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WIBC is the radio station for breaking news and traffic in Indianapolis. With the combined resources of Fox News, RTV6, and the largest radio news team in Indiana, the big stories are always on WIBC. Plus you'll hear insightful analysis from Greg Garrison, Rush Limbaugh, The Chicks On The Right, and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz.

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Customer Reviews

  • Very nice, when it works

    by Mike Bravo 66

    Just quit on me this week and tells me it cannot find the station. Up to that point, worked beautifully for a year or so.

  • Not much information on app

    by IUfan 268637

    I'm not a fan how this new app doesn't have a lot of information. Everything just takes you to the web browser to their website. I wish there was more information right on the app.

  • Finally I can listen to rush anywhere!

    by Walrusmt

    See above.

  • 2 thumbs up!

    by Lsb0206

    Great app, thanks!!!

  • Breaking news at your finger tips!

    by Jay mike83

    When away from the WIBC radio waves this app will keep you aware of anything going on in our world. Great APP

  • Outstanding

    by CreekBay72

    Outstanding Radio Station - Good programming lineup and personalities... I listen to The Rush L. & Dana Show nearly ever day..... Love the App!!

  • Manager

    by KuKing67

    Use the app whenever I cannot get a signal on the radio. Works great.

  • My favorite station

    by IndyMikeJ

    App has always worked flawlessly for me. Too many commercials for my taste vs regular radio though

  • Business Owner

    by Allimeg

    Great ap- I travel often and listen to get the Indy news and the Garrison Show which is one of the best sources of information about what's happening with government.

  • A+ App

    by KLT911

    I use this app every single day, thank goodness for WIBC

  • Good app.

    by The Gerrrm!

    I use this to listen to Coast to Coast AM.

  • Great reception

    by Battle Ground

    We are not able to receive radio reception from WIBC FM but this app keeps me connected to Garrison's program and the best reception of Rush Limbaugh. So happy to have this access.

  • Wibc

    by Kb9dxo

    My most used app.. It's great

  • Great!!

    by mgstults

    Thanks WIBC for having a great app so I can keep abreast of the real news.

  • Always near

    by Estephens

    Whether I'm outside working in the yard or traveling on vacation I don't have to miss a thing from home.

  • OK app!!!

    by HPY2013

    Not bad. I have no problems with this app. I listen to Coast to Coast AM, Rush, Dana, Garrison & more.

  • Great App

    by Radiohead 2.0

    I use this app daily and have no trouble with it. I keep up with what is gong on in Indy and the weather and news etc.

  • Great for keeping up to date on issues

    by MartinLee124

    The commercials can be redundant and the PSA's haven't changed much lately. It's not in sync with the radio broadcast. All in all its still the best news around central Indiana.

  • It's great!

    by Motherpo

    I love that I can hear Garrison, or other shows even without a radio. Great for listening to previous shows by going to the website.

  • Great

    by JosephAndrewMiller

    I love it!!!!

  • This is a downgrade

    by Swing2

    1st you make your old app unusable, then this new app is terrible. Why does it keep asking for my location every time I start? It doesn't display in portrait mode when I'm docked on my I home. I guess I'll just go back and listen to WOWO.

  • ...

    by jacobvdh190

    Don't like how I have to close an ad twice to use the app.

  • It works

    by Marley54fd

    The app works, but it only plays right wing tea party nonsense.

  • Great App!

    by Gern Bacon

    Very useful app. Enjoy WIBC wherever I go.

  • Live, local - excellent

    by Jim Cerone The Perfect Host

    Great station, great personalitites and information.

  • Great app!

    by Lisa2010

    This is a really great app.


    by Vette1961

    Love the talk station !

  • Practical App

    by Sonia Hoek

    Works 97% of the time - love it to listen to talk radio at work - very practical

  • Nice app

    by JSW1988

    Always listen when away from radio.

  • Great!

    by Indylady500

    Love catching talk shows when I'm not near a radio

  • Great

    by Jrd777jr

    This is a great app. I can keep up with all the local news anywhere I go.

  • Much better after the newest update!

    by A.I.C. Fan

    They have recently redone this app and it works much better now, looks much better and I highly recommend it! Love Coast To Coast AM late at night falling asleep to the weirdness that makes this world a trip! Some nights the app will not work eat all in having the hire 3G blows )

  • Good overall

    by Depravedone

    The commercials are replaced with public service announcements that are annoying. Some complain about the station dropping out but I don't have that problem unless I'm in the middle of nowhere. Nice to listen to Garrison and Rush were I live with this app.

  • Pretty Good

    by Bionic Termite

    I can't give 5 stars because it drops the program every few Minutes and I have to stop and reload the app. Were it not for that I would give the app five stars

  • wibc app

    by Tigger-heart girl

    it works great. i can keep up with indy city events and programming from anywhere. thanks

  • Incessant PSA

    by Mvurp

    WIBC should be re-named Nanny Radio. The online feed plays the same10-15 public service announcements at every commercial break. It's so bad Thai often switch to other stations to save my sanity!

  • Great

    by MR mover man


  • Good Apps

    by Frank Wade

    Good app.

  • Crap app

    by Sexual Chocolate 2011

    Not a fan of the is app. Constantly crashes. Constantly have connection issues. Cuts out all the time. I love listening to Rush and it gets pretty frustrating when he is in the middle of making a point and the station drops signal. Has MAJOR connectivity issues. Wish I could find another app that had Limbaugh.

  • Good app

    by Raging Ryan

    Only thing is it kills your battery

  • Intermittent audio pauses with no explanation

    by A nickname that is not yet tak

    Audio pauses with no explanation and unknown how to get it to resume. Happens randomly when in solid lte coverage. Usually occurs at just the time I get interested in what's being said. Makes the app nearly useless.

  • Saturday

    by Jennif97

    I listen every Saturday morning. I love it!

  • Great talk radio!

    by Mark AT

    I love Dana!!!!

  • ??

    by MetMer

    Where's the traffic ?

  • Not as much fun in the morning

    by Indyfanjudy

    Been listing to WIBC ever since I was a teenager. (66 now). Remember the morning broadcast of Nov. 1, 1963? But the morning show isn't as much fun to listen to anymore. No listeners calling in. No antics like there used to be with Jake Q. Let Terry do more than traffic. so we can hear her laugh more. The morning show used to be fun. We need more life in it. And while I am at it, big mistake to let Dave W go in the afternoon. Drive time not as good as well. But, Thank you for having Donald D on during May.

  • Super!

    by God seeker Chicago

    Simple, and easy way to listen to my favorite station.

  • More News less Far Right talk host

    by Valpodon

    I have listen to this station for very long time. It has gone too much to talk host ( far too out there for normal people). Need to get back to news stories and community stories.

  • Links

    by Pjdonald

    I wish the links and stories were better

  • Informative and on the go

    by Nytlaw

    As a Hoosier I enjoy local news talk radio on current issues regarding my State ( Indiana). While in Italy was able able to have a slice of Indiana while hiking the the Alps!


    by Paula F.

    Great!! Super station!!

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