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• New Design & Navigation
• Swipe Through Photo Galleries and Lists
• Easier Access to DNews Videos

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From the people who bring you the Discovery Channel, Discovery News is the collective effort of a team of experienced journalists dedicated to satisfying the curiosity of our readers by bringing them stories and perspectives they won't find anywhere else.

With the Discovery News app for iPhone, you'll be constantly updated with news articles, videos, photos and more - with a primary focus on explaining the world through a lens of curiosity. Visit us at

* Always Fresh: New stories and videos added daily by our international team of reporters
* Awesome Categories: Earth, Space, Tech, Animals, Autos, History, Human and Adventure.
* Video: Watch countless episodes of DNews and browse dozens of video collections and playlists.
* Photos: Swipe through a vast catalog of stunning photo galleries and slideshows.
* Discovernator: An endless supply of crazy, amazing facts so you can find out what you didn't know and impress your friends.
* Search and Filters: Focus your experience on topics that interest you from our vast archive of content.


Customer Reviews

  • Best update yet.

    by Nickahart

    Promote the person who spearheaded this update. Looks awesome! More pics too. Love it.

  • Classic case of design ruins usability

    by Need2Create

    Used to like this app (although its more a subjective tech blog than news) but the new design makes it hard to navigate, slow in performance, repeats tiles, loads only a few stories at once... not much fun to browse anymore

  • No sound!

    by G-Rutts

    I like the new set up, aside from being able to view all news categories at once and the fact that the videos have no sound.

  • Much better...

    by Doug Higbert

    I didn't get along with the old version and it crashed on my phone. The upgrade looks and works great.

  • Five stars for content...if you can find it

    by 'liza

    The latest update is awful - it's hard to find content and difficult to navigate on an iPhone screen. Also, maybe it's only me, but I never even look at the videos - I want to read my science news, not have it delivered in sound bites. The news itself is great, once you wade through the complex tree of categories and scan past all the videos to find it.

  • Superb science news app!

    by eeron

    Awesome science news app. This new version is a vast improvement with great integration into the site. Smooth navigation too. Top notch!

  • Love the new look

    by Bignewspants

    I've been a big DNews fan for years, but this time they've really hit it out of the park. This app is so colorful and easy to use - I love that all the news of the day is right there, AND it's easy to play video. The galleries and lists are a major plus. Thanks for redoing DNews!

  • Great app

    by Tlofthouse

    Full of exciting stuff. Trust me, this will give you something to talk about!!

  • Beautiful way to keep up with science

    by Trace501

    The world of science is changing all the time and I love keeping up with it. I've had the Discovery News app for a while and this is a HUGE improvement over the old versions. Video plays quickly, articles look awesome and it's super zippy. Will it be my new fav app? Time will tell.

  • No News Updates For Months

    by GirleeGolfer

    No new news since September. The existing articles remain quite interesting and informative.

  • Awesome app.

    by Ryansheldo

    The stories are awesome. It's worth it if you like the stuff they report on.

  • Truncated articles

    by Mmmkkay

    I love this app. It functions well for me and offers interesting news stories. However, I find that many of the articles get truncated and I don't know why. It occurs often but not with every article. The truncations are often fairly obvious (ex: in explaining six items, it will just stop after the third and the typical links or sources at the bottom are not present). There is no option to open the article in your web browser, unlike many other news apps, so there is no simple alternative to the story. I would love to see this assessed in the next update.

  • Wonderful!

    by Cinemakid81

    My favorite new site for news. A daily dose of stories that remind me of what a beautiful and mysterious world we live in!

  • Good getting better

    by Gwr188

    This is a great app and news especially like the space news and science. The only issue is the time it's 10:00am and the last updated stories say it is 1pm

  • Get rid of the adverts!!!!!

    by Historicalamers

    I love this app. I've had it for years. There are a lot of problems now and they have not been fixed. And yes, I, and others, have complained about them. But this advert thing at the bottom, has to go. I can't read because I'm constantly being distracted by the animation below. And don't put it anywhere else. Please fix this, and the others, before you loose a long time user!

  • Bring back old format

    by Hawkin592

    Update to review: After weeks of using a New format, I really hate it. I just want all the new stories in one list. Now I have to do lots of clicks into and out of sections, sometimes finding new content, sometimes not. PLEASE bring back old format or off an "all new stories" view. The new format is overly complex and confusing. Bring back the simple format. 5 stars for content but 1 star for ease of use.

  • Awful

    by Angry Mo

    Bring back the old. This is not an improvement. It used to be on of my favorite news apps. It was simple and now it stinks....

  • Has gotten worse and worse

    by Nelag987

    This was my go to app for science news. Used a nice blog format. Moved to a bizarre format that is just AWEFUL. I usually adapt to change well, but I need to go searching for a replacement. Sad to lose what was once a great app from my dad to dad use.

  • Figure it out

    by UserTH

    Hate this update! It's all videos! I would do most of my reading at a time where watching a video simply wouldn't work!!! UI is ridiculous! How is anybody supposed to find anything with this layout? Change it back please!

  • Terrible Update

    by Coaster5

    So tired of flash with little valuable content. App was great, but no longer.

  • Dislike Update

    by Ssssick Dude

    I really hate the new format. It's impossible to just locate stories to read anymore. Too bad. I think it will have to be deleted because it just takes way too much time to try to navigate atound

  • Just plain bad

    by Roberto_Blanco

    The new version stinks! Flashy, but horrible to navigate. Very buggy, video with no audio. I just want to read the articles. KISS keep it simple stupid!!!

  • Hidden news

    by gcristan

    The object of the exercise is to see if you can locate the news.

  • Please bring back the old format

    by JohnPeckSF1

    The new version erased all of my saved-favorite stories....a feature I don't think the new version has. The layout is also confusing. Another miss for Discovery News.

  • Bad update

    by zmanns115

    If I could, I would give this app update a ZERO. The straw that broke the camel's back. This update is no longer user friendly. I never know what news might peak my interest from day to day, so the article title list worked for me. I'm not going to hunt around an app to find news I want to read. This app has been deleted from my iPhone. I'll miss the news, but not the crappy app update.

  • Time to delete

    by prechaun

    I've had the old app for years and were very happy with the list format. I don't mind the tiles, colors and the fancy schmancy new design, but I can't read anything offline anymore and since my commute implies a 40 minute (underground) train ride this morning I was staring at a bunch of titles that I couldn't read. Please let me go back to the previous format... Before I updated the app I checked 'what's new' and all it said was 'bug fixes'... I guess the other format was a bug...

  • Hate the update!

    by B'LynnK

    I love reading science news. The new update is too cumbersome. I just want articles & no video. There should be a way to sort that. Only a few stories appear on the home page, tapping "load more" only gives 3 more stories at a time. Obnoxious. There should be a way to switch from this tile view to a list format. Until DNews decides mimicking the look of Tumblr isn't a great idea, I'm getting my science news elsewhere.

  • Bad Judgement

    by Guephiltefich

    Bad judgement and bad taste complicated - unnecessarily - an otherwise simple and straightforward app. Please, be humble and go back.

  • Bring back the old format

    by Fan of the chess game

    Used to love this app, but now it has become difficult to navigate and is plagued with horrible videos. I loved this app because I could read articles relating to cool science. Not only are the videos a bad format for news, but the fools that you have on them are attempting to be funny. It's frustrating that I will now have to look for a new delivery method for my science news.

  • If it's not broke don't fix it

    by Nerd Network Inc

    Terrible update! I'm deleting the app

  • (v2.0) not as good as last version

    by Moviegoer65

    To be fair, the stories are still good, but they make you have to watch video and I want to be able to read articles since I am not always around a wi-fi or 3G signal. Hopefully they can make this an addition in a timely update. Not very useful as is for me.

  • Hate the new version!!!

    by VenomousFate

    New interface is horrible!! don't even want to use this app anymore!!! What were you guys thinking???

  • Hate the update, goodbye Discovery News

    by Bel69

    Loved the app before the update, but I won't deal with this much as I hate to do it, it's time to delete it.

  • Bad revision boooooooo!

    by Loofman

    Good bye to my favorite app. Just trashed! :(

  • Sometimes Simple is Better

    by remvad

    I loved the old version of this app. It was linear and straightforward. The new version is just a mess.

  • Change is back!!!!

    by DHSTSA

    This new format is horrible. I just want to read the stories like you had on the last version not sort through a bunch of tiles. I WANT NEWS!!!!

  • New version is garbage, Awful

    by RR0627

    What did you do with this latest update? It is awful. Once one of my favorite news apps is now one of my most loathsome. About to delete. New format is turgid. This went from being a great app to a really bad one in just one update. Fire the fool who changed everything for the worse. Don't waste your space.

  • New UI Awful

    by Irmo Crosby

    Some may like the new look, but it isn't convenient if you read all the articles. There is no option to see all stories simply listed in order like the older version. Too bad as I'm using this app a lot less now.

  • Update fail.

    by MovingFree

    I'm not one to fear change. I like to see, touch, hear, and play with new things. That being said, I'm not a fan of the new app design. The simple feed from before was far superior as everything was there. I would read until I caught up to what I already had read. Now, it takes too much time to find news.

  • Update

    by Mindyloveshayley

    The update made the app more confusing and difficult to navigate.

  • The update...OMG

    by Aki.chan

    This was one of my fav news apps up until the recent overhaul. The simple RSS look of the original was great. I could scroll through everything and it was uncluttered. This new look is not only cluttered, but it's hard to navigate and painful to look at. Please, please bring back the old setup. >_<

  • Update Fail

    by James Blackwood

    This was my favorite news app. Simple. Uncluttered. A 10 second glance to see if there are any new stories. Now I have to navigate with two hands, can't tell what is where. Utter fail trying to make it "pretty". I would pay to get the old one back.

  • Now the worst app do not bother

    by Msquaredphd

    This used to be one of my favorite apps. The new format is the worst. It was about the news, now it is junk. Imam deleting it

  • Update fail

    by 123fun1234

    My favorite app just gave me serious anxiety when I opened it. What did you do? The simple RSS feed was perfect and allowed me to find great news articles to share with my students. I honestly never see me using this app again. While some people prefer pretty pictures, colorful buttons and all that "stuff," some of us don't. Happy new year...not!

  • Update ruined it.

    by Wwzombie

    It's ruined. The previous versions have all been straight to the point and easy to navigate. Not anymore. The new version looks flashy and professional, but it's simply not the same. It's all over the place, no more simply scrolling up and down for all news. Now you must scroll all over and hit different links to get to separate topics. Surprisingly, this mobile app is no longer mobile friendly. I've had this for years, and I used to read this everyday, when it was simple and easy. Now, I may not bother anymore. Give an option similar to previous versions to view all news, it's the least you could do.

  • Bring back the old format

    by Okarus

    I just want the old easy to navigate RSS feed style that I can read the most recent articles. All the articles are also separated by categories, don't even give me the option to read everything.

  • Poorly edited, sensationalism

    by EarthRoamer

    Clearly the authors of these bits of news were ex newspaper headline writing hacks who care more about grabbing ones attention in sound bytes then in engaging thoughtful discourse. Don't waste your time.

  • Really?!!!

    by MoaningMyrtleSingsTheBlues

    It has been a year and STILL the same problems! The biggest issue; the story cutting off part of the way through. I have reinstalled more than once, nothing can fix it. I find it hard to believe that such a large corporation has this many issues with something as small as this app. It really shows the lack of concern for its consumers. Get it together Discovery!

  • Very buggy

    by Kittkay

    They have some interesting articles, but only about 1/4 of them actually load completely. Most load only a few paragraphs.

  • The stars will raise if you fix this.

    by Fastphreddie

    Apparently nothing in automobiles has gotten better since January 9, 2013. According to Discovery News the Audi CES 2013 was the last great update in cars. If you think cars got better since then let them know.

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