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Listen to St. Louis’ Fox News radio station, FM NewsTalk 97.1, from your mobile device! Stay in touch and up to date with the latest in national and local news. Tune in weekdays to Allman in the Morning, Glenn Beck, The Dana Show, The Dave Glover Show, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Coast to Coast.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by SteadyEddie110

    Works perfect. Simple & sweet!

  • Like it

    by the darce

    One reason I listen is b/c I get to listen to fewer of Glovers live ads which annoy me after listening for too long. App is kind of buggy but I like it.

  • Dave Glover

    by greenbrownie

    The only reason I have app is to listen to the Dave Glover Show & I love it. The app is good but sometimes it cuts out on me for a few seconds. Don't want to go without it though.

  • Listener

    by CSI_STL

    This app works great.

  • Great content!

    by Rkeith301

    The best lineup of hosts on the radio today. Better than WSB Atlanta, which is by far the best in the area.

  • DGS

    by Evilpa

    I mostly listen to 97.1 for the DGS show, because they make laugh every day. When I lived in STL I listened too at of the shows. I listen via the App & the Internet.

  • Great station

    by Flynfitz

    Great station with great conservative programs. A place where I can get real news and not the crap on NBC, CBS, CNN, and countless others. This station has a backbone.

  • 97.1 App

    by Flip941

    Really good app. Does what it is supposed to and the price is great.

  • Great app!

    by Hoglan

    I never rate apps, but I felt like I should hear. This works great on my iPhone 4s. I listen to it all the time when I'm not near a radio. I don't know why people say it doesn't work, I've never had a single issue

  • Great App

    by La Vi En Rose

    Love this app! I am able to listen in to shows that I like; signal is clear and consistent. I am very happy that I have this as an option for tuning into my favorite shows.

  • Perfect app!!

    by Bmak112233

    I love listening to 97.1 in my car and now I can listen on my iPhone as well!

  • Best Talk Radio

    by Stubbs71

    Love this APP, My favorite St Louis radio station. Even sleep with ear phones so I can catch overnight hosts.

  • Great App!

    by Robert Koehne

    Always available, great shows, and news.

  • Best station anywhere

    by Jld1ballwin

    I have listen to 97.1 from day one. Recently moved to Danville il and stream it everyday. Jamie, Dana, and Dave are the best of any talk hosts in the country and I love my Glenn fix.

  • Great APP

    by Fireman+Scott

    works great!!! best place for honest news

  • Works great!!

    by Ozarkshrub

    Solid app. Great way to catch conservative news.

  • Can be better

    by 10aceduk8d

    Love listening to my fav talk radio wherever I am. Downside is it buffers so much. It is quite frustrating. I know there has to be some of that in streaming audio but it seems a little excessive.

  • John

    by JohnHD69

    Love this app. Would love to have the video streaming for the Dana Showle

  • Love it!

    by 97.1 Fan

    This app is great. Once I downloaded it my favorite station was always available. Love 97.1 and now it's easy to hear it anywhere.

  • Love it.

    by richandangie1

    It is a great station for the real news.

  • Good content HORRIBLE APP

    by Ddghjo

    I judge only the function of the app. Its awful. I listen to this station a great deal and it constantly cuts out on me. Even when I have a full signal the app cuts out. I love this station but this app has issues.

  • love it

    by Must invade

    I gave up crappy music, for great talk radio.

  • 97.1

    by Flamingoc

    Great information

  • Great

    by MarkJim

    Sensible reasonable Makes me realize other people have well thought out positions Well worth it

  • Only way I get my news!

    by Black Poodle

    I love listening to 97 while I work and any chance I get!

  • Cuts Out Constantly

    by Clintdaddy

    Drops the signal often, even with a good connection.

  • Great app!

    by x4nrg

    This app keeps me connected to a great station...!

  • Awesome

    by Krisiemcd

    I really like listening to your station! I can't always be near a radio, so I love the app!

  • .

    by J A Collins

    This is how I stay close to home since I moved out of state. Dana is my favorite. God bless the Podcast!!

  • Love the station!

    by Just me 021

    Refreshing to hear others who believe in the constitution as I do. Never had any problems with my iPhone app.

  • Terribleness... App never works on iPhone 4S

    by sinstyle

    Just like the title said, i haven't been able to get it to work one time!!! Tried reinstalling, didn't work still. Love the glove, most of the time tho he doesn't actually "get it" and levin. But app is terrible, worst one ever for me.

  • Is weird to love a radio station?

    by Carolyn Carroll

    Listen to it about 4 or 5 hours a day. 97.1 Keeps the truth which is hard thing to find with all the liberal media that needs a bar of soap in its mouth.

  • Excellent app on my iPad.

    by motiv8me

    Works great. Flawless high quality streaming. My favorite App!

  • Love it

    by Underseage99

    Never have to stop listening

  • IPhone app

    by OMJr19

    The radio is great, but the iPhone app only works on and off.

  • 97.1 Rocks

    by 1 Fed Up American

    My only complain is the loss of signal. Some days are worse than others. I usually listen from 8:00PM to Midnight. My favor program is Dr Michael Savage. Unfortunately he will not be on the air for a while.

  • Love it!

    by RandyDELTA

    I am not in St Louis but can get this great station.

  • Love it

    by Brandywhine2005

    Moved out of radio signal distance but love station so much. Forget television...this station is all you need!!!

  • 97.1 rocks the talk

    by AEIOU-Y

    Love the app and Love the station! Great shows all day long. Never have to turn it off.

  • Great

    by Chas Simmons

    Very useful apt to a business person.

  • Pretty good

    by Sonicsarah

    The only problem I have with it is that sometimes it doesn't want to connect.

  • Great programming wherever I go

    by HDM124

    The Dana Show, Allman and Glover programs are the best.

  • Fails to rotate

    by Rhoid

    New ver fails to rotate

  • Love 97.1!

    by Trouble1969

    I love this app! I can't use a radio in my office, so this is perfect. It's also been great for traveling this fall. I can put my earbuds in and get the shows I love no matter where I am.

  • Fan

    by Thorndk

    I love the 97.1 app! Travel every week and enjoy listening to my STL favorites while in other towns. Would love to have Laura Ingraham back on 97.1 as I think she is one of the best in talk radio. Overall the app makes travel more enjoyable!

  • 97.1 app

    by Grind Stone

    Love being able to hear Dana even when I'm not in my car, and when I'm traveling. From Jamie to Levin great talk radio.

  • Listener

    by RoBetz

    From Jamie to Lavin you can't go wrong.

  • Station Content.

    by Docstads

    If you are a conservative you'll love it.

  • 97.1 Rocks!

    by Wilbers919

    After having to move away from the STL area, my husband and I are thrilled to still be able to listen to ALL the 97.1 personalities!

  • Love listening to the Dana Show!

    by kierstin1989

    This is a great way to hear Dana Loesch every day on my iPad!

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