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Breaking News is the Austin American-Statesman mobile app for breaking news and most popular stories, including sports and local entertainment updates. This app has been recently updated for iPhone®, iPod Touch® and Android™. Our streamlined news app helps you stay connected with local headlines wherever you are.
Features include:
• Receive breaking news throughout the day
• Access top stories and photo galleries
• Easy to share stories via Twitter or Facebook
• Free to download and install

Customer Reviews

  • This app is now working again

    by davidkershner

    There were several problems with previous versions of this app. It's working great now (March 12). I'm running IOS 6 on an iPhone 4S.

  • Constant crashes

    by Engine1019

    This is the worst app I have ever used on iPhone. The app crashes every time I open it and try to read a news story.

  • Statesman doesn't want you to read their news

    by ChuckATX

    The newspaper is provincial, the online version is expensive, and the headline app can't stay on long enough to read a full article (short and uninformative as they are). Do they know that they represent one of the world's tech capitals?

  • Worst News App

    by mec2852

    This app used to be good and actually have news. Now it just crashes and it rarely loads current news correctly. Deleting the app!

  • Crashes constantly

    by Rosebud TX

    I typically try to look at this every morning to get a brief update on the news. Not sure about what others are saying regarding less content, though it wouldn't surprise me as the Statesman is doing all it can to get online paying subscribers. The thing for me is it crashes every other article. I'm about done with it.

  • rt

    by Just Another Spurs Fan

    Terrible. It crashes after 3-5 minutes.

  • Very poor app

    by HC Traveler

    This is without a doubt the worst news outlet app. Subscription or not this app is very poor.

  • No news...crashes often

    by Dvddbvdrxx

    Just removed from my apps

  • Why even have an app?

    by Twinsaustin

    This is an embarrassing showing for an app. It crashes, it displays articles that are weeks old and irrelevant. One of the only apps that I've ever encountered that is worse than just going to the normal sight. Also, the statesman now requires you to be a subscriber and pay for most content. Who are they kidding? They're no NY Times (glad to pay for that one). I'll get my local news elsewhere.

  • Useless

    by rhollister

    Little to no content in this app. Don't waste your time or bandwidth.

  • AAS Breaking News App

    by Olivers mother

    This app is really poor. It is constantly crashing. Please fix it. I used to read it all the time. I can't evaluate the content when it crashes so much I can't read the content Surely AAS can do better

  • Worthless app, no news

    by Ampaustin123456

    After using this app daily for more than a year, it appears the only thing functioning now is the radar and ads. What is the point?!? Extremely disappointed that the statesman apparently has no interest in making its news available on apps. Would give zero stars if I could.

  • Worst app ever

    by Stefani Linn

    None of the statesman's apps are worth a dern. This one no longer loads news. were did the business and life section go? Get the San Francisco Chronicle app instead!

  • Totally worthless

    by Nedgotrippedoff

    There is nothing on this app. The statesman is determined to be a "dead ender" in its fight against the Internet news delivery revolution.

  • Pure JUNK!

    by I'm For Beatles

    Horrible. Never up to date. Why bother even making this worthless app available? This says volumes why the Statesman is going under. Hire a pro, and get your act together!!

  • Useless

    by Kautexas

    I have to say, I've wanted to increase my rating for this app, but it's not going to happen. This is worthless. I subscribe to the paper 7 days a week, but travel frequently. Unfortunately, none of the apps on iPhone, iPod and iPad have all of the current articles from the newspaper. How is that so hard, less intensive than printing papers. Guess that's what happens when the paper is more interested in pushing a political agenda then printing news.

  • Stingy

    by JI Murti

    Two stories a day, wow.

  • RIP

    by Mollie-ie

    Finally time to delete the app. Nothing loads --it's entirely blank. I guess they've moved the last outdated headline and single paragraph "previews" behind the pay wall now, too.

  • Must be a 2010 app.

    by klextra

    I think time travelled back to the early days of apps. No iPad version. Mostly old articles. Sports is last week's RR Express stories. Why did you bother. Just turn it over to the Texas Tribune.

  • NOT breaking news

    by LongJohn1

    It is false advertising to call this "breaking news" because it is anything but. The old app was truly an app version of the paper while this one was designed to force you to subscribe to obtain relevant content. Truly pathetic. Nothing here but old news, opinion pieces, and local crime garbage. I'd give it zero stars if possible

  • Hardly worth the tap

    by gdmtexas

    The iPad App seems fine, but the iPhone app is lacking. Ask the USA Today folks how they did theirs.

  • Annoying Ads

    by 5.elements

    After trying to read the news and getting text alert sign up ads every few seconds, I as a long time reader with this app have deleted it. You have lost my readership... I have a feeling you will be losing much of your customer base if it continues.

  • Not my statesman

    by Dsantos11

    Would rank lower if an option. AAS is determined to prop up the print edition by making online readers "pay up" for "premium content". Now if the content was truly premium I would be gals to pay a reasonable price for an online app/subscription. But better off getting local news from KVUE or other TV news sites that have better grasped the way audience engages via this new medium called the Internet. Don't bother downloading - give to Texas Tribune or subscribe to the ABJ instead - both will keep you more informed.

  • Really Awful

    by NativeAustinBoy

    The print version of the Statesman is OK, and this app must be designed to encourage subscriptions.

  • Terrible app

    by New Blubonnet Member

    Terrible app. Scratch this version and start over. Please publish news not opinions.

  • Low tech app for high tech city

    by Elswede1970

    Another example of a dying newspaper.

  • Horrible App!

    by mjriley

    Forced to switch to this new app which is much worse than the old one. No tech news and no blogs. App isn't even formatted for the iPad. Why release a new app that isn't iPad compatible? Definitely a step down. Save yourself the trouble and get an app from another Austin news source.

  • Very disappointing

    by Reb Bacchus

    Under the previous app you were able to access most of the paper, under their "new and improved" app you cannot access the majority of what was once available. In short this is a huge step backward. I subscribe to the dead tree edition seven days a week because my wife prefers to read hardcopy. I don't read it at all, but would if it were available electronically.

  • Why have an app

    by maddcovv

    Why make an app if the experience is so bad. No iPad layout. A responsive website would be better than this.

  • New version Is

    by Cedar Park Reader

    Non working crap.

  • Shouldn't have gotten greedy

    by Qwest in NC

    You had an audience to view ads, now you have nothing. Poor choice. Bye. Now the thing doesn't even work.

  • Problems!!

    by Rhonda0100

    I'm having the same problem as everyone else!! It doesn't work!!! Loved the old version!!! Hate this one and now it won't even work!!!

  • Fail

    by SavvyTech

    No content display in any category after installing the latest version of the app. Sort of like their supremely-overpriced physical paper--nonexistent or fluff content that fails to inform.

  • Shame on you, Statesman

    by Tx-g

    This is by far the worst local Austin news app. It does even show News anymore, only weather and traffic. What are you thinking? The Statesman management should be embarrassed with this app. What happened? It used to be functional with actual news content. They continual degraded both the iPhone and iPad versions. I've always tried to support the Statesman since it is the only mainstream paper in town, but you have now lost a paying customer.

  • Worthless

    by Chris6998

    Bring back the old app!!

  • Worthless

    by AustinTXGal

    This app is worthless as it does not work at all. I'm giving up on it after waiting for months for them to try to work out the issues. I'm done.

  • Abandoned?

    by Richard in Austin, TX

    No content; when there used to be content, it wasn't timely or complete.

  • Worse than the Worst

    by Working Pilot

    I can't imagine this getting any worse than it already is. Absolutely horrible! Has to be the worst app ever made.

  • Bugs

    by Sp259

    Not sure what happened but the app stopped working today. I deleted then reloaded it and it still is not loading the news feed. Too many bugs.

  • Piece of crap

    by jayr78612

    Bring back the old one this is worthless.

  • Bring back old app. That one worked.

    by Spfarr

    I wish this worked, but it crashes all the time. Content disappears, links frequently take you to the wrong article. The old app worked, but this one just doesn't. I have to get my Austin Statesman news old school paper style.

  • No good

    by Birdakl

    Had it all of two days. Never has worked. Can only see ads, no news content.

  • Used to be decent...

    by mek8musica

    This is the most bug filled and disorganized app I have ever downloaded. It used to be great (years ago) and informative. Now, it's just terrible with a lot of typos and bad grammar. Doesn't even load as of today. Goodbye Statesman.

  • Consistently crashed

    by Lee Sellers

    The more they try to fix this app, the worse it gets.

  • Trash App

    by Willisaustin

    Doesnt work; worthless. Junk app.

  • Useless

    by Jvl59

    Used to be helpful. Now it's just frustrating. I guess you get what you pay for, so I guess I'll go without local news 'cause I'm sure not going to subscribe.

  • Horrible way to read the news

    by Kerlmax

    Poor layout and navigation. Disrupting dialogs that pop up for articles you've already read. This app is terrible.

  • Horrible

    by Scrunch3655

    Don't waste your time with this. Does not work consistently.

  • Junk

    by ATX pmp

    Like going back to a dumb phone-worthless to pay for that crap!!

  • Absolutely useless

    by Flying under the radar

    App crashes anytime you open a story. So, unless you just want to read headlines only, don't waste your time.

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