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WSJ Live has expanded to audio! Now listen to WSJ podcasts and radio programs via WSJ Live

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- Interactive video news app from The Wall Street Journal

- Reached #1 in the news category in 13 countries

- “WSJ Live is clearly an evolutionary product.”–

WSJ Live: Original Programming, Live and On Demand from The Wall Street Journal. WSJ Live brings you live news and on-demand video directly from 2,000 reporters across the globe. With over 4.5 hours of live programming a day, you can stay on top of the latest in news, elections, markets, tech, opinion, lifestyle. You can also access the entire video archive of The Wall Street Journal.

Tune in for Daily Scheduled Programming:
News Hub: Breaking Economics News
Markets Hub: Complete Markets Coverage
Lunch Break: Today’s Headlines plus the ‘Business of Life’
Digits: Breaking Tech News
Opinion Journal: Political Commentary
Off Duty: The Latest in Lifestyle

Customer Reviews

  • Good content, but ADnauseum!

    by Brammage

    Just tried the app, and was impressed with the variety and quality of the content, but then came the first of too many ads. I couldn't find a way to get out of the ad to get back to actual content. I had to close the app completely to stop the ad video! I'm a subscription-paying subscriber to WSJ content. Why am I being forced to sit through all these, too many, too long ads?

  • USA today

    by Paulprco

    Like the layout gives the new in a short format.

  • Dating news on WSJ Live

    by Caps photo

    I am listening to commentary on financial developments, today Monday at 1:20 pm; only to realize the commentary was done on the past Friday. I am very disappointed the the WSJ does not clearly mark the date of the interview and can not produce more timely reviews and commentators. Peter

  • Management

    by WearyWoody

    Just plain excellent !

  • Positives and Negatives

    by Flava Fade

    Good topics, users can choose stories to view. The disappearing and reappearing toolbar needs redesign. The repeating ad after every other clip is a nuisance and causes you to give up.

  • It's good to have continuous news videos

    by Qiliasnow

    It would be better if the news are filtered through some rule for example the most important news of all fields, and then less important of all fields ....and then repeat

  • Best news app ever

    by Naveengauba

    Great app to keep up-to-date with news. Best part it reads the news for you. It's much better than news on TV as you can watch the news you are interested in.

  • WSJ

    by JackNews

    Quick, tidy and efficient. Enjoyable dimension that compliments the daily print. Great on the road.

  • Why Sara Murray?

    by oldatlanta

    They had a great line up before. Sara is someone's idea of a joke. She's silly & incompetent. The guy was Much Better. Content is so worthwhile. Can we dump Murray & get back to serious, intelligent reporting?

  • Better than most Cable News Channels

    by SLOnative

    Superior production values. Excellent sound. Stories you might not see elsewhere. But they tend to repeat older stories if you leave your iPad on too long.

  • Best news app

    by Dedicated Viewer

    Great app for current news!

  • WSJ news

    by Brick1970

    I really enjoy WSJ in the morning for the daily news. Being able to receive it on my mobile device has been great.

  • If only

    by mdbrodsky

    Love the content and presentation of the WSJ news and opinion videos. If only they didn't incessantly play the most annoying commercial I've ever seen, for a series called Big Start-up. Maudlin, narcissistic ramblings by young entrepreneurs, intended to show how with-it the NYSE is but actually showing the opposite. Maybe someone out there cares for such tripe, which is fine by me. Just don't force me to watch its commercials for 30 seconds over and over again whenever I access the worthy content in this app.

  • Love these videos

    by Vjchin

    The content and ideas are always great, especially Lee Hawkins. There are some strange ones though where the reporters are skyping in and look like they're on weird hotel rooms, with bad quality video.

  • Great Outlet

    by iamJDew

    Love me some "Startup of the Year" competition!

  • Great app.

    by MattB8338

    Seamless and concise coverage. Works smoothly.

  • Great WSJ Content and Quality

    by Frostie Freez

    I find the WSJ Live to be a great resource and of great quality in the technical sense.

  • Great App

    by CURY-USA

    Use it constantly! Great app to keep updated with the news. Crew of reporters are very talented and focused on delivering exceptional news.

  • Great video souce for news



  • Like it

    by Hazarabera

    Just discovering how nice this is. Have had it but now using more.

  • Its name is a lie

    by decemberist

    The app doesn't show live programs and provides no navigation to its live programming. Today I tried to watch the PM NewsHub. It started to play the programming. I then left the app to answer a text. When I returned, the app cut to a clip about PSH's death...I think. The video was just a clip of the prison scene from Capote. Odd.

  • App freezes multiple times everyday

    by qmarsha

    When I subscribed to WSJ a couple of years ago I did not experience app freezes while reading the daily edition. With the last two updates the number of app freezes have increased to several every day. My iOS software is up to date. Very frustrating experience.

  • Lots of ads

    by Lots of ads 20131219

    Was pretty good for a while, but the advertisement seems to be exceeding what you get on tv. So good news, topics, and the app is ok. Guess it makes sense as a news source if you cannot afford cable. I'm going back to the wire to get less commercials. Would prefer a paid version/option that suppresses the ads.

  • Terrible interface

    by Dave McA

    Selecting a video from among the choices is made nearly impossible by the disappearance of the selection bar just when the user is ready to press the button.

  • Crash

    by Rocklamp109

    Love the App but for the App keeps crashing after a few seconds, taking you back to newsstand homepage.

  • Useless

    by Hugusdamoos

    This is a worthless application. Don't bother if you want to get current news or financial information. All this app does is stream random newsclips. There is no way to browse for news stories. You just get whatever they decide to stream, and much of it is outdated.

  • Too many ads

    by Makit$s

    I have a paid subscription. But using this app real pain, every other page is an add. I find the on-line version experience much better.

  • WSJ review

    by Quattro7

    Excellent overview of current business events.

  • Just perfect.

    by Oliver Klozov

    Steady stream of current market events was what I wanted and what I got.

  • Great App uses bandwidth but great quality

    by Davidicus I

    Great topics for quick synopsis at WSJ

  • WSJ Live

    by Marcus Paulos

    WSJ live is one of the best, if not the best, news app that I have downloaded for the iPad. Videos are clear and topics are interesting, providing information on world events. I also watch on a smart TV, so I don't need Air Play

  • Subtitles

    by mohamed abdelnaby

    It would be great if there are subtitles ... It's gonna help those with less than fluent english ..

  • Love WSJ!

    by Dalton Paternostro

    Love the app! Love the watch of the stocks and video playback! One issue however and that is with AirPlay. When you leave the app or the iOS device goes to sleep it pauses the current video.

  • Fantastic

    by DonBafo

    Great App, simple to use

  • !

    by Spinneberg

    Very intelligently designed. Great substitution for my television. I like how even if you want to share the video with someone else the audio still plays.

  • Good quality

    by AlvinPerk

    Needs work,,,,

  • Nice app, but could use some work

    by MikePolinske

    The app is nice, but would prefer the start screen didn't default to video. I use it primarily for the audio podcasts. It would be nice if you could move right to the next podcast after playing one. Also, sometimes after playing an episode I have to quit and restart the app in order to play another episode.

  • Could be GREAT....

    by Mario IL

    Content and quality of videos are great. Commercials are understandable. The problem is the download of content is unreliable. When videos do not download and launch I can go to another app and watch the news without a problem. Get the IT guys to work!

  • Not good

    by appledan

    Buggy. Tonight it didn't work at all. Difficult to see what you want to see when it does work. Intrusive ads. Will probably delete it.

  • Great

    by Pizza Pai

    The app is good but the news update should be made quicker.

  • A must Have App!

    by Neohs77

    Great app with current continuous flows of information on different relevant aspects of the country and the world! Download it!

  • One thing it doesn't say in the description...

    by JPH88

    It looks amazing on the retina screen. Full hd videos that look alive on the iPad. And of course those videos are full of amazing content from the Wall Street journal. This is truly an informative app that everyone should listen in to for a few minutes a day.

  • WSJ Great

    by Darrin Smiddy

    I watch it every day with my morning coffee. Couldn't live without it now with my busy life.

  • great

    by Xiangcanary

    i use it every day nearly

  • Great app but too many "umms"

    by Sawmanwyatt

    WSJ does a wonderful job with this app. I go to it every morning with my coffee. However, I am really surprised at how often their reporters use the sound "umm", in most cases it is the younger ones. In one editorial a young female reporter got up to about 15 uses of this sound before I finally turned it off. Great reporting , so keep it up.

  • Wall Street Journal App

    by ASULL16

    Great App! All the news I want to know delivered in a clear direct manner. Well done WSJ.

  • Great free app!

    by Claudette Wilks

    I love watching all of the live shows.

  • Great app to get latest news

    by Mrs. prasanna m

    All in one news channel, really great app. Older version is better than newer, Because some of the times new one is taking time to retrieve signals.

  • Happy

    by Cry baby here

    Great way to get the news when working mid-shift. I like learning from the subjects that WSJ talk about.

  • WSJ Live

    by Demijeto

    Great way to start the morning.......catching up on all the latest with WSJ Live!

  • Not bad !

    by Sandy1023

    Keep it up wsj!

  • WSJ online

    by Catwoman999

    Timely way to keep up with news on the go.

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