self righteous, macho, bully with a gun. I like Jeff Ward in the afternoon! He makes no qualms about being the smartest guy in the world but I still think he's funny and interesting.

  • Klbj

    by Bobfolsum

    Love the gardening shows on the weekend. I listen all over the country on my phone. Thank you

  • Great app.

    by cccmoore

    Love this app.

  • Excellent Radio Station

    by Lovely7088

    I live in Western New York and was looking for a conservative/ republican viewed radio station. Rochester's was not talkative and informative enough! Actually it was very repetitious and boring. Bob Lonsberry's family growth, jokes and political views were not for me! After I found KBLJ I was hooked! Couldn't wait to hear the next days talk from 6-10 (my time). I think all radio stations should be that interesting to listen to. A great example of intelligent talk radio. Very happy with this app!

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