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-Smooth scrolling on iPhone
-Bug fixes

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Experience Barron’s, America’s premier financial magazine, on your iPad and iPhone. Get all of Barron’s investing analysis, ideas and insights -- right at your fingertips.

Subscribers get full access to:
- Full articles from the latest edition of Barron’s magazine every weekend (on iPad)
- Intraday analysis and commentary from Barron's online every weekday (on iPhone)
- Market data and tools, including quote search and customizable watchlists
- Saved articles for reading later, even offline

Subscribe for $12.99 per month to receive unlimited digital access to Barron's on iPad, iPhone and Barron's Online.

Your subscription will renew automatically each month and payment will be charged to your iTunes Account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of your subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Mik2412

    Easier than reading the paper version.

  • sgtredbluered

    by Streaming ...

    It's OK buy me. *****

  • Great app

    by shineoncrazydiamond

    Contrary to some reviewers, this app always delivers on time, unlike my paper...nice interface, a solid app

  • Great Financial Rag

    by ~Katarina

    Love the great content. Can be as simple or complex as you want it to be depending on which articles you read. Consistent week to week.

  • Amazing reading experience

    by Mr Investo

    The ipad app has a much better reading experience than the website. It's the best of a paper magazine coupled with the convenience of the web. 5 star app.

  • Barrons

    by amanullah pathan

    I enjoy the Barrons as soon as I get it sat am I get ideas for investment I get ideas what to do with money in future It is fun

  • Excellent!!

    by Shredder83

    Wonderful source of information. Very well made app and a lot better to hold than the paper version. :-) Thank you!

  • Easy to use, complete

    by TimePremeeum

    I enjoy perusing the App on my iPad on Sundays, around church and football games. Thoughtfully organized and presented. A must-have application?

  • THE Benchmark Business and Investing News App

    by Cincinattus

    Barron's is the go-to app for anyone that needs the highest quality information and analysis on investment, trading, capital markets, and industry/business. The app is well structured, and you can easily find the news/information you need quickly. I've been a Barron's subscriber for 11 years and the outstanding writers provided me with several great investing ideas. Can't recommend Barron's enough!

  • Great App

    by beste Pferd im stall

    Does everything you need

  • Immediate Access, Lovin' It!

    by markr6754

    I am an avid reader of Barron's since a consuls tan first recommended it to me. This is my 4th year of readership, and my 2nd with the Barron's app. The greatest advantage of the app over the printed copy is immediate access. It is currently well below freezing, with minus windchills, and I'm cozy in my recliner, watching a bowl game and reading my latest Barron's on my iPad mini. Meanwhile, my printed copy is frozen at the end of the driveway, waiting for some brave soul to weather the elements to get it. Hopefully, future versions of the app will include the stock and fund tables. That's a valuable part of the magazine, and I miss it in the app.

  • Great App

    by Nails04

    Great way to read daily Barron's offerings, in addition to the weekend weekly magazine.

  • Great app, but needs tweaking

    by Meerkatreader

    When scrolling down a long article, if you flick out by mistake, or of you change font size, it takes you to the very start of the article. Then you have to scroll down all the way. So annoying. Please fix. Otherwise great app with intuitive layout and convenient pull down menu.

  • Pretty good

    by Rocketman-diver

    Not perfect, but certainly logical way to read thru the paper

  • Pretty good

    by Rocketman-diver

    Not perfect, but certainly logical way to read thru the paper

  • Well done app

    by LotsToConvey

    Gets 4 stars only bcuz some of the graphs and tables r just not fitted properly on the screen sometimes. It seems they r just taking PDFs and embedding. Doesn't look good. Other than that perfect. Much better than WSJ that keeps hanging.

  • Reader Comments

    by Greg212000

    Please include reader comments for articles

  • Barron's - Priceless

    by SevenHills

    Can't imagine being without my subscription to Barron's. A must for business news, the market and investment ideas.

  • Barron's App is great

    by Wlee49er

    I really enjoy the iPod touch and the iPad Barron's APP. I have wifi only devices so I download the contents before leaving the wifi hotspot to take with me. It's great. The navigation of the articles is good too. I like the way I can expand the tables and charts. It's the APP I spend most of my time on. (without Barrons APP I have no need for Apple devices, ha ha) Saving article is so easy. I'd wish I could make folders to organize all the articles I save on there archive. Keep up the good work.

  • Great

    by Frustrated&sad

    Wonderful content, as always. Newer versions improve without getting so complex that the app fails. The updates get ever more concise and relevant. Bravo. Wish you could teach the folks at the WSJ a few things.

  • Have to Subscribe to Use

    by Adam G23456

    Would like the app if I could buy single issues.

  • Seriously????

    by JoeKoder

    Seriously? I purchased a subscription direct from Barron's. I can access the website directly, but I can't access it through the app because I did not buy the subscription through the Apple store at a higher price??? Zero stars if possible!

  • Don't Buy!! They won't let you cancel!

    by KatosMatt

    Don't Buy!! They won't let you cancel!

  • Does not work

    by kwd63122

    I made an error the first time I logged on my email address. It has memorized my login information and I can not log out. I have called customer service three times. They have reset my log in info but it still does not allow me to log out from the old password/email address on the app. There is some sort of a problem with the software and there's no way to log out! So it appears I am stuck for now anyway with the wrong login information written in stone. So I have nothing.

  • Great paper, subpar app

    by Dome Alone

    Barron's is one of my favorite newspapers in terms of the investment ideas and articles written. Great for a professional or first time reader looking to understand more about finance and strategy. The app on the other hand has a pretty shoddy design that lacks fluidity and consistency. Why they do not utilize the great example set by there partner paper, WSJ, is beyond me. Further, the app is plagued with bugs, and seems always late to update to the latest version of the physical paper ( though you'll get annoying updates daily regarding new online story updates).

  • Barron's

    by Geleris

    A great app that needs more tweaking! It need to add all the features of the full website in a mobile version app. Keep on tweaking and thanks for listening to us the end users!!!!

  • Exceptional App -- love it

    by LuuSang

    This app is my favorite among many magazine apps that I have had in my device, because of its design simplicity. I don't know how to describe it well, but in order to make the app simple to use, the developer doesn't compromise sophistication by having many features in a menu that can be displayed in various forms. Also the app is updated itself to the market condition very 15 minutes or whatever time required to keep you updated with the news. And the updated information is nice Ly lay out so t they are easy to catch your attention. I hope every App is like this one.

  • Always up to date

    by Bill in MA

    Have always liked my timely, ready to go Barron's. Now really like the daily updates - generally saves having to also go to the web site.

  • Was useful, now broken

    by Funkydow

    With the latest update to 7.0.4, this app does not work. It displays 5 1/2 empty windows (for the past issues) but nothing fills and pressing does nothing. Back to the website.

  • Garbage app?

    by Travel to much

    Is this the worst coding ever? This is the most unstable app I have ever seen. Fire the entire development team and start over. It is a bad joke on the end paying user that the WSJ app is stable and functional and that this one is such garbage. It's as if they don't want us to use the app itself.

  • Iphone5

    by Kellymashgks

    Love how on sat morning, barons pops up on iPhone with latest subscription

  • Best Weekly Finance Magazine

    by Kindle gal

    I've subscribed to Barron's for years; in fact the journalists are like best friends. I am delighted to preview the weekly magazine on my iPad early Saturday mornings before the print edition arrives in my mailbox. I'm glad that mid-week commentary can be accessed with the iPad App.

  • Disappointing App

    by Chappaqua commuter

    This app crashes or freezes almost every time I try to use it. Articles in the web version of Barron's contain many helpful links. Incredibly, articles in the app don't have links. The navigation is limiting, restrictive, and, generally not helpful. Access to the content that is on the web site is almost impossible. I've had this app for over a year and keep thinking it will get better but I've officially given up and just go to Barron'

  • Excellent newsstand app

    by Hawaiian kreep

    I save the magazine and still browse through sections away from wifi

  • Newsstand, really?

    by Bartender152

    Putting the app in newsstand has cut down my visits significantly. I rarely visit the newsstand because the other app hidden there (wsj) crashes frequently so I check other news sites to keep up to date.

  • Barron's iPad App

    by Barron's App

    Generally very good, but when a new version was released recently, all of my saved articles were lost, which was disappointing. It is getting very close to replicating the print reading experience, but it's not quite there yet. It would be helpful to show the index of companies mentioned in an issue, with direct links to the articles where they're mentioned.

  • Clunky and worthless

    by Earlyride

    I have had very bad experiences with this product. It crashes often and often cannot establish a connection. The old was better but that does not say much, but Barron's tried to fix something that was not broke and made things far worse.

  • Problem with a subscription pop up blocker interference

    by Lar-k

    Started a new subscription using my credit card; downloaded and opened the app from the Apple App Store; every time I selected a column to read, I kept getting a pop up Market Insights subscription block, which interfered with my reading. Called Support; explained issue; while Support was checking, I was put on hold. A minutes later I was rolled over to the customer survey--bad move/timing on Barron's part (clicked on "1"--bad rating, all the way); then the phone hung up. Called Support again. Nice lady, but in order to check on my registration and access my financial records she wanted the first 6 and last 4 digits of my credit card. I said, "No can do." I asked her to note a cancellation on my account. Now, I need to call the credit card company to insure-no charge. I now recall why years ago I cancelled my Barron's AND Wall Street Journal accounts. I recall intermittent problems with logging wasn't a "Cookies issue."

  • Great app!

    by nickc181

    As a subscriber and active trader this app is indispensable

  • crAPP

    by WallstreetG

    Barrons is great! Theyre new APP? crAPP.

  • Great

    by Tapzoo lover!

    Great but miss Mike Santoli. Good app.

  • Excellent except there is NO index of companies

    by M5alive

    Barron's need to figure out like there paper edition how to incorporate an index for its readers to fine companies they are following that are mentioned in the issue. It's taken time, but electronically Barron's is a must. Robmt

  • iPad Barrons


    Each new version of Barron's iPad gets progressively worse. Saved articles are lost. The editors do not respond to concerns that have been emailed to them. The print version is far better, but Barron's delivery service for the print version is less than reliable. In general, I avoid the Barron's iPad version after a quick look at one or two articles, unless, of course, I don't get my print edition!

  • No longer available offline

    by decus

    I love the content and the new market data. However, I can no longer download the magazine on my iPad and read it on the train. Preselecting stories to read later is obnoxious. If I had time to go through the magazine at home I would have read them already.


    by DwayneLaP

    This ap has successfully replaced my paper copy of my subscription. I love that I can get live updates throughout the week. What has been the best part is that I can find a few interesting details within the publication and can go right into investigating them thoroughly within the site or go immediately to my stock tracking software and come right back without any inconvenience. Research has never been so easy. Also, having the articles on my iPad, I am able to follow many of the details within the articles that I have never been able to access before.

  • Why the Ads?

    by RSpencer89

    I'm a paid subscriber of Barron's. Great app, but why do I have to see advertisements in the app? Come on Barron's..

  • Update needed

    by Chago1

    Great app, but the cover image on newsstand doesn't update when App is updated with new content on weekends.

  • Newsstand

    by Tayman5000

    Hiding Barron's in newsstand is a poor decision. With all the other choices competing for my readership, I find myself forgetting all about Barron's as it is hidden from sight. Combined with the added hassle of now having to undertake two steps to access my subscription, you've helped me realize that I don't need to throw my money away. At least I have that to thank you for.

  • Daily updates very help

    by Donald Garabedian

    Excellent weekly magazine more useful with iPad app that includes a great watch list and other online features.

  • Love it!

    by TriGuy1958

    Really love the new app layout. Easy to get around and see the articles that are important to me. Thanks-you!

  • good content, new app not so great

    by Wisco cw

    The iPad app works pretty well, but the latest version was not quite ready for primetime. Very good usability overall whether vertical or horizontal and the use of graphics vs. text is best in class. Compared to Boringstar, this is very well executed. And the writing / columnist & guest content is without peer.

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