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The latest is always the greatest!
You can now get push notifications that open up the article directly! No more trying to find that article in the app.
We've also added a Notification Center which is where all pushed stories are in case you missed them.
We also redesigned the front page to have the extended forecast right on the front screen.
There are also some design improvements that just make the app better.

Send us suggestions and feedback as we want to make it the best news app for you!

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The Official app of the United States Air Force.

Up to the minute news from, Airman magazine, and the Air Force Live. Dynamic photos and video from around the Air Force.

Customer Reviews

  • AF yes, but great weather app

    by Rifles4Life

    AF pics and news are interesting, but the weather and radar features really make this a convenient app!

  • Pretty Sweet App!

    by Parrish2001

    I like the functionality and content. It's much easier now to get Air Force news and photos on my phone than it was before. I'll be using this often... 5-Star App!

  • Review

    by Ground Communication

    I like the app with the exception that I would like to see a section for retirees.

  • Greatest way to keep up

    by TN Big Kahuna

    I use this app to keep up with all things Air Force while my son serves.

  • Happy subscriber

    by Froglegs001

    Enjoy the airplanes, weather section, and info on future technology coming on line.

  • great!

    by aprilchristine

    Great step in the right direction...surprised it took this long to get a good app! I don't think a lot of airmen know about it

  • AF Link

    by b716617

    Could not be happier. This shows the Best of the Air Force with a whole lot of great and accurate tools for everyone.

  • Awesome

    by Daxynn

    Love this app it's very informative

  • GREAT APP!!!

    by AF Recruit

    This app is amazing from videos to the AF radio everything i use this app everyday and will continue to use it once i become an Airman in the next couple of months.

  • Great app to keep up with news around the AF

    by Guammybear

    I love this app!! I am able to keep up with news around the AF on my phone! I love the pics and the inventory section!!

  • Outstanding

    by Brady McCoy

    As a 20 AD SNCO this App has it all. Keeps me up to date, gives me topics to discuss with my teams, and it's all at my fingertips. Love it!

  • Amazing App

    by USAFkid22

    I absolutely love it

  • Great app for a young one like myself.

    by 123jojo123456789

    Love this app, I'm a 15 year old being passionate about serving my country after high school and this app is just amazing at informing me about the ranks, job types, life in the AF, and other great stuff that I will need to know so I'm educated when I go to basic training. So if you're a teenager passionate about the USAF then I greatly recommend this app.

  • Awesome!

    by N8swag

    Air Force Dep'r- awesome app to keep up with the best Air Force in the world!

  • Johnr

    by jar50

    A great App for a retiree of some 40 years to stay current with the USAF.

  • Very cool site!

    by IHeartUSAF

    Very inspirational and motivational! The humbling stories bring pride and intrigue one to join!

  • Great app!!

    by jcsoljer

    I am currently in the USAF DEP and this app makes it so easy to keep up with the Air Force. It gives me so much to look forward to!!

  • Love it

    by The Trail

    I love this app, it's easy to find what I'm looking for, and makes me excited to join. :)

  • Great app for AF News on the go

    by gallandro

    Easy to navigate UI. Well done.

  • Great

    by Mr.Sniper445

    It helps people like me who want to join

  • Great app!

    by BostonBoy1010

    I love this app for when I want to watch videos or read about the great wonders provided in the Air Force!

  • Excellent

    by LMartinGeo

    Great layout. The weather portion is more accurate than the weather app that came with my phone. Great pics, stories, and events. I enjoy listening to the Air Force Radio in the morning as well. No complaints.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Enrique Tadeo

    Great app keeps me informed of the great things the Airforce does in our country and around the world.

  • Retired USAF Msgt

    by Hdrun99

    Great app brings me back to the days I really do miss. No regrets doing 23 yrs would do it all over again. Great info

  • Great

    by Future Airman

    Would love to see more about Airman specialties.

  • Up up and away!

    by steve7777777777389

    Makes me wish i hadnt been booted from the air force 30 years ago. Great app.

  • Needs work

    by TFucJ

    Not a great overall format of layout. Tough to find stuff

  • Download fellow airman.

    by Justin_ray87

    Great app! Updated news.

  • Awesome app!

    by Sparky153

    Great app Air Force!

  • Spot on

    by MoonDog202

    Great appearance, easy to read, fast and responsive. Nice job, AF!

  • Awesome App!

    by C5AeroTech

    Always wondered when the Air Force was going to have an App. Now it's here! Excellent content. Operates real smooth. Well done!

  • Best

    by Derek Neal

    Best military app I have seen go Air Force.

  • Air Force App

    by OddjobBond007

    Great application! Keeps me updated.

  • One stop shop for AF info!

    by Cecilior

    It's a great app with cool pictures and videos of Airmen!

  • Great app for the Air Force!

    by Wadafeeld

    This app keeps you up to date in a very orderly fashion. Very easy to use! Go Air Force! Air Power!

  • Great

    by The Old Man, Bob

    Great way to keep informed after retiring 29 years ago. Keep it up.

  • None

    by JAB USAF

    Great app. Perfect way to keep up-to-date on the ever changing USAF environment. Enjoy

  • Fast, Clean, Informative

    by Another Kyle

    This app is wonderfully integrated with Airman Magazine, had a clean look, loads quickly, and has the best weather app I've found to date.

  • Great app

    by ParaRXx

    Love this app

  • So close to perfection!

    by Xakepbamfsol

    I love the app layout and all of the content! The only thing that I wish was in the app, is an option to save the photos to the camera roll! If you give me the option to save the photos, you will get five stars from me! Otherwise, great app!

  • Super!

    by ThinkFurther

    Waited for it and it works well. Hope Airmen will use it as the valuable tool that it is. Suggestion: sharing functionality for photos and stories.

  • Great but slideshows don't open

    by JDnJo

    Great app so far. Only negative is I can't get any of the embedded slideshows in articles to open.

  • Great App

    by Tayma

    Excellent App, good job.

  • Best AF App Out There

    by Saucedo54

    Extremely smooth and fast interface, tons of news and information, and relevant stories. Perfect for anyone interested in AF news or media.

  • AF app

    by Chgwlvs1

    Love it! Colorful, up to date.

  • Loving what I see so far

    by Spitzerpl

    Thank you for this app. It seems very well done and full of good content.


    by Shnick90

    This is the perfect app to stay up to date on what's going on in the worlds greatest Air Force.

  • It's About Time!

    by ZoeyDC

    This is something I've been waiting for! Simple, clean and very easy to navigate. Features all the best stuff from the Air Force. Can't wait to share it with my friends.

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