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Are you a ROBLOX User? Do you want to know what is happening in the ROBLOX world of ROBLOXia? This app mobilizes the top ROBLOX user-run news site!

Now you have access to the latest news at the touch of a button. There will be no more waiting for slow webpages to load, this applications simplifies and reorganizes the ROBLOX news to make it easier and faster for you to read.

Even if you only have a minute you can look at the prompt news scrolling across the main menu.

Plus! Get to know the team that makes ROBLOX News happen with a staff page!

About ROBLOX News:
This blog is aimed at ROBLOX players and ROBLOX fans. It will be telling you the latest news and updates on ROBLOX in detail. This Blog is similar to the Developers blog on ROBLOX but it gives deeper info on things it does not cover, or talk about.

Please contact support or leave a comment/rating with your opinion.

This App and the App makers are not associated with content contained in this application and/or the respected owners and or licensers. All trademarks, property and copyrights belong to their respective owners, namely ROBLOX.

Customer Reviews

  • Very nice app.

    by Youtube910

    Delivers the news ROBLOX should be delivering!

  • Non-Rip Off

    by ReflectiveWill

    Keep buying this, it's awesome. Ignore the noobs with 1 star, besides the comment about the bug.

  • EPIC

    by The Epicnes

    from gear reviews to new awesome games,this app is epic and totally recommend by me.YOU SHOULD GET IT!!!my roblox username is ICrazyyyyyyyyyy-friend me!!!

  • Great App!

    by crazyray32

    This app is great, I wish Roblox's news would tell you this stuff!

  • Asome :D

    by Airsoftgolfer

    This is a grate app woth the mony every peney. I am airsoftgolfer10 thats my roblox name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Epic!

    by Huntress73

    Frequently updated! Epic!

  • Really good

    by Kirbycarr2

    Hi, I'm kirbycarr2 (both on here and roblox) This app works very well It gives information on anything ranging from game to the catalog Even stuff that you wouldn't even know! The staff are all nice of this little mini blog. I give them full support in making it for the other users ~Kirby

  • Awesome!

    by professordavis

    I'm glad it works now! Great app!

  • Bug

    by -Nova

    People, Brandon Is going to fix the problem with the news section. Stop giving it bad reviews just because of it.

  • Glitch

    by Ethan Henderson

    When I press the new button it is a white screen fix it and I will give your app a 5 star

  • sweet app!!

    by I-nit

    I like this app alot! It has lots of info on upcoming and current events. I really like it. Friend request me. My name is Michaeljordan000. Join my group. The group is called b.a.t.t.l.e. Gang. Thx

  • News

    by Cheesety210

    Add a news article idea submitting thing. So the people can suggest on what they wanna hear AWESOME Add Cheesety210 Join GOR, a group by Justcescooby Add Justcescooby

  • Fantastic

    by Jared1994

    Figured out about RN from BCGames tweeting about it too much. :P

  • Love it!!!

    by SkySkyDude98

    Love it!!! Roblox name: HOTBOY5353 SHUT UP ABOUT MY NAME!! I made it three years ago!!!

  • One of your best!

    by NickiMcNeill

    The intro was well edited, and the sound effects are cool, but the best are the news articles themselves. Bravo!

  • Awesome

    by Theguyinacorner

    Love it ps my name is titanyarn321

  • best app here

    by Ninjafyre621

    the best app on my ipod so far i know so much nao:3

  • It's a nice app to have

    by Recon Ace

    It's a moderate app. I have been disappointed a few times after waiting about 1 week with no new news, but there usually is a new review every other day. Other than that, for me, only the "News" function works. The rest do not work or say "Error 404" or are "Being Worked On". I also suggest ray they do reviews on clans, clan forts, and clan wars. That would make it extremely better for us C&Gers. Fix those things and possibly add that would make meh smile. Overall, decent app but worth having.

  • I hate it

    by Kyle Dolan

    Make a better app or your stupid

  • Rip off

    by Clara Davis

    Never buy this!!!!!!

  • It does nothing

    by AJ_Is_Irish

    It freezes itself when you press 'News'.

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